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I'm going to cripple jack scalfani for the fourth time.

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>prominently disabled


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Fucking based

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Dear god I hope they act on this

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Amazing man
I hope they deliver.

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>knowing what any of those things or people are
Holy cringe

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kek, based

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Texas style hot dog
gun in my pockets

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>type jack scalfani on google
>"try with this spelling : jack sclafani"

what do they mean ?

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Sclafani is the proper spelling. Jack's ancestors were clearly as retarded as he is

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bro you cant do this
he literally needs youtube for him and his family to survive
his wife got fired due to corona and he spends all day creating fantastic quality content for youtube
you SHOULD NOT do this to an honest man like him

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he probably makes like $4 a month from Youtube

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I just want to know when Tammy's nudes are going to leak. Also, Jack Jr's gf when she was maybe a sophomore.

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Explain, without using buzzwords, why you don't like Jack.

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Jesus is my bitmoji.

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Fuck off Jack

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he's an entitled sack of shit

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My sides

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I don't know who jack is

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>sc- la-fa-ni

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look, if you're reading this and an old fag I'm inviting you to relive a bit of your old 4chan youth in a little harmless raid.

We are hitting his Saturday morning livestream 10am Central time if I'm not mistaken. He knows all his mayo memes

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He can't really cook, he's morbidly obese, he choked his son for smoking weed and he's a retard who doubled down on eating extremely unhealthy food after multiple strokes and hospitalizations.

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Gtfo newfag if you don't know who king ja/ck/ is

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He's a fucking asshole. And he's one of those fake christian losers

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>he choked his son for smoking
This is the most based thing I've read today.

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reply if you are in

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I've been on /ck/ specifically since 2010 and I still have no idea who jack is

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According to Jack, he also choked his son when he was a child for not wanting to eat his food

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Anyone else been sent to the boys club before?>>14680720

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then create a new fucking Google account!

he created merch for his merry moniker he labeled his whistle blowers

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>fantastic quality content
lad !!!

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I have like 5 and counting since he's sent me to the boys club every week

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What in the fuck?

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it means jack has been mistyping his own last name

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You have to at least be clever with your comments or questions. If you just spam mayo you'll be in the boys club in no time

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i've been in /ck/ since 2016 and first thing first was knowing who he is

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he is so fat his body is almost featureless

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Whenever he wears that stupid purple shirt he reminds me of violet from willy wonka

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I asked him if he was still doing keto and he banned me. The time before that I told him he'd likely die if he caught covid

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It will be fine, his son's marrying into fast food cashier money.

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He's also a famous Christian rapper

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link? i had an obese friend in high school that wore a pain purple shirt until i pointed out mothafucka be lookin like grimace

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actually he's gnostic now.

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think they have a cream for that now

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no, Jack's son isn't a Christian he's Gnostic now, he believes that the God in the Old Testament was really the Devil and that the God in the New Testament is the One God

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I lost all my king jack pepes.

please provid

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btw any fucking custodians who don't let this beautiful thread live, bit lets all other FoodTubers threads live, I will force you to watch unedited footage of Brad from BA Ludovico Technique style

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ok, but he can just apply creme de miurge for that now

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I made a shitty edit of his head on violets body at one point when I first saw him in that retarded shirt.

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Jack eats like a fucking caveman. The gif of him sticking his entire tongue out and grabbing a burger still haunts me, its almost inhuman

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>boys club :)
This fucking retard can't Google a picture of Yorkshire pudding before making a video on how to cook it but he can create merchandise for his gay troll acknowledgement.... smDh

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I wish I never deleted my jack pics , I had some retarded shit like mirrored images of his tongue sticking out and jack jr memes damn I wonder if I can find old ja/ck/ threads

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I will continue not knowing who jack is and you can't make me

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You're a real cunt you know?

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Jesus is my self-awareness.

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You've already seen gifs and jaypegs and webems of him, you're already infected, I can guarantee it

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