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Let's talk about street food. Which country do you think has the best street food? Any street food you love/ hate/ want to try? Post videos of people making street food if you'd like as well.


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Germany hands down

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Every time I see her and egg bread it reminds me of how desperate I am to buy a mini-loaf pan to make my own egg breads.

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in what manner does he evacuate

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Couldn't you make it in a large muffin tin? They won't be loaf-shaped, but they'll at least be roughly the same size.

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If I wanted muffins/round shaped bread, then I would do that, but I clearly don't.

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I was pretty sure the ice cream would fall apart or explode by the end
>killer queen has already touched this ice cream

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On the toilet like everybody else (or in the street.)

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Mexican street seafood, if you don't die from the intoxication then you will be coming back

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why is he so angry?

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Tteokbokki is hands down one of my favorite things to get on a night of drinking.

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His egg castle was destroyed

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It impresses me that they make egg sandwiches so damn well there. Well, at least the 2 dudes I see in this thread.

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nothing else scratches that itch for me quite like arancini

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Ceviche is so f*cking good holy crap

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Such a meme video but I'd eat there all the time.

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I know this is cheese, but this gave me a good idea for a corn dog covered in tater tots.

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