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webm thread

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How does he get out?

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has anyone here actually attempted the egg sandwich?

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my mukbang waifu
if you find a girl who can eat like this, marry her immediately

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Yeah, a couple of times. Threads don't get capped anymore so there's no proof, but they weren't particularly exciting threads anyway.

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Just don't get her to perform oral when she's hungry.

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Man, what the fuck.

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why is he so SURLY brehs

i wish someone would visit eggman and make another video where he has a big smile on his face

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The crushing weight of responsibility of being the king of the egg fort would make any man surly.

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because he lives in abject poverty and works 19 hours a day, and sleeps in the egg fort the rest.

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I wanted to make one of these threads last night for a webm dump. I'm going to start dumping now. If anyone wants to post some easy instructions for making webms please do so and I will create some OC.

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How does he get reAL?

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Why do people feel the need to put an entire salad atop a single patty

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No shirt. Just a sweater. That's some crazy shit.

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Her acting is too good. It's scary when people can be that fake.

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Not good acting at all.

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I want to cum in those eyelashes

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I love this woman more than anything

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>organic avocados
What, as opposed to inorganic avocados?

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>le attractive women does some zany
>everyone claps

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he fucking sucked with two functional arms, he needs to call it a day and quit.

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if you had a wife you'd have been cucked by jack by now

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>the human condition

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based dumpling man

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where do I find more of this

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Hey OP

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you can find hot pot base in the freezer section and there's also paste and stuff. if you wanna do it from scratch it's pretty easy just get dried sardines and a few other base things. lots of asian markets sell beef already shaved and rolled but you can do it yourself if you have a decent knife.


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dried anchovies whoops. they're in the freezer section at the asian market. other than that you should be able to find the other spices wherever

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If I was forced to be gay for a day I would choose this guy.

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Haha oh wow first time I felt bad for a poo what did he do to Warrant such a action.

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This was the last actually funny meme ever.

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Can you imagine acting this undignified for some fucking crablegs or whatever it is?
I mean, assuming you're there for the delicacy rather than because you are literally starving to death.
Even if if were free. Hell, even if someone was standing in the back of the room paying me a dollar for each successfully grabbed and consumed leg I could never make myself behave like that.
Vile creatures.

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im done there's more but I don't really think I like any of my webm's past the t's at the moment

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>falun gong supporter gets his thread deleted
>continues spreading propaganda in other threads

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stale pasta

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What exactly is it that makes the face so incredibly punchable?
I see it, we all do, but I can't explain it.

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white women have punchable faces by default, they have no femininity

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Never forget that Jack was ROBBED of that victory.
They allowed every lowly plebeian swine to cast a vote and of course his freezer-aged brisket was wasted on those simpletons.

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File: 2.86 MB, 853x480, It was the best chili I've ever had, the best I've ever done on the show and best I've ever eaten. This is to me better than any chili I have up already.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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has anyone actually made this? is it good? what is the stuff he pinches on top of the eg?

>> No.14652650

I fucking love avocados and this still makes me angry

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she is used to consuming avocados that don't contain carbon or any carbon containing compound

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can i get a link to this one?

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>You have to eat all of the eggs.
>It's really just gonna be better for both of us if you don't ask me anything.

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Because without it, the burger tastes like shit. Beyond burgers take a lot of help from the team when it comes to tasting like a real burger

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It's cute until you think about it.
Because this is something mentally sound dog owner does.
I don't just mean feeding it pizza. I mean all of it.

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You don't have to be some kind of shill to think that getting in a fistfight over a fucking crableg is degenerate.
I also said nothing about race or nationality at all.

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>> No.14652958

I hate her act with all my being. Acting like she doesn't want to do it or know how to do it but torturing sea creatures anyway. But I guess that's hot for some people.

>> No.14652980

you're the one who just brought up race lmao

>> No.14653001

>samefag buttmad chink

>> No.14653030

literal subhumans
what the fuck

>> No.14653044

This is great.

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to become Ssoyoung's meal is to die with dignity
she respects these animals that's why she eats them

>> No.14653093 [DELETED] 

Incredible, they are like actual apes. Not even our blacks behave like this. Why are the Chinese such a failed race? What happened?

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I did not "bring up race".
I pointed out that the post is not about race or nationality. This isn't a courtroom, you know. You can't "get" people on a technicality here. Your falun gong bitching very obviously had some very specific undertones that everybody here caught because you have the subtlety of a brick.
Almost trampling someone on your mission to get a cheap ear of corn is despicable behaviour no matter what you look like or where you're from and as I said once already, you don't have to be a shill for ANY movement to think so.
Just fuck off.

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Ok simp

>> No.14653136

Anyone got the copypasta where the guy who posts these webms spills his egg sandwich and his mom cleans it up?

>> No.14653141

How did he get in?

>> No.14653146

Have you seen what happens on black friday

>> No.14653158

>white women
Mestizo mutt confirmed

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> It's another webm thread episode with mutts reeing about chinks instead of posting webms

>> No.14653172
File: 2.80 MB, 320x180, Boiling_600_Pounds_of_Pig_Parts_in_Louisiana_RARE_Cajun_American_Food[youtubetomp4.org](2).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.14653176

That skit would have worked just as well if it was a dude, don't be an incel

>> No.14653180

He was born there. Legends say he was hatched from an egg.

>> No.14653183

Just another morning at jiauhan market

>> No.14653195

The nature of egg king was... irrepressible!

Born from an egg in a sandwich shop. The punkiest storekeep that ever popped. He knew every egg sandwich under the sun. To please the gods and everyone and have some fun.

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File: 1.20 MB, 320x180, Starkist Tuna Creations Review.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does no one ever have the full version with surly boy next door?
Elusive rare webm

>> No.14653218

>Falun Gong bad
certified CCP cuck

>> No.14653232

I'm sure China is pretty happy to see the subversive cult take root in foreign nations. They just don't want to deal with it on their own soil.

>> No.14653233

the impossible whopper and its seared bite dont have this problem

>> No.14653236

the joke here is that he is eating caveman food like a decent person. yes, lets laugh at the queer for not being a troglodyte.

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File: 1.25 MB, 320x180, Uncle Roger Meet Egg Fried Rice Lady (@Hersha Patel).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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is this real

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So, that's how Pierce does?

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File: 489 KB, 320x180, 10LBS OF BURGERS AND FRIES!!!! Hangry Belly at Steelcraft in Long Beach, CA #RainaisCrazy.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14653303
File: 787 KB, 320x180, 10LBS OF BURGERS AND FRIES!!!! Hangry Belly at Steelcraft in Long Beach, CA #RainaisCrazy(2).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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pic rel is how i felt watching that

fuck consoomer upcummies retards

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File: 2.60 MB, 732x480, Mexican food scientist.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha, they caught her on camera again!
How embarrassing for her. You can tell she did NOT expect that to happen a second time. LOL!

>> No.14653356
File: 451 KB, 224x400, sole food.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14653366

oh sweet jesus fuck. why can't she feed it to me?

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Akiba's Trip

>> No.14653385

He relaxed. You never let your guard down around people that brown.

>> No.14653408

He needs to up his salt game, because right now he is no Salt Bae!

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File: 30 KB, 359x255, 1592253306331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can we get a whole thread of this lmao
what dis called

>> No.14653468

>can we get a whole thread of this lmao
>what dis called

>> No.14653515

If this is the type of shit you save and post I don't want your OC being posted.

>> No.14653534

why would you boil it? is this just a cheap way of doing pulled pork?

>> No.14653542

I mostly want to make more videos with annoying girls that have large noses and mouths doing dances behind/in front of meme food and being really annoying

>> No.14653594

no, but this is

>> No.14653616

if you asked her for some she would look at you like you're some kind of freak

>> No.14653680


>> No.14653683

I'd like to see you prove it can't be done

>> No.14653692

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.

I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a like girl as you once again type your little Egg Fort thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don't even fill in the captcha. Maybe you're such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for a 4chan pass, so you just choose the webm. Oh, and we all know the picture. The "epic" Surly King guy, isn't it? I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your greasy egg sandwich on the floor, but it's ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on 4chan posting about eggs. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a NEET. A pathetic Eggfag NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because all you say is "HOW DOES HE GET OUT WITHOUT BREAKING THE EGGS?" You've become a parody of your own self. And that's all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.

>> No.14653693

yes, ancient technique , banned in u s a

>> No.14653729


>> No.14653754

>Take picture of food someone else made
>Food that isn't particularly notable in any sense
Like if it was a 72 ounce steak or a food from a Michelin star restaurant, sure I guess, but this is regular food. There is nothing to be proud of like if you made it yourself or show off like being rich or seeing something kind of vaguely interesting. At least the first two people seemed to take it kind of well, second guy looked like he was about to throw down and second woman looked like she was gonna cry.

>> No.14653774

this is fucking based

>> No.14653776

That lady must have a son who masturbates almost as much as I do.

>> No.14653788

Watching this makes me want to fucking puke
Fake Asian acting is the fucking worst

>> No.14653793

they really did indoctrinate into all americans to work just to consume cheap chinese products

>> No.14653796

>the king of the egg fort
I wish I was

>> No.14653802

Why does every vegan act crazy as fuck

>> No.14653803

the last one was so sad :( it looks like those are home made. also imagine spending $20 to treat yourself to a nice dessert and your dickhole buddy thinks it's funny to mess with your food. Surprise, a pile of mushy cream is not as satisfying to eat as a delicately and deliberately plated dessert. these guys are assholes.

>> No.14653811

>1 extra grain of rice has been allotted to your daily ration

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File: 2.42 MB, 640x358, Sso 212.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's not acting, she's bubbly and gets freaked out easily

>> No.14653820

ruining your dinner date and totally pwning the normies xD

>> No.14653822

I want her to churn my cum into butter

>> No.14653823
File: 2.95 MB, 1920x720, 1584014429121.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do Asian qts make roasties seethe so much?

>> No.14653829

he was born

>> No.14653835


>> No.14653838

the worst is that she made a frowny face with the bacon and toast butter eyes. what a shit mom

>> No.14653845

Love that this is simultaneously the dumbest shit I ever saw and a very reasonable and cost effective way to cook evenly.

>> No.14653848

they're upset because of all the instagrams likes they're now robbed of
social media is cancer

>> No.14653851

I always convince myself I'm not like this when I drink and then I wake up to my post-spaghetti kitchen and see a fucking disaster

>> No.14653854

>not as satisfying to eat
they don't give a fuck about that
all they care about is likes

>> No.14653855

it's great all you need is a little motor like a rotisserie chicken and unbalanced weight makes it spin interestingly. I imagine it's a great draw to get people to try your food truck food

>> No.14653873


>> No.14653901


>> No.14653913

imagine the smell

>> No.14653923

gravity is a bitch

>> No.14653930
File: 2.31 MB, 640x800, hotdog_flavored_water.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14653972

That's just
Just awful

>> No.14654174
File: 66 KB, 718x404, 1550186049427.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They tried to smash his head on to the knife

>> No.14654214

Don't see you crying about veal or most of your livestock being so machine processed that fruit and vegetables get contaminated with animal-borne bacteria.

>> No.14654227

Same, but only if his bedroom has as many gadgicks as his kitchen.

>> No.14654250

There is no exit.
The shed was built around him so it ensures he stays there forever.

>> No.14654253

I don't see you understanding the first thing about agriculture.

>> No.14654255


>> No.14654277

>he's never had a molybdenum-ammonia complex-based avocado

got news for u pal

>> No.14654284

I understand that Americans don't either.

>> No.14654302

You're all dissing homeboy but he's in love with her no matter how she looks. You'd be lucky to love someone that much in your lifetime.

>> No.14654303

large ears small oddly shaped mouth and round face

>> No.14654355

This just sent me down a rabbit whole I never knew nor wanted to exist.

>> No.14654473

but it was a woman

>> No.14654493

USA is one of the largest exporters of agricultural goods. But you got us. We don't know what we're doing, we're just faking it 'til we make it.

>> No.14654521
File: 2.69 MB, 640x360, instagramming.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sometimes take a pic even if the food isn't anything special. Because I might want to send it to a friend or my brother and go "we're grabbing a burger today" or whatever. Or maybe because I think the food looks pathetic considering the price and I want a second opinion or warn someone about buying it.
Or maybe there's some neat detail in the plating I want to steal for my own cooking.
Hell, most of the food pics I take are for posting on this fucking board.

Not every photo taken of food is by a teen girl who wants a dopamine rush from IG. And even when that is the case you don't really have any right to fuck with her food anyway. You can despise her for being a vapid bitch, like I do, but keep your hands off other people's food.
I'd have thought that simple rule would go without saying here of all places.

>> No.14654532

Sorry, "no trolling" is a simple rule that would go without saying here of all places? LMFAO. Try /r/whateverfoodbullshitidontknowtheirboards

>> No.14654561

She will die a early and pitiful death and he knows it

>> No.14654565
File: 11 KB, 480x360, bobo2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here comes the pre

>> No.14654580


>> No.14655016


Why can't antifa burn THIS place to the ground?

>> No.14655025


Do Americans really do this?

>> No.14655037
File: 46 KB, 452x700, ye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I will never make her pancakes
>I will never feed her said pancakes
>She will never rest against my chest afterwards

>> No.14655038

How come she never swallows? It's all edited out

>> No.14655088
File: 81 KB, 544x572, 1598713872005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You merely adjusted to the egg, he was born of it.

>> No.14655094
File: 68 KB, 700x700, 1598440622276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He may not eat like a caveman, but he gets fucked like one.

>> No.14655095

its really comfy

>> No.14655111

the perhfect burgah

>> No.14655296

Heh, nothing personal

>> No.14655315

i think of cavemans doing the fucking, not getting fucked
your entire post is retarded

>> No.14655332

text overlays on video are cancer

>> No.14655334

What's the caveman fuck, another caveman, dipshit.

>> No.14655353

They go for girl grugs dummy. In fact in Europe at least it was like a +15:1 ratio of women going to Chad and most other males dying in some horrible way or getting killed off.

>> No.14655363

fucking go back

>> No.14655426


>> No.14655427

I wonder what they're food cost is. What's the average price restaurants buy avocados in the states? Or is this one of those rich only places?

>> No.14655431

What the fuck

>> No.14655438

because half of antifa probably eats their themselves

>> No.14655439


>> No.14655444
File: 34 KB, 461x439, 1598487192206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Grug is just, like, a construct.

>> No.14655458
File: 1004 KB, 270x480, 1578106761757.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14655479

acting? who is she? how is she acting?

>> No.14655491


>> No.14655512

Surly, King of the egg fort

>> No.14655533

Young Surly makes the video

>> No.14655570

The only thing that disturbs me about that webm is the gross over cooked eggs.

>> No.14655578

This reminds of that webm where they put lemon on everything.

>> No.14655588

egg turd

>> No.14655597

He is probably fucking ten different girls on the side

>> No.14655699

>the way he stops moving and just keeps his head down towards the end
Damn. Poor kid

>> No.14655894

kidney stones.webm

>> No.14655900

Hazing is how you learn life so you are prepared to face the real hardships.

>> No.14655906

Fucking fat cunt walking off like "How dare these people stop me from hoarding all the toilet paper while this old ass lady is trying to get just one package!
I hope she got harassed to the point that she committed suicide.

>> No.14655915

HAHAHA We just ruined his birthday
>kid starts crying
Jesus christ you little faggot, we were just having fun

>> No.14655916

He can't eggscape.

>> No.14655927

This is how bird flu started

>> No.14655931

That's a good way to hunt birds. I bet that shit can't fly with all that fish in its stomach.
Just gut the bird, leave the fish, and get more birds.

>> No.14655934

FYI, chewing is the only part of digestion you control, so you should try chewing your food more.

>> No.14655943

So he only had 1 grate?

>> No.14655954

I'm not gonna lie. I watched the video for this a while back, and saw a dude eating that fucking gutter meat. And it actually looked pretty fucking tasty.

>> No.14655957

pretty sure that's two

>> No.14655962

I wonder if anyone has visited a 3rd world shithole and instagrammed their pagpag

>> No.14655965

My favorite part is the room temperature iq brainlets actually think they're smarter than this guy by pointing out how stupid he is.

>> No.14655973

There was a buffet near my that had unlimited crab leg Fridays.
They were smart by having it so you had to be served crab legs, and you could only get 2 halves(or w.e. they're called) at a time.

>> No.14655978

That face isn't supposed to be cute, what the fuck is wrong with me?

>> No.14655985

You know, I feel like this could be interesting if you actually seared the meat properly, flipped it inside out, then seared the inside. You get like double the seared meat.
But then again, you could just cut the meat in half and get essentially the same effect.
But then again, if you owned a restaurant, you could sell this and get normies to pay out the ass for it.

>> No.14655988

When you're worth $400 million. You get to eat any food any way you want.

>> No.14656000

When I see these videos, I hope the people who get all butthurt watches their reaction and realizes how much of a tool they are.

>> No.14656015

>asians with big ass
Fake or plastic

>> No.14656027

Very confused boner

>> No.14656041

It's a movie called the god of cookery, pretty Kino imo

>> No.14656055

Organic is a USDA classification, it doesn't refer to the chemical definition.

>> No.14656086

Webm for retards or just ffmpeg if you're not a retard.

>> No.14656104

Truth is, the church Chili cook-off was rigged from the start.

>> No.14656107


>> No.14656133

I think they stuff it and then sear the outside or roast it or some shit. searing the inside probably isn't really necessary. the clip was just cut down a bunch I forget what they did originally.

>> No.14656206
File: 2.77 MB, 336x350, Thanksgiving sponsored by cheetos.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14656220
File: 2.93 MB, 224x180, PIZZADILLA.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14656308

He's already fucking the equivalent of 10 girls.

>> No.14656312

I'm surprised he isn't milking his self inflicted disability for all it's worth.

>> No.14656343

he's a hard worker and the breadwinner in his house. why would he let something so small get in his way? doesn't matter what life throws at him, jack will keep truckin along

>> No.14656365

i mean in a way he isn't wrong
it's disgusting that a lot of our supplychain is made in china, wish we could nationalize our whole supply chain but that would just be too good

>> No.14656401

>The gaying mantis

>> No.14656421

Tfw no cute gf to jurk you off after a hard day's work

>> No.14656422

This is just sad

>> No.14656466

if youve never dipped your fries in a coke ur just a silly guy and im not even a fatass

>> No.14656470


>> No.14656480

True, he's got some grand projects stored for us. Stuff like an interview with his carnivore brother or jack on go fishing episode. Loss of function on 3 of his limbs isn't going to stop Jack.

>> No.14656501

I'm fairly certain even if he ended up like stephen hawking we'd still be getting regular content from him

>> No.14656502

in the video he just says it smells like pork
just how they make boudin sausage

>> No.14656560

avocado tastes terrible

>> No.14656633

I fucking hate it yeah. before this whole avocado craze I knew many people who liked avocado and one family I hung out with a lot would buy avocados and split them and mash them up and eat them plain right out of the skin. they raved about it and half of my friends who would hang out at their house also did the same thing occasionally. I'm glad I dislike it because guac costs extra. sad some places don't discount an item if you tell them you don't want guac

>> No.14656719

Beans and tomatoes in a Texan chili? Who is this retard?

>> No.14656726

top kek

>> No.14656744

this is my second favorite /ck/ webm of all time

>> No.14656764

What's the third?

>> No.14656790

These threads make me hate women and the men that support them even more. Bad.

>> No.14656830

I put that plus carrots and mushrooms in mine. It's the bees knees.

>> No.14656856

i thnk its just her honestly because shes torturing animals and eating them alive
which is disgusting not only because its a bad thing to do but because wtf who does this nasty

>> No.14656973

The sound really makes this webm.
Happy chirping from baby chicks that have no idea what's about to happen. Loud mechanical whirring. Silence.
It's fucking kino.

>> No.14657002
File: 2.48 MB, 1280x720, jack18.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14657105
File: 347 KB, 600x424, 1584825273895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

webm threads on boards other than /gif/ and /wsg/ are just a waste. shitty file size limits. no sound. why even bother? all of these posts could have been better. its not even that they would be better with sound, but at least the quality could be better given the file size.

>> No.14657127

is this a webm for ants

>> No.14657254

I need to rename the webm 'vegetarian waste' or 'vegetable waste' or something equivalent

>> No.14657258

Hazing is done voluntarily, pajeet. This is just being mean to a little kid for laughs.

>> No.14657732

Egg king:origins

>> No.14657810

based. this is the oc i came for.

>> No.14657824

I prefer my media to have no sound. if you need subtitles or stupid words on the screen you've failed

>> No.14657954

doesn't mean you understand it, just means some people buy your shit. good for you I guess

>> No.14657977

What happened to these things? What do they do? Haven't seen one since Lawnmower Man.

>> No.14657987

Can we just delete white women at this point.

>> No.14657996

her pussy probably taste so gross

>> No.14657997


>> No.14658042

>breadwinner in his house
No he's not faggot. Jack doesn't make shit off YouTube. He's living off his wife's income

>> No.14658070

he has several streams of income the only recent thing to matter is that they are selling their bbq sauce brand. that shit is available at walmart.

>> No.14658126


>> No.14658134

I bet he only takes such small bites to save space in his room for more cock.

>> No.14658163

as a bottom I take offense to that. you generally need to have eating windows to clear out unless you have a partner who makes it past the second rib in which case you just have to deal with poo as a fact of life

>> No.14658197


>> No.14658246

patrician taste anon

>> No.14658289
File: 47 KB, 660x660, Homemade-Peanut-Butter-10-Culinary-Hill-e1580359846514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm sorry


>> No.14658307


Buying avocados is legit money in Mexican cartel pockets.

>> No.14658308

That food must be just as compressed as the Video itself once it leaves her shitter.

>> No.14658319


This is just straight up child abuse.

>> No.14658330

in mexico that person would be considered an adult

>> No.14658340

Yeah, maybe 5 years ago. That shit isn't being sold anywhere these days except for his online store. And you better get it while you can because he's selling the company and won't be producing sauce for the public anymore

>> No.14658364

it's a restaurant exclusive item now. if you want it you have to either order items prepared with it or order it from the gift shop. that isn't a negative. you can't buy disney gift shop items at walmart and that doesn't mean disney isn't a big company

>> No.14658400

>kill and consume food while it's still living/twitching

>some primitive tribe in Africa
>gouge a living cow and collect its blood to drink raw
>"Wow, what a rich culture."

>> No.14658405

really? how many fucking years has he lived in this country and still can't speak fucking english. guy's a retard.

>> No.14658410

why do you have such tiny webms goddamn

>> No.14658413


That's the thing most mukbangs the girls don't actually eat or immediately vomit it out after filming is done.

>> No.14658422

so she doesn't have to puke it up a la all the other thin mukbang channel stars

>> No.14658425


What? he's like 7.

>> No.14658427


>> No.14658428

vitamin deficiencies that cause brain damage

>> No.14658472

I thought the same.

>> No.14658487

By fucking your mother.

>> No.14658488

stephen chow is based

>> No.14658512
File: 338 KB, 1200x798, 1540940135505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God fucking damn it

>> No.14658531

welcome sir or madam

>> No.14658807

It is a mystery

>> No.14658882

please correct me, but those noodles don't look fully cooked

>> No.14659074


>> No.14659124

What does he sprinkle on the sandwich towards the end ?

>> No.14659259
File: 16 KB, 412x343, 1598645325895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't had Carl's Jr because their sharp decline in quality in the last decade. They use feel like an actual diner and had decent burgers but now it feels I'm just eating Burger King which is by far the worst burger fast food chain

>> No.14659371

There was a definite tipping point where their patties went from looking and tasting like beef to becoming something else entirely.

>> No.14659601

>wearing a ring around sauce
I am disgusted.

>> No.14659622

about a dollar an avocado

>> No.14659783

Well, how DOES he get out without breaking the eggs?

>> No.14659914

Theres something evil about this one

>> No.14660236
File: 171 KB, 1600x680, EventHorizon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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