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Perfectley Cooked Awesome Asian BURGER

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why does the bun look cold but greasy
watching now

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The store said it had Ligma colonies growing on it, it was half price

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>red onions

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>peak zoomer humor

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Been a while since I've seen Jack. Why is he in a mobility scooter now?

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He tore his rotator ligma while carrying groceries in.

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Why don't you Ligma balls! Boom! Got'em!

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He blew out both feet walking a 5k and had to get surgery

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>why does the bun look cold but greasy

because jack

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Can I get a quick rundown on this guy Jack? I have been lurking here for years, and always see assblasted losers crying about him. I swear this is probably the first time I have even watched a video of his, and from what I can tell so far (just 1-2 mins in) he is just some retarded boomer who is enjoying life and making silly videos.

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tl;dr he's the Chris Chan of Let's Cook videos.

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>being this new

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>see "Asian burger"
>sounds interesting
>click the link
>no thanks

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>a secret jack video
he's getting crafty

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He somehow managed to tear both of his Achilles tendons power walking. I have to imagine his weird beach ball shaped body had something to do with it.

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>takes bite
>"it's better than I thought"
i wonder what he really thinks sometimes, what's inside of that melon.

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>lurking here for years
Yeah sure you have buddy

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>I have been lurking here for years
Sure you did, bud

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This. Is. Ja/ck/.

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The cake looks fine what's the problem?

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What's a colonie

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Low how his background knowledge of everything only extends as far as "it's from Asia". It's as if he has this mindset that Asia is some far off, exotic place, his knowledge of which will just astound his viewers.

Oh yeah, that Asia. I'm a big Asian food fan, what with its orange chicken and sushi and kung pao chicken.

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no one cares where you're from

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>I have been lurking here for years
If you just admited you're a newfag anon's would be more inclined to help you. Being a blatant newfag who apparently doesn't understand the term "lurk moar" makes you a faggot.

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How long before he's cooking pasta on the floor holding utensils with his mouth?

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>enjoying life
More like hanging by a thread.

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Hes a closeted homosexual and a serial abuser.

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Steve Jobs

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Sounds like a good Christian® to me

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