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I guess this is what passes for steak in Japan.

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This is peak toxic masculinity.

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yes, I'm not sure why they like it
you can't tell from the picture but there's also no salt on it and if you were to order mashed potatoes it would be the boxed stuff with not enough water added to it so it's still kind of dry and flaky in the middle

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It's an island nation. Cows require space and lots of food and water. Steak in japan is usually paper thin, way over cooked and never satisfying. Go to texas and do it proper.

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everything is awesome when you survive a nuclear holocaust

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>go to texas

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suit yourself. it's not really a place for cowards anyway.

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Australia produces better quality beef than any disgusting hormone shit in burgerland.

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Tell me what the fuck is that green thing in the middle

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So they say. Aussies' got more Wagyu, but they're just Japan's paid grazing country - it's not like they raise it for themselves.

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Mmm... that’s some baddass looking steak.

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>but they're just Japan's paid grazing country
Jokes on you, we're owned by China, and we don't get paid for it.

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>voluntarily going to Texas

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My friend I offer this advice in complete sincerity. Delete this post immediately. Our history and tradition with that place is something that's beyond your years. I'm asking you not to disrespect that over a jacket you didn't receive

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west texas was a mistake

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West Texas is great. Sure you get more spics but you also get less niggers and you don't have to live like you are inside satan's sweaty ass crack like in swamp texas.

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Isn't that all the more reason to cook it properly for when you do eat it?

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I lived in Midland, but traveled all over the permian. It fucking sucks. Buddy's in Andrews was legit though.

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El Paso was, no joke, based as fuck about ten years ago. I don't know how bad it has become but west texas was always my jam. There is one thing everyone can agree on though, fuck oklahoma.

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no I don't like green steak and hours of debilitating diarrhea, sam I am

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looks pretty american to me

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in the usa hibachi restaurants are staffed by mexicans

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Japs don't like char.

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coastal texas is another dimension's hell i'm sure of it

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but why is it fucking green

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Americans do have an obsession with the perfect steak, which I haven't really found anywhere else (for context, I travel a lot due to my job, I live in the US, and I'm not from the US). I'm not sure where that originates, because Brazil and Argentina, both very beef-heavy nations, are far more lax with perfection via the perfect steak (interestingly, this leads to both of them eating far more steak than the US, as anything and any method becomes fair game), and nations without nearly as much beef as the US tend to make use of the entirety of the cow, including the not-so-nice parts. It's only in the US where I've found that the steak is king.

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I’ll big league u pussy meet me in the parking lot

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My friend I offer this advice in complete sincerity. Stop making these threads immediately. Our history and tradition with this meme is something that’s beyond your years. I’m asking you not to disrespect that over (you)s you didn’t receive.

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it looks like jabba

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Are you Don Frye?

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MDK Nick Gage all fucking day gang affiliated

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I'd /HEEM/ you IRL faggot

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try me pussy


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Wasabi? I don't fucking know ask the chef

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Say that to my face fucker and not online

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Beef oxidizes and can change color, but it's safe to eat. Likely just means it was processed less than what you'd find in an American grocery.

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>kobe beef

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I like corm

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Don't they have many cows in the UK and Ireland? Or it it sheep?

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What is importing beef from Brazil and Australia, Alex?

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australian beef is the worst i've ever had
every bite like liver

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California beef is superior and always has been.

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Shitty meat

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Yeah if you want aids.

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looks like a live toad

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This Is the first time a anti vegan on ck actually admitted that livestock production takes up space. Because they never admit it in the actual arguments

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Vegans don't like science. That's why they deny facts about our canine teeth and B12.

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Texas is like the best state in America.

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Who the fuck would say it doesn't take up space?

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Literally a mouthful of crisco.

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Thank cattle barons bribing the FDA in waging a campaign against offal for making beef culture here exclusively about steak cuts.

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steaks served HOT just like that fateful summer of '92

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>Served with black men's Sauce
This trolling is too transparent.

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I think by "Anti Vegan" you mean NORMAL

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>choosing to go to Texas at all

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I have a friend who was in Japan on a work visa. His coworkers wife made him apple pie to make him feel less homesick
>be friend
>invited to coworker house after work
>no ntr
>expecting passable apple pie at least
>wife brings it out from kitchen
>literally shortcake with raw apple slices on top

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>DIDN'T fuck his coworker's wife
i just can't believe this story

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im kevin from dallas and ive been to asstrailia and your steaks SUCK compared to ours

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This isn't like my JAVs at all.

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How so?

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Yet they put in the effort to make Wagyu beef.

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Not fucking your coworker's wife in Japan is just rude.

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Poor taste. Those cows can wander farms the size of Texas and eat what they want - not forcefed 90% s-o-y protein. It's how beef should taste.

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Why are there like...15 individual kernels of corn?

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based as fuck

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>we're owned by China
economically owned by China but don't forget, Australia signed documents that makes its government an American company

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Is this from a Nippon Denny's?

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Is that meat delivered by helicopter?

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even google thinks this is fucked

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*nods respectfully towards you*

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That's like when a cat smells food then scratches at the table around it.

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it's green

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Is this to say that plants don't take up space, and that the crops necessary to replace proteins in the human diet would not require the same or even more space? Kek.

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I don't understand the point of this thread or why it's a permanent fixture on /ck/ the steak looks fine if you like them well done

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I prefer
>Battered brow-eye steak

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Kobe died bro

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Japan usually has world cuisine.
There is usually steak as well.
Well, it’s normal.
At a popular Japanese steakhouse.

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looks like a rancid meat pancake

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Japanese love minced steaks more than regular steaks.
Hamburger steak. Salisbury steak.
The Japanese continue to love them by remodeling them.

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cows usually in england & ireland because it's flat

sheep are in wales and scotland because it's hilly

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Aust has big stations but texas is over twice the size of astralia

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I like how 4chan exposed these Jap Steak abominations.

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>1 hamburger steak in first pic
>2 in third pic

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At a Japanese family restaurant.

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It's a similar nonsense. grass

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I think the staffs just hate you

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most crops grown are used to feed livestock retard, if we used crops exclusivity for us there would be less land used.

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Steak is overrated.

Just a slab of meat.

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Texas is a great state, and it's steaks are good, but the best steaks are in the Midwest, particularly Chicago. The entire city owes a great deal of its growth and fortune in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the Union Stock Yards of Chicago. The railroad system needed to move those tens of thousands of pigs and cattle was part of the reason Chicago became one of the fastest growing cities on earth in the early 1900s. It was on pace to overtake New York (at that point consisting only of Manhattan) until the boroughs of New York unified, right before the 1890 census, where Chicago was poised to come close to overtaking Manhattan. A grand coincide I'm sure.

Regardless, the Union Stockyards also contributes a great deal as to why you'll find copious amounts of beef and pork on every Midwestern menu, in virtually every dish. The yards and the rail system that supported it allowed the quick transfer and processing of meats throughout the Midwest, and although the yards closed down in the 50s, the lasting effect the yards has on Chicago's history and culture is evident in its cuisine and the various illustrious steak houses found all around the city.

Pic related.

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When Japan was still poor. An alternative to steak.
It could have been pork ginger.
A pork fried set meal different from the original pork ginger.
That is one of the set meals that Japanese people continue to love.

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The pork ginger of the current Japanese cafe.
In Japan, there are menus labeled "Pork Ginger" and "Syougayaki teisyoku".
Basically, the two are different menus.
However, the distinction is ambiguous depending on the restaurant.
If you order pork ginger, it may be said that it is a fried meat and vegetable set meal. That is not wrong in Japan.

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>the /asp/ /ck/ crossover
surprisingly good

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A classic coffee shop in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku Ward.
Beef steak teisyoku, 1300 yen including tax.
Inexpensive meat softly beaten firmly. Bake in a frying pan with wine and soy sauce.
I recently order without rice. And double whiskey.

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That's like arguing that x street in India has the least defecators and that it's the best street because you're only ankle deep in shit.

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kek, love stories like this
>my dad is dating some foreign chick while in highschool
>he loves carrot cake
>this gets back to her mom, who decides to make it for him
>It's just a basic yellow cake with entire carrots in between the cake sheets like layers of icing
>he eats his entire slice because he doesn't want her to feel bad

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Sawayaka is the fucking best, man.

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it looks so cute and bouncy

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Their signature dish is genkotsu hanbaagu, it's a 250g sphere of beef they cut in half.
Also delicious.
You can get it with onion sauce or demiglaze sauce, I recommend the onion sauce. They also serve rice or bread. Their bread is really good, so don't go for the same rice you could get anywhere.

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southern colorado actually has better beef.
t. new mexican

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wouldn't wanna mess with it

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You have now canine teeth because your evil beliefs created them. Mind over matter evolution. You are your own death.

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Its like the ECW invasion in the 90s

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Based and Gang Affiliated

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Expensive steak I had in Japan
It was really good

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but if we used the crops exclusivly for humans then all the cows would starve. are you saying you want to genocide all livestock so that """less land""" will be used?

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That is basically PETA's position, yes, that any animal bred to be dependent on humans should be killed.

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Not sure I'd spend $12 on that.

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>3 big ass plates for a 3 tiny dollops of ingredients

What did the japanese mean by this?

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Fucking hell

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Then why are there so many char clones?

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>japan has bad steaks

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le presentation

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Newcomer to cooking japanese, I have white rice and some canned fish which I've never had before what do I do can I eat these whole

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that's one plate anon

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