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A Brazilian's attempt of a British breakfast. How did I go?

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Youre gonna get shit on but the beans you used are unironically an improvement over the canned garbage that they use. Your beans are actually edible.

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No blood pudding bro?

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lacks a macaco head

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and what's going to be your lunch?

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There was an attempt. Hell you even had a go at "Beans", so hey, nice effort.

Try fried eggs next time; it makes a difference.

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you mean it's an improvement because they aren't canned or because they're black-eyed peas?

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not a fan of the texture

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No way bongs eat this in their first meal. It looks like my plate when my uncle makes barbecue on sundays

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Put the tomato in the oven

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we don't, we mostly eat ham sandwiches using French bread, I just sperged out a little bit

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I can respect that bro but it's not a full English without it bro.

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Wrong beans scrambled eggs no toast no blood sausage sorry but this does not pass muster

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that's for holidays only

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The ideal breakfast is as follows
>fried linguica
>fried morcela
>spicy beans with fried egg on top
>mashed yams with butter

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About as well as can be expected.

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Honestly not a bad attempt. The beans are wrong but you could call it a South American spin on the canned ones the bongs usually eat. Tomato should be sliced thinner and the eggs should be crispy fried with the yolks intact if you're trying to really emulate bong brekkie. But I would totally eat it, macaco. I'd let you cook for me.

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Black-eyed beans are fantastic, but they have no place in anything calling itself a full English. I eat them mixed with chard/spinach and onions or something spicy with homemade tomato sauce.

We use haricot beans in the UK (not that i eat full english mind you. I'm a porridge guy through and through). The sauce is very mild both in tomato and spices and it does compliment the other ingredients.

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feijão com ketchup

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Linguiça is a far cry from bongistani sausage, but still good. Think your eggs are a little overdone. Your tomato looks kinda shit. You really need some toast to soak up some of that grease. Also need blood sausage to be a Full English.

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That doesn't look disgusting enough to be a full English. They need mushy, soggy tomatoes, floppy, limp mushrooms, blood pudding (gross in all fucking forms), and everything else cooked to its worst form. Potatoes? Make them soggy and gross. Eggs? Sure, fuck them up. Sausage and bacon? Make it look as disgusting as possible.

A "full english" (dogshit) is nothing to aspire to.

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Ah I see you suffer from the same disease your people suffer where you must announce to the entire world where you’re from even though it doesn’t fucking matter

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it matters cuz I've only seen it on movies and TV shows, hence the wrong beans

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You can do better next time. But you don’t need to announce where you’re from

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Cute, but not quite this. I'll die before i'm 50 with a smile on my face.

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Looks fine, but it's hard to tell - what sort of sausage is it?
9/10, cooked until the fat renders but still looks meaty
Could have been cooked a little longer, but pretty convincing
>scrambled eggs
Lose five points. Eggs should always be fried, ideally in the bacon fat.
Baked beans for an English Breakfast are haricot beans, which are fairly mild and earthy in flavor so black beans are close enough there, but are cooked in a sweetened tomato sauce. A base of roasted tomatoes and garlic, seasoned with a little cinnamon and annatto, should get you in the right flavour area while still tasting local enough (English baked beans are very bland, most households add additional seasoning to them at home that suit their tastes)
Missing in action. Add mushrooms
>Black Pudding
Thickly slice some morcela and fry it up just long enough to crisp the outside
>Fried bread or toast
Fry bread in the pan after the bacon and eggs
Essential to qualifying as an English Breakfast

Overall 6/10 - not a Full English but definitely better than some of the attempts on /ck/

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No square, no white pudding, no dumpling, not a full Scottish

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>what sort of sausage is it?
beef sausage

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What part of the country are you from? I rarely see macassar/green beans being eaten outside the northeast region.

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white pudding is for kiddly fiddlers and dumpling is exceptionally rare to see these days - i'd stick with square sausage being the only meaningful omission

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Try frying the egg. Fried mushrooms are good too. I'm a fan of tossing some kips on my fry up, but that is a personal thing.

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Cope harder, you're wrong

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>Tomato should be sliced thinner
What the fuck are you talking about? That's a half fried tomato. It's perfect.

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>beef sausage
Acceptable but if you can get it try a beef & pork sausage.

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Which brand of cheucter are you?

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Put some bbq on the beans
Also that looks like a really thick sausage. You should probably split it next time

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lol ops beans are completely devoid of taste or flavour. why are you being contrarian?

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do limeys really...

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>its perfect
nigga the only blackening on it is from fond the bacon left on the pan
fuck off you retard this is a cooking board

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Its contrarian to hate ketchup beans?

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Uma delicia...
It looks pretty good, I'd eat that for brekkie before a long day at work or after a night of drowning myself in cheap vodka

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It looks like slop but I'd eat it.

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Beans need tomato sauce, and you also need a side of sauteed mushrooms and some buttered toast.

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God I want her to shit in my mouth

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Ignore that faggot. You did a pretty good job and i think the different beans are a nice twist. The canned ones are cheap shit. Certainly better than the full englishes i see posted by americans on here
t. bong

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I was talking to the "slice it thinner" retard, not you, retard.

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Why would you want half the tomato to be uncooked?

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It went about as well as a Brazilian attempt at pizza

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Isso daí é almoço.

British breakfast is too heavy for me. Looks good though.

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As an Amerisharter this looks 10,000% better than what Brit faggots “cook”. Every component of this looks would eat/10.

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well, nutritionists say you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper
t. OP

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decent effort, looks tasty. 7/10
however, these essentials are missing
>buttered toast
>heinz beans
>nice cup of tea
blood pudding is a meme and optional

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Stop being a pedantic faggot.

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>activated almonds

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Is that egg? Why does it look like mashed potato

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its common knowledge worldwide that sharts know literally fuck all about anything, particularly food.

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Que pecado

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nice bandeja paisa brah

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you lose some easy points for scrambled eggs, but jesus fuck those mushrooms look disgusting

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retard those are beans

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Make a Dominican breakfast instead

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its fine, needs toast however

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>toast instead of fried bread
>"blood pudding is a meme and optional"

You should be ashamed.

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Should be fried eggs not scrambled and well, the rest looks like shit, still the effort of the beans is appreciated (even though they look retarded) I give it a 3/10

I’d probably take one look at it, then throw it in the bin, but it would at least make me laugh momentarily.

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Looks like shit
10/10 british approved

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that looks so fucking good but it looks too much, it's not a single person meal is it? how many does it serve?

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>"it's not a single person meal is it?"

Do Americans really not?

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Lacks authenticity due to it looking like it has actual flavor. Try again

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it looks way too much to be eaten in a single serving when you're rushing to get to work/school/whatever

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also who the fuck has that much appetite rigtht after waking up

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when else would you have more appetite? you've been 8-10 hours without eating
also: >>14555029