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Do you intentionally eat food incorrectly?

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This was fake

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when youre this rich it really doesnt matter how you eat. anything you do is right. they're 12HLers

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I intentionally pronounce gyro as "Ji-row" for trolling irl

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sometimes i shove them up my ass

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he's cute because he's weird haha

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which ones?

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I take bites out of string cheese and roll up my pizza.

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I take a bite out the side of kitkat bars and don't break them off individually.

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Hide the glizzy

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Who's the cute girl?

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Fuck, how else do you pronounce it?!

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not funny he got run through the negro pedo fame circuit which is way worse than the hebrew pedo fame circuit

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/ck/ don't be retarded


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>American news

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these people actually spent their time and energy, out of their curt limited life, full of pain and loss and a million trifles of responsibility, to make this, in addition to making a behind the scenes youtube video about it?

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ok. Dudes. Dudes? Do you know what "intentionally" means, dudes? That's a word with a meaning, you know.

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This is all they do, they are chasing clout for money anon

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shutup SHUTUP

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what is clout? and who pays you for clout? i have clout among some serious people but all it really means is i'm not gonna get robbed at a party

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Let me show you how to eat pizza

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"Yee-row" is the hairy Greek buttsex way to say it

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You nut

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Pic or it didn't happen

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I eat pizza with knife and fork

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a man of class I see

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i used to eat mushrooms as follows
>pick off stem
>eat stem
>eat peel
>bite into quadrants
>eat remainder

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>No one in my family added water to condensed chicken noodle soup.
>Always drained all the water from instant ramen
>As a kid I would only eat the skin from KFC chicken. That only lasted for a few months when I was like 5.

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Like an asain person saying negro

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I season my fork, NOT the steak

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When I eat carrot sticks, I always eat around the edge until I expose the carrot core. When the outer layer is completely gone, I will then eat the carrot core. I've eaten carrots this way since I was 5.

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if the food gets in to my mouth, then it has been eaten correctly.

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I have this insane autistic tendency to eat pizza with a fork, this is kinda off but I have a rather large and we'll maintained beard so I'd rather keep it clean. The tism is that it makes me feel awful to eat pizza this way. I feel like it's some sort of betrayal, I swear the mouth feel is so different it doesn't even taste the same. I deserve nothing but pain.

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Eating a burrito from the middle prevents the ass ends from ripping open

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that's actually how yuo eat pussy

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this fat tub of shit sure likes eating things weird

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that's pretty reasonable for the first few floppy bites imo

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It was supposed to be Justin Bieber, but it turned out to be a fake made by a gay YouTube channel called 'Yes theory'.

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I always bite Goldfish crackers along the seam to break them in half lengthwise. I want them to suffer

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I hold my sandwiches upside down to eat.

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uh.. peel?

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Get a load of this fucking retard.
The man is a fucking idiot.

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Like putting food the wrong way into the mouth, because thats what eating basically is: Stuffing your face with proteins, carbs whatever your body needs??????

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>not just eating the floppy part and switching to manual mode near the crust
feels bad man

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I eat a hot dog from the top because eating it horizontally smears the toppings on my nose

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I don't like anything that you have to eat with your hands. This is typically American "junk food" cuisine such as burgers, wings, or American pizzas. I always eat such things with forks because those meals are very messy. The fat Americans look at me funny but they're fat and covered in food/dirt/grime so who cares?

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yes, I don't string string cheese or break kit kats, deal with it

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Like "guro"

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>foot long ny slice
I always cut the first few inchest until it can support itself with a fold.

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