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Is it really that bad for you?

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>be hfcs
>ruin your mouthfeel

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No worse than any other form of sugar, which means it's terrible. But hipsters severely overrate its negative health qualities compared to honey.

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It's not worse technically than most other forms of sugar by itself but it's injected into damn near everything in American processed foods

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Maybe slightly worse for you than other forms of sugar. The true problem is how much of it is actually in products.

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yes. do americans... really?

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It makes you fat

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Yes, it is pure concentrated sugar that the body cannot metabolize and, for all intents and purposes, is stored and builds up in your liver over time in the same way a poison would.

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even if it was 100% healthy it tastes worse than not having it in at all

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If the body couldn't metabolize hfcs Americans wouldn't be half as far as they are

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It isn't that bad for you, it is just that it is added to every fucking thing. You'd be hard pressed to find food in the US that doesn't have sugar or some sort of artificial sweetener in it.

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Literally one of the worst things you can possibly put in your body. If you weren't an absolute lazybones you'd actually read ingredient labels and filter products accordingly. Stop defending this disgusting jew poison.

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the bf used to drink coca cola so religiously that he’s destroyed his tolerance for HCFS. Now anytime he has something with HFCS in it, he is like doubled over in pain for the rest of the day.

At least he’s not drinking soda as much anymore.

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The body needs a lot of fibre to properly metabolize fructose. Obviously most burger diets are fairly high sugar and low fibre, leading to sloppy shits and increased risk of bowel cancer, but there's just enough in the bread and pasta they consoom to give them at least 60 or so shitty years on this Earth.

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>Is it really that bad for you?
harmless, as long as you do not eat fat with it. High fat high sugar diet is deadly. Foods like pizza, chips, fries, donuts, ice cream, cookies, are all high fat high sugar and extremely unhealthy.

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You seem to have confused sugar with carbohydrates. Squares and Rectangles anon. They don't all go through the body the same way.

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