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Food gore thread

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That shit can still eat grass

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Is that pork?

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What the fuck

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what did the stroke do to him

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So Ja/ck/ thread then?

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Based stealth jack thread

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Why can't he do another take? Is it because he fucks everything up every single time?

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you can hear heavy breathing the whole episode

>> No.14516922

It's because he doesn't see a problem.

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>i forgot i put pineapple in it
How do you forget dumping out an entire massive can of juice and then injecting it into the chunk of meat you are eating?

>> No.14516937

Interesting, what flavor profile does coating food in Vanta Black give?

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his wife must be like a pig at a trough. Imagine getting that fat eating this shit..

That fucking stroke arm is just a prop now. It is honestly heart breaking. Especially when he does a jump cut to something being "grasped" with that hand.

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Its called suffering two strokes

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From today's video

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Corn with parnesan cheese on top? Don't get too creative jack

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What happened to the brats?

>> No.14517057

They went bad.

>> No.14517058

Waiting for the day he smokes his arm and coats it with the Best BBQ Sauce

>> No.14517059

TBF this was cooked in one of those infomercial easy bake oven things. I'm sure if he smoked it it would come out better.

>> No.14517068

If he did cook that to 165 it's fine....

>> No.14517069

> I'm sure if he smoked it it would come out better.
Yes. The same could be said about any of his abominations. He could always do something different, and it would be better.

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God I knew it was probably Jack just from the thumbnail

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wtf does that mean? Did they rot in his fridge for months or did he undercook them?

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>You got good well cooked... wow... thats beautiful

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It's ja/ck/......

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What is smoked brisket supposed to look like?

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hmm lets see

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That actually looks good. Why is his "smoke ring" white and grey?

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Ja/ck/ is a male Karen in almost every Jack On The Go episode

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That last stroke dun goofed him

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>food gore
Is this an officially sanctioned subreddit?

>> No.14517740

Is that corn still frozen?

>> No.14517743

Ok boomer

>> No.14517748

>when he realizes the order is "wrong" so he chows down gleefully knowing he can yell at the minimum wage teenager and get another meal for free

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Tennessee corn looks like shit lmao

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>that gigantic bottle of sauce

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