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nothing like a good meal of chinese food

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is that a buffet or is that employee just generous as fuck?

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That's like a billion calories. Good god.

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>what's that? you say the buffet is closed to self service pending further notice?
>okay, i'll take the uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just fuck my shit up

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the chinese food in mexican's malls are always this generous when you order 3 things or less. that's the secret of eating more for cheap but most people order 4 so the portions are smaller

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is that a fucking emu?

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>a succulent chinese meal

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Okay either the guy filming asked them to do that for the meme or he genuinely ordered extra helpings. Mall chinese are generous but not THAT generous god damn

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*coff coff*

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Ah yes, I see that you know your judo well.

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>nothing like a good meal of chinese food
I was thinking that was Halal Guys, cause yellow rice and just low tier greasy meat chunks. Then, that fried sugary meat hit the box. Dunno.

>>>14484050 (OP)
>Okay either the guy filming asked them to do that for the meme or he genuinely ordered extra helpings. Mall chinese are generous but not THAT generous god damn
Never know. It could have been close to closing time or a friend.

When you go to a Fritanga in Miami? They will indeed fill that to the brim. You eat several meals for under $10. It might be as low as $6. Chinese buffets are just so bad :(

It'll be real food, that's the difference. Salivating watching this.

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>choineaze meal

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Is that a fucking swan?

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>getting 3 instead of 2.50 dollars worth of food you paid 10 dollars for

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If they had that much piled into their steam tables at closing, they're the worst staff ever.

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thought i was gonna watch yet another example of how chinese stiff you on meat and just give you a shitton of empty carbs in its rice but good fuck this was awesome. i want this. i need this

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I agree, here's some Sichuan style eggplant I made, grew the eggplant and peppers myself. Basically followed the Chinese Cooking Demystified recipe. What kind of Chinese food ya'll cooking?

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>dude can't even close the container afterwards
Where does this man work, and what his shift? I need to go to this restaurant.

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This looks...wonderful.

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you actually deep fry the eggplant with a corn starch coating first to get it fully tender before the dry fry with the other ingredients.

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Would eat

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Mall Chinese/Japanese food is a big guilty pleasure of mine. Too bad rona has prevented me from having any for a good while.

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why through the eyeball
and what about the guts??

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same, chinese takeout's never tasted better than in taken out to the food court

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This really made me want panda express, they aren't opening for another 4 hours though, what should I do while I wait?

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get your hand off my penis

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Why wait when you can masturbate?

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Jesus christ right through the fucking eye. At least they'll die quickly unlike everything else chinks cook alive

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do americans really?

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Do chinese really?

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nothing chinese about this shit
this is more accurate

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Don't be stupid.

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There was a chain called Mr.Chau's that would load you up like this. I was low quality crap but they gave you similar portions to the vid.
Panda Express really hurt them even though you pay twice the money for half that amount of food.

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except the chinese people cooking and serving it?

I hate when people tell chinese people they arent real chinese lol

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stay mad, chang

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I've always wanted to try ostrich. I've had "ostrich jerky" but it was blended with beef, so it wasn't legit.

I wonder what the best part of an ostrich is? The thighs? The drumstick? The tenderloins? Does it have a stringy rough texture like how over-cooked turkey can be? I dunno. I'll never know, I guess. :(

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The way he smiles the entire time is off putting

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>nothing like a good meal of chinese food
and pic related is nothing like a good meal of chinese food.

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Odds are, based on the setup, that is a takeout from a buffet. Means that the container will probably be billed by weight.

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Starting them alive is the best way to ensure maximum freshness in the final dish.

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i believe is somewhere in monterrey, nuevo león according to fbook

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i miss going to buffets

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>burgers dipped in loads of cheese
stopped watching there

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>42 foods to try before you die
>it's all just gluttonous, over indulgent american shit

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please stop posting these i just want to kill the woman that keeps showing up

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More like 42 foods that will make you die, jesus fucking christ.
The ridiculous portions are one thing but that fucking smoked watermelon is a stuff of nightmares.

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Ostrich is fucking delicious. Wish I could find some fresh ostrich meat and not just the frozen one.

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pizza burri... calzone! it's a fucking calzone! that head nodding at the end would make me instinctively punch her jaw out, but at least she isn't as bad as the girl who bites into foods and then darts her eyes left to right

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my nigga

getting some fat ass portions of carne asada, maduro, gallo pinto and juice hits the fucking SPOT

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oh man, i'm thirsty

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real Chinese cooking has been fun to get into and track down all the ingredients for. I finally caved and made my own chili oil and bought fresh noodles so I can make dan dan anytime I want. thinking of doing the fish fragrant fish since I bought pickled chilis, it's pretty good with eggplant too, fushia dunlop has a good video on it

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that must NOT taste good

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Dude I fucking love pickled chillies and pickled mustard greens. Such a good flavor. Pickled chili beef tendon a top dish for me.

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mexico is such a bizarre world but fascinating nonetheless

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Goddamn now I want to go to a mall and get some bourbon chicken. Ultimate comfy meal

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Chinese food? more like Chinese FROOD amirite??? ahaha

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they make such a big show of this shit, but its literally fucking college stoner kid cooking at 3:00 AM in the morning. Fucking mexicans

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the good thing is most taco, hot dogs and pizza stands are open late hours of the night because most drunk people carve for something to eat when bars are closed. it's great business, not sure why america aren't used to doing this, the times i went there there was nothing open

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nigga not even wearing gloves

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y'all niggas eating ass from strangers and you worry some beaner hands you tacos without gloves

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why are american like this

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i don't even know what it was avter the first pile of rice, was that sour cream?
im surprised this isn't a thing in college areas

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I'm sad this Latin
Person got nothing but meat on their tacos

>> No.14488251

chicken shop chips > chippy chips

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Good prate for big boy yum.

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Why do they always make it 23460 kcal? Im not a fucking lardsass, that amount of food is disgusting.

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well most southern taco stands are cheap and don't have anything to put except for salsas while in glorious northern areas they have grilled onions, carrots, avocado, beans and salsas

>> No.14488344

Noodles in broth won't taste good if you put froth on top?

>> No.14488355

The reason is that it's actually illegal to be publicly intoxicated. People just want to get home as fast as humanly possible to avoid be stopped by a cop.

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I find it really hard to believe there are 1 BILLION calories in that container. At most i'd say 10,000.

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>People just want to get home as fast as humanly possible to avoid be stopped by a cop.
man, you americans have issues that are laughable elsewhere

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Take time and read just a snippet of the shit that is illegal in the USA and you will come to the conclusion that the only goal of our legal system is to imprison as many people, particularly minorities, as possible. That is why we have the highest per capita rate of imprisonment.

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Stop being a pussy and just say niggers.

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Looks good

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i fucking hate americans so god damn much

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OP is probably larping. These chinks use GUTTER OIL to cook.

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and yet you still bringing more

>> No.14488437

is actually canada

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This is how lower class people from poor/brown countries pretend to show everyone they are rich like western people

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so why do all americans keep spouting about freedom if everything is illegal there?

>> No.14488458

I wish I could make Chinese food :(

>> No.14488465

Because most Americans are brainwashed during their education with a lot of 'America is great' propaganda as part of the social studies curriculum.

>> No.14488479

because it used to be about freedom until niggers and spics tenfold that freedom to the poinf of becoming illegal

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me gusta

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>the only goal of our legal system is to imprison as many people, particularly minorities, as possible

and that's a good thing.

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wouldn't be easier to just kick them out?

>> No.14488496

American prisons are, for the most part, for-profit enterprises. Why kick them out when you can make a profit by imprisoning them?

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Every chinese restaurant in mexico gives monster size portions like this and the whole thing costs like 3 bucks, it's bretty gud mang

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wait, profit?

>> No.14488513

As in money rules america

>> No.14488516

The US Government is a puppet of corporations. Since prisons were 'privatized' it's now a way for the corporations to funnel taxpayer money into their coffers.

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>self hating white communist larp trustfund manchild
>tells Chinese people their food isn't real Chinese food

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>the best cuban sandwich
fuck off, la carreta here in Miami is unbeatable

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Most Americans are brainwashed by propaganda. They are taught from a very young age that America is perfect and wonderful and free and has never done anything wrong. Students as young as 5 are literally required to pledge allegiance to the US flag every morning in school.

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yeah, don't really see any problem with this besides the massive portions but it's impossible for anyone to eat that in one sitting anyway so It's definitely either going to be used for leftover meals the next day or multiple people.

>> No.14488608

>cope and seethe, brainwashed by propaganda

>> No.14488615

this, I don't so much have a problem with the skewer because if anyone's ever been fishing they know fish get fucked up on the hooks all the time.
but cooking them with the guts still inside seems like it would make the meat really gross.

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>nigger culture revolves around assault, theft, drugs, rape, murder
>it's the police who are the problem

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Did you not pledge allegiance to your country in school?

>> No.14488637

Holy fuck you're retarded. Immediately kill yourself commie faggot

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yeah i've had alligator jerky before too but, first ingredient but who knows what that means, could be like 51% alligator and 49% beef, it didn't really taste that different but i've never had straight alligator so i can't say what it should have tasted like.

>> No.14488695

i think i caught the die-uh-beetus just by watching this

>> No.14488705

You can share it with a friend

You do have friends right?

>> No.14488709

i refused to say the pledge when i was in the 6th grade. my history teacher ripped me a new one. i told him that if i'm free, i shouldn't be required to pledge allegiance to anyone or anything. he didn't see the irony. this happened in 1986. since this is /ck/ and not /pol/...for me, it's the McChicken.

>> No.14488726

Going for the big LARP, huh, little man?

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>but it's impossible for anyone to eat that in one sitting anyway
You underestimate the power of the north american fat fuck.

>> No.14488823

Why is louie theroux serving?

>> No.14488830

I like the look on the cop's face in the background.
"Was that legal?"

>> No.14488862

Because bars tend to be in shadier areas, and the carts would get robbed.

>> No.14488941

I just LOVE this webm because this guy just bring joys and happines with his smille

>> No.14488969

You just know he has a couple of bodies hidden in his walk in freezer

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hahahahahaahahahahaahahaha good one anon

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holy kek chinks btfo

>> No.14489379

god i hate that fucker. he's all over the food category on insta

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include me in the screencap

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>> No.14489399

What's that got to do with it?

>> No.14489406
File: 22 KB, 222x293, Its+not+a+laughing+reaction+its+something+_06492df8db1a8a11ac81e97192057078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy shit anon

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>god i hate that fucker. he's all over the food category on insta!

Go back and stay there.

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all. me

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>> No.14489555

>when your told you can only have 1 drink for free.
>also me 5drinks deep trying to grab that by the handle

>> No.14489809

Good for you bro. Hate that channel though, so reddit-y.

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>> No.14489864

Soft drink means "no booze" ie soft.
That is Squirt going in there, a popular mixer with tequila in Mexico. It's a natural grapefruit soda, so not a bad mixer. Looks like some guava went in first.

>> No.14489893

None of that looks good to me am I not fat enough?

>> No.14489932

Bat streets back

>> No.14489942

I lived in three nations and their schools are all patriotic as fuck. I feel bad for your country that teaches their children self hate which has zero point and productivity.

>> No.14489946

That has to be dangerous. She no doubt pukes soon after

>> No.14489966

Dominos used to (or hopefully stilly does) a pasta pizza in a sense, and I have half a mind to order one tomorrow night.
A "pho burrito" sounds like bigger beef spring roll

>> No.14489988

I need this

>> No.14490019

Too much sugar but there are far more disgusting tasting ways of consuming that much sugar. You might as well go out in total taste bliss if you're throwing yourself into a diabetic coma. That's the reason I can't binge past your standard "big plate"; I can't afford good enough calorie dense food that I'd want to eat more than that.

>> No.14490020

ill take 2

>> No.14490116

>absolute 12 year old taste

>> No.14490142

im a 300 lb italian man and I cant eat this much spaghetti after not eating for an entire day. Believe me I have tried to eat close to this much before. Its easy to throw too much pasta in the pot when your eyes and your stomach are big

>> No.14490148

am I the only one who greatly prefers shoestring fries when theyre topped? theyre just so much more appropriate for eating with a fork I feel like. The texture makes a huge difference too.

>> No.14490150

lmao. what and where was this??

>> No.14490158

I love a good proper lasagna so fucking much anon

>> No.14490172

walmart sells breaded alligator nuggies in their frozen seafood section I really wanna try

>> No.14490182

the fuck? I did the same thing in 6th grade. not everyone was a quiet little mouse nerd like you. My teacher had the same response as well. The lesson they were trying to silently teach us is that America is not as free as we think. History teachers ime have been pretty based even the ones I thought were jackasses.

>> No.14490193

i know this is ostritch, but sand nigs do this same thing with camel. Ive always wanted to try one of those camel roasts but those fucking niggers all grab the food with their hands. 30+ people at a wedding or some shit scooping up rice and meat from a single giant platter with their fucking HANDS. Then proceed to eat the food with their hands when they run out of naan to shovel it into their mouths with. Fucking disgusting race of people but their food is bretty gud.

>> No.14490337

Pommes frites

This is literally just a regular snack in the Netherlands and was only really carried over to NYC by dutch people within the last decade

>> No.14490367
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>> No.14490478

Slit eye eats 4lbs of slave noodles, while wide eyed Chad eats a 1lb steak

>> No.14490550

Like 2 dollars for that in turkey or wherever that is and fucking 40 dollars for all that in canada.

>> No.14490573

I haven't eaten Chinese since covid started.

Not racist just don't trust 'em.

>> No.14490578

Too much food for one person holy fuck

>> No.14490907

Awful. At least pith them before you impale them.

>> No.14491006

Whats that white powder he covers it up with

>> No.14491133

I love America

>> No.14491153

>not eating with your hands
domesticated faggot

>> No.14491164
File: 27 KB, 500x354, 9b14586a70dc0f1bc2b3b9be3c7d924a19a140b196665f8184118097a8e3dc16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont get it

>> No.14491186

Nah, that's only if the guts are ruptured in some way.

>> No.14491215


>> No.14491317


>> No.14491404

>unironically watching CCP Demystified

>> No.14491449

It's not a calzone, calzone doesn't have sauce inside and it's mostly ricotta.

>> No.14492042
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>pasta pizza

>> No.14492111

What are those small green tubes on the table in the beginning?

>> No.14492183

the horror.

>> No.14492277

i don't understand

>> No.14492317

What are you talking about?

>> No.14492675


>> No.14493118

Yes but what about the insides. U dont remove his guts n shit?

>> No.14493828

No its perfectly safe. She was born with her stomach outside her rib cage so it can expand to an enormous size just like Yuka.

>> No.14493881

I went to some Indian place that had steam trays like that. When I went up to the counter to order, I saw shittons of roaches crawling around the food/trays. Noped right the fuck outta there.

>> No.14493979

>pasta pizza
of all the stupid shit in there this is #1

>> No.14494097
File: 2.95 MB, 960x720, submarine mess.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn have dinner with your pals

>> No.14494111

Maybe in the south, get yourself an APC head to Wolverhampton, ask for battered chips. Every other chip shop with die in your memory, leave that shit hole instantly.

>> No.14495522

Would be about 25$ without rice, like bro just cook some white rice if your ordering chinese. Don't know if your province/region is as shitty as mine for that but their fucking fried rice is a salty greasy blob (only good rice is non-chain thai)

>> No.14496057

>Chinese Cooking Demystified
good recipes. HOWEVER the guy has a fucked voice and shills china

>> No.14496107


anyone who 'eats ass' should be nailed to a cross in front of walmart and left to die

>> No.14496119

pretty harsh considering ur mum ate my ass last night

>> No.14496272

Why are Chinese so unnecessarily cruel? Are they a nation of psychopaths?

>> No.14496354

Fuck I love that so much. My local mall had a chinese place called "Famous Asian Grill" that loaded it up like that. $6.99 for all that shit and you're feeling good.

>> No.14496688

Holy based

>> No.14496694

yes.....definitely feel like you already knew that

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>> No.14496721

I'll probably still go if someone will make my plate for me honestly.
I miss being a fat faggot every once in a while.

>> No.14496734

This is the perfect caption for that webm.

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Lived in Taiwan for a few years teaching English. There were tons of wild dogs (people would abandon dogs all the time.. usually once they grew past being a cute small puppy. They would dump and then buy another puppy ) So there was always packs of wild dogs running around everywhere..

Anyway there was a grandma that would drive past where the dog packs would rest during the day. She would chase one of the slower dogs down, club it to death and throw it in a garbage bag then drive off on her little scooter. She and a few other families would do this every few days. No matter how many dogs they killed there was always more..

Tldr: I have seen people boil/ beat dogs for food or eat things that were clearly in pain and very much alive. Some parts of Asia are really fucked. No animal is considered above eating over in Asian countries I find, whether it's for food or "medicinal purposes "

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>> No.14496883
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Why i raff

>> No.14496954


>> No.14497038
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>> No.14497193

nice pasta, lad

>> No.14497231

whats the real deal about ogose aya? i always see her videos get downvoted and some japanese fellas are kinda angry about her, i suspected a colostomy bag with her but im still confused and curious about her, moonronbes are too difficult to keep researching

>> No.14497257

are you ready to receive my limp penis?

>> No.14497457

>frozen custard
that's just ice cream

>> No.14497476

>>14484050 >>14484071 >>14484075 >>14484172 >>14484175 >>14484269 >>14484789 >>14484802 >>14484910 >>14486643 >>14486776 >>14486789 >>14486868 >>14486941 >>14487180 >>14488289 >>14488421 >>14488503 >>14490578 >>14491133 >>14493881 >>14496354 >>14496688
You are eating bad food loaded with MSG drug that should be banned.

>> No.14497567

There's nothing wrong with eating dog. No need to be cruel about it, though.

>> No.14497572

MSG is fine.

>> No.14497606

> mSg iS fInE.

No it's not.


>> No.14497632

Glutamate is found naturally in many many many foods. In fact I don't know why you linked that article because it said glutamate is a necessity for learning and development of synapses.
>Glutamate is a pivotal transmitter in the brain, the crucial link in circuits involved in memory, learning and perception. Too much glutamate leads to seizures and the death of brain cells. ... Too little glutamate can cause psychosis, coma and death.
>Glutamate occurs naturally in protein-containing foods such as cheese, milk, mushrooms, meat, fish, and many vegetables.

Like how your body cannot function without sodium, but too much can lead to seizures.

>> No.14497683

now that's what I call a Sloppa

>> No.14497696

>dietary glutamate goes directly from the gut to the brain
Imagine being this brainlet, for just one moment. Imagine.

>> No.14497698

I literally haven't eaten in fucking 4 days and none of this shit turns me on nearly as much as that (kinda sad looking) eggplant dish that Anon posted. American slop can fuck off.

the smoked watermelon is probably one of the more agreeable dishes there, though I can only imagine the texture to be complete shit.

>> No.14497704

this one I like, the disagreeable look on her face makes it great.

>> No.14497723

personally I hate the Fuchsia Dunlop recipe and actually most of her stuff. No idea why she is constantly brought up as if she was the only white chef ever to train in a Chinese restaurant.

no, I grew up in a civilized country. why would anyone pledge to a flag in a fucking school, and why should anyone be literally forced to pledge if they love their country anyway? lack of pledges sure as fuck hasn't made me LESS of a patriot, in fact the actual freedom here has made me like my country more.

this might be hard to understand for an American though, I realize.

>> No.14497730

imagine being so fucking cucked that you dislike a recipe because supposedly someone on Reddit liked it

imagine being so fucking cucked that you actually know what reddit does and does not like. fucking apply yourselves.

>> No.14497736

>serves one american

>> No.14497760


>> No.14497813

I know that Americans are rich but this is ridiculuous.

>> No.14497896

I had fried alligator down in Florida. There was an attraction where people got boat tours around the swamps and saw the gators.

It was like chicken with a very light fish flavor. Very tender, it flaked. I would eat it again.

>> No.14498018

is that how the flintstone's make chicken?

>> No.14498026

This is Chinese tier animal cruelty.

>> No.14498049

Why are all these quirky foods in NYC?

>> No.14498057
File: 123 KB, 1200x1800, Stuffed-Grape-Leaves-Recipe-Dolmas-15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

grape leafs with rice and meat and other things inside them. popular in the Levant area

>> No.14498071

One thing led to another and he was too polite to object.

>> No.14498109
File: 2.23 MB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-jordanian-traditional-food-with-lamb-meat-eating-by-hand-mansaf-1597101427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

arabs only eat like this when they are eating mansaf and if you don't eat with your hands you will be called a pussy. it's not so disgusting because you are supposed to only eat from the food in front of you so no other hands are touching your food and the rice is sticky so when you eat it you make balls with it. the bad thing about it is that most of the time more than half of the food is thrown away

>> No.14498200

This is the most atrocious act of disgrace against the Reinheitsgebot I have ever seen

>> No.14499153

No Shit, Sherlock

>> No.14499165

She has really good hair.

>> No.14499963

The food is great of submarines, but bear in mind the place constantly smells of BO because you don't shower or wash your clothes often.

>> No.14500021

Aren't those popular everywhere?
t. German

>> No.14500152

>the smoked watermelon is probably one of the more agreeable dishes there, though I can only imagine the texture to be complete shit.

it's fucking dogshit and only exists as a meme for vegans to emulate ham and other meat

it just tastes like warm watermelon, not appetizing at all

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