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why are british people so defensive of their shitty food?

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Not British, but I happen to like black pudding. But then, I also like german blood sausage

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Nonce repellent

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Can't stand guinness since they changed to nitrogen injection instead of carbon.

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Not a stout fan myself, prefer something like Hop House 13

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I mean, I like stouts, but flat stouts and nitrous injections instead of carbonation are fucking shit.

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*Nonce attractant

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in my experience british food doesn't taste bad, it just looks bad

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>best food I had in London was Indian food
Loving every laugh

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Replace the beans with a little bit of potato and you're solid, and as for the state of those eggs, crisp up the edges for me will you thanks lad xoxo

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What's your fucking problem?

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people in the UK arent gay about food like they are in other countries

food=fuel simple as

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why are americans so scared of baked beans?

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because smooth brains keep making shitposts about it

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I though guiness extra was carbonated?

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What? Can't you tell by my dialect that I'm a right londoner? Take the piss gaz

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Because it's the only thing they have left.

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Even the king of the Brittons doesn't like the food.

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Lower class British gremlins eat shitty food.
Middle class Brits eat mostly foreign food (pic related a British Coq au vin)
Upper class Brits eat good British food like Salmon/Pheasant/Beef wellington

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Imagine the only thing you can be proud of is bacon and eggs. Just leave them alone.

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hope to christ you're not an americunt

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the brits project all their worst qualities onto america

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Americans afraid of beans? The hell started this stereotype?
I love my baked beans man, goes with everything.
t. Yank

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Heinz beans are American, limey

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>Brits are proud to be able to fry shit
Brits cant even make a decent bbq

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>upper class brits eat as well as a regular streetshitting pajeet

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yanks dump sugar sauce on their meat and think that it's flavourful. it's shit. everyone can do barbecue better than septics even Brits

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They really don't know how to cook. Their traditional food is laughable and gross. Traditional spanish/french/italian food is miles ahead of the british.

You are an island with great fish and you waste it with shit recipes. Imagine being proud of your national cuisine when the national dish is fish and chips. Fish is delicate. It doesn't need to be deep fried you fucking retards.

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I mean, I'd fucking eat it, but your redcoat ass can still go rot in hell until you recognize the universal right to keep and bear arms.

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You can own guns in the UK retard

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Do you guys ever make the beans from scratch or is it canned?

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There's a difference between "can own if you kiss the right asses, jump through the right hoops and have enough money" and
Though at the same time, I recognize that there are also far too many restrictions on those same rights here in the states, and any politicians who support such measures need to be tarred and feathered before being thrown from a helicopter.
Also, haven't you heard that you are what you eat? Faggot.

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>be american
>get shot

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idk why people get hung up on black pudding? loads of European cuisines have some form of blood sausage (morcilla, boudin noir etc) and they're all fucking delicious
Unless you have the squeamishness of a literal child, what's stopping you from enjoying them?