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Why do we hate him again, /ck/?

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Because he’s happy

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He diddles kids

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I hate him on principle, because moronic zoomer fucks who couldn’t even boil an egg keep spamming him on a food and cooking board. Fuck off, you cunt.

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i don't hate him, but he annoys me any time i try watching his stuff and i don't want to see the same stupid face every time he shoves something in his throat

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Literally no clue who he is.

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Because he fucks children and is a sex tourist

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>sex tourist
literally who cares, these guys also are and they're based

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Since I have quite a few of his best faces I captured from his videos saved in my phone, I can’t really say I hate him. I just want to blow his fucking head off every time he goes “mmmmmmmmm OooooooHhhhhhhhh”

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>it' another e-shit thread

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C’mon dude

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I hate e-celebs. He also looks like a reptilian.

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>and is a sex tourist
who isn't

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The shirt explains everything. I hope somebody fucking turtures him and takes out his living Heart and uploads It to liveleak. Fucking disgusting subhuman.

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Why do people say Mark is a pedo or sex tourist? He drags his wife and child traipsing all over the world. If I was a sex tourist I’d leave the family at home.

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