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Whatchu want senpai?

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the death of all phonefags, even if it costs me this website

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Mackerel baked sandwich おねがいします。

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If it makes you feel any better, I was posting on a laptop for years before I got a smartphone. Now I rarely use the laptop at all, so fuck it.
Plus I took these pictures on my phone. What, I'm gonna transfer them just to post them?

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A McChicken with extra McChicken sauce

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I could eat gyoza until I puke. Love the fucking things.

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Gyoza with rice and
Kamenote miso soup Kohai.

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>i'm greasy!

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Another fast food thread, not this shit

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lmao, thai food in a nutshell

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Probably that soup you didn't bother fully photographing. Flying fish paste? Yeah, I gotta try that. Also... a woman's fist gyoza.

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tf is this?

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Something pad pong curry. It's thai food

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>No pictures of food
*Gets up and leaves*

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Yes, you should transfer your files from whatever you used to capture the image. It might seem silly but it's important to uphold a certain standard around here and to shun all phoneposting. I'm also sick of the excuse "oh I'm outside" or "oh I'm in the bathroom" you should make time to post properly and not do it whenever you want as this typically leads to lower quality posts.

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>ri instead of re
like god damn how did they fuck this up

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I’m going to keep posting from bed and there is nothing you can do about it

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Mmm based?

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