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This is satisfaction. This, right here. I would be fine with this as a last meal if I were on Death Row.

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Looks good aside from the ketchup. But yeah I mean, it's got all the flavors appealing to people.

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That looks really sad.

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It's not, though.

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target food is based dystopia slop

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Needs saurkraut. Toss the sugar drink.

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I don't think Target has sauerkraut

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why not just skip the middle man and hot dog the pretzel?

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can you take a pic of the dipping sauce ingredients for me plz?
for scientific porpoises

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it's just rico's cheese, look it up

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Fuck that. If I'm on death row I'm springing for steak and lobster plus a slushee and a krispy kreme donut. I'll pay for it out of whatever's left of my money, I don't give a fuck.

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>Toss the sugar drink
You sound like that tacobell faggot that expresses disdain for soda and slushies like an etlist, yet eats fast food slop and chugs down a liter of extremely low quality vodka every single day.

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Obese mentally ill homos have to find at least one thing to be proud of in life, for some it's rejecting soda, or not eating ketchup, or some other arbitrary thing they pat themselves on the back for for giving up

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Target: Walmart for White People

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how was i supposed to know that, nigga? i don't eat garbage food. stop being rude.
>added MSG

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>that ingredient list

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My Target has a sad little Pizza Hut I think. They don’t have any tables to eat at either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone order something there.

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That pretzel looks like a fat log of shit

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might as well have eaten protein powder with a little water, starch, and orange food coloring

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This looks like the kind of trash Reviewbrah would review. And spend the first 8 minutes explaining what it is before taking a bite as usual.

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You zoomers will never get to enjoy the pinnacle of retail dining. Behold...the Kmart K-cafe featuring Little Caesar's

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Also featuring Nathan's Famous hotdogs

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I used to love getting spicy big bites form 7-11 after school. Ten years later they really fuck my stomach up and I miss them.

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>And spend the first 8 minutes explaining what it is
More like spending 8 minutes making extremely unfunny jokes.
Looks like gas station food except worse.

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Pshh. I remember the *real* K-Mart cafeteria from the '80s. They had delicious greasy burgers.

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Looks very American

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fuck off, arizona namefag

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fuck off attention whore

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You'd be fine if your last meal would be some Mall Food Court shit?

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>he doesn't add msg when he makes burgers at home
shiggy diggy doo

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i do
it's called a slice of fresh, homegrown tomato

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Anglo cuisine never ceases to amaze me at how tasteless and littered with preservatives it can get

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