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is that time of the day again

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Thats how I like my women. Black outside, sweet tasty pinky you know where.

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Interesting. He doesn't seem to consider finding a job for himself.

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his job is being a lolcow

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He's an artist dude, he can't waste his time at work, a slow cook can take all day, his wife knows this

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Jack is barely mobile and retarded, but already has a job and multiple YouTube incomes.

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His ribs look so good

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I suppose $2 per video is technically income, yes.

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He has a whole series on how to make money on Youtube. But it's true he hasn't really a ton of views, I doubt he can make as much as if he had even the most basic job.

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He's an entrepreneur. The hate viewers simplt need him to be an indolent grubber so they can blame him for his fat wife not being able to stay employed during a massive recession.

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I'm not sure how actually profitable his business is, but I'm pretty sure that he is self-employed.

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Jack keeps constantly shilling a really crappy barbecue sauce. Put two and two together.

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we need a robo jack to sniff all our pizzas in every pizzeria so we can be absolutely sure our pizzas are good

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Kek what the fuck

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He has a barbecue sauce carried by Walmart https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Best-Hot-Bbq-Sauce-You-ll-Ever-Taste/118690502
Also why do all the new comers hate ja/ck/? Do they not understand it's a different kind of relationship?

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No shit. His sauce predates his videos. His motivation in making a YouTube channel was literally to try and promote his sauces. Don't act like an oldfag when you're so obviously new.

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That poster seemed dumbfounded that Jack was self employed. I've been here longer than you, btw

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>Say corona
>demonetized by Disney
lmao wtf

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So you like to cut open black women and fuck their intestines? Sick fuck

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I just wanna grill

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fucking fat fuck you know who this is without even seeing his face

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Most of these funny webms that get posted here are of him reviewing crappy utensils that dont actually work

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that watermelon looks awful

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Lol my sister got me these for Christmas one year. They actually work fine if you use them properly.

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Enjoy your ban.

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I don't think he uses this device the way it's intended to be used

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How is that even supposed to work? Raw and they're too hard, boiled and you'll mash it

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And this was with both arms still fully functioning. What a goober

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How is he using them wrong? I was under the impression his pork was undercooked.

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I'm a godawful cook, and it still amazes me how he can burn the outside so much while keeping the interior undercooked.
At least more than once, that is.

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Lmao jack why did you say chink on air

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I don't do BBQ, but I imagine he can't control temps properly and probably starts too hot and lowers temps too low in hope to save the meat.

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Which is why I say more than once (or a few times).

I have similar problems, along with an oven that usually runs 50F hotter than the dial, but it wasn't hard to learn to compensate for that. It is Jack's inability to do this which gets to me.

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go back to kiwifarms and stay there you cringe faggot.

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Why didn't he cook the pork properly?

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Better question is why the fuck did he post that instead of trying again?

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It looked fine compared to his first three takes.

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What bafles me is that people actually post this shit online. When my food comes out that bad I just fucking toss it and try again.

Who is this guy anyway? Some 4chan autist?

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he probably knows his cooking is a trainwreck but uploads them anyway because people will watch them just like fail vids


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Nvm I just found him by googling "Guy who undercooks everything on youtube"

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What the fuck happened? The batter just slid off. Why can't he do anything right?

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What the fuck. Forget about raw the inside is literally not cooked. It looks cold and wet. Why is he so bad?

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I dunno. He disables the comments on every video.

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How is this guy so bad at cooking? Goddamn.

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he only did it recently. his old vids still have comments enabled. probably disabled them after his vids go popular with the trolls.


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Why is he so weak? He left the sticker on btw.

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Did he have a stroke or something? Maybe his fatass should stop LARPing as a grill master and cut back on the pink raw meat.

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its him after his 2nd or 3rd? stroke

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>Did he have a stroke or something?


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>bros they forced me to get covid tested before surgery i was so angry why are we following WHO rules when we stopped funding them i'm smarter than the doctors they should listen to me

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It's fucking raw becasue he "cooked" it in something called a "nuwave oven" and didn't check the temperature becasue he couldn't get the thermometer to work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItcgIIGeFnc

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What the fuck, man?

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Cut em in half and you've got a lot less to work through as well as a flat surface to push against.

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>Did he have a stroke?
Yes, two of them in fact. He has almost 0 use of his right arm and he's a lazy fuck that doesn't do physical therapy so it's only getting worse with time. In his recent videos his arm is constantly clenching as hard as fucking possible because the muscles have atrophied and the tendons are shorterning, and his skin is all purple and shiny.

On top of this, he tore both his achilles tendons a while back from attempting to WALK a 5K, and he went in for surgery yesterday to have one of them repaired. The doctors wanted to test him for COVID before getting put under but he threw an autistic fit before eventually giving in.

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lmao how the fuck do you tear your achilles walking?

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>that melted siding

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>lmao how the fuck do you tear your achilles walking?
by being morbidly obese and slipping on a step going upstairs

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The only thing keeping Jack alive at this point is faith in God. There is no other way to explain how his body hasn't completely disintegrated besides a miracle.

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Jack explaining mechanical processes lol

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Jack "carpet bomb Palestine" Scalfani

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Jack and Tammy taking up the same amount of space as five grown adults.

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Imagine being Tammy's bidet...
Suffice to say it would be intense and demanding position to be in.

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holy shit i never realized this was a tammy vid

>> No.14386548

Nooo Jack, you can't say Cholocaust on YouTube! It isn't even a real thing!

>> No.14386561

Tammy is white and even fatter. That woman is Jack's childhood friend.
Some speculate that she is the first Food Jack.

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Just use a fucking knife you monster!

>> No.14386583

Not the guy you responded to, but my wife got me a pair of those years ago. I found that you have to stab the claws in real close to each other and have your hands back to back (not necessarily touching, but the back of your hands facing each other). It is a really awkward position to keep doing repeatedly.

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It's not.

>> No.14386601

I knew he would be like this

>> No.14386615

pretty sure it is. look at the floorboards and the plate. they're the same as jack's vids.

>> No.14386636

Yeah no shit, it's in Jack's house. He had a guest on the show. It's not Tammy.

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>Guy who undercooks everything on youtube
I'm not even joking

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that's an apple slicer

>> No.14387065

it's bison, it has to be undercooked you cooklet

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he obviously has that one backwards you retard

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>american recipes

>> No.14387154

Based cunnysuer

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