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American food pride thread
Post the greasiest, meatiest, sloppyist most absurd portion food that makes us proud
We eat good here
U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

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Oh god damn i'm searin beef tonight

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Average American breakfast (serves one).

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I can't believe Americans consider this sort of thing "snack food".

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You wouldn't normally call meat and potatoes slathered in mayo a "salad", but in America you would.

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American cuisine is always about being big. This average-sized American dumpling is meant for one American child.

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Look at this American man, about to tuck into his daily American breakfast of a 100-egg American omelette. In America.

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>one layer ham
that's a fucking snack

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America? America Americans America. America America. Americans!

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Looks like a sosig roll, not really american

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I meant to post epic meal time but same difference
We like our meat here none of that green vegan shit

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that aint sloppy enough

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Nossir, this is an American food thread for American foods. America is the only place where you could find a sausage roll this big.

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we don't want no filthy norf here

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Waiting for the day taco bell makes a 10,000 calorie bowl

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America is the only country in the world where an American can get an American meal made entirely out of fried American foods.

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rent free

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Anyone else having steak tonight?

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You might have heard the American expression "I could eat a horse", but Americans actually do eat horses regularly!

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Ah, the American classic American original American meal for American Americans from America.

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They'd be more popular if they came in wendys or mcdonalds

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This American child is expected to eat her American-sized kid's American pie, or else she will no longer be considered American.

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Gotta do better than that
apply yourselves /ck/

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You seem to be confused. This is an American thread for American food, since America is the only country on the planet where this food could possibly exist.

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No ham there, that's bacon. Real bacon, not shitt slices of pork belly.

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I have seen through your lie.

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Not American

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I'd hit it, with an extra bun. I wouldn't finish, but this picture gives my American, poorly circumcised wiener a chub.

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But seriously, how do people eat those burgers, and what's the point at that point?
Burgers are meant to be eaten with your hands, anything more than 3 patties is literally just impossible to eat. If you have to use utensils to eat it, it means its too thick and you're missing out on the mixture of flavor that happens when you take a bite and have all the different toppings permeate your mouth with delicious taste of freedom.

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Theyre just stupid impractical restaurant gimmicks

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guessing you're not american then. only real americans can eat it in one bite

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The thing is this one isn't that back, you could conceivably do it if you squish it down.
It would be messy, and it would taste better if you cute the meat in half, but those topics would actually taste pretty damn well together.

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You know I think it's pretty ironic that the poster making all the "american food from america" posts with non-american food, would actually be an american. VERY american!

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I want to literally fuck that burger. I want my cock to get burnt on that gooey fucking cheese. I want to cream pie that burger and then serve it to a customer and watch her eat my cum.

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Would you settle for at least North American?

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>singaporean flag
Frogs: not even once.

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Fun fact, you can actually order one of those behemoth burgers at basically any Denny's restaurant for the most part. I'm sure the employees hafta be cool, but I have had 14 patty burgers with the boys at nearly every Denny's we have been to. It is a tradition, where we all come together and consume the big borger.

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This man is more than 56% white and is therefor not American.

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>ten bucks for tap water
the fuck.

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That's the price of the base burger my dude, not the water. Each patty added is another $1.50 charge. Honestly a pretty decent deal for a group of people, since 8 patties is enough to feed like 3-4, and one entree comes at about the same price.

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Pic of the very first time me and the boys ordered the burger as a joke.

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You bring your own burger and then have to pay for it? The fuck?

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and $9.99 for tap water
damn they must be making bank

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nice animu shirt in the back

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in tennessee we call these hickory smoked satchels

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wait, is this matt or forrest?

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Ah the signature dish from Comet Pizza

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I made one of these, it was awesome cold.

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I present the Zinger Mountain melt

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they're made because we have a surplus of food and people laugh at the absurdity of it and post pictures of it online. nobody orders this because they actually just want to eat it when they're hungry.

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>fruit loops

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That's a British fry up!!!!!

Post Popeye's or KFC!!!!!

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Note: Vodka bottle is empty.

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Is a fryup. The post you replied to is a 'munchy box'

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You got to be drunk to handle a meal like that..which you will later puke up in the morning

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Why are the fries on fire?

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>half of the pics ITT are obviously not American

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Get this commonwealth bullshit meme food out of this celebration of america you redcoat fuck

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in england they're called gay rings

>> No.14355120

Imagine the braps and shits afterwards.

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>>14351688 (checked)
>>14351800 (checked)
>>14351933 (checked)
>>14352055 (checked)
>>14352077 (checked)
>>14355000 (checked)
do americans really?

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Is it possible to learn to be this autistic?

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>Robert Downey Whopper
why does it say that?

>> No.14355679

oops, meant for

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Why all americans want to die early? Do they all hate their life so much that they want to meet their make so fucking bad?

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>tap water $9.99

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Big burgers like this are just fucking gross. How is anyone supposed to eat them?

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>thread about american food
>literally the first post is australian

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Meh i could probably eat 2 or 3 of those

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looks like a sloppa shit

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It's kind of morbid to think an animal died to make this monstrosity that nobody's even gonna actually finish or eat.

It's fine to kill animals to eat, but to kill them just to make disgusting oversized greaseballs just for a photo op? Makes me sad about the state of the world.

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>4 of my best men have died setting high altitude camps for our attempt at the summit of Mt. Zinger. Morale is low and our weather window is passing.

I always get this when I am at an Alehouse in Florida.

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