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I need my YLYL boner serviced.

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fatties are so gross and they always have cats
just take a walk once a day you disgusting cow

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I don't understand this picture. What is she doing sitting on the ground? Move your ass and get the fucking mop and clean that shit up before the stupid cat tracks sauce everywhere.

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imagine sticking your face straight up against her musky taint while you play with her toes and she grabs the back of your head haha

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The Reddit post would be
>I spilled spaghetti walking towards the table. And then I just broke down crying, about life.

All the while being the top post of the day and people giving her those award things

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Fucking women in america are the most privileged group in the history of the world and they still fucking pretend to have marches about rights they already have. They have proven they don't deserve a vote in the running of any form of government.

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>nooo, i spilled some tomato sauce!
Imagine waking up with a hangover in a piss drenched bed, to diarrhea on the floor, vomit on the wall and just beer fucking everywhere and you don't remember how it happened, that's when you can sit down in the corner and contemplate death.
You can't wash out the smells and stains either and end up having to perfume your house and hide your wall when someone comes over.
The shit in that pic can be dealt with in less than five minutes.

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y'all salty as fuck lmao

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This is why dogs are better than cats, that shit would be clean so fast

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Go back to whatever redditweeter you came from.

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The men too

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Is the joke that those are clearly not puddings?

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I think he just means dessert in general. That's obviously not pudding.

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it was a muslim

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it's some staged bullshit, like pretty much everything else online

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Enjoy cleaning up piles of diarrhea later

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Yeah, unless you like putting garlic and onions in your sauce

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Sounds like an oddly specific recount of a personal experience. My condolences.

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protip: next time you drunkenly spray your house with liquid shit scrub the stains with vinegar (obviously after first washing the shit away you dirty bastard), it'll smell worse for a while but when the vinegar evaporates it neutralizes the smell.

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I bet she's into anal

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The joke is that it didn’t actually happen.

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You are definitely fat as fuck if you think taking a walk once a day is what fixes it.

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What the fuck kinds of faggy subs are you checking out there?

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You can always mix some water and baking soda to clean the vinegar. Vinegar doesn't entirely evaporate and de-odor and I feel bad if you think it does.

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I want his big fat wet tounge on my clit

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what if she used up her entire food budget and that pasta dish was supposed to last her 3 days?

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Looks like the aftermath of a bombing strike on a group of people

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You can choose not to believe it, but it did

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fuck why did i lose to this

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i still have no idea what he was trying to accomplish here

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what the fuck is up with people that stick their tounge out to eat?? when I actually pay attention, it seems like half of the people around me in a restaurant stick their tounges out while eating. its like they are trying to deepthroat their food before swallowing

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thats great lol

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fuckin chiliheads

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That’s a pizza night if I’ve ever seen one.

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Imagine having such a low metabolism that walking once a day can't keep you at a healthy weight, lmao.

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