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Do you crack your eggs with two hands like a normal person or do you crack em' with one hand like a fucking pretentious paki fucking asshole?!

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>cracking with two hands
>egg all over his fingers like a fucking moron

>cracking with one hand
>barely a drop of egg touches him

Why don’t you tell me

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I cook in a commercial setting, and so i do it one handed.

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I've been cooking for 23 years so one handed

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1 hand is for pros where saving .02 seconds actually matters. 2 hands is for the home cook who can take his sweet ass time cooking his meal for 4 people at the most.

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Never even tried one handed, I bet I could pull it off though

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You crack them on a flat surface like a professional and separate them. Stop trying to be tony hawk with your goddamn eggs.

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How does he get out of there? Does he have to sell all the eggs before he can leave? Also why does he seemingly randomly grab eggs from every carton instead of emptying one carton after another?

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>Get spoon
>Use spoon to crack in the middle
>Open with both hands
Why overcomplicate? baka

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How fucking insecure are you that you think cracking an egg with one hand is "pretentious"?

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>get a spoon
>why overcomplicate?

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2 hands but the pretentious part comes from chefs. The real question is that when you separate the yolks do you use your fingers or do the pretentious egg shell to egg shell thing?

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>like a fucking pretentious paki fucking asshole
The fuck?
Have you ever seen anyone outside of your family crack eggs before?
One-handed is not rare anywhere.

Come on OP.

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I don't think I've ever met a single person who uses two hands to crack an egg. You are the one who is on crack, sir.

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usually one handed unless i have to try and place it in the exact right spot for some reason

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crack all the eggs into a bowl, scoop out youlk with a loose hand
its faster and doesnt fuck around with sharp shell edges
since you dont put your hand into the eggs until all eggs are cracked there is virtually no chance of making a mess as egg white drips from your fingers

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Four eggs.
Two per hand.
It’s like you fucks never filled a dozen egg rings for McMuffins in three seconds because it’s breakfast rush and the senior citizens filling your store are shambling around like zombies waiting for their $2 meal.

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>bits of shell everywhere
>spoon now has to be washed

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Is there any way you could demonstrate us the showmanship and technicalities of this skill ?
Can it be learned ?

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I’m honestly not sure I could do it anymore. I know I can still do two at a time with my right hand. But have not worked behind a grill in a couple decades.
I was trained by some pervy old lady on breakfast shift in the early nineties. My guess is you could go in the back of most McDonald’s and find someone who can do that, the ring sets were payed out in rectangles of six. You had two rectangles next to each other, dropped eggs in four at a time going down the rows. You had to be fast so that they would cook evenly.

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Bit surprised McDs even cooks the eggs at the restaurant, I assumed they showed up pre cooked

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Here is a guy doing it, but he is slow.
We just cracked all four on the edge of the grill in one motion and then spread and dropped them in another single motion. I’m guessing he could do better in his kitchen, but in the video he is working with a small bowl and trying not to make a mess.

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Whenever you get anything from McDonald’s that includes an egg, ask them to use a “round egg” or a “muffin egg” and you will be getting a fresh egg cracked in that store less than an hour ago.(assuming they obey their teaser timers). The folded eggs are from a carton and far inferior.

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Crack crack crack the egg into the bowl

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professionals dont take risks, especially when the stock manager is breathing down your neck for spilling the eggs
just stock up your UHC beforehand if you know theres a rush
tell your grill boy to keep you stocked without going overboard
>i was the stock manager so dont waste my fucking eggs

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You crack it on a flat surface and use two hands to open the egg into the bowl.

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If you're using the whole egg or don't care about your yolk bursting then always crack 1 handed. If you're separating whites from yolks to bake you always do it 2 handed because a single broken yolk can ruin your whites completely. Always crack on a flat surface regardless of hand number

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So both sides of the bread have oil retard

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How many boiled eggs did the guy in the foreground eat?

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one hand so i don't have to wash after

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I had a dream last night jon stewart cracked two eggs with one hand and at first it looked like one but he slowly revealed the second egg. I assume I had the dream bc of this thread

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sure you have buddy, sure you have

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Will he ever be set free?

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