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I order some for myself but I am losing weight I'm down to 190 lb and I'm hoping to get to 185 lb very soon.

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May I please have a hamburger?

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Peak ESL hours.

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chicky nug

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chichen nuggest

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yes u may has cheezburger

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a whopper

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>he doesn't do the 5MDAD diet

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3 McNiggles and a large McDickle

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buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich please

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Y'know, that's both horrifying and yet healthier than most fad diets I've seen these days.

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My go to’s
>Two McDoubles
>Chicken Sandwhich
>Large Fries
>Baked Apple Pie
>Diet Coke
>Big MAC
>Large Fries
>Large Coke
>20 Piece McNuggets
>Caramel Sundae
>Bacon Egg Cheese McBiscuit
>Sausage Egg Cheese McGriddle
>Two Hashbrowns
>Large Iced Hazelnut Coffee

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How do you Americans eat 2000 calories with 3000 mg of sodium in a single meal?

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I'm so fucking tired of this anti-salt propaganda shilling. The human body needs salt to survive. More salt consumption reduces disease. There is no true flavor without salt.

Salt you goddam food.

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A German tourist was standing in line at a McDonald’s in Atlanta. When he got up to the counter he asked for a beer. The red neck standing behind him said, “You fool. You can’t get beer at McDonald’s” The German replied, “On the contrary, in Europe McDonald’s serves beer and wine.” After a few seconds the German started laughing. “What’s so dang funny?”, asked the red neck. To which the German replied, “It just occurred to me that you are here for the food.”


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Our medical care system is shit and we have too many mentally ill people that try to fill the void with tasty yet unhealthy food

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>You fool!

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I’m in good shape, I only eat McDonalds twice a month. Fucking love MD but only have it as a cheat meal.

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Anyone remember those fancy chicken wraps they used to serve? I kind of liked those.

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And then he got shot

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Is there something wrong with people trying to learn English?

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Salt literally made the average IQ skyrocket in the early 20th century

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My ass

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Doube Big Mac. Mocha Frappe. Large Fries. 6 Nuggies.

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Why diet coke on #1 and regular on #2?

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1 large big mac menu with mayo + ketchup and a coke
1 maestro generous jack
6 chicken wings with curry mango sauce
6 chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce

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>200$ DV Satfat

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