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What goes on here, food-wise?

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Whiskey. Your usual southern staples - fried chicken (Nashville hot), biscuits and gravy, cornbread, catfish, etc.

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A surprising amount of good stuff, country ham, Memphis BBQ, whiskey(fuck off, it's food), hot chicken, if that's your thing. Then all your typical soul food with some Appalachian influences.

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nashville hot chicken and uhhhhhhhhh

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Memphis bbq

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I didn't realize how good Memphis bbq (and Memphis food in general) was until I moved to the food desert known as Detroit

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>the food desert known as Detroit
what you don't like coney dogs, pizza, potato chips, faygo, vernors, craft beer, cherries, pasties, or wild game?

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Featureman lives there, go watch his youtube videos

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Detroit deep dish is good imo, but you can get it from any pizza chain anywhere in the country. The rest is just boring.

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sorry for ya, pal. unfortunately the rest of the whole state north of the US-10//I-75 interchange is closed indefinitely.

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chicken gallatin is named after gallatin

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Tennessee is the birthplace of white BBQ which I have never eaten because it's mayonnaise based and well I'm not Norwegian...

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Memphis/Beale Street was fun when I was there with a girlfriend. That said Nashville is a complete total shithole.

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Piss off you Swede!

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I live in Appalachian Virginia smoothbrain. North Carolina style ribs drenched in apple cider vinegar.

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I had to work in Virginia for a time, it was not a good experience, southerners are seriously uptight.

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You must have been in the Northeast part of the state closer to DC we're down close to one of the bigger cities the rural South usually isn't very uptight. We don't care much for uppity people as we call them.

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What can I say, I'm a northerner and dont get along with hypocrite southerners very well..

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Or down* chink technology can understand a southern accent

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New York

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I don't often carry around a translation ring to deal with idiots.

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Well if you are one of those trash can kicking antifa Yankees you can just stay on up there.

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lots of angry, repressed, homosexual ass fucking

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The United States would be better off balkanized, your ancestors should have let us split off when we wanted to.

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haha, those faggots are pathetic. They're nothing but negro imports.

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Well that explains it most of us have had bad experiences with carpetbaggers down here. If we hear the Boston or New York City accents or Jersey accents we tend to not want to talk to you because we already know it's not going to work out.

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Seriously, those faggots couldn't survive in NYC if some government was paying their bills.

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Well I think it's nice that we can agree on something.

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Have you considered that you people suck and worth being around?

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The splc is a useless organization and George Soros just needs to die.

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That's left coastie bullshit and we all know it.

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We happen to like ourselves just fine. If you don't you're welcome to stay where you are. That's the whole point of having different states. We tried to explain that to you 150 years ago. Then y'all had to come down here and make an act of war

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Of course you do.

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We didn't start that crap war, we ended it.

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Please don't even get me started on the west coast at all. I've been out there and it's cool that there's all kinds of different stuff to do but we got different stuff to do down here that we like just fine also. we would like it if y'all took in some more of these unhappy colored folks in our cities though.

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Fuck the left coast, it's a bunch of faggots and cultists wearing vans.

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South Carolina seceded from the Union and Abraham Lincoln send 75000 troops to fort Sumter in South Carolina which is an act of war. he was laying Siege to Fort Sumpter when that teenage boy had enough and fired a shot at them. And what did it get you a hundred and fifty years later you got a bunch of uppity liberals ripping down historical statues of George Washington and vandalizing monuments to black men that fought for your side

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What are you goofy or a biden supporter or both?

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We need to agree to disagree on the reasoning.

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The last Democrat I voted for was Obama and that was the second term. the media portrays Joe Biden is a laughable idiot worse than Trump during Obama's term but now all of a sudden he's some sort of genius and I just can't buy that. So it looks like I'll be voting for Trump.

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shitty BBQ where they put coleslaw ON the pulled pork.
Also, they put SWEET pickles on their pork BBQ instead of DILL.

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muhahahhaaha, you voted for obama.
That explains a lot and your lack of reasoning.

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Certainly we can. I like to think of myself as a reasonable and civil individual. You know, white.

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Pickle juice is nice in chili.

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I had to the second time around because it's not wise to change presidents in the middle of a hot war. that's why we gave the president a third term during world war II if you recall history

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That's Pennsylvania, we put chow chow on stuff down here it's a spicy relish.

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Tennessee has amazing food

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Coleslaw contrasts barbecue nicely and sweet pickles are great with it, retard. Dill pickles are overrated anyway.

t. nwga

Unrelated, but why can't we just balkanize already? Clear as day that yankee faggots and southerners can't stand eachother. I say let us be separate and stay out of eachothers' business.

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Such as?

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mostly bbq

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They got white truffles to the east.

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Memphis BBQ is the greatest, OP.
Come down here for the Memphis BBQ World Championship next May, it'll ruin you for any other barbeque for the rest of your life.
Oh, and I guess Nashville has some good country steak and dumplings and stuff.
Anyway, there's a reason that Tennessee is so fat.

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The king of /ck/ himself lives in Tennessee

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Memphis dry rub ribs and wings are great.

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I was in Memphis for work for 3 months, had BBQ a few times, it wasn't anything special I don't know why you guys make such a big deal about it.

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You haven't lived till you had some proper Memphis pulled pork.

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The old black man who smokes meat in the forests up in Millington>Corky's>Central BBQ>Jim Neeley's Interstate>The BBQ Shop>>>>>Kroger

Look at all these Memphis KINGS in this thread

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Don't worry Cletus, it seems you'll get your revenge in a few months.

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lived in tennessee my whole life, but unfortunately i can't really make many recommendations for restaurants because they've either gone to shit or closed down. anchor high marina's "the rudder" in hendersonville is pretty alright for a catfish sandwich. goodlettsville's "pancho villa" and cookeville's "cinco amigos" is some of the best mexican food that can be found in the state. cookeville (and gatlinburg) both have "crawdaddy's" which is pretty good new orleans cuisine. i don't really give a shit about nashville hot chicken but there's a pizza place dead center of the city called "pizza perfect" and it's genuinely the best fucking 'za i've ever had in my life. makes literally any other pizza taste like complete dick. well worth it.

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Meat & 3's.

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For $8 a plate, you can't go wrong.

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monell's! definitely big recommendation for this place. best vanilla pudding i've ever had, too. also forgot to suggest sax deli and grille over in hendersonville. really great sandwiches

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scrumptious. Would be better with hoop cheese though.

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I live next to an amazing bbq place, and they have their sauces categorized as Tennessee, Carolina, Kansas, texas, etc. And the best one is the Carolina bbq sauce. Really wanna visit South Carolina someday and pig out

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Since when did Brad Leone live in Tennessee?

>> No.14290802

You should try buzz and Ned's down in Richmond Virginia on broad Street if they are still open. Not to mention just the sheer number of different hot sauces they have to choose from.

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>be from middle Tennessee
>be 28
>never heard of "nashville hot" before kfc bullshit
>try nashville hot
>its just oil no hot not tasty
I've been lied too.

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Have some fucking respect for ja/ck/

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KFC is a meme they don't even use 11 herbs and spices anymore they change the recipe. The literal recipe now is salt pepper paprika and MSG.

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how are you guys over in faygettville doing?

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if you are ever in brentwood, go to Judge Beans. Thanks me later

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>0 results
Unbelievable. Best fried chicken and is juicy all the way through mmm fuck

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Tell me Tennessee bros, what is Nashville hot chicken and waffles like?

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>food desert known as Detroit

If you mean the CITY of Detroit, then I can agree as it's a 3rd world shithole but you can find literally every kinda food/restaurant in METRO Detroit.

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I've been to the branch in Knoxville. Good stuff.

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nashville hot chicken is overrated, but yeah, the chicken and waffles here is almost always delicious. just gotta make sure whoever's running the place is black

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My town has a pretty kickass taco truck

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Looks like a roach coach

>> No.14291618

they have massive burritos for 6 dollars with amazing homemade green salsa. I don't question

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This. The Mediterranean food here is the best in the country, and if you can't admit some nigger can cook you're too /pol/tarded to live

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pic related

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you have tons of immigrants, especially arabs, who run restaurants. You're not trying hard enough

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remind me who shot up fort sumter unprovoked I keep forgetting

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Nigga thats like getting a mcdouble and declaring burgers are ass you went to the wrong place. Better off making your own nice and kwispy UwU

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whiskey, overrated hipster chicken, shitty bbq

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Why do Americans have to drench their meat in sugar in order to eat it?

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What's the food situation like in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg? All touristy, or is there stuff worth going to?

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nothing groundbreaking

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> Pickles, huge onion, small ass wonderbread
Is it worth it?

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Cracker Barrel , Mountain Dew, Dr.Enuf,Moon Pie, Fried Pies, Stack cake, Pals , Krystals, BBQ, Whole Hog, Just General Southern Cooking, Goo Goo Clusters, Meat and Three, Hot Chicken/Catfish, Mussels, Fried Pickles, Whiskey, Moonshine , Vinegar Pie , Ham /w Redeye Gravy , Shrimp Sauce all over Hibachi( Akita Express)
I'm sure i'm forgetting things

East TN Anon

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If you're ever in Memphis, literally everything on this place's menu is fire.
It's in a literal shack next to a Lowe's Department Store.
You won't regret it.

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BBQ and fried crap
same as every other southern state

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Just moved to Knoxville, any recommendations?

>> No.14296722

mostly just touristy, but crawdaddys is really good. they have some based new orleans food

>> No.14296769

>south carolina
man come on, north carolina is the only good carolina. south carolina doesn't have shit it's borderline third world

>> No.14296816

Oh I'm sorry we don't have 1.6 billion pizza joints boiling over with grease cheese that is always "the best in the city" like the north

>> No.14296918

Ye Olde Steak House

Awkward as fuck parking , but it's worth the hassle

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it's pretty much all tourist shit, it's only gotten worst now that they put in "the island". Peak tourist shit all scald.

not going to get anything crazy. chop house is ok , flapjacks & applewood farmhouse is hit or miss. Food in Dollywood isn't that bad surprisingly ...still price jacked but no where near Disney level. If you're into country music Ole Red opened up awhile back ago , it's got live music & decent food but tourist prices. paula deen's place is the probably the best place if you end up going to the island.

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Lots of good hole in the wall Mexican joints. Look for the shadiest, most non-english speaking place you can find and explore. My favorite is on chapman highway just across the bridge behind the McD's and Pizza Hut (it's in the same shopping center where Disc Exchange used to be)
Donut Palace in Maryville is amazing, as is the Cuban restaurant there (can't think of the name)
Craven Wings, Asian Yummy, and Pelancho's in Seymour.
Lots of good hole in the wall places. Get out and explore! Bearden/West Knox area has a metric shitton of restaurants.

>> No.14296961

I like how you tried so hard to create a list that made it sound full of food choices when in reality you listed shit that you can get literally anywhere and likely better than you’d get in Detroit

>> No.14297181

Thanks will do this weekend, salsaritas has been pretty good

>> No.14297319

Jackie's Dream for soul food
Gus for fried chugging
La Esperanza or El Girasol for the best fucking Mexican food I've had in over right different states
Sweet PS
Balter Beerworks

Pretty sure I'm forgetting others

>> No.14297657

is soccer taco still a thing? lol

>> No.14297688

Myrtle Beach Calabash seafood buffet dude.

>> No.14297691

Thanks Big Jim I hope you're right.

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