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>salt and pepper to taste
what do

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desu anything could use more pepper

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Put a little bit, taste it and if it needs more, put more.

Remember how much you put last time and put that much next time.

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Put a little bit of salt and pepper in, then taste
If you feel like it needs more salt or pepper in, then repeat the process

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dump a fuckload of both in. Who needs tastebuds?

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Make a better recipe that doesn't need a pound of salt to be palatable

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what if i put too much and dont like it

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That's why you use tiny amounts at a time
Just remember you can always put more in, but you can't take any out.

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grow a pair and eat it anyway, or add more of the food to drown it out

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put salt and pepepr on your tongue. if its too much or not enough, spit into the trash. if its just right, scrape it off your tongue, wash it, and put it in the food. easy

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Do what we do at nursing homes. Season it the way you want. Then put a salt shaker on the table with mostly plugged holes so people think they're changing the food.

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>Salt and pepper to taste

1.) Taste what you're cooking to determine if it needs more salt or pepper.
2.) Apply salt and pepper until it tastes right
3.) Taste again.
4.) ????????????
5.) Eat

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