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Other than China? Probably Italy.

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Mongolian Buuz is amazing with vodka after riding a motorcycle all day.

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Based. Pelmeni by Russian grandma is simply the best.

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Cheeseburgers are the best kind of dumpling
america wins again

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Wish my grandma was still around.

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should these even be considered in the same category as other dumplings? dumplings are stuffed whereas chicken and dumplings you just boil spoonfuls of dough. I feel like they only share the name. we have stuffed dumplings in america too. for example, pizza rolls are dumplings

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Gyo ’za

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pizza rolls are delish, but only when someone elses mom makes them and brings them to you

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Can’t say. I have only eaten them in China, Thailand, and Canada. Obviously China had the best I had, but I haven’t been to japan yet...

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Korean mandu its god tier! The yellow pickled thing that comes with it is just as good.

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My GF introduced me to Momo and I have to say it fucks

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Yet another fucking "everyone please still love China!" pile of shit 'thread'. Fuck off, you virus-spewing cunts. You will never be able to normalize your shit-tier fucking 'culture' ever again.

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Are you fuckign retarded? Almost every country makes some sort of Dumpling. How uneducated do you have to be to think they are a chinese only thing?

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imagine being this butthurt at china, literally millions of chinese people living rent free in your head

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Formerly Sneed's

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Fucking hell anon, try to keep the autism to a low roar

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Hong Kong.
Fuck no.
Apply yourself, weeb. It's literally just jiaozi but they don't have baozi or other kinds of dim sum to accompany it.

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that said. turkish manti, esp the really tiny ones are fun.

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Pretty based ngl

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Screeching fucking Chang. Go home, yellow man. You're no longer welcome.

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> muh chinky chonk fucking nonsense
Nobody cares, Chang.

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Ah yes the japanese gyoza or 'nese 'za as I like to call it.

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Please have sex

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Please eat another bat, scum Chang.

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this nigga right here allucinating that he is surrounder by chink anons lmfao

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Everybody hates you, Chang. Time to fuck off back and wall yourselves up totally. Cunt.

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I'm not even chinese you absolute retard lmfao.

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Peking ravioli

If you've never lived in eastern Mass, you may not be aware of our variation, but they are jiaozi with thicker wrapper and more ginger in the pork

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Nobody cares what you larp as, obvious Chang. Fuck off home.

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Take this shit fucking subhuman scum 'food' and fuck off.

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>Hong Kong
>Chinky Chonk

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Xialongbao are alright but they're so fucking heavy, man. I can't sit down and eat a whole meal of xiaolongbao no matter how many flavours they throw in there.

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> Chink chonk pi po pan lo bo sam sum cum cunt
Pure hilarity. What fucking filth.

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>of our variation
not related to dumplings but to chinese food in general. One thing that mindfucked me was that the chinese restaurants in here used to serve one dish that was basically chiken, chinese shrroms, sliced bamboo and soy sauce, it had a weird name but it was basically that, 10 years later I ask for this exact dish and they seem very confused about it like they hadn't done it ever, they still served it 100% the way I wanted it though

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Pierogies are pretty good

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But nobody cares STILL what you squat down and shit out, Chang. Fuck off.

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Begone from this place, ESL.

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poor thing, china as a whole is living in his head rent free

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Was it 'dog skinned alive', Chang?

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I like the kind that have sauerkraut in them

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> implying China can get off scot free from infecting all humanity with a virus that will change life forever
You understand you cunts are going to land up being hunted in the streets and strung from lampposts, right? I don't think you quite get how serious shit is, Chang.

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why is everyone being so mean

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Based keyboard warrior, using a china made keyboard.

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did you get cucked by chinks or what? lmfao

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> mean
Nothing more 'mean' than deliberately torturing a dog to death, Chang.

Vile fucking subhuman scum.

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good one lad

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> keyboard warrior
Says the scum who offer apologetics for vile fucking Chinks who torture helpless dogs.

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Russia and Georgia

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Woah, that sounds real good! Do you remember what it used to be called?

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this is vietnam

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Dog cut up alive. Enjoy!

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It's one guy and he either thinks he's being funny or he's one of those unironic schizos who latch onto one topic and get enraged whenever it's brought up.

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And is this in Vietnam, cunt Chang?

Vile fucking yellow vermin.

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i love dog meat dumplings and piss soaked eggs

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What dog breed is this?

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I'm pretty sure I've never known how it was called in the first place, just ask them for it like I do "chicken with chinese shrooms and bamboo" that's what I do, I'm in barcelona => Spain if that matters, but the dudes in the restaurants are chinks and they pretty much do the same dish the same way anywhere I go

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Yeah. Because only one person in the whole world has a problem with this barbarity. I see you really got this, Chang.

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>imagine larping that hard as hating chinks
>imagine still can't do anything about chinks releasing another pandemic
Dogs or you are the lowlifes that no one cares, mate

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Seek help, anon.

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What does /pol/ get out of this

>> No.14250800

A sense of community and the feeling they're making a difference.

>> No.14250804

What happens when they realize they're just wasting time like the rest of us?

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It was definitely either "skinned alive and lying down", or "skinned alive and still running". No chicken involved.

>> No.14250810

this sentence is peak ESL
They move on and start hiding political threads. I did the same thing but for /leftypol/.

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the chicken was cut in very tiny bites, the shrooms were full or cut in half and the bamboo was also cut in slices

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> pol
> implying how Chang treats dogs is A-ok with everyone else
You're failing hard, yellow cunt.

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cry moar, faggot

>> No.14250818

the mods are dead and this chink hating schizochad killed them

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> nobody cares
On the contrary, Chang. Everybody cares except you subhuman fucking vermin. You're going to see just how much eventually. Enjoy your internet hugboxes.

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Go home, cunt Chang.

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>imagine fighting wumao for free

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man I just wanted to talk about dumplings

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Imagine being this Chang or this Chang cucked that you'd sit offering apologetics for the most depraved and barbaric 'culture'. Shit's wild.

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I'm not even chinese or asian you absolute retard

>> No.14250854

its 4chan for ya

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> implying anybody cares
We all know what you are, Chang.

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I really like jap stuffed dumplings, but they're really not in the same category as a European style dumpling with some butter.

>> No.14250867

rent free, with a nice pool, all you can drink and eat too, only for chinks, in your head

>> No.14250876

I've tried "japanese" dumplings, they were most likely made by chinks anyway, gross, disgusting, puke inducing, but then I went to another chink restaurant and they tasted like heaven, so I guess it depends

>> No.14250881

Chang is finished in the west. You can act up all you like but you know it's true. Fuck off home, you yellow cunt.

>> No.14250883

if you hate them so much, why do you give them so much power over you, why do you give them the power to make you seethe and cry over the mere mention of their cuisine? Are you retarded?

>> No.14250889

t. a schizophrenic autist, who loves dogs getting torture

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it hasn't even begun, prepare your anus for your chinese overlords, they're coming

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Those are based rooftop koreans. not soulless chinks. They're more interbred with japs than changs.

>> No.14250907

Sure thing, dog-eating korean.

>> No.14250911

lube it up well, for your own good

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