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The Kmart Kcafe is peak department store dining. Nobody here can prove me wrong.

>Target: usually shitty pizza hut express or Starbucks
>walmart: usually shitty subway
>Kmart: usually based Little Caesars +popcorn, nachos, pretzels, and Icee. Some kcafes are Nathan's Famous restaurants.

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A Nathan's Famous Kmart Kcafe. Very based.

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target cafe's are disappearing

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Any Canadian 90's kids remember the Zellers restaurant?

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Walmart has McDonalds so that shits on everything. But I do miss seeing the kitschy little ceasers

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Because I sure as fuck do

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it always makes me uncomfortable when the pizzas in the pictures have pepperonis that are too perfectly spaced, like I shouldn't trust the product

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I worked at Kmart in the 90s and we had a legit grill. The breakfast burritos were the bomb with real eggs and tater tots with either sausage or bacon or both. I was friends with the girl who worked the grill and she would hook me up.

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Based. The Kmart kafes and Walmart grill are peak 90s comfy dining

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ate at those places all the time in the 90's and early 2000's. Comfy isnt quite the word. Never once had a meal there where I didnt ask myself "What the fuck am I doing here?" at some point.

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You have never even seen the peak, and you never fucking will.

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>Very based.
No one is manning it! How is not getting service based? Oh wait. This is Kmart, we ignore customers until we have to deal with them.

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L&L is fucking trash. Zippys is on thin ice. Fatboys is the only acceptable local chain.

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are americans so fucking fat they have fast food take away stores inside your fucking department stores?

do americans really call shitty fast food kiosks inside a fucking department stores a cafe?

do americans really care about fast food kiosks inside target?

do canadians also do this shit? they are american after all...

do americans really have maccas inside walmart? how obese of you guys

do americans really not trust the food they eat?

do americans really work at kmart that has a grill? why do americans call bbqs grills?

do americans really eat at department store fast food kiosks all the time?

do americans really do that?

do americans really call thier food chains fatboys that are located in kiosks inside deparment stores?

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I used to walk to the K Mart with my mom and would sometimes get a pretzel and icee in the cafe on the way out, then walk over to the shitty mall to rent something from the Blockbuster attatched to the grocery store

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>department store dining

The authentic /ck/ experience.

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do euros really respond to every post like anyone gives a shit

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I wish you were as funny as you think you are

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>>>14233163 (OP)
>Any Canadian 90's kids remember the Zellers restaurant?

Hell ya my dawg. First time I ever got high I went to Zellers restaurant and ate a poutine with about 30 packets of salt

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Im told the pizzas and hotdogs at Costco are pretty good

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They are but they aren't as good as they once were like even 5-10 years ago. Still much better than any Walmart Subway/McDonalds they have or Target's junk. Kmart always was a fun store though the lack of customer service and sales outside of their blue light sales (which were items that should have been marked out down already) it was a store built to last.

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Ive never seen a mcdonalds in a walmart its usually subway although ive seen burger king in one once so mcdonalds isnt impossible

We call grills , grills and not bbqs because theres a difference

You grill things like hot dogs hamburgers sausages etc

A bbq is when you actually bbq things like ribs pulled pork a pig

I feel someone else could explain it better

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i don't think i ever step foot in a kmart wtf... not intentionally, just never seen one in my area

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I miss when my target had a taco bell express.
their chalupas were always super fresh and well filled

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I have a very vivid memory of going to kmart after school with my mom and begging her to buy me the digimon movie on vhs.
She did and then we ate Little Caesars. It was a good day.

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Based Gen-Xer

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Oh fuck yea bud

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Why do Ausfalians say "maccas" do they think it sounds cool or cute or something? I'd it's about saving time why not just say McDs

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Pretty much every Walmart in Canada has McDonald's in it

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Our kmart shut down a year ago. It never had this in it

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Wtfs that

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