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ITT: Beer fads you actually like

pic related: milkshake ipas

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Enlighten me, wtf is a milkshake IPA?

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Imperial cream ales

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miso soup beer

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A milk stout is stout plus lactose, which makes the beer thicker with a slight milky taste.

Milkshake is an IPA with lactose added. Makes IPAs a lot smoother. You can taste the hops without the bitterness overpowering the whole thing.

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only had one so far, but since I'm a sucker for hazy ipa's I'm a fan as well.

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I'm pretty ashamed about this but I love peanut butter porters. They taste like dessert and I'm a child so yeah they're good

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nothing wrong with dessert beers my nigger

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as an eternal german I'm absolutely autistic about the ingredients in beer and cannot enjoy anything that deviates from the Reinheitsgebot
i've had some pricey craft beers with exotic ingredients, but the ones I enjoy the most usually end up being the ones brewed with water, hops, malt, yeast and nothing else.
probably doesn't help that there is a widespread superstition here that sweet alcoholic beverages give you headaches and diarrhea.

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I generally like the "imperial" fad, that is, breweries making pretty much any beer style into an imperial (stronger) version. Kind of a meme and not all styles translate well to the extra ABV. I especially like imperial pilsners, they're pretty uncommon though.

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Shit bait. The NE style/hazy/imlkshake ipa fad is the worst thing to ever happen to American craft beer. I'd much rather go back to the days of West Coast iPAs oversaturating the market; at least 10% of those are actually amazing. The best hazy is a slightly interesting anomaly at best, and the amount of sheer garbage is worse than any other fad in living memory.

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bro my favorite beer is pic related

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>country that produces some of the highest quality sweet wine on earth
>people believe that it gives them headaches and hangovers

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kek. I'm a certified Cicerone and I think that Hazy's are here to stay and arguably more important than your West Coast IPA. Lots more mainstream appeal and flavor profiles.

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it might be a local thing. there's wine regions in germany and there's beer regions (literally anywhere that's not a wine region)
I grew up in a beer region, so people might be less knowledgeable about sweet wine.
also there was the 1985 austrian wine scandal, that most people don't know about specifically and that could've started the whole rumor by seeding half-truths
see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_diethylene_glycol_wine_scandal

tl;dr: austrian wineries put antifreeze into their wines to make them sweeter, germany was the main export market for austrian wine. never trust the cliff shitters.

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Hazy IPA

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For me, it's sours. Pic related is a literally perfect summer beer. It tastes like a grownup version of Bud Light Lime.

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Are these things even “beers” at this point?

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They still sell this, fagmo. Literally just bought 10 12 packs yesterday.

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Where did I say they didn't? I had a 6 pack tonight.

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Yeah I misread, so I am also a fagmo. Either way my local grocery store still has a dedicated sours section, as does the Bevmo two counties down, but they are dying down a bit. I've noticed my grocery store has been slowly expanding their macrobrew trash closer and closer to the sours section, so it's only a matter of time, hence why I bout 10 12s yesterday.

Sea Quench and Sour Wench were my go to sours. Sour Wench even had an offshoot line that was aged in white wine barrels, but was also quite expensive at 15 a 4-pack. Thing is, I haven't even been able to find SW in stores for over a year now. Shame.

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gose is based

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I gotta agree with this. The hazy shit is garbage. It has this sickening flavor/affect that I just cannot get over. I dig the traditional style more

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I mean, some of them are okay, but I think there's a lot that brewers will learn from the fad to do some new things compared to the style actually sticking around (I've had a few new things that utilize the hopping techniques to do something nice that isn't just hazy shit #452463452). In any case, for the time being I'd rather have a classic West Coast IPA now that only the cream of the crop is left instead of trying to weed through a random few dozen hazies that are being released every day. Honestly not worth my time at this point considering how few of them are actually worth it.

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I just stick to the Midwest stuff. It's the perfect balance imo. Not too hoppy, not loaded with adjuncts. I get the worst headaches from the hazy stuff

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The peanut butter garbage is tasty and good on a rare occasion that you want to indulge. I've never been a fan of milkshake anything. I like straight forward beer so I usually stick to imports. Pic related was my introduction to brown ales and 15 years later, I still love it.

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I love sours as well but they fuck my stomach up after 2 or 3. Pic related is pretty good and I find them all over at supermarkets in Oregon

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forgot pic

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Im a fan of bourbon barrel shit. That oak flavor can impart something nice to a dark beer, when done well.
Hell, even Bud now has that lager made with Jim Beam barrels or something. Bought it out of curiosity and I can't say I hated it. I dont really care either way if they "coopt" microbrew trends, if it tastes alright.

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Makes sense, yeah.

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Their chocolate stout is really damn good. Shows that you don't need 100 different adjuncts to make a good dessert stout.

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just drank 12 of these tonight to clear out my fridge. they are amazing

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I love this shit

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What beer variety should I try if I couldn't stand any of the beer I've tried before? The last variety I tried was kolsch and I managed to get halfway through the bottle before pouring the rest into the sink.

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>Beer fads you actually like
Traditional English ale

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Hardly a fad. Unless people are making them somewhere other than England.

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What other beers beside kolsch have you tried? What didn't you like about them?

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Unironically White Stouts

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Agreed. Huge fan of milkshake IPAs and hope they last a while. Also like pastry stouts. Just got pic related last week.

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For a second I thought the picture on the label was the negro with the humongous cock

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Agree, milkshake beer is good stuff.
Also looks great, do want.
Blegh... gross as fuck

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Not drinking gimmicky beers like those craft beers, but made a Donn day afternoon on a hot day lately for my gf, which is white rum, lime juice, cinammon syrup and grapefruit radler, which i actually liked.

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I un-ironically like Heineken. Ours get made in the factory that remembers Russian occupation alongside all of our other beers do they probably specified it to our tastes.
Have yet to taste some foreign Heineken to compare.

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Also this, black beer that is actually more sweet than bitter.

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get lost retard

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yeast is not specifically mentioned, because in the 1500s brewers did not toss powdered yeast in their brewing keg, but some of the previous batch of half-done beer was added to the new one.
similar to a sourdough starter, which absolutely has yeast in it even if you don't put any in there yourself. wild yeast exists and was historically involved in the making of beer and sourdough to some degree.
wild chocolate aroma did not magically float into your brewing keg and therefor does not belong.

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You don't seem to know that different yeasts can produce those strange aromas. Even reinheitsgebot beers can taste like a faggy fruit bowl.

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Not really a fad, but Im happy that real sour brewers like De Garde, Jester King, Sante Adairus, Allagash, and Side Project are popular. More business for them means more good beer for me to drink.

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I do know about that. It only bothers me when a beer neither tastes like beer, nor has the proper ingredients for beer.
That's some kind of fermented beverage and it might be tasty, but calling it a beer is just not appropriate anymore.

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pedantic cocksucker

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>really like golden/blonde ales
>beer crazy starts
>fukin finally
>gonna get some good shit
>oh wait
>people start making golden ale
>critics shit all over them
>because not IPA
>say nothing about flavor
>just "pbbbt, it's not IPA"
>everyone goes back to making IPAs
Go fucking chew some hops you no talent, no palate, hive mind fucks.

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I already said that i'm being autistic about this, why are you still surprised?

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>implying you can't get a good craft golden ale

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Never implied they can't be found, but I'm not hunting like Indiana Jones every time I want a decent beer. And I'm double fucked if I don't want one from a shit can.

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I like hazies, but my problem is that most breweries these are cutting corners to make hazies (because they’re so goddamn popular) by jamming it with adjuncts and other garbage, and the end product barely tastes like beer. The really good ones from Tree House, Hill Farmstead, and Trillium are absolutely spectacular since they brew them shits right.

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Region plays a huge part. There's plenty of good Golden Ales throughout my area (Chicago/northwest Indiana, so I never never have to search and always have a good selection available to me. The buzz helps take the edge off of living next to Chicongo.

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>like most beers
>hipster faggots ruin the image of breweries and different beer styles
My pain is immense

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Beer without hops