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>A proppa, juicy burga.

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Looks tasty

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>2 inch thick patty that's fucking raw in the middle
into the trash it goes

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"I don't like your awful vegetarian food and I think you'd make more as a prozzie instead."
"Sounds good to me chef"

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You sound mad, did someone hurt you?

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Based quint truth poster

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Gordon's a hack imo

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thin and well done patties are superior

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>well done
Either photshopped or Gordon is shilling

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Kill yourself.

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This video had to be satire, right?

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I thought smash burgers were a terrible meme like reverse sear but turns out it's correct, so I completely agree. Also, checked.

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They’re fine but you really need 2 patties for a good bun/meat ratio

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fuck off you shitposting faggot

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That's actually what I do.

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Is that just 1 bun

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>terrible meme like reverse sear

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Freddy's is horrible. It goes beyond smash burgers. It's burger crackers. Juiciness is THE thing that makes burgers good. If you squeeze all the fat out they are just dry crackers.

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I wish everyone used the straws they do for shakes

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lmao, they uploaded her episode on the official channel not too long ago. Crazy that she really became a hooker. Especially now she must be like 58 years old.

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wait what
are you serious

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Thank you for identifying yourself.

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I can't believe he hasn't found out about smashed burgers yet.

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>This video had to be satire, right?
This video was the equivalence of the low self-esteemed middle aged man standing and posing proudly next to someone else's Ferrari in a parking lot.
In other words, he made the video to show everyone a view from a very nice estate home (rental or borrowed for filming). Did you wonder if it was his? That was his intention.

Burger was cross contaminated and shitty. I wouldn't eat it. If this was a friend prepping burgers for me, I'd have offered suggestions no less than 6 times. That's the number of uh-ohs or mistakes he made against my sensibilities. He's a hack that exclaims everything he does as proof from authority "best" status, and for the most part, people are bullied into believing everything little thing he says. Sounds dumb, right? It is dumb. But, such as the masses missing their critical thinking skills.

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looks salty

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i'd eat it and i'd pay for it, but i wouldn't return

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So? Just use 2 then. It's gonna be much better than making a giant patty with the same meat.

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the cowboy burger he was criticizing was a $49 menu item

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Gee you are just especially smart anon.

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No it's just the plate having ridges at the end or whatever hiding the bottom. It looks ridiculous and it's 21 ounces of meat but it's actually pretty tasty.

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Complete and utterly based

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looks like semen

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Honestly when I see him cooking I wonder how he got his stars.

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Looks jooicy, check this too my lad

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Is that Gordon Ramsay making a Chili Cheese Frito breading at the Circuit of the Americas?

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Why yes, and he's giving a solid amount of salt to those cheetos like they deserve

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Is this satire

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he's trying to make a frito pie, he does so using canned chili as the filling

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that is not how it works retard

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its real my man

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This is why non Americans shouldn't try to make burgers. That thing probably tastes like absolute shit. Burgers are all about ingredient/texture ratios. 3 inches of poorly cooked beef ruins the entire thing.
Diner(smash) burgers or GTFO.

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>If this was a friend prepping burgers for me, I'd have offered suggestions no less than 6 times. That's the number of uh-ohs or mistakes he made against my sensibilities

Jesus christ, you sound like an insufferable, pretentious piece of shit. The fact that you call mistakes """uh ohs""" implies you also have a healthy dose of karen-tier naggyness mixed in with the diarrhea soup that is your personality. Never post ever the fuck again, you cock gargling mongoloid.

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I fucking hate British people

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how autistic do you have to be to become like this?

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Is there anything this man cannot do

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there are 3 uh-ohs in your response

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Based and checked

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Based. What is wrong with retards who think pink ground beef is safe? It even tastes gross.

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So order doubles then.
This is the true way to make burgers. Thin patty and high heat.

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Constant movement through the realm of cuisine has left him unable to conform to whatever was limiting him before. You trust the rules that tell you to trust the rules, and play the game that tells you that you have to play the game to succeed. He is no longer bound by your rules, or anyone's rules.

Look at this bag, /ck/. Do not take your eyes away from it. You chose to be disgusted by it. I chose to be enlightened at the mere sight. I will see you on the other side

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>scrambled eggs on fritos
>salting corn chips

He's finally made it. He's officially grotesque enough to post his dinner here.

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>"we make the burger with the way-goo"

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quintuple checked

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Waste of digits.

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Witnessed and absolutely correct

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Everything in this video is so baffling. Are you supposed carry your wobbling slushy bag with you on a plate around the race track? He said he was doing enough scrambled eggs for four people but he put them in one bag. Are four people supposed to gather around this bag on a plate with cutlery each trying to get a mouthful without ripping it open and spilling the slurry within? He put American cheese slices in scrambled eggs and then put those eggs in some low quality chilli and then put that in the fritos. I can't believe it honestly.

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It’s not baffling if you’re coked up.

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hes a fucking hack lmao. his tv shows consist of actors

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Why do i think this just looks cold and would be a pain to eat

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Because it is cold and a pain to eat >>14207725

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quints of truth. burgers beyond a 1/2 inch thick are garbage and made by neanderthals

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What is with you fuckers and this video, is it a meme to over-analyze it?

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I mean, since the concept of frito pie/walking tacos is supposed to be decent street food to eat outside, eggs would be the very last thing i'd think of putting in them. Also wild to see the same person who used to go off on entire tirades over canned food being used on Masterchef/Hell's kitchen using american cheese slices

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it's because his take on a big burger isn't much different than the one he criticized on kitchen nightmares. the only difference is that he shaped the patties a bit more uniformly, otherwise he was in the wrong as he could've easily cut the kitchen nightmares burger in half like he did with his own to make it easier to eat.

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