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The Egg is the best food in the world. In this thread we will discuss the superiosity of the egg and the best ways to eat eggs.

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I've been wanting to make pickled eggs but have been extremely lazy as of late. Can I really just throw some hard boiled eggs in the leftover brine form a store bought jar of pickles?

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>when you wake up, go to the kitchen, and your wife is standing with her back towards you over by the counter, peeling a hard boiled egg

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Pickling is the complex cooking process of ruining whatever food you do it to. I am not sure why you wish to ruin eggs.

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Sweet eggs are the best eggs

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I go back and forth for periods of a few months to a year or two over whether or not I like ketchup on my eggs. I'm currently in an "on" period where I simply couldn't imagine eating a scrambled egg without ketchup, but in the past I've been disgusted by the smell of ketchup on eggs. What's wrong with me?

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What's wrong with you is that you have EVER considered putting ketchup on eggs to be acceptable.

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Shakshuka with bacon grease. You're welcome.

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I prefer a good tart egg

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What's the point of grilling them?

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For my whole life I avoided fried eggs. Only ate scrambled. One one occasion I tried a poached egg, runny yolk, on a salad at a super fancy restaurant and loved it. Then Wendys came out with their breakfast menu, and a sandwich that I loved had a fried egg on it, and I loved it. Made my first fried eggs the other day. Over easy. Yolk was super runny and maybe a bit cold. Could have cooked it longer. But it was good with the sausages I made, and will try it again sometime.

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Is this one of those life hack videos where it's al completely fake?

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I tried it with hard boiled eggs, vinegar, onions and peppercorns. They were rubbery but edible. There's infinite ways to make them

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How does one fake eggs?

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Been meaning to try out ostrich egg. What's the best online site to buy from in States?

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I shove eggs up my lover ass. He lays the eggs on the griddle and I gobble them up.

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french toast is the best way to prepare eggs

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most food shit online now just seems to be novelty stuff that nobody really ever does themselves

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It's not really an "egg dish", but it is good.

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STFU picklet

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if you like eggs so much why don’t you go suck on one

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You know what, I just might.

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please add soy to the mix and suck that log.

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I made an omelette today and it was good
Green onions, breakfast sausage, grated smoked swiss, sriracha on top
Wanted to add peppers but they were mushy
Wanted to add mushrooms but forgot
Still a good omelette

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why did you avoid fried eggs

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Sounds good minus the meme sriracha sauce.

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Gotta agree with this. I like the spice it has, but the garlic is just over-the-top. It's like it's made for people with numbed tongues or those who don't like fresh garlic.

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I have eaten all of the eggs.

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is there a better sauce that's similar?
i like sriracha, especially on breakfast items

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It's not that great. I wouldn't recommend it.
Make other pickles.

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A few years ago I went to a Korean BBQ place and they had some egg dish that was in clay pot and it was sort of like egg tofu. Anyone else try it before and what's it called?

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Just needs to be breaded and fried and you'll have a delicious scotch egg

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I do enjoy a good scotch egg, it's just a lot of work.

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no. sounds like an egg custard, japs call it chawamushi

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I like sambal olek on my eggs
Was probably just a steamed egg

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Gonna try this.

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This just looks like the standard whip your whites until frothy and then mix the yolks in.
I've done this a grand total of once, the texture is interesting but it's less flavorful than a regular omelette and pretty much just a stupid gimmick.

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make an omelette filled with scrambled eggs!

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pickled eggs isn't a thing in my country, never saw them irl...

I really wanna try it. please someone explain it. just drop some hardboiled eggs in vinegary stuff with spices?? how long is it save to eat after the pickeling ? help

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People are stupid, and pay for their stupidity
that dish can literally be made by retards and yet people still pay absurd money for their instawhore pics..
I need to take a break from the internet, fuck me

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If you put them in the fridge they will last for a couple of months but they'll get rubbery and very vinegary if you left them for too long.

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What are the best things to put in your quiche?

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holy shit ty anon. been searching for a good OMAD option with eggs for months now.

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It's funny you ask, i was just thinking about making one. A classic is bacon and cheese. The dish is a good way to utilize left over meat and veg.

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Ham and mushrooms.

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I hope you fail

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Medium hardboiled egg with good cambodian fish sauce and chili oil

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I love eggs, but that is too much. How many fucking eggs go in there?

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Cover the pan next time you fry them. Will help the top of the yolk cook

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hey I don't think that's a good way to cook eggs

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If I was poor I would eat eggs. As it is I buy a dozen use 2 and trash the rest

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