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the true hangover solution
fatty breakfast cures btfo

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Miso soup is the hangover cure
Not the rice

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>ignores the main ingredient of the thread

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There's some weird memery going on with miso this week.
Umeboshi are pretty fucking great, though.

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water fixes hangovers.
only water.

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Fuck slanteyes. What truly cures a hangover is a kebabburger from hesbburger. Also stop shilling your shit

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>from hesburger

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>t. 300 lbs

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pickles and pickle juice is good, that and saltines.
If one pukes up pickles then it doesn't taste so bad but the pickle juice sort of settles in.

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... cold thin apple slices also.

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Bun Bo Hue

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literally nothing can cure a hangover except giving yourself a saline infusion.

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It's more about easing symptoms than an actual cure.
Eggs are good before and after drinking because supposedly they have a chemical in them that helps your liver process booze.

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Somehow I doubt a dried apricot and craisins on rice will do anything for a hangover.

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just thinking of eating umeboshi straight up when hungover makes me want to puke. perhaps that's the point, you might feel better after throwing up.

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>pass out drunk at 2 a.m.
>wake up at 4:30 a.m.
>proceed to drink a half gallon of milk
>wake up at 8:30 a.m.
>no hangover
Feels good man

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I've done that a fair few times, but milk does not cure it, only water can do that.

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Water and sleep

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It’s a pickled plum

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Better than snotty natto

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milk is like 87% water

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How could you even eat that?
I can never handle rice when I'm hungover, something about the starch


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Didn't you just shill a kebabburger from hesbburger?

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How to dodge a hangover:
Tons of water
Big greasy breakfast, even if you don't feel like it
Cold shower

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Your hangovers can't be that bad if it is not a deterrent to getting drunk in the first place.

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*coconut water

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>An authentic component of BBH is cubes of congealed pork blood. You coagulate it by sitting fresh blood in a container, then boiling with salt to solidify it. It’s kinda dense, slightly chewy and holds its shape when bitten.

No thanks you subhuman gook.

"On a recent episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain dishes on what he needs in a romantic partner: “I would definitely bring a date for [bun bo hue]. Because if she doesn’t like this, there’s no hope of a relationship. If she said, ‘Oh, I don’t know, there’s blood and stuff in there,’ that would be a relationship-ender to me. I’m not kidding.”

Commie Jew bourdain seemed to love it though.

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I did but I did it because it works and because it is the product of the masterful western cuisine

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I'm a picky eater, but I had pork blood on a stick more than a few times in Taiwan.
Hardly the best food in the world, but for a quick snack it was alright, really filling and chewy like toffee.

If you think consuming the blood of an animal you already consume imbues some sort of impurity on you, your loss.

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Pic related.

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Bacon and egg sandwich. Simple as.

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No man, just water.
Rest is just marketing noise.

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WTF is that? Rats and cats made into wafers?

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Steamed pork's blood and sticky rice covered in peanut powder.

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Soylent brown wafers?

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I'd try it, it doesn't look good from the picture but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like it. That's the point of trying stuff out.

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>promotes eating blood
sure, buddy

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weeb fag

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>Pickled plum
Really ought to get my hands on some one of these days to see what the deal is.

Probably 1 dude got assmad about getting BTFO in a thread or something and spammed BS and then other people did because that's what the LCD thinks the internet is all about.

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>getting drunk like a retarded middle schooler
grow up.

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I slice a tomato in half, fry face down, flip that up, cover in pesto and mozz

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>I'm afraid of eating animal blood
low test

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People get wasted to recapture the feeling of being a retarded middle schooler, not the other way around.

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Your mom is a creampie whore.

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THIS. Egg, bacon, hash browns, toast. Corned beef hash, depending on the fuckery you got yourself into the previous night. Naturally, everything is subjective, but any time I have to deal with the choices I've made, give me a good, solid base layer. No coffee.

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there's adults here anon

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No, the actual hangover solution is electrolytes and water. Hangovers are severe dehydration AND electrolyte deficiency, the cure is water with sodium, potassium, and magnesium in it. Electrolytes are necessary for good body and brain function, and sodium also helps your body retain water which is helpful when you're dehydrated so your body can make the most of the water you're ingesting.
Follow this recipe for an actual hangover cure:
>Water - 1 Liter
>Potassium Chloride ("Nosalt") - 0.5 teaspoon
>Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) - 0.5 teaspoon
>Sodium Chloride (table salt, NON-iodized) - 0.25 teaspoon
>Magnesium Sulfate (food grade epsom salt, available in pharmacies) - 0.25 teaspoon
You can sub the baking soda for an equal amount of table salt, but it doesn't taste as good. Add a drop of sugar-free water flavoring if you're a total bitch. Non-iodized salt is best because I find when I'm consuming such concentrated quantities (as opposed to the smaller quantities used in salting food) the iodine content gives me headaches, determined after a lot of personal trial and error.

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dried worms and a deflated rubber ball on top of snow... bravo

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I gotta find somewhere local that sells umeboshi, lockdowns stopped me from exploring after moving

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nah just an alkie
tried lots of hangover cures and miso soup usually does it for me

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coconut water

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that in some ochazuke

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When I was in college, there's was a waffle house right outside of campus where all the students would go to for food at 3 am.

I was bored one time and autistically calculated the absolute cheapest meal on the menu. It turned out that it was actually cheaper to order things a la carte, than to get the "Meal Deal' that had all the items in it already.

And if you attempted to order them a la carte they'd try to charge you for their little 'meal deal'.

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hangover is really just glorified dehydration
gateorade (to replenish electrolytes) and any high protein food (to produce urine) is objectively the best hangover solution

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One thing I've noticed about restaurants in the USA compared to East Asia is that those in the USA find penny-pinching much less acceptable, though I'm surprised Waffle House would be like that.

Part of difference is the effort that staff in the US restaurants go to in order to serve you, while in East Asia many more restaurants will give you the diner treatment, even if it is a decent restaurant.

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>any high protein food (to produce urine)
More details on this? How does protein and urine aid in rehydration?

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Fuck. Your. Faggot. Weeb. Shit. Fags.

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>Drinking poison

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you get dehydrated because your body wants to expel metabolized ethanol through urine, and to make urine you need protein to make urea

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this shit is one of the grossest things I ever put in my mouth and I like to eat ass.

Not a picky eater at all, but that shit is off limits

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I've got a half-chub just looking at that image. I've also been drinking, full disclosure.

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Nonces OUT!