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Breakfast's ready /ck/ and plenty to go around!

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I thought that's one man's breakfast.

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It's a bit much for breakfast, but at lunchtime I wouldn't be sharing.

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>celebrating white "culture"
yowzers guys. we've got another mouth breather over here.

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shouldn't brits be dying of covid instead of polluting a cooking board with they grease trays?

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Pure lard typed this post.

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No thanks. I'd never trust some retard who eats beans and raw tomatoes for breakfast.

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Look at that mushroom abortion. Those barely grilled tomatoes. Positively defiled the black pudding.

No thanks anon, I'll just have a brew.

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you're a fussy little ponce aren't you

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5'11, 160lbs

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Breakfast is here my winners, dig in! theres plenty to go around

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why is every British food a pudding?
>yeah I'll have a full english, but without the black pudding, the mushroom pudding and the bean pudding - replace them with more tomato and sausage puddings please

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>2 out of 9 components
maths not your strong point huh?

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holy fuck that looks good. goddamnit I'm hungry and my fridge is near empty and the grocery stores are closed.

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You have meat on you.

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>mushroom pudding
nope, just fried mushrooms
>bean pudding
nope, just baked beans
>tomato and sausage pudding
nope, just fried tomatoes and regular sausages
Good thing you're obsessed with british pudding, because your mom has the british pudding their dicks inside her every night

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All American/Lumberjack breakfast is best breakfast. Fuck your beans and mushrooms.

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...you calling me fat?

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>English breakfast? Just meat, vegetables and bread? Hmm, something's missing

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Fuckin sunday morning with the family? Stack of flapjacks with butter and a bit of maple syrup, bacon, a couple eggs however you like em, a cup of fresh fruit, coffee and an orange juice.

Sit around with the family and take an hour to eat and chat. Then tell grandma to go relax, I'll do the dishes. Do dishes then go sit by myself in the backyard and enjoy a second cup of coffee and a cigarette.

This is a perfect fucking meal I tell ya. There's something wrong with anybody who wouldn't absolutely love this.

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You can enjoy a morning meal with your family without stuffing your fat face with dessert foods AS WELL AS bacon and eggs, fruit, coffee and cigs.

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>raw tomatoes
Those are, quite evidently, not raw.

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This, but unironically.

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>why is every British food a pudding?
Comes from French, probably. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pudding#Etymology

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Sure can and sure do. But it's SUNDAY. You're telling me you're on /ck/ and you don't like have yourself a bit of a feast every once in a while? It's actually good for ya, especially in good company. If you leave off the maple syrup I doubt it's more caloric intake than a full english. And yeah, I like to have a smoke here and there. Sue me.

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>dessert food
Pancakes are a breakfast food, you retarded faggot.

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he said flapjacks faggot

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I'm saying you could cook up a leg.

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even I think the combo of adding pancakes is gross. like if you go to denny's or whatever all the breakfast combos come with pancakes and it's just like why lmao

but I do like blueberry pancakes like my pep-pep used to make

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i haven't been following this thread but you type like a faggot

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flapjacks are another word for pancakes, fuckwit.

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Tomorrow for breakfast I'm gonna have a flapjack with bacon eggs and baked beans. It better be good.

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only if you're retarded
besides 'dessert food' and 'breakfast food' aren't mutually exclusive groups. Pancakes are both. And if you're having bacon and eggs already, there's no reason to add a dessert food to that breakfast.

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tf is that? and yeah, i bet it will be anon.

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It's carbs. Toast with butter and a bit of jam or pancakes with butter and jam/honey/syrup? It's a little sweeter, that's why it's a treat. But it's not dessert. Dessert is a sweet thing you have after the main meal, usually dinner.

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It's a flapjack you mong what's it look like?

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>Dessert is a sweet thing you have after the main meal, usually dinner.
yes. Which could include flapjacks, or pancakes, or even toast with jam at a pinch. Dessert foods, and breakfast foods.

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next you're gonna tell me bacon is a thick round piece of ham, and not some delicious crispy strip.

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You're one of these odd types who called egg mayonnaise a salad aren't you..

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is back bacon or streaky bacon more common in the UK

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Back bacon. I never see streaky bacon outside of American style burgers.

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don't get me started on the things you're willing to call pudding.

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what kind of savage eats the fat?

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streaky bacon is cheaper than proper back bacon,
some people even prefer streaky, but you'd never be served it at a cafe in my experience.

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pudding is also what we call the dessert course.

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What's the difference between an irish breakfast and an english breakfast? A little bit of whiskey on the side?

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The type of toast is the main thing: Irish breakfast usually has brown soda bread instead of white pan
Irish breakfast, unsurprisingly, is also more likely to have potato-based parts in general

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They're pretty much exactly the same except the bread is different.

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so it's... better?

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it's a matter of taste
people also say that black/white pudding is more common in Irish than english breakfast but I've never seen it absent in either

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black pudding is getting less common in English cafes, and i've actually never seen white pudding, not even once.

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Back bacon
We only use streaky bacon to make pigs in blankets (bacon wrapped chipolatas) at christmas

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Wow, guess I was wrong, white pudding is if anything more common here than black

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With an english breakfast you are hungover, if its an irish breakfast you are already drunk

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Yeah well ive always thought white pudding is irish and black is english so that makes sense

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imagine getting hungover ever lmao
couldn't be me

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As the saying goes: "Eat breakfast like the Emperor, Lunch like a Prince, and Dinner like a pauper" I'd eat that whole goddamn plate with gusto since it'd give me the energy I need to get through the day.

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are kippers a common part of breakfast in the UK?

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This makes sense. The english are pussies.

>"I'm not an alcoholic I'm a pintman!"
I could probably do thirty in a day. Well... maybe.

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You're quite blind, those tomatoes have obviously been roasted or broiled.

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yeah, but mainly in Scotland

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yeah england is a lot blacker than Ireland these days so makes sense

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I could handle the alcohol in this but the sheer about of liquid is just insane. Do these brave soldiers just fucking sit on the can and have the pints brought to them?

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their pm is a gay indian

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look at the magnificent bastard's gut? i'll bet their bladders swell up to compensate. Also that's in a day... Say sixteen hours? That's less then two pints an hours. Easy.

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The beans alone are heavy enough, but there is just so much fried stuff I would never be able to finish this plate.

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They were in england when i was growing up in the late 80s early 90s
Not anymore, i dont even see them in shops

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Ulster fry >>>>>>>>> English fry

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wow the projected map of ireland matches the current day map of the UK

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Implying our fenian cousins arent literally just pale negros

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it's basically identical aside from the bread used

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I'm inclined to agree but your picture does not help your case

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I imagine you have to wake up hungry. Anyone that has ever done manual labor knows what I mean.

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too dry looking. where's the fucking beans?

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also no beans, which is an upgrade imo, beans dont belong with egg

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fucking albania man

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Thats not even real bacon
Just stop posting

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>no baked beans
disgusting savages

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american style bacon >>>>>>>>>> br*tish style "bacon"

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I just love the side of watery undercooked cold mushrooms

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Depending on the circumstances I could put all that down in like twenty to thirty minutes. And then wash it down with another guinness and a shot of jameson. fuck yeah.

God damnit I'm still really hungry...

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how bout this pic?

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Those both look like shit. One's undercooked and chewy, the other's overcooked and crunchy.

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One of those is meat. The other is a slice of fat. Only an Amerilard would choose the fat.

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No plates in Ulster?

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Both of those are found in every bacon section in every supermarket in the UK.The top one is a piece of centre-loin back bacon, the bottom is a piece of streaky bacon, probably from closer to the sirloin end.

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traditionally you eat it from the pan it was fried in :)

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>no beans
>turkey bacon
>chicken sausage
This could turn it into a healthy meal, yeah?

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All of that looks burnt like it was nailed with a blow torch.

>> No.14129266

Blow torch or a flame thrower.

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>This could turn it into a healthy meal, yeah?

There's no need to go those lengths. British style baked beans are not that high in sugar (and if you really care, low sugar versions exist), and just grill normal bacon & sausages on a rack instead of frying it.

The unhealthiest things in a full English are really fried bread, closely followed by fried eggs. Leave those off and you've got a high protein, low carb meal.

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what are the black discs? look iffy.

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>what are the black discs? look iffy.

Why does some fuck have to ask this question in every fucking thread? It's black pudding.

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blood pudding

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I can get having pancakes or waffles with syrup instead of having sugar elsewhere as the two are inherently lunch or breakfast foods, but whipped cream is just nonsense.

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>Circlejerking English breakfast

Why no love for eggs benedict with delicious hollandaise sauce?
That shit is my weakness

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What's wrong with an egg in some butter? Cooking the dish in rendered bacon fat can't be much different in calories than cooking the dish in butter or vegetable oil.

>> No.14129337

Eggs benedict & eggs florentine are awesome, but they're nothing at all like a full English.

>> No.14129343

literally wash up water

>> No.14129353

>What's wrong with an egg in some butter?

The fat in the egg, mostly. If you're looking for "healthy" then eggs aren't it.

>> No.14129354

yeah you need to actually know how to cook something

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lol look at you actually attempting to dick-wave over a béchamel sauce.

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>he thinks you put a béchamel on eggs benedict

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lol look at your actually attempting to dick-wave over a bavaroise sauce.

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The fuck do you mean pudding, faggot? That shit is a DISC.

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lol look at you actually attempting to dick-wave over a velouté.

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>haha I was only pretending to be retarded

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it's a few slices off a larger pudding

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just found out our bacon isn't real

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You can't slice things anon, everybody knows that!

>> No.14129474

>slices off a larger pudding
After this thread I no longer have any concept of what pudding is.

>> No.14129478

>can't imagine not eating the whole thing in one sitting
__ _________ ______?

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Don't know about you but I can go four or five pints before needing a piss.

>> No.14129507

Aye, grand. Well that clears that up then.

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>no vegetables

>> No.14129523

>we gave anglos blessed boudin and they whipped up that horrendous black pudding

>> No.14129578

> soda farls
This is Irish, not Ulster. No Ulsterman would ever consider fucking Irish bread an Ulster ‘tradition’.

>> No.14129616

>this bong autist is shilling his shitty breakfast again

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its sad that the only redeeming quality of your cuisine is ypur breakfast

>> No.14129683

pork belly is much better than just typical ham

>> No.14129700

Any food that isn’t in pudding form will break their teeth off

>> No.14129831

Plates are for Catholics

>> No.14130050

>what are potates
>what are tomatoes
>what are beans

>> No.14130633

ok nerd

>> No.14131053

>bawww my country is shit and i can only get relief by bitching about the country that pays for my national defense

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just want the caff to open lads

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Step aside eurofags and bongs, Big Dick Southern Biscuits and Gravy Master Race coming through.

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I've been wanting to try black pudding for years, but I'm American. Any good online vendors?

>> No.14132576

>I thought that's one man's breakfast.
Not british, but I would definitly eat the whole plate, possibly would still be hungry afterwards.

>> No.14132614

nice troll pic lol

>> No.14132616

South american here, we got both of these here and eat them both, sometimes in the same meal.

>> No.14132620

Fuck me. What is this white looking jizz stuff? Seriously. What does this taste like?

>> No.14132624

No matter your political opinions I think this was great

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>> No.14132632

why cum of course

>> No.14132654

I prefer british style and I'm an American

>> No.14132677

It's called country gravy. It's just a bechamel with some black pepper that's made with bacon/sausage grease instead of butter.

>> No.14132866

streaky/american style bacon is from the belly, same as pancetta

>> No.14132915

Imagine being this wrong.

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>It's just a bechamel with some black pepper
Yeah that's a big no cuz.

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What if we ended the British-American Bacon War and just concluded that pork is delicious and adopt Australian style which essentially combines both?

>> No.14133257

Would love to try that some day, but it is unlikely I will ever travel to the UK and doubt I could find all the ingredients.

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British style already combines both, that's just a bigger cut.