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Popeyes or KFC ?

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Popeyes, the fuck? KFC is like the nintendo of Popeyes, CFA, and KFC. As in they're the trash that only black people like, while actual refined people prefer the other two.

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Neither, they're both greasy and incredibly unhealthy. I'll just grill my own chicken.

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>I'll just grill my own chicken.
>going out
>buying chicken
>drive back
>cook the chicken
sure once a month

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the fuck are you talking about nigger?

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name a more based man in the gaming industry I'll wait

I believe in the unreal 5 demo but I have this concern of the filesize being too big if you try to make a game as detailed as that demo was, like doesn't one of those assets take tons of space on your hard drive?

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Popeyes over KFC, no question
I've never had a bad meal from Popeyes, despite it's black workers. Meanwhile the KFC with all the white crackheads fucks my order up, it's soggy and disappointing.

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For me, its Church's Chicken.

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reminder when you work at epic, you can just call him and he lets you chill in his house

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Raising Canes

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Where the fuck do you live to have white people work in kfc. In new jersey spics work in kfc

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>Hanging with my black friends playing fighting games
>Me and my white friends playing DnD

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God I hate social media and any kind of celebrity obsession/worship.

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>he doesn't have a chicken coop

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>not making your own chicken

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>not just cooking up a tasty chicken breast and some vegetables

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>get corona virus
>go to his house
>coof all over him
>he dies
>gaming gets to live in a zombie-like state for just a little longer
i want to work at epic

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Do Americans really?

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anyone got any of those uncle tim dog edits?

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I want to see more CEO climb trees randomly

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Neither has anything worth visiting for except Popeye's chicken sandwich.

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Yeah going grocery shopping once every week or two weeks and cooking it altogether in one 30 minute sitting sure is a hassle as opposed to making a 30 minute trip every night just to go get some artery clogging """chicken""" aka mystery meat prepared by some high school dropout scratching his nuts while handling your mystery me- I mean chicken.

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you could just dm him on twitter for a house tour, he answers for sure

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If you can't pa to eat this regularly you should find another hobby.

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I have never tried Popeyes, but KFC is diarrhea inducing vomit """food"""
I'll say Popeyes

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How I greater than post?

I try using it to make the text green like yall but >it never works, hope fully it works this time but it would make me look kinda silly

How do I do it right. >

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I never understood the hype behind the chicken sandwich. I'm convinced it was some mass psyop to see who is able to be easily influenced by media.

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this guy is based, he bought me a copy of gta 5.
i'll defend this bald nigga anytime

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Roast your sprouts before simmering them in chicken stock, then reduce. Come on, dude.

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You can feel the bland emanating from this photo. Why do wypipo not like flavor in their food?

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Popeyes is for black people

KFC is for white people.

You make the choice. Based Popeyes or bland Kfc

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wtf is wrong with your chicken? Was it frozen or something? sous vide?

How the fuck do you retards eat such bland shit? You didn't even sear the skin. Looks like something a fucking robot who saw someone cook chicken would make.

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yeah brussels sprouts and parsnips so what

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For me it's Royal Farms

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Chik Fil A

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Is that the world's smallest chicken or the world's largest fork?

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>he dies
>tencent takes over valve

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wtf there's this entire kfc and black people meme what in the actual fuck

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>puts a steak on a slice of bread

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It might be the best fast food fried chicken sandwich on the market but yeah, it's still just a chicken sandwich. The hype was pretty fucking unreal.

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>you can see the seasoning on the fucking chicken
>shitskin still begins making monkey noises about muh seasoning

Why are all black people so incredibly dumb?

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Meh. I bet any sandwich, when stuffed with enough bacon, probably taste just as good if not better.

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Both are for black people and white trash.

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kfc in america is disgusting
kfc in europe is great
never tried japanese kfc but ive heard good things from a friend.

yes they actually taste different, very different

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Their stuff is alright but it's way too fucking expensive for the quality. It's stadium food at stadium prices but in your own neighborhood.

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come one I was after disgusting american stuff not just some overpriced tonkatsu

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White people love kfc and black people like Popeyes. Kfc tastes like shit.

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Neither. I grab my gun and go to the nigger section of my town. I give them credit on making chicken.

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>Popeyes or KFC ?

also posting in a consoomer thread

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>wagyu katsu sando
Doesn't katsu mean "ass"?

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Kfc in Europe is shit. They don't even actually have real southern sides

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perhaps this chicken alfredo is more your tempo

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Was anyone else surprised to hear he has a nerdy voice? I expected a more generic businessman type voice.

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Not him but where I live both Popeye's and KFC are 95% white.

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>more boiled chicken

What is your alfredo recipe? 1:1 water to water?

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Good thing it wasn't CfA. He'd be getting called a nazi right now.

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For me? it's Dairy Queen.

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KFC turned to shit when they started using Tyson chicken Popeyed is way better

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the batter on almost every item tastes better in europe

>> No.14117063

this but unironically

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My sister always pesters me to take her to Burger King.
When we do all nighters we usually eat pizza, burgers or doritos. With sprite of course

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it only works if it's at the beginning of a line. it's from old chat clients that worked kind of like your windows command line, so it only works if you do it to a whole line of text

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That alfredo looks like shit

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tim is actually just like us though. you can really tell any time he talks that he'd rather be at home in his basement programming

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>Feelgood food or Feelgood food?
fuck american hours

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>my sister
>we do all nighters

>> No.14117071

Is your sister hot?

>> No.14117072

this comes up inevitably in every thread where fat americans are discussed

no, pointing out mexicans are fat too does not invalidate the previous statement

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>he ACTUALLY lives in a shitty state without Zaxby's
Laughing at your life. No other """"""fast food""""" compares.

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>men live in apartments like this and see no problem

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Popeyes is so much better. So much in fact that i'm suprised KFC can do business in areas where Popeyes chains exist.

>> No.14117076

>eating fast food
Better to starve than put that trash into your body

>> No.14117077

so we are just not going to post ja/ck/ or something?

>> No.14117078

>Not Chick-fil-A
I knew Tim Sweeney fucking sucked.

>> No.14117079

Easy Pasta with Tomato cherry sauce
works everytime.

>> No.14117080

yeah it is but they have pretty good variety
their potatoes are good and they get you with the prices because convenience because you're already probably getting gas so "mind as well"

>> No.14117081

>sips hawaiian punch bag

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bruh. right there with you.

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Every meal there is like 1500 calories with just the sandwich and fries. What the fuck anon, that's like the only thing you're allowed to eat all day with like a can of tuna and crackers or something if you don't want to gain weight unless you work out actively which I know for a fucking fact that you don't.

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Now I am going to go to Zaxby's. Their chicken fingers with the sauce is good.

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>Every meal there is like 1500 calories

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age of sister?

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At least once a week we pick a random game and we play it till the end.
So far we loved Resident Evil 5, 6, Earth Defense Force 4.1, Bloodknights, Sonic Racing Transformed and a few others.
Dragon's Dogma was amazing, we wished it had coop. I designed my mandatory loli pawn after her. Loved picking her up, since then I started picking her up irl and she gets extra mad

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>CEO of big company
>live in a mansion tier house
>live alone

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not bad at all.

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I don't like accordion fries.

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>Frozen, condense, dry chicken
>Terrible soggy fries
No thanks, I'm a man of taste.

>> No.14117097

I never got the retards idea to mix fruits and chicken The texture and flavor of the chicken doesn't even mix well with it.

>> No.14117098

>soggy fries
Takeoutlet detected. Try sitting down and eating there for a change.

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>> No.14117100

What the fuck am i even watching

>> No.14117101

Mexicans eat like poor stoners.

>> No.14117102

Fuckin Spics

>> No.14117103

i'd eat it

>> No.14117104

How many of you eat fast food on a daily basis?

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I grill my own chicken most the time. But what about when you are drink at 2am my guy?

>> No.14117107

Lemon pairs pretty well with chicken. Orange can be OK but it depends on how it is done.

What Bob did? Pure shit.

>> No.14117108

>mind as well
>gas station chicken
makes sense

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Personally, I just like Popeyes for the chicken sandwich.
Cane's is second best though
Dude the secret to Cane's takeout is not to leave the styrofoam container in the plastic bag. The steam just gets trapped inside.

>> No.14117110

Popeyes is better even if it feels weird being the only white guy there

>> No.14117111

if you eat this, off urself

>> No.14117112

I don't hate myself enough to drink.

>> No.14117113

Why does Tim look like he lives in a shitty run down home? billionaire should have a nicer attic. what is up with all these executives showing of poorfag homes?

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>Game have the perfect artstyle
>Gameplay it's lacking
what games do this?

>> No.14117115

>white “”””people””””

>> No.14117116

Ever since the covid meme started because my Mcdonald's started offering free 6 pc mcnuggies every day on their app.

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>> No.14117118

can i use leftover jarred pickled jalapeno juice to marinate chicken breasts?

>> No.14117119

I've never had orange chicken that did not taste like shit and it was mostly because the orange zest and tang did not go well at all with the skin and meat.

>> No.14117120

>soggy crisps

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>Moved to /ck/
Whatever mods

>> No.14117126

what kind of autism do you have that you don't understand basic concepts like fast food and alcohol.

>> No.14117127

it's not even that much to begin with you retard

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Free nuggies?? You have just been am invaluable help to me anon. May your day be blessed with love, happiness and health.

>> No.14117132

I switched to popeyes after the Chick Fil A staff started becoming passive aggressive and sometimes down right hostile to me after I came out as trans. The Popeyes Chicken sandwich is honestly better, I'm almost glad their rudeness forced me to see the light. Plus it isn't like $10 for a meal there.

>> No.14117136

>newfag mods are at it again.
Also while I'm here

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We /ck/ now boys

>> No.14117144

>crispy soggs

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Hi /v/eddit be sure to fuck off back to your home board and stay there after you're done in this thread! Thanks!

>> No.14117151

... The stock. Reduce the stock. As in, simmer until a lot of the liquid evaporates. Are you dense?

>> No.14117165

god I wish that was me

>> No.14117167

>that nigga just slurping down egg after egg
Gotta bulk bruh

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>bideo gaymes!
fuck off, soys

>> No.14117176

Zaxby's has too much "seasoning", it's just salty as hell, and those fries are always limp. I'll still destroy a kickin chicken

Cane's is the opposite, too little seasoning. The chicken tastes good overall, and that sauce really comes through, but it could be better.

>> No.14117180

no problem dude, hope your mcdonald's is doing the same thing as mine.

>> No.14117183

Billionaires don't need to show off to feel secure like poorfags with spending money do. I see so many people caught in a spiral of debt just to keep up appearances. Most of the luxury cars you see on the road are leases that the person will never actually own.

>> No.14117187

Popeye's has the best tendies in the game.
KFC used to be my favorite chicken place but they're not very good anymore. The chicken's oversalted, the mashed potatoes are clearly instant microwave shit and the biscuits are always fucking rocks.

>> No.14117202

I'd agree with you on principal. Except Tim Collects cars and having a nice house is probably one of the most logical uses of money.

>> No.14117207

what is that?
Scallions and onions?

>> No.14117211

You're definitely autistic. As in bona fide autism, not meme autism.

>> No.14117215

>not making your own chicken tendies with a mix of flour, breadcrumbs, cajun, chili powder, paprika and black pepper with a beaten egg as an attaching agent
Things I will never understand

>> No.14117222

>gamer fuel thread
>not /v/

>> No.14117229


KFC is garbage now. Any time a place has to resort to garbage gimmicks (donuts? really?), you know they're dead in the water. CFA basically own the tendie/sandwich game, Popeyes owns the rest, and KFC is desperately trying to come up with literally anything to save face.

>> No.14117232

Mods are humongulous faggarinos, surprise.

>> No.14117242

I can't get enough chicken, I'll have the inferior fast food tendies on my lunch break and homemade tendies after I'm home.

>> No.14117244

same here but I have a cousin who his own chickens and he gives me one every time he slaughters some of them

>> No.14117279

That sandwich was such a disappointment. Even places that have no business making chicken sandwiches do a better job. I didn't even much buy into the hype and I was let down.

>> No.14117287

Cfa's tendies suck ass

>> No.14117452

Popeyes for sandwiches and combo meals, overall higher quality, but higher price.

KFC for famous bowls and value menu. Buffalo chicken littles are dank.

>> No.14117458

Popeyes 100000000000%
KFC put so much salt in their "herbs & spices" that it's nearly inedible now

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>le bacon
bottom of the barrel garbage
ill take any spicy cured meat

>> No.14117570

KFC is for gamers, Popeyes doesn't carry mountain dew.

>> No.14117839


>> No.14117851

>toasted bread

I can already feel the roof of my mouth getting absolutely shredded

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>> No.14118304

do they ever build popeyes in white suburbs? I don't mean to meme but it's such a glaring flaw where I live. We have a street with like 50 fast food places but not popeyes

only had it once but it was way better than KFC, that's for sure. KFC is trash. and it looks better in all the pics I see

>> No.14119826

did fucking pour juice on it at the end?? what the fuck

>> No.14120061

Doritoes and Mountain Dew for memes.
For reals, i prefer varied dried or roast nuts and some redbulls.

>> No.14120103

Popeyes > CFA >>>>> KFC

Always wanted to try PDQ but none of the locations are close to me.

>> No.14120242

What is wrong with wh*tes?

>> No.14120257

It's painful senpai don't know if ill make it

>> No.14120270

Nigger chicken vs. Nigger Chicken

They are both terrible.

>> No.14120325

I just can't get enough of the plasma ball sitting there on the floor of the nearly empty room.

>> No.14120357

LMFAO... Its especially funny because there is *literally* no nutritional value in that entire styrofoam case. You would be better off eating cardboard, provided you dont need the calories(and odds are the person ordering this isnt dealing with an absence of calories in their diet)

>> No.14120364

That's most Mexican food in a nutshell.

>> No.14120370

>My sister
Tell me more

>> No.14120411

>roast your sprouts before
Wanna know how I know you’re a cooklet?

>> No.14120442

Oh shut the fuck up. Live it to 4chan to make something nasty and cynical out of something nice and wholesome.

>> No.14120480

Unironically Jet Set Radio

>> No.14120607

Doesn't that fat retard had the beetus?

>> No.14120625

You know most black people are pretty harmless unless you start fucking around with gangs.

>> No.14121706

yeah but that doesn't stop him from being selected to be sent to mars and start a new population among intellectual people

>> No.14121811

are you fucking stupid?

>> No.14121944
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>Doesn't katsu mean "ass"?
katsu means fried meat cutlet

>> No.14122821


>> No.14122836

correction: kfc run by whites is d1, those are just so rare in the US you almost never see them

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