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It's Breakfast Time /ck/, dig in!

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Fuck off with your english pile of shit breakfast, that shit is disgusting

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Fucking neck yourself, twat.

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It would seem our superiority has caused some controversy.

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>not eating the true full English breakfast


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let's be dead serious for a moment
ham, eggs, beans and toast are all fine and in one form or another part of a lot of breakfasts
having a warm breakfast is also not a problem
the tomatoes are just an issue of wrong preparation but since they are mostly warm and watery this is okay
sausages and black pudding are are variations of meat, which is again, actually fine in a lot of breakfasts

but what I absolutely do not get and will never get and will always find repulsive are the mushrooms
what kind of destroyed intestine can literally stomach eating slimy brown mushrooms as one of the first things in the morning? mushrooms are hard to prepare properly and work in very few dishes and with very few ingredients and you guys just slap them into a pan and call it a day
their taste does not go well with anything on that plate
you did not even bother to add any herbs to fake freshness
you just gulp that slimy brown shit down because of some retarded sense of cultural pride in your shitty non-cuisine
and the worst thing about you is that whenever someone expresses disgust for your people you start some jolly giggling and imitate either the lowest or the highest of your classes because you have no dignity inside you and thus can not feel shame
you are basically retards who laugh when they get spit on

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that egg has a weird picture on it how did they do that? is it like when you put fish in a newspaper?

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why are nonces who eat weetabix such rude cunts?

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probably added digitaly

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>milk in coffee
>overcooked eggs
>greasy AF blood sausage
>english tomato
>sugary beans
>mystery meat sausages
>general slop'o'grease

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get help

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>t. never experienced a full english

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it's too easy

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Beans are gross

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those eggs are undercooked if anytthing
beans aren't too sugary in the uk

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>hard to prepare properly

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It's bacon you fanny

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I’m eating weisswurst with sriracha

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u fucking wot m8 say that to my face

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>overcooked eggs
Looks like a perfectly cooked white and a runny yolk.

>greasy AF blood sausage
Black pudding is dry. It's literally the opposite of greasy.

>english tomato
What's an English tomato? One that wears Burberry?

>sugary beans
British baked beans are not sugary.

>mystery meat sausages
Pork or pork and beef. No mystery.

Why do fags like you pretend to have an opinion on something you've so obviously never even tried, anyway? Is it some pathological thing? Get help.

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british food is really a joke
bunch of burnt grease with no attention to the quality of products or proper cooking
no wonder their national dish is a fucking toast sandwich

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UK beans have like half the sugar of US ones, some have no added sugar at all.

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you're fucking seething lad haha

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>quality of products

How can you tell from a picture? What other superpowers do you have?

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Imagine believing this.

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>posting pics of other people breakfasts
food cuck lol
I can tell you're gay

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I only like it dry with butter or cheese

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Imagine being this assblasted by some pictures of food.

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Beans, are gross.

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you're outraged over pictures of delicious food, fucking state of you lad, get help

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hmmm what are the potato rosti things? what the bread things with chopped up stuff packed on top?

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Ah yes, its britbong shitposting hours

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The ones at the back just look like rostis irbhash brown type things. The ones in front kinda look like potato cakes and white pudding just stacked alternately. No idea what those round things in front of the eggs are.

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lmao wtf is wrong with you haha

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No wonder br*ts are almost as fat as americans

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says it all really

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Actually looks pretty decent all round. Even got fried bread. 'Hash browns' or whatever that potato looking thing is has to go, though. Absolutely nope.

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i get cranky too if i don't have a proper breakfast

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Why the fuck is a tomato randomly included? That belongs in an omelette.

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Potato stuff is fried leftovers, usually potato, cabbage etc from the night before. The stuff below it is white pudding, it's a type of sausage popular up North and in Scotland, pork offal and malt/barley with spices. It's like black pudding (stuff on the left) but without the blood.

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This is not proper.

> tinned tomatoes
> fucking... I don't know what those triangle things are that have obviously come straight from the frozen section at Iceland
> too much fucking toast and no fried bread at all
> ridiculous ratios - a few spoons of beans and endless fucking toast being just one example
> bacon looks ok, but should not have blackened bits
> those are not sausages - they're some kind of fucking horrible cheap chipolata or something

All in all, 1/10. Would not eat.

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>refried old shit from 2 days ago
hmmmmmm delicious

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the height of british "cuisine" is a platter of grease and sadness. pathetic

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Wow manly as fuck bro, really the alpha male breakfast

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What are those burned waffel looking things?

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White pudding is not Northern. It's Irish. We also don't do "fried leftovers" for a fry-up, either. You're obviously Irish or something.

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You need something a little watery and fresh tasting to cut through the rest. Just cleanse the palate.

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Nah that's the Greggs mate.

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don't worry we do a vegan version for poofs like you

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>the night before
>2 days ago

How do you not even understand how time works?

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congealed misery, a british classic

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Not too shabby, but the fuck with the American-type bacon. Also, did the toaster break or something? That's just really fucking poor.

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americans lad, fucking thick as pig shit

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>White pudding is not Northern. It's Irish. We also don't do "fried leftovers" for a fry-up, either. You're obviously Irish or something
White pud is just as Scottish as it is Irish and they eat it in the far north. Bubble and squeak I admit I've never had but I just happened to know what it is. I'm English for the reference.

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You do realize its simply a less crowded version of the other slop of grease?

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Brits are so dumb, no wonder we won our revolution so easily. brits eternally butthurt and btfo'd

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and they called american fat?
look at how much foods there are

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just want the cafes to open again

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White pudding is Irish. That is a fact. I can assure you, also as a fact, that white pudding is not included in any northern fry up. You may come across it randomly because some cunt is Irish or there's an Irish cook or whatever, but it is not part of an English fry up. The fact you don't know this, tells me you are not English, either.

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There isn't much meat on there though, 90% of it is starch

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Don't get mad just because you forgot how time works.

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Oh, and bubble and squeak is not traditional to a fry-up, either. Fry-ups, by definition, are caff standard, not what you randomly chuck together along with your morning egg and toast.

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Points deducted for poor bangers, and no fried bread.

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Is this sodium and burnt fat platter general?

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With all the greasy shit like pic related that yanks eat every day you'd think they'd love to try a proper fry up

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delusion general

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Scoff all you like, but he's the type we've sent out front on every battlefield since Trafalgar. Eats hard, fucks even harder, drinks like a bull, fights like a tiger. Built the British Empire. Cry more.

>> No.14104630

Typical Road Chef or whatever meagre offerings where you have to fucking itemise it all. I'd have ordered at least two extra sausages, and that tomato looks miserable. If they'd brought that out to me like that, I would've said something. Toast is terrible, too. Bacon's ok. Egg needs another.

>> No.14104634

B-but it's a showcase of magnificent british food!

>> No.14104637

I come from a food country and I can say with authority that the full english breakfast is the best breakfast.

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>food country
lmao my sides

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Noooo! Please stop mocking me, food is very important to us in Food Country.

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Says you. A full English is always eaten in a combination of mouthfuls. Bacon and egg go together. You eat the bangers on their own. Mushrooms go with the tomato to cut through the heaviness otherwise. Beans on their own. Fried bread with either the egg or beans on, or just its own. A true English doesn't have either black pudding (this is a recent piece of shit introduced by hotels to fill up the plate), or fucking 'hash browns'. Both of those are pure interlopers and recent abominations. What it SHOULD have, however, are chips if it's a proper caff fry-up as well. Mushrooms should be fried and are obligatory in all events. And no, we should not put fucking 'erbs on them, either, you mincing nancy.

The more you know.

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I used to live in Not Food Country and let me tell you, it blew my mind when I visited Food Country for the first time.

>> No.14104652

what's your food country?

>> No.14104657

Poor tomato. Egg needs two. Fucking 'hash browns' again! Bangers look good. Bacon ditto. Mushrooms are horrible canned shit that I wouldn't even touch. All in all, 5/10 would eat but would not leave tip.

>> No.14104671

Yes, bacon – ten on ten, button mushrooms – bingo, black pudding – snap, erm, minor criticism, more distance between the eggs and the beans. I may want to mix them, but I want that to be my decision. Use a sausage as a breakwater. But I’m nit-picking, on the whole a very good effort, seven on ten, let’s make love.

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Back of the net!

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This is an All-Day Breakfast thread now

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Jesus Chroist

>> No.14105753

why is it always the same slop of grease? any variations?

>> No.14105885

> variations
Why would it? Do you accept 'variations' on your stupid American marinara sauces or whatever?

>> No.14105942

>only burgers dislike bong """""food""""
you're implying too much lurk moar

>> No.14106042


Thats what you tasteless monkeys think is good right? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

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>getting mad over food

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The only thing you're wrong about is the bacon, a lil bit of char provides an extra flavour dimension. You're right about the rest though, especially the sausages, they're some garbage reformed meat brand like Richmonds. Looks like a cheapass greasy spoon breakfast, fine for the working class though.

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>americans commenting about sugar in food

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have you ever tired it tho?

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Char is one thing (and I'm not disagreeing with you), but that just looks like a dirty fucking pan to me.

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beer for brekkie tho

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It definitely was fried in a dirty pan, they're called greasy spoons for a reason. Still say that bacon looks fine to me though, I wouldn't turn my nose up at it.

>> No.14106120

>everybody is an american reeeeeeeeeeeeee
fuck burgers are right when they say brits are still obsessed with them

>> No.14106127

the toast sandwich or the platter of congealed grease

>> No.14106138

Alright, fine. I'll concede that I'd probably take the bacon (all of it), bung it on a slice of toast along with one of those overcooked eggs (the others look too fucking gash), slam a bunch of HP on it, then another slice of toast. But that's it. Everything else can get to fuck, including those miserable-looking 'sausages'.

>> No.14106162

>fine for the working class though.
the working class deserves better than tinned tomatoes, frozen mystery triangles and overcrowding with fucking toasts to give the illusion of a mountain of food. It's the kind of lower standards that drags anglo food down. Same with Germans btw.

>> No.14106164

Checked. I agree 100%.

>> No.14106168

You would if it was your local builders caff and after 1pm when you got up and wanted to get over your hangover and this is the only cure on earth, sure. Are you gay? Or French? I realise they're both effectively the same thing, so no need to actually reply.

>> No.14106174

Based, now you're getting it. Incidentally, ever tried a bacon sandwich with goats butter on the bread instead of cows? Adds a whole new dimension of richness even if goat butter can be kinda pricey

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Deserve better? Absolutely. Afford better? Want better? Sadly not a lot of the time.
Based, fuck the fr*nch

>> No.14106214

>Want better?
Sad but true, limeys don't even know they could have real food instead of greasy sodium

>> No.14106250


You know i used to think this breakfast was excessive, but it is just a bunch small portions piled onto a plate. I've eaten more at diners.

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Nice, finally something appetizing in this thread
Thank you spanishbro for saving us from those fucking bongoloids

>> No.14106342

You are so mad with this whole grease thing aren't you?

>> No.14106393

>getting mad about some random norfman's clogged arteries

>> No.14106398

>no spice
>at all
yawn. european cuisine ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.14106410

this looks good desu

>> No.14106415

Good cuisine doesn't need tons of spices, British cuisine is total shit though.

>> No.14106423


Get this hipster healthy bullshit out of here

>> No.14106429

Go die of a heart attack you mordbidly obese piece of shit, no woman will ever fuck you

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>tfw the worst thing one can say about your race is "hurr durr you dont use enough spice"
Goddamn feels good being white

>> No.14106435

develop your palettes pussies

>> No.14106440

Says the retard who blasts his mouth with sugary hot sauce at every meal
Fucking third worlder retard

>> No.14106448

lmao i bet eating ghost chilis makes you sweat

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imagine thinking that's an insult

>> No.14106460

I have not, but I'm gonna remember now. Thank you, based bacon Anonymous.

>> No.14106465

>thinking spicy food = good food
that's your brain on $1/day

>> No.14106468

> European
Oh, you've done it now. You've really fucking done it this time. I will fucking fight you with a rusty spoon, you awful cunt.

>> No.14106477

Dangerously based. I spent a year studying abroad in Seville. Spanish food is fucking awesome. Churros, tortillas, and iberico make a great breakfast.

>> No.14106504

looks like a breakfast for flannel waving poofs tbph

>> No.14106540

>Dat bruschetta
Funnily enough, I've been to a fair few high-end italian resaurants (the ones in Italy, both north and south) and I can confidently say the best bruschetta I ever had was in India. Bread was gorgeous, tomatoes were the most flavourful I ever had, garlic sang through like an angel, dripping with olive oil. Italians always get mad when I tell them this lol.

>> No.14106548

Correct way is Bacon and beans go together, sausage and mushrooms go together, toast is dipped in the egg. Hash browns are a nice addition and most definitely black pudding is the best part.

>> No.14106550

Tortilla is peak omelette, french style can go suck a chode

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>> No.14106592

>in high end restaurants in Italy

Why do you lie?

>> No.14106598

it's toasted bread with some squashed tomatoes on top, it's nothing to brag about

>> No.14106606

This. Fucking this. Give this man the thread medal for Absolute Most Based Post.

Let me guess. You live in a conversion in Hoxton, and you work in 'digital media' somewhere around Goodge Street. Fucking southern fairy.

>> No.14106613

All of italian cuisine is nothing to brag about, it's pretty simple stuff that works well. Reason it's so famous is because of the quality of the ingredients, which is why wops get so frisky when I tell them Pooland did it better.

>> No.14106619

Why do you keep lying and inventing things?

>> No.14106623

Oh, I'm sorry. I was wrong here. When I said work, actually I meant 'work'. And when I say 'work', I mean you spend all day poncing about with your fellow fairies in some local Italian 'caffeteeere' drinking continental slop by the bucket load while you sob about your fucking 'lost' EU 'rights'.

Please forgive me, etc.

>> No.14106642

churros go bad exactly 2 seconds after leaving the fry

>> No.14106652

c'mon Nigel stop replying to your own posts

>> No.14106663

at least it's good at some point, unlike the entirety of british """food"""

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>> No.14106712


>> No.14106722

nice photoshop skills

>> No.14106723

No u

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>> No.14106785

>english man eats a bunch of greasy dicks
not surprised

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>americans talking crap about grease

>> No.14106804

Brown hands typed this post

>> No.14106810

Kys amerishart

>> No.14106846

>ITT: 'mutts vs bongs

>> No.14106868

Mutts vs bong*

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Argentinian breakfast

>> No.14106878


>> No.14106881

I like a nice cheese danish

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Another one
That's not even breakfast at this point, that's basically lunch

>> No.14106896

Enjoy your diabetes fatty

>> No.14106938

Awful. Truly fucking awful.

> bangers are just ok, but nothing exceptional
> bacon could be a little crispier
> eggs look ok
> mushrooms shredded and just dumped
> fucking hash browns AGAIN fuck me
> some kind of mashed tinned tomato (fucking terrible)
> beans just plonked and already congealing
> too much fucking black fucking pudding

Seriously. Fucking awful. 0/10 worthless

>> No.14106946

Take this fucking poofter shit out of here. This is a straight alpha man's breakfast thread, not some fucking whoopsy bullshit gay as fuck meet up.

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>> No.14106985


Yanks are gross.

>> No.14106994

Way too much food to be breakfast

>> No.14107044

Big cope

>> No.14107079

>toad in the hole
>bubble and squeak
why do anglo """"dishes"""" have kiddie names?

>> No.14107084

something about this image looks like a cartoon

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For me, it's the full French breakfast.

>> No.14107118

Because we're so fucking based and elite that we can do 'kiddie speak' and still make it sound manly as fuck. Do you want a tissue, American?

>> No.14107143
File: 16 KB, 940x626, Coronavirus-Le-prince-William-fait-une-rare-declaration-en-video[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>manly as fuck

>> No.14107167
File: 82 KB, 632x656, qu_14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just go crawl into your little garlic snail-infested hole and cry more, you French frog fuck.

Remember: end of January and we're out your fucking 'EU', we're promptly declaring war on you. Tickity tock. And don't worry; you're so fucking hopeless, we'll have flattened Paris and taken all your women in just enough time to get back for a nice cuppa and Choccie Digestive. As always: up yours.

>> No.14107292

Where can I find this in the southern US? I’m too poor to visit bongland but I really want to experience the full English.

>> No.14107335

Reminder that Germany conquered all of France in 6 WEEKS, the latter needing UK's help to give them back their stinky cheeses and frogs legs. Truly a pathetic people

>> No.14107336

Make it yourself. The most important thing is the bangers and the bacon. You can find something called 'Irish bacon' and 'Irish sausages' for this (fucking lol, though). Other than that, it's pretty easy to construct. Black pudding is wrong anyway so you don't need that. Ditto fucking hash browns. Otherwise, the classic formulation is:

Grilled or fried tomato halves
Mushrooms (fried)
Baked beans (any but must be heated up)
Eggs (any way you want them)
Fried bread (you butter both sides and fry it)
Chips (this is traditional and proper)

>> No.14107343

Looks gross and a pain in the ass. fucking britbongs i swear.

>> No.14107359


>> No.14107375

Fuck off back, Scot. Nobody cares about your blood pudding abominations.

>> No.14107384

> being conquered this easily
lol fucking frogs

>> No.14107403

Chips aren't traditional you ignorant mutt

>> No.14107412

They fucking are a proper caff fry up, which is the baseline standard, you unbelievably ignorant soft, southern, poofter fucking cunt

>> No.14107497

>Muh english brekfast
Just fried random pieces of food. No actual recipe

>> No.14107514

The only breakfast a man needs is porridge or weetabix

>> No.14107516

You have no idea what you're talking about you fat bastard

>> No.14107533

no u, you southern cunt

>> No.14107547


see, jolly giggling with your fucked up english vocabulary you insist on using out of spite for the yanks who told your king to fuck off
speak like normal people
eat like normal people
kick the "asians" out

you'd be done by teatime if you ever got out of your arse and started with it

>> No.14107576

wat, though?

>> No.14107579
File: 74 KB, 550x367, OPsucksBLACKdick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14107613
File: 189 KB, 1693x882, breakCountFryChop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>overcooked eggs
Go away short-order cook and cook my MOTHERFUCKIN' eggs right you lazy sonofabitch.
Fuck I hate you.
hasbrowns should be at the other end of the plate from the water tomatoes yuck.
tomato not carmelized, throw that slop on the floor.
>english muffins in their own bike rack
hell yeah
>raw eggs
>raw watery tomatoes with no caremlize
throw that slop on the floor
look at that sad lonely plate kek
vegans are pathetic and deserve to be mocked
send that shit back and get the ggs and tomatoes properly done. MAKE THESE LAZY BASTARDS DO THEIR JOBS
That looks like a stewed tomato straight out of the can, throw that slop on the floor
If that shit showed up at my breakfast table I would beat the waiter to within an inch of his life with that big piece of wood
Throw that slop out the window, all carbs
More watery under-done tomatoes
Throw that slop on the floor
>Mommy, why are mestizos so fat?
Honey, all they eat is sugar and carbs

>pic related blocks all your paths
Imagine not eating a country-fried pork chop and fresh pan gravy for breakfast.
Do Poors really?

>> No.14107629

looks like a pile of asshole

>> No.14107633

>eating fowl for breakfast
If you serve me some g-d chicken for breakfast that isn't deeply fried in thick batter, you should arm yourself and prepare to defend you life.
Chicken is so g-d gross the only reason I eat it is expense.

>> No.14107641

how do the eggs, bacon and schnitzel have the exact same shape in two different entrees?

>> No.14107643
File: 120 KB, 640x791, hipster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh gee it's not a food blog or advertisement photo, whatever shall we do.
>if things don't photograph well they're not delicous
Every millenial needs their goddamned phone shoved straight up their ass. You'd probably like it though, pic related.

>> No.14107651

you're clearly a faggot and you need to die a slow miserable death

>> No.14107664

>fried potatoe mash
>fried tomatoe
>blood sausage
>fried bread
Are you fucking gay or something? Or are you fishing for (You)'s?

>> No.14107671

This is the patrician post I came to this thread for.

>> No.14107770

What does HP taste like? Want to order some but if its just A1 I'm not going to bother.

>> No.14107789

Is that country ham?
Now your talking sir.

>> No.14107797
File: 438 KB, 268x288, he mad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14107807

What a plate of shit.

>> No.14107815

I'll tell you if you tell me what A1 sauce tastes like....

>> No.14107816
File: 133 KB, 220x161, DA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, imagine waking up to this shit.

>> No.14107826

Did someone jizz on the bacon for the second shot?

>> No.14107830

What a mad bong.

>> No.14107838
File: 141 KB, 250x250, 1530115327312.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being so clueless

>> No.14107846

Nah, they just got it from a blind butcher

>> No.14107850

I literally have no fucking idea what this is. It looks like a fucking retarded six year old gook tried to compile a fry-up then gave up in a fit of pique before promptly vomiting last night's noodles all over a plate and chucking a fried egg on top. For fuck sake.

>> No.14107857


What is that? It looks like someone shat on a plate.

>> No.14107867

sorry, quoted the wrong post, i meant: >>14107613

>> No.14107885

It's an American thing. That congealed white, pus-looking stuff is called 'gravy' (yes, I don't know, either). Usually this comes with something called a 'biscuit', but there it appears to have been plonked over, as you quite correctly point out, someone's shat out dinner from a couple of days ago (possibly involving an onion bhaji).

Americans lol. Gotta love 'em.

>> No.14107901
File: 14 KB, 330x330, crying over british food.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leave American breakfasts alone

>> No.14107932

It's probably your balls.

>> No.14107937
File: 874 KB, 2970x2759, 20191220_071052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No it's steam.
In the US we eat our food hot because we have enough wealth for things like 'Electricity' and 'Gas'. I know everyone else is burning cow dung or maybe coal for their cookstoves.
You will never know what a good breakfast is.

>> No.14108003

I love tortilla so much

>> No.14108005
File: 415 KB, 220x217, Laughgif.gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No it's steam.
>In the US we eat our food hot because we have enough wealth for things like 'Electricity' and 'Gas'.
Fucking hell the "cope" levels are going into overdrive!!!

>> No.14108008

Why didn't they peel the casing off of the Black Pudding?

>> No.14108018

Nice troll Europoor, we don't eat this slop but you're welcome to come over to the states and get a proper breakfast.

>> No.14108031

the casing is the best bit you BOOB

>> No.14108073
File: 171 KB, 647x1170, americans1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL, no wonder the Chinese are taking over. Imagine the bloodbath (blubberbath) if them little fucks decided to invade. Jokest "empire" ever.

>> No.14108083
File: 145 KB, 1200x801, based option.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>virgin facturas

>> No.14108105

Chinks can only take anywhere through economic pressure, militarily they're useless.

>> No.14108159
File: 99 KB, 481x1017, china.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>militarily they're useless.
Kek, they embarrassed your forces undetected during American war games and on 2 occasions have fired missiles into the air a few miles off the Californian coast. You're fucking deluded, they would destroy a nation whos been fighting insurgents with ww2 weapons for 20 years and are still at stalemate.

>> No.14108168

OMG, Americans are fucking pathetic LOL

>> No.14108179

I love how easy it is to make you gook shills expose yourselves, just say even the slightest negative thing and you go off on a fucking rant. Go back to /r/sino

>> No.14108225

>you're just a Chinese shill
>we haven't been at war with inferior enemies for decades, still locked in a stalemate
>our generals are just lying when they say China is a massive threat and they are patrolling America undetected
>it's a falsehood that the majority of college students are now Pro-Communist and hate American values.
Kek, you've got 8 years at most.

>> No.14108232

They're a very defensive lot. Especially the ones from reddit, the cuck posters.

>> No.14108237


You sound like a retarded person. Mushrooms are delicious. Cope harder faggot.

>> No.14108256

kek. I don't care it's not my country but hey if you want to walk into the future with your eyes closed denying facts, your free to make that decision after all it's your freedom, it seems like the demise of America has been caused by you guys doing just that. Enjoy your guns when you don't actually use them for there very purpose.

You asked for it.

>> No.14108288
File: 39 KB, 640x360, Leave america alone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14108289
File: 230 KB, 1200x1800, HirohitoHitler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now you're talkin Argie
>Einsatz gruppen der heildgerbargen zeuss stadt blitzkrieg heedlebaden!!!!!!
Americans are fat and lazy and can't fight

>Ching-chong ping pong pingy pong pong ching chong
Americans are fat and lazy and can't fight

Hmm familiar memes. Back-to-back-to-back World War and Cold War winners here. 3 World Wars in a row, dayum. Not even Rome can claim that. Not even Mongolia.

It's a troll
Is it really or will I embarass myself if I eat the casing? Guess I'll find out when I'm pulling casing from my butt like I had to with that ring of bologna when I was a kid kek

>> No.14108297

>pussy can’t handle some fried mushrooms
Mushrooms in the morning sounds fine you vagina, do you also tell everyone how you HATE the word moist?
>not even a bong

>> No.14108308

>Back-to-back-to-back World War
The victors normally write history, not sure how americans are taught this?

>> No.14108490

serious question, are full english breakfasts usually reserved for special occasions? seems like a shitload of food for a breakfast.
>2 eggs
>2-6 bangers depending on size
>appreciably large slop of beans
>several slices of bacon
>2-3 slices of black pudding
>tomato and mushrooms to boot
>occasionally hash browns or scones on the side
>oh, and toast

>> No.14109663

The ones posted here are the meme "food challenge" versions. In my experience, a good sized breakfast is
>2 sausage
>2 bacon
>1 egg
>1 ladle of beans
>half tomato
>4-5 mushrooms
>slice of toast, frying is optional
Keep in mind that these breakfasts are intended for working men doing physical labour, office drones would quickly get hamplaneted if they had this for breakfast every day. My breakfast is usually 2 slices of toast with marmite and a cup of coffee.
t. chef in Milton Keynes

>> No.14109741
File: 118 KB, 768x1024, IMG_2209-768x1024[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The pictures posted here are pretty much the equivalent of what is known as the lumberjack/farmer's breakfast here in the US. Something to be eaten by young lads who work in the fields all day. I know I ate that much when I was in the military and was still hungry at the end of the day.

>> No.14109765

how the fuck do you even eat that?

>> No.14109768

I agree, also I'm not a yank cunt

>> No.14109771


I swear people who make burgers like that are just creating shit as an art piece and legit have zero intentions of actually eating it. Which is fucking stupid.

>> No.14109815

Unless you lift boulders for a living, such a hearty breakfast would be reserved for a sunday with the family a then a skipped lunch.

>> No.14109823
File: 106 KB, 1920x1080, oreally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14109836
File: 660 KB, 1713x1446, fryup_beppes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You usually have them occasionally. Often if you've had a big night out and have a hangover as they're pretty good for that. The ones shown here are either for Instagram hits or sharing. You wouldn't eat this amount, even if you went for a full one from what's known as a builder's or workman's caff which are the OG home for them.

You can also make them yourself so some people do that maybe once a week, often on a Sunday as it's a type of 'treat' meal. The best places for them, as mentioned, however, are caffs. If you come to London and get a black cab from the airport, always mention to the cabbie you want a good fryup and can he recommend somewhere. There are a load of them out further east London that open early in the morning to cater to the cabbie and builder's trade so if you want the absolute top tier of them, you'll have to make the journey out. Often, some will have a fixed 'full' but usually you order a basic outline and then add in what you want. Or it's offered to you. So, you can actually make them as big as you like and add in whatever you want. Related is Beppe's. This is around Smithfield's market so it's famous but it caters primarily for all the meat traders coming in early in the morning. I compiled a composite of pics for it. So, top left is the usual menu situation. It will set out various options then you take or add on what you want. Then all the photos are the variations you can get. These are pretty modest, really. They're big but you could add on tons of stuff to them still. But this is about the usual way they're eaten if you're, say, a builder coming in. The one bottom right is absolutely spot on. Needs tomato, but that fried bread is tip top. Black pudding is unusual in London caffs, though. They'll supply it but it's not typical. Chips are very common and you see this in most of them up north too. But again, it's a preference thing so you can add or remove what you like, or get extra sausages or an extra egg or what have you.

>> No.14109847

blood sausage looks fucking disgusting, why is that even apart of it and why is there always so fucking much of it. Does each food mean something or something?

>> No.14109850

What kind of fat ass eats something like this? you guys eat this every fucking morning? how?

>> No.14109858

It's not typical for an English fry-up. It's become more ubiquitous over the last decade or so, but most English people don't like it. It's strictly Irish and was introduced into north western fry-ups by Irish immigrants into Lancashire, etc. I won't touch it with a fucking barge pole and nor will anyone else I know that's English. You can see here it's even offered separately. So you'd need to ask for it specifically.

We don't. Read the fucking thread.

>> No.14109860

What a waste of an animal, this is just angering.

>> No.14109865
File: 554 KB, 1504x1004, bggne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao this thread is still going and the yanks are still seething

>> No.14109866

I think the beans are repulsive

>> No.14109872
File: 310 KB, 1600x1200, 1587319494959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's a silly giant breakfast for pictures or food challenges (or sharing?). pic related is a more typical portion.

>> No.14109875

absolutely based

>> No.14109877

lose weight

>> No.14110019

Eggs look ok. Bangers are tidy. Bacon is fucking weird. Pretty much confirms for me this is some hipster 'gourmet burger' shit as that looks like that American bacon. Toast is appalling. Black pudding needs to just gtfo at this point. Mushrooms are good. Beans again suggest some kind of hipster shit. Shouldn't be in a bowl anyway (more hipster shit) but ok. Tomatoes are too small, there's too much shit on them.

All in all, about a 6/10 so long as you picked your way around the plate. i would've nixed the black pudding and got a couple of extra bangers. I'd demand fried bread too. No fucking idea what's going on with that toast. Oh, and I apparently skipped the fucking hash brown nonsense again. Don't even know why they bothered. Downgraded to a 5/10

>> No.14110026

This is better. Nice cuppa there. Excellent slice of fried bread on the plate (based, exactly where it should be), then some nice buttered toast to the side (very good - I would ask the nice lady who gave this me for some marmalade for that toast). Tomato is perfect. Beans are good portion. Bangers look very good. Mushrooms are about right but I'd prefer them a little less sliced up. Nicely fried, though. Egg is good. Only thing is bacon is good but that rind could've gone a little longer as it looks like it could be a bit rubbery to me. Nonetheless, still fucking delicious. Hash brown bullshit needs to go, however.

All in all, a solid 9.5/10. Half out for that American nonsense. Otherwise, pretty much best in thread. Got absolutely everything needed and no fucking Irish black pudding to mar it. Would definitely have ordered an extra egg and half a tomato, though.

>> No.14110082

english breakfast only looks like such shit because of the poor photography accentuating all the grease. i think it's on purpose to trigger amerilards who are allured by all the fat but think blood sausage and beans are 'icky'

>> No.14110086

The hell's wrong with you

>> No.14110098
File: 279 KB, 1280x1920, coffee_croissant_cigarette.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mogs every other breakfast option

>> No.14110107

get rid of the croissant and it's a 10/10

>> No.14110108

crisp up the bacon a little more, extra hash browns or home made rosti you giant faggot, and pancakes on the side would make this a perfect 10

>> No.14110126
File: 33 KB, 860x589, suicidal_pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

your life must be very sad anon

>> No.14110130

just don't like the french

>> No.14110133

> pancakes
On a fucking fryup ffs.

Hash browns, rosti, bubble whatever - all absolutely and utterly fucking haram. I said that about the bacon but that's actually still delish. You want to trim up that fat and add it to your fork with a little tomato and mushroom. Based as fuck.

>> No.14110140
File: 96 KB, 720x303, brainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dislikes a country
>automatically dislikes all they've ever done

>> No.14110153

croissants are too fucking messy

>> No.14110162

>trying to sound clever and shit while describing that slop

>> No.14110170

Not him. Nobody likes the fucking French, though. Can't wait until January when we can declare war on the bastards again. Long past due to give them a good old fashioned English kicking.

>> No.14110173

Git gud

>> No.14110178

>I am a diarrhea scholar
Might as well stick to the fat food threads

>> No.14110180

maybe the baker should make a pastry that doesn't explode into treats as soon as you touch it

also they're unsuitable for dunking

>> No.14110206
File: 10 KB, 480x360, blighty boys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this. frog army never beat the blighty boys

>> No.14110215

I hate the French as well, but only a retard would say French food is awful. But if you're a brit, I understand the low IQ

>> No.14110218

Git gud I dunk croissants all the time

>> No.14110221

4 months in and all you got is losing the 6 nations, losing the Champion's League and the flu, well done Nigel

>> No.14110225

>only a retard would say French food is awful
i didn't say that though did i
it's easy to make a point when you just pull made up quotes out of your ass, but all i said was i don't like the french and i don't want a croissant with my cig and coffee.
but it's funny how that was enough to make you seethe so hard lmao

>> No.14110231


>> No.14110232

have sex

>> No.14110238

I'm not seething, it's easy to make a point when you pull conclusions out of your ass. Just explaining how your opinion on food is invalid as a brit.

>> No.14110243

>t. seething frog nonce

>> No.14110247

I am

>> No.14110249
File: 709 KB, 4032x3024, 20200519_104004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its simple but still perfect

>> No.14110252

dat scambies look nasteh

>> No.14110256

did you dye your fucking eggs? holy shit

>> No.14110260
File: 45 KB, 494x160, britishfood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14110284

reminder that the guy who does these comics is a furry weeb virgin


>> No.14110287

fucking kek

>> No.14110293

reminder 4chan is a furry weeb virgin website

>> No.14110300

there's literally no proof of that in the thread you linked kid

>> No.14110304

Fuck off I'm no furry.

>> No.14110305

cope harder tranny wh*toid

>> No.14110325

its called 'brown sauce' mate

>> No.14110487

I never said it was, but for what it's worth, I do actually think that. Crock of shit masseur and fucking esss-cargo this, bitch.

Fuck. All I want to do is wallop a great big fucking warhead on Paris. Watch them all shit their bagettes and fromaage as they run screeching into the ensuing inferno. Stupid frog cunts.

Because all of those things are not war, you spacking fucking, obviously Scottish moron. Give us war, and then we'll see how much your 'auld alliance' is just as shit as you always are. Go on. Give us war. I fucking dare you.

>> No.14110609

imagine seething this hard

>> No.14110699

Lmao you're actually at the point of sublimation

>> No.14110704
File: 42 KB, 350x303, XcgOMak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14110947
File: 92 KB, 960x960, SIMPLAS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got a lot of mileage out of this thread
well done lads

>> No.14111414
File: 18 KB, 227x268, asdasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok someone finally tell me what that black round shit on english breakfasts is

>> No.14111445

Blood sausage mate, try it on toast with some fried eggs, it'll change your life.

>> No.14111457

You can feel the british inferiority complex toward france in this post.

>> No.14111924

All they can find to brag is boiled meat and garbage plate for breakfast glad we kicked them out of the EU. They'll be dead by covid by Christmas anyway.

>> No.14111988

it's a british version of boudin, expect it to taste like rancid grease

>> No.14112490
File: 1.31 MB, 320x192, What_.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>glad we kicked them out of the EU

>> No.14112665

>three sausages but only 2 eggs
It should be 1 sausage and 4 eggs desu

>> No.14113287

That queer Muslim 'Scot' up to his usual shitposting, I see. Here's a tip for you, mate: you will never be Scottish. You'll certainly never be British, either. Seethe harder.

>> No.14113291

Muslim queers can never be Scottish. That's one. Muslim queers will never be British. That's two. Fuck off home, Muhammed.

>> No.14114178

who the fuck would like to be a fat low IQ britbong or a sheepfucking scotfag lmao

>> No.14114189


>> No.14115230
File: 658 KB, 640x830, 89678689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excuse me, anybody can be Scottish, all you need is to feel the wind of Highlands in your hair, to hear the song of the Bagpipes in your heart, and to crave the rush of the scag in your veins.

>> No.14117172

I'd really like to try a proper full English Breakfast, but many of the items (black pudding, proper sausages) aren't available here and others a really expensive (English bacon).

>> No.14117252

Black pudding certainly elevates it but isn't absolutely necessary. Many cafes, including the ones that serve the target demographic of this meal (ie manual labourers looking for cheap and tasty calories to burn during their workday) use bargain basement reconstituted sausages, I'm sure you can get some of those. Basically just get the best quality ingredients you can, it'll still be pretty tasty. You better leave the yolks on those eggs runny though, or else we can't be friends.

>> No.14117261

Finnish breakfast for me thanks

>> No.14117422

Why can't anglos into food

>> No.14117461

This site seems to have pretty good stuff. Those are authentic bangers to me. You want plain pork, though, for a fryup. What they're calling the 'classic'. The others are better with things like bangers and mash. Prices seem reasonably ok. Possibly a little more than you'd pay for equivalent here. I disagree you should use cheap ingredients. If you want to try it as close as possible to what it should be, then you should get good ingredients. The best builder's/workmen's caffs will still use good quality sausages and so on.


Black and white pudding, too, but white pudding is definitely Irish (they also do beef, not pork sausages for their fryup). Black pudding is not traditionally English, anyway. Needs frying if you do get it. Otherwise, tomato should be halved and grilled or fried (usually fried), and mushrooms can be larger, but again fried or grilled. We usually stagger them so you can use the same pan. Roughly: bangers in first, then bacon, then mushrooms, then tomato, wipe out pan of any tomato juice, and do eggs as last. You also need fried bread; absolutely essential. This is just a slice of bread buttered either side then fried. One slice is fine. Do it after the tomato and before the egg so you can use the butter run off for the egg. And then you do toast separately, too. This isn't obligatory but most good caffs will give you a round of toast with a fryup even if there's fried bread in case you want extra. Don't forget tea, and you'll probably want a nice marmalade in case you want to round off with a slice of toast (with butter) and marmalade. Beans are not obligatory, but preferred. If you have them, make sure they're heated up and they should just be plain baked beans. Chips are also common in caffs so you can add those, too, if you really want to go the whole distance.

>> No.14117484

Nigger I didn't say you /should/ use cheap ingredients, I said you /can/ and it'd still be pretty authentic, as a lot of cafes use them. Obviously you use the best quality ingredients you can, my point was that even low quality ingredients are still authentic and still taste good. It's a working class meal, we don't have tons of spare cash for fancy sausages and free range eggs.

>> No.14117521

Just bollocks. The best fryups are still found in caffs that get reputations. And they get those reputations because they prioritise things like good sausages, etc. It's like you're trying to say any old thing will do if you're a labourer and you'll put up with any old shit. How fucking patronising. See, >>14109836. This is one of the most famous in London and it caters almost exclusively to tradesmen coming in early in the morning. Prices are cheap in line with a working man's caff but the quality of the ingredients is obviously still essential.

>> No.14117654

Mate learn to read, I'm not talking about the best fryups I'm talking about an authentic fryup. And an authentic fryup absolutely can use cheap ingredients. Obviously (and I said this before) you should use the best ingredients you can get, but the plain fact is that a lot of greasy spoon cafes here in england use shitty low quality ingredients, and they still produce an authentic english breakfast. You sound like you never picked up a brick in your life.

>> No.14117761

I suggest you take your meds