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I'm imagining this tastes more like a curry replacement than it every would a mac n cheese? The base is cashews, dairy, and spices.

Probably tastes fine but sure as hell can't mimic what melted cheese does for a dish. Also weird to be okay with adding milk but also use vegan butter. Not sure what the point is.

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This reminds me of those videos some prep cook uploads to YouTube of him fucking with crabs he is about to kill and prepare
I can picture some Chinese guy with a gun making her snort cocaine outside the camera

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Are you retarded bro?

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This is probably what Dobson imagined Friday McDonald's night would be like.

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Fuck that looks like such an awful waste of steak.

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I bet those are too salty to be truly enjoyable

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Looked like kind of crappy steak to start with.

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Doesn't the butter just immediately melt off? I feel like it would be a better idea to put it under the skin

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i was ready.

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has anyone ever counted how many eggs are there?

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These shitstain insults to human dignity have been floating around the internet for years, and they're just as fucking idiotic as ever.

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I was hoping this would be a nice folding technique but nope, gotta shit it up with sauce first so it can't even be folded anymore.

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Dont know... Kinda want It now.

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Thats actually a good Idea if it works

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The King of /ck/

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Is that a fucking ostritch?

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Why would you make this? Why would you eat this?

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Uh... what

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Whats this

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Novelty burgers are the most stupid thing ever.

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God damn i fucking hate this fake smile try hard cunt

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Hmmmm garbage can graveyard chicken

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god i wish that were me

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Okay what the fuck is that

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qt corona waifu

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it basically is a simplified korma over pasta with extra uncommon ingredients

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>fling the lard
gets me every time

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Have you seen the McCormick Bag n Season kino?

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>No Anon you're getting my dairy all filthy get out!

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authentic italian cooking

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>No Italia momma that makes you canned tomato sauce.

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Oh my fucking god what happens if the spoon doesn't hold it correctly and it goes flying towards the guys in the back ?

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god I wish I could eat that

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That never happens. The Chinese are very safety conscious.

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what's the problem with this ?

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Errr.. Rice?

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I dont see one

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what the fuck is this?

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>kosher salt
Every fucking time! Amerifat please explain!

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>soaking something in warm water for 4 hours

Sounds like a good way to get food poisoning. Am I crazy?

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Century egg

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What's wrong with kosher salt?

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kek , fuck '' wifey material'' bitches

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Do americans really?

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>plastic bag in the oven

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Its fucking raw

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Did this just use an entire bulb of garlic and then add more garlic to the base of the sauce too? Also cashew nuts, as much as I love them, is something I never imagined would ever end up in macaroni and cheese.

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Thots need to keep out of the bakery

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Some radio presenter stomped a cake he gave a homeless guy.
Everyone went batshit insane on him later and he damage controlled saying he gave the guy $100 afterwards

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Quite right, it's a hygeine breach testing the wares like that.

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>vegan butter
Dare I ask what that particular concoction is made from?

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The absolute STATE of English slags.

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>knows when you pick it up and starts spraying
Yeah I really want butter fucking everywhere

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didnt watch until the end huh?

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fuck yes

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from the thumbnail I thought this would be a discussion of cashew's newest album called 1 cup

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and wala

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It's how you activate nuts

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butter makes everything taste better. you cannot refute this

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the soy latte 2.0

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There are two philosophies to sandwiches.
One is to balance the greasy ingredients with sharp ingredients, whether they be spicy, vinegary, crisp, etc.
The other method is to double and triple-down on fat until the sandwich resembles head-cheese on bread. See: the menu at Tudor's Biscuit World.

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this reminds me of those Cannibal Holocaust movies

>> No.14101521

all that bread fetish stuff is really starting to get weird guys

>> No.14101526

it's called a midget

>> No.14101543

I always intended to go here. Now it's unlikely to reopen.

>> No.14101557

Just as I thought

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Well that's tame and nice

>> No.14101571

what the fucking fuck is this????????

>> No.14101573

Trump steak, it's in the shape of his face.

My mom discovered memes and keeps sending me them on whatsapp

>> No.14101579

Was a trigger too hard... Way to over-engineer.

>> No.14101593

then it goes flying towads the guys in the back

>> No.14101601

looks like a giant chicken fried steak

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we call this CREMA

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No, he's just a manlet.

>> No.14101902

its pork

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lost me at rotisserie chicken

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Raw cashew nuts are poisonous (contain Urushiol) and that's why brazilians always roast them before consumption.

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Dolmas are the most overrated fucking thing on the planet. 90% of the time when they are served at restaurants (even the expensive ones) they come out of a can and taste like every other canned shit. But they are "imported" so it somehow makes them better.

Fuck dolmas.

>> No.14102248

The shooter sandwich has existed since at least the 19th century. Why is everyone on this site such a histrionic faggot

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Those cannibal holocaust movies? You mean the single movie called Cannibal Holocaust?

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Not him but I think there were a few of them.
Almost 100% sure there was one called Cannibal Ferox or something like that.

>> No.14102362

>how to turn your turkey on

>> No.14102378

It's from England

>> No.14102381

giant schnitzel

>> No.14102402

>anyone here takes issue with this
>most of the webms in circulation are cheese with a couple of other ingredients

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Tenderloin, we try to make them as big as possible in Flyoveria.

>> No.14102450

Either you think the steak is a slag, or that she becomes the nationality of what she cooks. This is the premise of the joke?

>> No.14102455

That fuckin nerve gas. Damn man.

>> No.14102462

i needs it brotendos

>> No.14102467

>look anon i'm baking bread teehee!

>> No.14102513

Those bags are specially made for that. They don't melt.

>> No.14102516

I'm gonna give that bitch a yeast infection.

>> No.14102543

have you never soaked dried beans overnight before?

>> No.14102604

why is this?

>> No.14102613

activate your nuts by soaking, got it.

>> No.14102637

i'm sad now anon

>> No.14102677

It's large grain uncut salt, nothing to do with Jews since salt is neither kosher nor non-kosher, but pareve.


Table salt here typically has added potassium iodide and silicon dioxide so it's necessary to specify any other kind so the typical estadounidense won't use iodized salt the 2-3 times a year they cook from scratch.

>> No.14102679

Goddamn it, just put it in a bowl and mix it all together instead of this fuckery

>> No.14102703

Do they meet there before lacrosse practice or something?

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did someone say "sad"

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>saving frozen dinner containers
Yeah, it's sad.

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>(((kosher salt)))
>vegan (soy) butter

>> No.14102807

Most vegan butter is actually coconuts and cashews, but plant filler soy is used more often in animal products

>> No.14102938

I wish I never saw this

putting raw flour on the outside of an already burnt sandwich and then burning it looks a lot like dementia.

>> No.14102946
File: 2.84 MB, 640x360, Easy Homemade Vegan Butter.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14102967

No, he just brought a chicken back from Mysterious Island.

>> No.14102991

What a waste of steak and bread.

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>> No.14103008

Yes sir. She wanted caul fat

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>> No.14103023

The salsa would probably turn out a hundred times better if the vegetables were roasted rather than boiled.

>> No.14103070

>got famous for 2 seconds on a video
>didn't immediately start an instagram, youtube vlog, tiktok, patreon, etc
>shes just happy to churn her butter

>> No.14103095

Nice and natural just like our ancestors used to make!

>> No.14103108

What the fuuuuuuuuck

>> No.14103115

There were a bunch of cannibal movies, including one called Cannibal Ferox, but only one Cannibal Holocaust. It's not a series or a franchise, more like a sub-genre.

>> No.14103174

Right? Why not roast the tomatillos and onions first and then cook the chicken in the sauce?

>> No.14103177

do europeans really?

all that food going to waste like that.

turds in stock pot?


>> No.14103198

god fucking damn, I fucking hate vegans

>> No.14103210

as a midwest fag, I'm sorry this exists

>> No.14103267

pork tenderloin sandwich, one of two reasons I'd ever go to Indiana.

>> No.14103288
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>> No.14103292

Be funny if it was actual poop and pee served under guise of just looking like poop and pee.

>> No.14103294

I'm assuming reason #2 has long legs and loves to bake.

>> No.14103297

God I hate dolmades. Prepped them for a greek restaurant for almost 4 years. Imagine making 300+ tiny burritos in one sitting every week.

>> No.14103300

>tastes like butter
And if my grandma had wheels she'd be a wagon

>> No.14103306

I like deep fried turkey but it feels like such a waste of oil.

>> No.14103310

I'd CREMA her ass if you know what I meam

>> No.14103313

imagine if that butter churner wooden stick was your dick haha

>> No.14103323


>> No.14103342

This is always so painful to watch. I genuinely don't understand it. Even if tastes amazing, it looks like shit and the knowledge of what I'm eating would eliminate any pleasure I felt otherwise.

>> No.14103368

does it bring me joy to know that a bunch of childless vegans are spending hours trying to make shitty, unhealthy replicas of normal food? Why, yes, it does.

>> No.14103385

This is also what I don't like about the "spray" - it seems more like a floaty mist that is going to coat the entire plate and the countertop around it. It seems really hard to use accurately, unless point-blank, and even then, it would also coat your knuckles/hand, which would probably make it really slippery to hold too.

Also, sure, it knows when you're picking it up, and probably waits a second or two to start spraying, but the only way to know when to stop is when you let go, continuously spraying even as you're setting it down, until you can finally take your hand completely off of it.

>> No.14103405

>nonstick pot (why does that even exist?)
>flexible cutting board
>autism knife
how can people be this utterly clueless about something as simple as cooking?

>> No.14103416
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>No wagie, it can't be in a pitcher or even just a smaller cup, it MUST be in a bucket! Our restaurant isn't called "Charlie Cheese Bucket" because we serve piping hot cheese sauce in a cup!
>I don't care if your hands keep getting scalded by molten cheese you can barely control the pouring of! Here's some rubber gloves and a towel. Just remember, if it drips off the table and burns customers, you were the one who poured it..
>I saw that, wagie! You wasted AT LEAST 1 metric cup of our namesake cheese sauce by pouring it off their plate and onto the table! We promise customers corner-to-corner cheese coverage ON THEIR PLATE. NOT THE TABLE. DON'T WASTE COMPANY RESOURCES AGAIN. NOW GET BACK OUT THERE, AND FOR GOD'S SAKE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE BLISTERS ON YOUR HAND, YOU'RE SCARING CUSTOMERS AWAY.

>> No.14103424

Christ, you put in a lot of effort for that shit post.

>> No.14103430
File: 2.95 MB, 1080x1920, 20200517_133707.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

made this earlier, wanted their steak charred so I lit the grill on fire

>> No.14103431

this, i watched some and they're nice videos but it was very obvious that it was some kind of propaganda program. I looked into it and it turns out that the girl "running" that channel has a history working in the Chinese government and law enforcement.

>> No.14103472

Hold on just one fucking second.
First of all, this shit looks gross. It's just a mountain of hotdog wieners with eggs and cheese.
But more importantly: Can you actually make a liquid cheese sauce just using cheese and beer? Or is this one of those bullshit clickbait videos that aren't actually possible?

>> No.14103485

It's not even remotely orange, it's pure fucking YELLOW

>> No.14103488

>first part of the pour goes directly on the fucking table

>> No.14103490


>> No.14103512

I'd honestly eat the fuck out of that drunk

>> No.14103520

gay sex actually

>> No.14103543

Awesome video I've always wanted to know how to make literal shit

>> No.14103579

why the fuck do you have to clip the fucking hot dog instead of cutting it into quarters.

>> No.14103586

Why is every vegan like "nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, and cashews all mashed together taste like a dairy product." In what world does that flavor profile scream "butter."

>> No.14103610

This guy did it and apparently, yes this all works but it tastes pretty bad and it's not worth the wasted ingredients


>> No.14103618

Pretty sure that you can get them in plenty of other places besides Indiana.

>> No.14103693

>making this plant based makes it less gross
this nigger took something awful and made it worse

>> No.14103704


Why is asian animation so good?

Western animation used to be made with this pride but now it is nothing but souless 3d-shit.

>> No.14103786


Come the fuck on. I love chicken fried steak/chicken fried chicken but Jesus jumproping Christ why? "Uhhhuhuh cuz we can!' I'm American and fuck this retarded garbage.

>> No.14104060

>jill sandwich

>> No.14104100

the bubonic plague has existed for even longer, why don't you go catch it and fuck off

>> No.14104118

fucking idiot mixed the eggs with the shell still on

>> No.14104379

In cheap shit, maybe. Go to a real butcher once in a while.

>> No.14104520

pan, plate, eggs, still cold
and the flip
wonderful, absolutely delightful

>> No.14104572
File: 670 KB, 737x691, 1581206782455.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>raw chicken kiev with jello instead of garlic/spinach
westernized perfectly

>> No.14104580 [DELETED] 

I tried to make one of these sourdough meme dishes once and it tasted like shit fuck that

>> No.14104589

It's an egg you fucking weirdo

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File: 2.70 MB, 480x720, VID_20200511_142451.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

obligatory refreshing webm
hope you bros arent too hot in your america or wherever

>> No.14104664

Its an act...

>> No.14104698

How does anime manage to make food look so good >=[

>> No.14104701

>those shitty knuckle tattoos

>> No.14104713


It's a scotch egg made from a century egg, you retards.

>> No.14104737

vegan butter, but used milk. Legitimately retarded.

>> No.14104741

I dont get it?
Garlic and onions should have been sauted before hand, and the sauce is seemingly cold so he is adding the meat too early. Am I missing anything? He is bad, but this is nothing compared to most gifs so far

>> No.14104742

whats wrong with iodized salt? does it affect the taste?

>> No.14104751
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it turns potatos into nigger

>> No.14104753

This is fine aside from the pretentious presentation and hipsters.

>> No.14104756

It tastes a little different.

>> No.14104761

doesn't look particularly tasty but fuck the video quality and shot composition is gorgeous.

>> No.14104766

Fuck off, Ranjit.

>> No.14104773

Based and Jackpilled

>> No.14104779

I think he meant animal product imitations like fake meats

>> No.14104780

you boil them because roasting them fucks up the consistency of the skin and ruins the mouthfeel of the salsa. You could roast and then peel them but this is supposed to be a quick and simplified dish a la tasty style.

>> No.14104796
File: 1006 KB, 640x352, pipes under the sand.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Classic mistake.
Probably bought an American one online to save money and didn't check to make sure it was rated for 230 v instead of 120

>> No.14104797

>When you get off the whole 30

>> No.14104831

>Jibble sandwich

>> No.14104877

WOW I was almost a [soy latte] sandwhich!

>> No.14104895

good lord theres more butter than patty there, what the fuck ms krabs

>> No.14104910

How does he get out?

>> No.14104920

I could see it being good with eggs. Normally I do spam and eggs and the spam oils up the pan for the egg and is enough salt for the egg

>> No.14104925

>pours it all over the table

What a jackass

>> No.14104928

On a scale of yes to no, how Hawaiian are you?

>> No.14104929

livin the life anon

>> No.14104931

>Never activated your almonds
Tasteoet and cringepilled.

>> No.14104937

I always worry ill do something like this. I always do it over the sink just in case. Hasn't happened yet, thougg

>> No.14104940

I made a peanut utter burger once. It was OK but the buns were on the dry side

>> No.14104948

i know a few people that should try this, maybe their turkey wont be as dry as a 80 yo pussy filled with sand

>> No.14105079

Why would he?

>> No.14105094

I'm more salty about what they have done to espresso.

>> No.14105103

its expresso
itdiot nigger

>> No.14105163

This thread is going to give me a heart attack. How do people eat so unhealthily?

>> No.14105193

AQCKSTCHUAWLLY, it's a coffee vodka.

>> No.14105217
File: 3.69 MB, 500x337, larry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14105219

>vodka instead of whiskey
the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.14105290

This nibba looks like he's wearinf fake nose glasses.

>> No.14105304

Sorry that I'm not a bourgeoisie faggot like you

>> No.14105351

>vegan butter
it was going so well

>> No.14105368

why not just put it between some nice fresh bread, instead of surround it in crust?

>> No.14105374

>these are the people who mock you're nations food

>> No.14105638
File: 6 KB, 180x180, 96002448_10158298754546306_3463268719038300160_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dude that looks like fucked trash what the fuck why would i make something with so much washing up and so little culinary purpose

i cant wait to eat a billion helpings of oily, flavourless carbs

id rather starve

>> No.14105647


what the fuck this is the worst recipe ive ever seen

>> No.14105659
File: 77 KB, 634x703, 1586995762519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.14105713

Shit I made instant ramen earlier now I'm Japanese

>> No.14105739

coffee vodka is fucking great
it gets you ultrabuzzed

>> No.14105743

ramen is korean bro

>> No.14105758

so thats why their faces look so squished

>> No.14105769


At first I was disgusted, but honestly that turns out way better than first expected. The only weird bit is the peaches but whatever. All the excess butter runs into the rice, so you get a really nice rich buttery fatty chicken flavored rice at the bottom and the chicken is naturally basted the whole way through.

Still seems a bit excessive, but not the worst recipe I've seen in this format by a longshot.

>> No.14105784

>t. Butter Chicken.webm (2.9 MB, 640x640) google yandex iqdb wait 2.9 MB

>> No.14105785


Kosher salt funnily enough isn't actually kosher, it's called kosher salt because the coarse grind allows it to draw out moisture, which is why it is used during the koshering process for meats.

Fuck soy sauce and jews though.

>> No.14105965

Who are these two and what is that?

>> No.14105994

no it's not lol

>> No.14106016

preserved duck egg cooked in bread

>> No.14106041
File: 2.95 MB, 320x320, chyna.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14106130

There's a couple different channels, and the highly edited ones like this are definitely government propaganda. Wang Gang seems halfway real at least.

>> No.14106176

dont knock it till you tried it
Its actually really nice, the texture may not be for everyone but its tastes great
same with balut, I never thought I would try it but its amazing if you close your eyes

>> No.14106352

The white isn't the right color for a century egg. Normally the white is a deep gray to black color.

>> No.14106359

A very effective way to slaughter the bird. Points for creativity and humane slaughter.

>> No.14106438

peak consoomer femtard

>> No.14106452

d o a m e r i c a n s r e a l l y

>> No.14106951

i can't stop watching this

>> No.14106998
File: 209 KB, 450x337, 1461087110488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The punch line at the end was worth the wait

>> No.14107115

This shit only tastes good for one or two bites then you feel like you're going to have sudden heart failure

>> No.14107117

You're just a fucking weaboo that's all

>> No.14107332

Thats not nutricious cashews and garlic dont mix
The butter reduces the nutrition
stop putting so mucb butter
thats incredibly nutricious

>> No.14107345

Name of channel??

>> No.14107366

cute pits

>> No.14107496


>> No.14107518

retards, it's a great depression era cooking technique of making a meal "fuller" in your stomach

>> No.14107525
File: 2.89 MB, 900x506, 1588995965897.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14107527

Honestly, is this a real thing, or is it click bait on Instagram? It’s an extremely grotesque and vulgar way to serve dessert. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real, in today’s society it seems like vulgar and proofing things are the norm not the exception.

>> No.14107553

>is this a real thing, or is it click bait on Instagram

>> No.14107563

>grill wings till 170
gross, enjoy all the un-rendered fat and cartilage. wings gotta be at least 180

>> No.14107577
File: 4 KB, 201x183, 1564446759246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I suppose you could just grill them until 180 then?

>> No.14107654
File: 1.89 MB, 450x360, 1588476994486.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Black guy drives into the nesquick runoff.

>> No.14107678

Aria, 20 years from now in her natural habitat.

>> No.14107692

everyone should

>> No.14107705

You should use pink curing salt is instead.

>> No.14107781

>mmm cum burgers

>> No.14107841

>progressiveness is a go-

>> No.14108145

Because occidental animation is all made by pedophiles now.

>> No.14108171

What the fuck kind of weird ass avocado is that?

>> No.14108178

I just want them back bro.
I miss Patrice so much

>> No.14108184

Fucking hate this wasteful shit where the sauce goes all over the plate, the table and the floor.

>> No.14109101

I'd go here as long as it's not that shitty sweet peanut butter shit

>> No.14109154

>Vegan butter
Eat shit

>> No.14109312

>butter makes everything taste better
so does salt, but you don't see anyone other than mr borgah eating blocks of it

>> No.14109369

mayo is fucking gross

>> No.14109568

Li Zhi Qi on youtube.

Her sub to watch ratio is fucking insane.

probably rakes in millions a day from them videos.

>> No.14109587

uh actually its chineese

>> No.14109599

Um... it's Japanese.


>> No.14109600

Imagine the diarrhea.

>> No.14109605

mmm lipoid pneumonia

>> No.14109661

umm... sweaty its actually vietnamese

>> No.14109818

what do you mean? i know he likes to crack jokes about shit like a fork cartel but i'm pretty he actually likes his food this way.

>> No.14110092

It's a shooters sandwich. Its english.

>> No.14110156


>> No.14110181

>metric cup
you goofed

>> No.14110262

Maybe you should stop watching anime and research a little.
There's ton of good 2d animation all over the world. It's just not that advertised and not mass produced.
If anything, it's the japanimation that's mass produced garbage with the same style, 10 character types and limited number of tropes.

>> No.14110266

you know his channel name?

>> No.14110326
File: 2.94 MB, 528x422, 1561604541402.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14110375

>i tried making that awful hotdog waffle
no, you heated a bunch of plants up and poured beer on it

>> No.14110612

It would be extremely painful

>> No.14110684

They're big guys

>> No.14110775

>hitting 21m on one of videos
Wtf is this the power of propaganda ?

>> No.14110955

>muh mouthfell
Please kill yourself

>> No.14110972

>texture has no place in the preparation of food

ok retard

>> No.14111240

Cashew and almond based sauces are delicious. Medieval recipes knew almond milk was the shit.

>> No.14111272

That looks like industrial waste

>> No.14111359

Too salty also, fried cheetos are already heavily fucking fried. They arent gonna taste crunchy and spicy, theyre gonna taste and have the texture of ashes.

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