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/ck/ thread

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carbs will kill you

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nooooo think of the muslims who are fasting right now

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This anon is not /fit/

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Shit looks so fucking disgusting

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>Italian food
>It all consists of different mix of cheese, pasta and tomato portions

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I have a Cloud Strife build

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O fuck thats good

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I sure fucking love cheese wax

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God damn I love honey

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I had General Tso’s shrimp for dinner with fried rice and a side of crab rangoon. I would take that over a burger and fries any day. Amerifat here btw.

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lobster mac n' cheese? I've had something similar and it was just okay desu. the lobster didn't really fit in

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This stuff is so good, specially if you risk getting stung and get it yourself

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what did you eat for dinner?

frozen chicken strips and tater tots

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all of these look yummy

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does he have autism?

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what's the problem here

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While that looks decently tasty there's no way I'd put that in my intestines.

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Pinapple chicken with rice.

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"Chicken Parmigiana", it was 12$ so you can imagine the quality

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Jap curry.

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crunches into mic

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retard ramsay said the burger at that restaurant was too big to eat, then he grills those burgers on the bottom and says they're perfect

he also puts oil in his pasta water instead of just salt and putting the oil on afterwards, complete hack and fraud

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Rice with eggs is like my favorite food but that's almost too much egg to rice

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Medium rare chicken..Yum!

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Ramsay just pours salt on everything and calls it flavor. His taste buds are completely destroyed.

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But how does he sell all the eggs?

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some frozen tv dinner. honestly I don't even remember what kind.

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Cloud is a Japanese character which means he would eat OP’s meal.

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All that but he doesn't crack an egg with one hand?

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Oxygen kills you too, weird, huh?

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All these food look yummy
I would be a fat fuck too if I lived in america
God bless America

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Based & Parmi-pilled.

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If webm audio was allowed on /v/ you would still hear that chicken clucking

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I think his burgers just look tall because the buns/patty/etc. are just thinner.
i.e. same proportioned burger, but different sizes

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I made some steaks and roasted vegetables for my family. Then we had watermelon for dessert.
This is basically how I've been earning my keep during quarantine, made some kick-ass soup yesterday too.

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I've not watched much of his stuff but what is his opinion on Spicy food? I remember once in one of those master chef shows when someone did a real Thai dish, and then the judges said it was bad because it was "too spicy" I think this was the American master chef

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>Kaz, I'm already a waffle

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That's not wax, it's a rind, entirely edible, and often enjoyable.

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Hey fags poorfag thirdworlder island nigga here
Lobster isn't native here
How that shit taste

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Ribs are way better.

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He holds them up to his face at the end of the clip, anon. They're equally too big for his mouth

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jesus how do you fuck up waffles?

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>every fish market nearby is out of fresh salmon
fuuuck you for reminding me

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hot sauce

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this is a good one. tried making it myself and it turned out great. would recommend

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Most boring dish I've ever eaten. Basically tastes of those bland generic curry powders you can find at any grocery store.

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>scrapes hot melted cheese onto the plate
>then proceeds to cut off a big chunk of solid cheese
Fucking why

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Interesting. Hollandaise on salmon sashimi? Or is it smoked salmon? Regardless that sounds rad. I'm a sucker for hollandaise

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He probably mostly sells the eggs as produce but will make sandwiches for people who are hungry at the moment

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You made it wrong.

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Who here /ramadan/? I'm so used to fasting now that these webms don't phase me

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Am I the only one that actually loves trashy greasy fast food? Growing up and even today I barely ever eat take out food and only eat homemade cooking. The the few times I actually eat take out food it's the best shit ever.

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Crab but a little less sweet and tender. It's garbage and really more of a cultural relic eaten for status than a great food.
Basically any other shellfish is better.

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This, and I love seafood more than anything. It doesn't have that much flavor and it's got a weird texture, like a giant bug. Not that good at all

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OP's dish reminds me of something I ate at work a few months ago. Damn, those guys knew how to make good food. I think the best I had from them was the fried rice or sometimes the sandwiches they made. Hope the pandemic didn't hit them hard.

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Right here, brother.

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Is it true that white people can't handle spicy food?

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no one cares you smelly shitskin virign

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>you can just pull the ribs out
I had no idea.

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I'd die if it weren't for stuffing myself after being locked up for 2 months in an epicenter

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How did I know who it was and what the inside would look like after the first frame?

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>shitskins think overcooking food and then overspicing it is "cooking"
get gud

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>fun pizza

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>shitty greasy $6 lunch special lo mein

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>yolk is intact
This man is a fucking legend.

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When he first grabbed the bottle and flipped it with the scene changed, I though he just started drinking it right from the bottle.
Would have been absolutely hilarious

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>complete hack and fraud
t. Amerimutt who doesn't know Ramsay served under some of the most respected chefs in history before taking the role on himself

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Delivery pizza is great and the fact that it makes Italians openly weep into their hands makes it taste even better. I just had Marco's today.

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He did a series where he travelled around India showcasing the authentic origin points of Indian cuisine including some eyewateringly spicy dishes, so he's at least appreciative. He was also on Hot Ones for what that's worth.

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i /fast/ for non religious reasons

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relax pierre it's just a meme

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no not really.

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Double cheese burger.

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Why do people drench their meat in sauces and spices? You're not tasting the meat anymore, but just spices and sauce.

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Hibachi chefs are so cool

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Now that's one joocy meatloaf.

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This has to be satire.

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It's really about conditioning from a young age Anon

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Because it makes it taste better, mister steamed veggies.

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That's the secret to all great chef cooking.

I've never eaten anything made by a professional chef and NOT thought "My god, this is the saltiest thing I've ever eaten."

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hi /ck/ what's your favorite video game

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Thanks mods

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what's his cock taste like, faggot? nobody cares about french cooking. it's all the same and it's stale which is the reason why they had to turn meals into performance art
>b-b-but muh michelin stars
imagine caring what a fucking tire company has to say about food. it's all incestuous french garbage that only promotes french cooking for the most part

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What is that? Soy sauce?

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/ck/ is gay

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Bet it tastes like nerve gas.

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It has nothing to do with skin color. The more you eat spicy food the better you can tolerate it.

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Its not, it was an episode about how different people in New York eat their pizza.

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>all that text
the left can't meme

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I tried these the other day and I couldn't handle them, should I feel ashamed?

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It's oil version of master stock.

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Spare ribs aren't a prime cut of meat but they have a powerful flavor that is complimented well by bold spice mixes, sauces, and glazes because the savoriness and smokiness (if prepared in a smoker) shines through even intense flavors. And barbecue chefs can attest the sauce is just as much an expression of their cuisine as properly cooking the meat

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video games?

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what the fuck

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>he also puts oil in his pasta water
a lot of Italians do the same.

if nothing else, it keeps the water from overflowing.

>> No.14092765

Leave more water in when you're mixing in the packets, egg, whatever ingredients you have. They also have a black wrapper version that isn't x2 spicy if that doesn't make it bearable for you.

>> No.14092887

add chili powder in the curry mix and breaded chicken over the top, really makes it based.

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Can I have my Rei Ayanami pancake?

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since when are there spoilers on /ck/?

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It's hilarious that people enjoy that moron, he doesn't even know how to bite into a big burger.

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Its wax.

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Mods moved this thread here from /v/

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gutter oil

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snippety snips will have their revenge, OP should hide!

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ruh roh

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Now post a photo of the currycel that makes this comic

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I ate this while reading a manga where a dude was executed by being boiled in oil.
That was a very fitting combo, but I probably wouldn't eat this again just for the novelty of it.

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These niggers are hot. I’m no stranger. I think the 2x are hotter than the 4x. The whole point is to dickwave to some degree, so don’t feel too bad.

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A great tip is to pour olive oil on pasta after it's done to make it taste fucking disgusting.

>> No.14093506

>mooooom you didn't remove the crust off of the bread

>> No.14093517

can you eat the whole comb? is it like fiber?

>> No.14093524

It's beeswax and it is edible.

>> No.14093585

Based and Babylon 5 pilled

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>Ramsay served under some of the most respected chefs in history before taking the role on himself
and he's still too retarded to eat a burger, wow.

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fucking classic

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This is a Christian board

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dumb meme, everyone who comes here is a degenerate and if you're not, you're just in denial

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Why not best girl pancake instead?

>> No.14094423

its oil that has picked up burned residue from the bottom of the pan

>> No.14094466

And yet it's the best food you can eat. Stay mad mutt

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I'm having a steak

>> No.14095755

I dunno why people shit on lobster so hard (besides the fact that it's expensive) but it's like a giant fucking prawn. Less sweet than a crab, kinda chewy but a good texture. Goes great with a very basic butter sauce.

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This angers me beyond belief

>> No.14096748

I like my meatloaf rare, this is too overdone

>> No.14097040

got damn that looks good

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Looks great but needs a bigger plate.