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what exactly is the appeal of hot sauce? yes it adds spiciness to a dish. But is that it? People often only add hot sauce to an otherwise bland dish, what exactly am I suppose to taste? if I ignore the spiciness, hot sauce just tastes metallic, there's nothing appealing about that. hot sauce is trash. spicy food is good when it's paired with other flavors, but on its own, it's fucking bland.

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Literally all hot sauce exists for men to convince themselves they are hard. In a lesser sense, that goes for everyone who is pathetic enough to use any condiments on food as well.

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Fuck, you must live a really fucking sad life.

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It makes food taste spicy. Some people like spicy tasting food. What else is there to know you dumb fucking retard? Go kill yourself because you are too fucking mentally handicapped to live on this planet and contribute anything to society you fucking stupid moron.

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So you admit you rape women for attention all to promote food.

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>It makes food taste spicy. Some people like spicy tasting food. What else is there to know you dumb fucking retard? Go kill yourself because you are too fucking mentally handicapped to live on this planet and contribute anything to society you fucking stupid moron.

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It serves as a way to hide the taste of a bad dish, so you can manage to choke it down for life-sustaining calories while you're down-range on deployment.

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I bet you've choked down a lot of dicks in your life.

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Try it on raw seafood, or latin dishes like ceviche. Outside of that it's pretty childish to slather all over everything like a toddler does with ketchup imo.

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Yeah, children love hot sauce, you retarded bitch.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaaaaahahahahahaaaaggghhhghggagagagahahahahahaggagagaghahahahahahahahaha...ooh ohhhhhhh aaaahahahahahahahagaggagagaghhagagagaghhahahahahahah

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Just stop buying shitty hotsauce and get something that actually tastes good. Problem solved.

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It's used as a crutch for people who don't know how to cook. I have no problem with it in its place, but this is why it's so overused.

Essentially, they prepare food. They do this poorly and without sufficient flavoring, so the food is bland. In order to fix this, they apply hot sauce (which has the saving grace that it "works" with almost anything, as well as supposedly making you look macho).

I have lived with many people who do this.

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I fucking hate hot sauce haters. Fuck you and your pussy ass tastebuds.

You ruined hot sauce for me.

If your sauce is acidic, its shit.

Good sauce has complex flavour, texture and freshness.

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It covers up the taste of filthy unsafe Americuck taco cooking

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Tabasco specifically has a great spice and vinegary flavor, it lends itself well to a variety of dishes. I particularly like adding a few splashes on my pineapple and ham pizza.

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I’m sorry you hate America. Is there anything I can do for you?

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basic food hygiene

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Hot sauce is just the flavors of vinegar and peppers. If those flavors go well in a dish, hot sauce is obviously a good thing to use

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As opposed to authentic Mexican food hygiene?

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what exactly is the appeal of hot sauce? yes it adds spiciness to a dish. But is that it? People often only add hot sauce to an otherwise bland dish, what exactly am I suppose to taste? if I ignore the spiciness, hot sauce just tastes metallic, there's nothing appealing about that. hot sauce is trash. spicy food is good when it's paired with other flavors, but on its own, it's fucking bland

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Apart drom the fact not every hot sauce tastes the same. (Think tabasco and cholula) some peopow just prefer the extra kick it gives the food, you may have a very well seasoned meal and those little splashes of hot sauce without overpowering it just make it alot better and more tasty. Now dont get me wrong, there will be this pseudo "masculine" wanna be jack asses that drown there food in this shit and completely unbalance the flavor profile of an alright meal. But, my guess is that your hot sauce tolerance is pretty damn low , which means anything remotely "spicy" causes you pain so you decide to go on a bruneian banana farm forum and shit on it because you arent really able to apreciate it. To me this is just as pathetic as that guy who thinks hes hard because he bought an expensive and extremely spicy hotsauce and drops it in every food because he thinks it will make him look "tough".

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Tabasco isn't try hard spicy as the real hot sauces.

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None of those three hot sauces are even designed to be hot. They're basic condiments. It's like asking "why do people use ketchup or mustard?"

Even the ones that go for heat, you typically use a small amount to add that peppery sensation, just like you might use mint to make a dish/drink more cool, or ginger for bite

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for me a little bit of it can enhance the taste of what I'm eating, don't really know the chemistry/gastronomy behind it but I'd guess it has to do with glutamates in it or something. Kinda like Worcestershire sauce

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They taste good. Though there are sauces that are just spicy, and are sold as "3xtreem scoville killerzz" made just to be spicy. These tend to taste awful.

Fuck these bait threads.

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Have you even had valentinas? It's not even close to spicy at all.

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Cholua hotsauce tastes like nacho cheese doritos, and I like that.

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I put Louisiana Hot sauce on my egg and cheese sandwich every morning and I can’t tell you why but it tastes utterly delicious

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Someone with photoshop skills should put a mask on that thing.

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what a novel and refreshing take, OP

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you got him

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ceviche is raw seafood???

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virtually every hot sauce is acidic. you have no idea what you're talking about.

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There are several dimensions to hot sauces. Most of them are quite salty. Some of them are also sour. According to the pepper used, they might have completely different flavor profiles and hotness.

I built a fairly high tolerance because eating spicy makes me feel fuller. But different flavor profiles pair better with different foods.
>hot pepper olive oil on pizza
>harissa with north african/middle eastern cuisine
>Sriracha/sambal oelek with SE asian cuisine
>(black) Valentina with mexican cuisine

I'd never put Sriracha on couscous, but it takes some taste and tolerance to appreciate why.

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>NOOOOOOO you cant just post a reply with a mad wojak and green text his post, you have to actually contribute some kind of opinion yourself and generate a discussion!
haha post button go clickclick

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I've found that hot sauces, and sauces in general are used to cover up poor quality base materials. Sort of like how cheap chinese food tends to come drenched in savory sauce, you can just dump some hot sauce on some garbage shit you buy at a gas station and get a lot of benefit

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>yes it adds spiciness to a dish. But is that it?
its that for all things to add to a dish for taste. And do you really need another reason?

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I think it's sort of cooked in lime juice.
It's not really raw.

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we have finally found the dodo bird. lol

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Could be a cassowary, those birds are pretty mean if fucked with.

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It would be pretty fun to see a fight to the end, dodo v. cassowary.

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>I made thing spicy. If you want more spicy, add some of this sauce. It adds the spicy.
>This thing is pretty good, but it's a little too rich. It could use some acidity, sweetness... and garlic... might as well make it a bit spicy while we're at it. I think there's a sriracha for that.
>I reverse engineered this creole-mustard abortion when I was 12. It works well as a hot sauce and a mustard, but mostly it's great on fried eggs, especially when you break the yolk and have to suffer a lack of stuff to dip your toast into.
>Feeling suicidal? This reaper sauce'll cheer you up, or it'll kill you! Win/win right?

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The acidity will set some of the protein, but it doesn't heat it (that much). Basically it would have to be fresh and safe to eat raw, and the lime juice would add a layer of protection, as opposed to cooking the seafood, which kills parasites and microbes, and can denature toxins into less/non toxic substances.

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Heat's not really necessary to cook it, the lime juice does quite well.

>> No.14057977

I was basically saying that it's not really "cooking" the fish. Ceviche is treated (acid cured?) but not cooked.

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>"I'm such a big strong adult man who loves the fire! Ooo it's like lava down my throat >;)"

Yes, that's very adult. I hope you're at least man enough to admit it's a male thing, how many women do you see boasting to each other that they can eat nuclear non-food and demeaning those who enjoy a meal without torturing themselves?

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Who are you quoting?

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Only people who use hot sauce are weirdo cuck numales trying to prove they are badass.

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I never understood how they rate hot sauces on the same scoville as fresh peppers. Ive had habanero hot sauce and actual habaneros and they arent even the same thing. Hot sauces arent a good way to build up tolerance

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>Tabasco specifically has a great spice and vinegary flavor
this, really complements e.g. runny egg yolks or mac n cheese imo

also a fan of smoky hot sauces--chipotle tabasco is arguably better than the original, and I have a soft spot for f.a. nino's "picoso" (goofy "ghost pepper" label copy notwithstanding, it's hot but not painfully so.). great in bean dishes and with canned sardines, to name two recent standouts.

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is this meme because of that youtube show?

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>People often only add hot sauce to an otherwise bland dish, what exactly am I suppose to taste?
Before I address OP's obvious lack of life experience and palate, how about calling an otherwise bland dish, a basic fried egg sandwich that does benefit from a few dots of Cholula, if this is like the 150,000th time you have had eggs for breakfast and both love the simplicity and the flavor, but also like chilies, none of which you have in the house at the moment because you are NOT AT HOME but instead dining out near your office, where you are getting a nice machine made capuccino, and the menu is just basic breakfast diner food, ie, it's all ordinary.

I'm going to assume you have such a routine without taste that you figure people are just like that. They don't have passions about a damn thing at all. Rabid obsession is not the same thing as passion, so don't confuse hot sauce retards as mainstream users of hot sauce.

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>tabasco is great
>pineapple pizza
You need to end yourself right now.

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saw this on /v/ but whatever

hot sauce is to add spice and if you think its metallic go to a doctor or see if that sauce is just all vinegar

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>what exactly is the appeal of hot sauce? yes it adds spiciness to a dish

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Franks Red Hot and Tapatio taste like absolute shit, but a good sriracha sauce is essential

>> No.14058353

thats why you dont fucking smother the food in franks

>> No.14058371

it tastes like spicy vinegar, ruins everything it touches simple as

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It's hot vinegar. If you want to cut through a savory dish of carbs and fat, it gives you that. Think of why people use salsa or ketchup on things. It is an acidic paring. Just because hot ones and redditers are craving secret ardvark, it doesn't mean hot sauce is bad. You are not supposed to dump it on and burn your mouth like these retards. Hell, putting it on popcorn is simple and delicious. Buffalo wings? Hot sauce. It's good depending on the brand.

>> No.14058541

I don't follow. Are you describing different brands of hot sauce?

>> No.14058545

Post pics of hacked up bussy.

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I don’t eat a lot of hot sauces, because most of them taste like foul asshole. I prefer to use fresh or dry chilis. There are a few good hot sauces with really nice flavor tho, and they are good for things like eggs where you can really use the extra spices and vinegar. I dunno man, if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. You don’t have to be a faggot about it tho. Just accept that not everyone likes the same things, and that’s ok.

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Don't you tards get tired of that wojack yourselves by now? You keep exaggerating him more and more, but it's just retarded now.

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dont even question them. I dont even think they have a mind of their own
this. its the same shit with guac imo. you either hate it or love it

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They literally measure the capsaicinoid content per volume. This is a quantifiable measure, not qualitative like the old scoville method. There is a maximum level that can be reached, where you just have pure capcaisin crystals, which caps out at around 16 million scovilles.

There are a couple of capcaisinoids that shatter this ceiling, particularly resiniferatoxin, at a literally lethal 16 BILLION scovilles.

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try the tabasco habanero sauce it has so much more flavor

>> No.14058846

>spicy food is good when it's paired with other flavors, but on its own, it's fucking bland.
Yeah, that's the appeal numbnut, you add the spicy sauce onto other flavors. With that being said shit is kinda overated.

>> No.14058894

the burn gives me a dopamine hit

would you say the same shit about BDSM? that it only exists as a means for men to prove their pain tolerance to other people?

you are a brainlet

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Dude, what? Good hot sauces are fruity and tangy underneath their spice. I like Original Louisiana Hot Sauce and El Yucateco Green Habenero if I really want some heat.

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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Fermented chilis taste like shit and hot sauce is for pathetic faggots.


>> No.14058984

we get it you have images of yourself saved on a hard drive no need to doxx yourself

>> No.14058990

Lol what? I'm just the person who came into this thread and now I'm scratching my head. How exactly did you come to this conclusion?

>> No.14059006

>bitch-made faggot tries to project his failing onto others

mondo lame, dude.

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>The food I cook is such bland garbage that I need hot sauce

>> No.14059039

Asian food gets spice right. Hot sauce is for braindead Amerisharts.

>> No.14059075

keep chugging that gutter oil, bugman.

>> No.14059096

is this the vinegar shits general?

>> No.14059166

This post is sad.

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Vinegar hot sauce like franks, tabasco and louisiana are GOAT

>> No.14059700

You should have seen what the so called "natives" did on the prairie, scalping and cutting out tounges would be putting it lightly.

>> No.14060220

Cholula is amazing and I want to put it on a meal halfway through when I want to vary the flavors a bit.

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You may as well ask what the point of any seasoning, sauce or spice is. Yes, it's to make food taste spicy because some people like that flavor on certain foods.

I especially like it on fatty foods. The spice and vinegar is a perfect balance. In particular, a few dashes on some sunny side up eggs with runny yolk and some buttered toast is God tier.

>> No.14060341

You are right about one thing, cheap ass hot sauce usually isnt the best to slather over anything. A few drops is fine.
However, if you buy good hot sauce, it has a ton of complex flavor in it, and is pretty good to dip stuff in.
And also, some people have different heat tolerances. Some brainlets cant handle the taste of red pepper flakes while others enjoy thai chilis in their cereal.

>> No.14060404

If you guys aren't putting hotsauce on your perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, what the fuck are you doing with yourselves.

>> No.14060467

Don't you dare defile an anchovy pizza with that vile garbage.

>> No.14060474

You can't make spicy food in large batches without running the risk that some people won't eat it. At least in the USA, the average eater is a total bitch when it comes to spicy foods.
Hot sauce solves this problem for me, it enables each individual eater to increase the spice level of their dish without contaminating the whole pot. I've served food before that half the eaters considered inedible due to being too spicy, it fucking sucks. In some cultures everybody can handle their shit but not in mine.

>> No.14060530

Hot sauce is vinegar with chilis. If that makes the dish better then it was a garbage dish to begin with.

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>> No.14060925


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flavors: sour, salt, bitter, sweet, umami, and fake fire from peppers. hot sauce is salty, sour, bitter, hot, and sometimes also sweet, and some even have umami. its the perfect condiment to make any food good. mexicans put dry heat spice mixes on fruit. its always sort of a cheat, but if you are having to shovel pounds of bland mushy food in your mouth, its a godsend. and, in the tropics it makes you sweat and cool off. and a liquified pepper activates better than plain dried pepper flakes, which dont cover as much territory as you eat them.

>> No.14061424

shut the fuck up faggot

>> No.14061447

cringe /v/ meme

>> No.14061465

This is the definition of projecting

>> No.14061467

cringe newfag

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>This is the definition of projecting

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This one's my new favorite, has a bright fruitiness and a strong, slow building, long lasting heat. perfect for salads and potatoes

>> No.14062019

Yes... 4 different scenarios with 4 different sauces for 4 different reasons.
1 - A dish has been made moderately hot. If a guest/diner wishes to have a spicier meal, there is hot sauce available that suits the dish.
2 - A dish has been made that is a bit unbalanced, maybe too buttery or creamy. Sriracha works really well to balance out rich curries and stews.
3 - My own creole mustard abortion - yellow ballpark mustard, a pinch of brown sugar, cucumber, scotch bonnet, brown/black mustard seed, and malt vinegar. It's become "Eggsauce" because most of my victims use it on eggs.
4 - Carolina Reaper based sauces are rarely tame. I can't think of a time I've used some where I wasn't looking for a serious endorphin rush because I was in a bit of a shit mood. Masochism.

>> No.14062024

third post best post

>> No.14062040

Both of you can take your "a pizza.jpg" and choke to death on each others cocks, fucking faggots.

>> No.14062112

Yes, but does each scenario refer to one specific brand, or a general theme?

>> No.14062119 [DELETED] 
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*ring ring*

>> No.14062129

I've never made sriracha before... just four scenarios I could think of where hot sauce (the overarching theme) is a welcome guest to the party.

>> No.14062366

Can confirm. I like things in my ass and dressing up as a girl. I also like hot sauce in pic.

>> No.14062410

Virtually every hot sauce is shit. The only good ones are the few non overly vinegary ones.

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I love this kind of threads - in real life if you would try talk about all this stereotypes, people would think you are an asshat.
>you apply hot sauce?! they are reddit and for manchildren who try to look cool! also, no taste
>what? are you okay, anon? what are you even talk about?
But of course, they are just stupid normies and don't know themselves like anon does!

>> No.14063163

Tapatio is rather mild but is a good hot sauce if you're looking to add flavor while maintaining comfort. It goes great with breaded chicken.

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i dont like hot sauce either but i hate all sauces and refuse to eat them at all

>> No.14063428

Sounds... dry.

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I love how hot sauce fags will call you a pussy yet they always ALWAYS run to the jannies pissing and shitting their cargo shorts the moment you post something that hurts their feefees.

>> No.14063669

take a chill pill broham

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>what exactly is the appeal of hot sauce?
Heat and flavor.
The flavor of some hot sauces will complement some dishes perfectly. For example, Tabasco and red beans and rice.

>> No.14064631


>> No.14064638


>> No.14064848

No. Just make the dish have flavor in itself so you don't need vinegary meme sauces.

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>I love how
No you don't

>> No.14065375

>threading your own post
Summer here already?

>> No.14065382

>newfag calling others newfag

>> No.14065389

You have to go back

>> No.14065469

Just as I suspected.

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>he's so bad at cooking that he can't even make Tabasco work in any dish

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People that don't like hot sauces either don't enjoy spicy foods, which makes them faggots; or they don't like vinegar, which also makes them faggots.

>> No.14065771

I love spicy food. Hot sauce is for tasteless faggots. Simple as.

>> No.14065783

You niggers. It's vinegar, salt and chilis. I'll add them to the dish separately if it needs those. If you just douse food with hot sauce it will always be unbalanced by one or two of those three ingredients.

>> No.14065796
File: 2.02 MB, 1378x1710, (You).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People that don't like hot sauces either don't enjoy spicy foods, which makes them faggots; or they don't like vinegar, which also makes them faggots.

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File: 2.76 MB, 912x810, sataniadeal.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's vinegar, salt and chilis...
...aged in oak barrels.
>I'll add them to the dish separately if it needs those.
Not aged in oak barrels, not an acceptable Tabasco substitute.

>> No.14065832

Hot sauce, like all other ingredients, has a time and a place. You should never just douse your food in hot sauce, unless you're making garbage food, just the same as covering your food in any other condiment. But I'll be damned if you think pouring some chipotle Tobasco on my sardine and crackers is bad.

>> No.14065837

imagine the stench of your sour vinegary shits

>> No.14065858

it's like adding pepper.

>> No.14065876

How do you add vinegar, salt, and chilis to your brat, you double nigger?

>> No.14065905

just make chili oil with fresh chilis, you babydick tastelets

>> No.14066017

the acid in lime and lemon juice will cure it in like 20 minutes, also most ceviche is made with high grade fish that is usually pathogen free

>> No.14066077

I actually just like the taste of Frank's, sometimes tobasco. Similarly buffalo sauces are delicious Imo, couldn't care less about the spice. Sometimes the spice is a nice addition, sometimes I'd prefer if it was less spicy (and it's not even a spicy hot sauce).

Not everyone is a hot sauce fanatic just adding it to stuff to say "lookatme".

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>> No.14066541


>> No.14067398

I don’t have a hot sauce collection unless it’s what I make. That being said I just was gifted a 30 variety pack of hot sauce from my gfs relatives for my bday, nice gift. Better than what my gf has done for years and just gets me Tshirts.

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