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>tfw you're white

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We discuss food and cooking here, sir.

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/pol/ is leaking again

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i think you posted a wrong image there, sir.

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Skin colour is not an achievement.

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It’s a privilege :^)

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Mayo is too spicy

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looks spicy

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>implying race is skin deep

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living in new orleans has made me realize that i hate both whites and blacks. its not the race its the education. the people here have a no joke 90 or less iq. many is not most who walk into my office are on government money, which i used to resent, but now im thankful because theyre not dead on the street where i need to see them.literally most of america is in povery and thank christ i wasnt one of them. i was born white with a 115 iq. being poor AND dim truly is the worst hell imaginable. no escape. thats why affimitve action should be based on wealth not race. subscribe to my blog for more and make sure to turn on notifications!

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Well everyone survived natural selection, so there has to be something to that.

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yet the minnesota transracial adoption studies show that if you take a black kid and give him white kid opportunities, he still won't measure up

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soy onions

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whatever, if he/she has money to spend like me theyre probably okay. just be smart enough to hold down a job. the top 1% of IQ will take care of the rest.

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Uh oh stinky winky nigger dinkies can't cope once again OH NO NO NO

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>racists get into power
>racists start giving power to other racists while keeping others down
it's not that hard. also you wont adopt kids right after they got out of momma's pussy. early childhood experiences can affect your behavior and abilities greatly.

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dis nigga think black people would be as successful as whites if they mommas played mozart on they bellies

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Well, maybe each race should live in its own place. It's clear that being together isn't doing any of us any good.

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respond to this i dare you. this anon summed it up well. fuck brainlets. make money for our children

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Oh yeah, this is why I stopped coming to /ck/

You guys have literally no defense against /pol/ Everything becomes racist shit flinging

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also you dont cook. meanwhile ill steal your girl i cook so fukking pleb. dont come back.

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actual garbage only subhuman anglos could enjoy

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Get a load of this turkroach.

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imagine being proud of eating pig blood curds and calling that a sausage

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literally the only people who have issue with it are fucking retards like you
cooking is inherently international and multicutural, you're going to get racist shitposts, fuck off back to retarddit if you want everything to be nice and sterilized

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*dabbed on*