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>has absolutely zero fucking reason to be so delicious and based for the price
>does it anyhow

I’m not saying it’s fine dining, I’m not saying it’s superior to a slice from an authentic joint, but as far as chain pizza goes, for my money it’s got to be Little Caesar’s. There is no reason to pay double the price at any of the other chains. I’m not even open to arguments from anyone who disagrees, miss me with that contrarian boujee shit. Where my Caesar’s bros at?

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Op here. I forgot to mention im gay, idk if that helps or not.

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Just picked up a slice of this based pie tonight. Its my off day from toning my 233lbs of pure unadulterated muscle

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No I actually left that part out on purpose. Thanks asshole.

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I used to love little caesars when I was a broke high school stoner. Now, not so much. Most chain pizza fucks my stomach up now a days.

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My only problem with LC's is that as soon as you try to do anything custom your $6 pizza turns into a $15 pizza, which defeats the purpose.

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I like it for what it is. But the sausage is pig disgusting and the pepperoni is bland as fuck. The best part is the dough which is decent unless some nub doesn't proof it properly. I have heard they sell their dough to other chains, and that you can buy it yourself too. The sauce is pretty bad. The cheese is alright. I get the extra most bestest. Meh.

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That is valid criticism and I agree. Insult to injury is all of the other toppings other than pepperoni and cheese are VERY low quality even by Little Caesars standards. So not only are you paying 15 bucks for a pizza you’re getting shit quality in return for it.

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Dominos is better

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You’ve lost your fuckin mind

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This kind of Jewing really pisses me off. Crazy Bread used to be less than $2, now they force you to buy their disgusting as fuck cold sauce with it for like $5. Fuck those fags.

Also back in the 80s when they first came around out west they had the Pizza Pizza and the quality was much better. Then they went for the cheapest shit possible and they pretty much suck. The Pizza Pizza was like $8 iirc.

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The only thing I don't like is them keeping the pizza in the box when keeping it warm; they're more just keeping the box hot so it gets cold fast.

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I always use the pizza portal and the pizza is always nice and hot.

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pizza portal are you some sort of food magician

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probably the best deal in food, considering it's always available.

LC is for standard hot n ready only. can't imagine getting anything other than pepperoni from there.

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>not even paying $1 more for extramostbestest

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Best buck I ever spent

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This or the italian cheese bread or the deep dish are even more based than the regular hot n readys.

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I get the deep deep dish with extra sauce, makes for a legit Chicago style pizza with Detroit style edges

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The pizza is very flimsy and the cheese slid right off. Still not bad for 6 bucks.

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That lunch combo is sugoi as fuck, my dood.

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Fuck I love the deep dish they make.

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Extra cheese 4 u

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I agree it's pretty good for its price

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>I’m not saying it’s fine dining, I’m not saying it’s superior to a slice from an authentic joint, but as far as chain pizza goes, for my money it’s got to be Little Caesar’s.

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>for its price

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Seriously, I don't know when but they've steeped up their game, the pizza is delicious, cheap, and delivers here retarded fast. If I was every other normie pizza franchise I'd be sweating bullets.

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It's not bad when you throw in one or two extra toppings, Pepperoni + Mushroom is my go to, only costs a buck or so extra which is fine by me since the thing is only 5 bucks by itself.

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shut the fuck up, manlet

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>for it's price
I can buy a frozen pizza for $5 or less with more toppings and varieties that tastes just the same or better. Plus, I don't have to interact with minorities.

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peak little ceasars is a leftover slice of the hot n ready with ranch dressing. I can't be convinced otherwise.

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The only chain out of the big four still that makes their dough in store. Everyone else gets stacks of semi-frozen dough balls trays on trucks

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>Crazy Bread used to be less than $2
I knew I wasn't misremembering, I thought it used to be like $2, the one near my new place charges $4 and the italian cheese bread is $4.50. why the fuck would anyone get the crazy bread?

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>that tastes just the same or better
Shut the fuck up you lying faggot.

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if you want hot and ready prices you should order a hot and ready pizza.

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Lol enjoy your cancer and tits op.
I'm a tranny and I probably have a lower estrogen count than you.

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Everytime I see these threads I seethe, but apparently if I go to affluent white neighborhood this pizza is for the gods so I'll stop attempting at my lower income LC

>> No.14009200

personally like their Detroit style pizza. it's not the best example of that style but it's the only one available in this area, and it's good to see a major chain offering crispy square pizza

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i have no idea what you are trying to say here. Did you graduate high school? Try putting your thoughts into coherent sentences.

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Reading is a useful skill to have bro. They spend 12 years bashing it into your head yet you can't even do it? Perhaps you should invest in hooked on phonics dumbass

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sorry I couldn't quite grab the meaning from this string of words
> but apparently if I go to affluent white neighborhood this pizza is for the gods so I'll stop attempting at my lower income LC

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Limited menu usually helps with good taste and price

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>struggling during the big recession
>working shit call center job for half the pay i was making before
>get off work and stop by K-Mart that was on the way home
>walk in the always empty store to the food court Little Caesars
>grab a $5 pizza, go home and eat the pizza with gf while watching tv. usually complain about our shitty jobs
>play video for a couple hours then go to sleep
>repeat the process for years

After digging myself out of that hole, I promised I'd never let myself get into the position where I need to eat cheap ass soylent green tier food

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3$ where I get it

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bitch shut up

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The sausage hot n ready ain't bad.

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Nice to see fellow extramostbestest Chads in this thread.

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They've got a hawaiian pizza they only sell a few hours a day. Kind of a weird menu system, the popular shit they sell all day already prepared. And then a few items during peak hours.

Anyway. The canadian bacon is sliced into these little prisms, and there's a lot of them. It's one of those things that's like super processed, but still really satisfying.

Also crazy bread is great.

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lol it's for mobile orders, you just walk in and pick it up.

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God somebody who's based and redpilled here at co/ck/les

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They used to have these pretzel crust pepperoni pizzas with nacho cheese sauce instead of tomato sauce. They were pretty good, but greasy and salty as fuck.

>> No.14010864

bullshit. think crust + italian garlic bread < $11
over 4,000 calories btw

>> No.14010872

zero interface with wagie scum is the best imo

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I live in a lower income area, not like The Hood but generally a good amount of poor people and minorities, and my local 'Cs makes some fantastic fucking pizza.

This thread made me go look up the nutrition facts, and I found that I had grossly overestimated how much added sugar there was per pizza. Thanks bros! I'm gonna pick one up tomorrow.

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I specifically like them the best among the big chains for striking the best balance of flavor being on the savory side but not turbo-salty like Pizza Hut nor sickeningly sweet like some Domino's and ALL of Papa John's. At least that's how it is with our local area franchises. The same guy has owned and run the local LC for like 20 years.

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Changing the crust to think and getting a side of crust isn't the same as customizing your pizza.

>> No.14011140

i pan fry my leftover slices
I still love crazy bread but never get it anymore for that reason.

I never really try the gimmicky stuff like the pretzel crust or the cheeser cheeser or whatever they have going on. I wanted to try the bacon wrapped deep dish but by the time I got around to it it was gone.

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The pretzel crust has way too much salt on it. It was basically inedible when I tried it.

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Me and my wife used to go to Sleazers every Friday and each consume a medium pepperoni pizza on a public bench with the pizzas on our lap. Good times.

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I used to work at a hardees and then I moved to a little caesars so I went from being 2thick to hot and ready. I dated one of the girls who worked there and she definitely was hot and ready

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if someone buys one of those I won't eat it. the extra cheese and pepperoni makes it a greasy mess. pizza isn't supposed to have that much cheese

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Not gonna disagree that it's hard to beat the value of what you're getting for $5 but it's bottom of the barrel pizza that I enjoy. Let me tell you my super secret to elevating the Caesar to God Emperor status.
>Take Caesar's Pizza
>Put in fridge
>when cold, it's time to reheat
>grab a couple cold slices
>Set toaster oven to 350F
>5-10 minutes
BOOM, that $5 pizza now taste like $7 pizza. No idea why it happens but the crust gets crispier and the sauce gets sharper

>> No.14011370

>Deep dish with extra sauce, well-done
There is no better nectar of the Gods.

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>get off work and stop by K-Mart that was on the way home
>walk in the always empty store to the food court Little Caesars
damn, that just sent me back to the mid naughty naughties (00s). By the late 00s Kmart was the poster child for struggling wageslaves, I kinda miss shopping at Kmart while broke.
>"Attention Kmart Shoppers"

>> No.14011405

>has absolutely zero fucking reason to be so delicious and based for the price
That's wrong though. It tastes worse than the price. It's literally wonder bread and walmart pasta sauce flavored, it's disgusting.

>> No.14011700

Not hard to understand, both the refrigeration and the re-heating remove moisture, causing the crust to crisp up better, and intensifying flavors.

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I actually cannot believe that people unironically like Little Caesars. It's the among the worst fastfood/pizza chains in the US. I can't think of one I dislike more honestly.

>> No.14011753

>being this retarded

Are you this unlikable in real life?

>> No.14011902

Its cheap pizza and knows it.
Why go to Dominoes or Papa Johns if you have any kind of decent Pizza shops nearby?
Its the same price to get a carry out at Dominoes in my area as it is to go to an actual pizza shop for example. Even though the latter is a far better product.
But LC's is priced at half that amount and isn't only half as good. Its not good pizza, but its a good $6 pizza. Better than the ones from the frozen section that cost more even.

>> No.14011903

sbarros is worse

>> No.14011986


I don’t just like it, I love it. I enjoy it, I savor it. I look forward to it I seek it out. I lust and yearn for it.

>> No.14011995



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it is poverty cheap and for the price it's alright i guess...

never had it, but from what I've heard you could be right

>> No.14012101

How can frozen pizza even compete??

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There is something in the sauce that draws me back. I can’t escape it. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Homemade, Frozen. I always end up going back to Little Caesar’s for the fucking sauce and cheese. I cannot escape it, and I don’t think I ever will. Sure it’s trash. I’ve tasted better.

But FUCK! There is just something about those two that satisfy some primal, monkey part of my brain.

Is this some kind of Purgatory? Perhaps a layer of Hell? Am I doomed to forever be bound to eat this pizza?

>> No.14012202

>5 dollars for a pizza thats better than dominos or the hut

how do they do it?

>> No.14012212

LMFAO little c's is shit. let me tell you why. too much fucking sauce to cover up the shit flavor of its dough. after thirty minutes it starts to taste like salty marinara sauce because the quality of their toppings are equally as shitty. the "cheese" they use tastes like shit. after one day the pizza turns to fucking stone. it's disgusting and I can make a better pizza with my eyes closed. Real pizza has flavor of which little c's have none.

>> No.14012215

your shit

>> No.14012266


This nigga gay af yo

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5 dollar large pizza?
Step aside plebs. Pizza Patron does a large 1 topping for FOUR dollars.

Operator, based department please.

>> No.14012295

oh and to add to my points, its full of undesirables. Its full of bums and full of poor people who are trashy as shit, you go for a $5 pizza of grease and disappointment risking your life because some hooligan outside sees your wallet as easy payday.

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Its the best tasting nationwide pizza chain, its just an added bonus that its the cheapest.

>> No.14012323

This is the absolute worst chain pizza

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I think what made it more depressing, was that a bran new luxury apartment complex was build next door to it.
The K-Mart eventually got dozed and filled with more apartments.

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