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>built for BBQ

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Imagine if we (well me) were just like pigs, bread for our flesh to be eaten, by some alien race or higher human. And as they are more advanced than us, it's easiest to keep us happy with a simulation, making us think we're in a comfortable life. Then, when we're "ready", we'd be woken up at a random time in our life, to be fed to those higher creatures. That'd be hot, haha.

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This is why people stay vegan because of carnist fetishes

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That's pretty much what's already going on with the global elite

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pig castration

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Anyone besides me stocking up for the pork collapse? Already 30% of the United States pork processing capacity is shut down due to covid concerns of staff. The supply chain of this product is continuous meaning pork farmers are currently culling their livestock and dumping them into holes. Ive already purchased 9 lbs of bacon and 15 lbs of sausage which should last me through the rest of this disruption. Rip pigglets.

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grow up your own pigs

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i dont think it will collapse, but it will get more expensive

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Wait for the mainstream media to get to the story. Remember the same things gonna happen to pork links. Meanwhile I'll be enjoying my blts I bought at the store on sale 50% on sale.

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Coronavirus originates from animal products, if that helps

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Imagine being a vegan and still getting infected despite never eating delicious meat. That would be frustrating.

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Anyway, as I was saying, that's why animal product production might be slowed,because of livestock diseases

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have you ever seen the Matrix?

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Yeah, but just imagine, right now at the current time, getting a carnist disease and having a frail, malnourished body unable to fight it off. Like all your work and moral posturing was for nothing. Do you even know how mad you'd be at everything?

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Piggeh made for love

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what if?

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I actually helped a neighbor castrate his boar like 1-2 years ago.

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Doubt it. Most of the reason people even buy it is because it's cheap.

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We should castrate the humans who do this and hunt the poor piggly wigglies for their meat. Good thing boar has parasites and other ickies that ruin your colon.

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In third world countries maybe

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So America and Europe then.

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Bring it on, Cheez Wiz.

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No just our colonies

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imagine this being true but you were a pacifist vegan your entire life lmao

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Top lel fren

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Haha that would be so weird, right? I'm so glad humanity is 100% free and totally isn't being farmed by superior beings.

t. demiurge

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but farmed for what I must know

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Every simulation idea isn't synonyms with the matrix, and humans as a food source makes far more sense than being a fucking battery

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i have a bonrless leg of lamb. how do i cook it in a castiron with lid. kinda a dutch oven.

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This kills the pig.

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When super AI is here, we will be the pigs

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all meat processing will face disruptions in the next 3-6 months. Anyone who knows anything has bought a meat freezer and loaded it.

granted, you're not gonna fuckin starve if you live in america but you wont be able to grill this summer.

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I took my daughter to work in an abattoir in 2009 because she wouldn't stop masturbating in class when she was 11. I made her kill 6 piglets with a hammer. They screamed so loudly. I achieved orgasm right as the last piglet stopped breathing.

I am addicted to the screams of pink pigs and also computer duster.

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Isn't there an anime about this?

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there's gantz manga which comes pretty close to it

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Bred for BBC

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amazing image, can relate

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Yes, that's the joke. Congratulations on almost getting it, you dumb fuck.

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sensible chuckle

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>Yes, that's the joke. Congratulations on almost getting it, you dumb fuck.

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god i wish that was me

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This. A slaughterhouse worker died of Coronavirus expect meat to be in decline.

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Tok pep

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ahhahah oh now i get it lol thanks

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