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Bacon needs more cooking. Need more mushrooms, no tomato since you have beans? Fewer hash browns, throw in a potato scone. Substitute fried egg for scrambled eggs.


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Looks good except for those red abortion looking things.

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>substitute fried egg for scrambled eggs

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I want to replace 2 hashbrowns by more mushrooms and 1 more egg, I also need sauce

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I am allergic to HP sauce lads

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Of course not, Amsterdummy. OP is "Britcuck", and HP Sauce is made in the Netherlands.

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Looks like that guy had a bad night at the pub.

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it actually looks fine to me except for the taters and maybe the beans.

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for the past 10 years in a row

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Scrambled eggs are great but do not belong on an all day breakfast. At least OP did not post chips, fuck those places giving us chips.

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>Baked Beans
>Fried or Scrambled eggs
>Grilled tomato
>Hash browns
>Fried bread/toast
>Black pudding

This is all essential

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There are tomatos on that plate.
There are 2 instances of tomato on there so I wouldn't put HP sauce on there aswell

Literally the only thing wrong with the plate is 1 egg, 1 black pudding and 4 hash browns, no toast.

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Looks dreadful m8, 3/10

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Went to France and tried my first "authentic" english breakfast. It was fucking delicious. I have no idea why or how beans, of all things, are on the breakfast menu, but they were fantastic.

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They are a specific kind of beans, haricot
People outside the UK tend to expect we are using kidney beans or black beans that you'd use in chili or tacos.

That's why they think it's disgusting
Baked beans like that are little more than a vehicle for the sauce, they add a little more fibre and some protein, no resistance to the bite.
It's why they go so well in baked potatos, on toast and with a bunch of other ingredients on a full english

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I was so hung over. Felt so much better afterwards. I miss the good coffee and bread. Europe absolutely ruined me.

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bretty gud

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>cucked himself
>full english breakfast
This guy's trying too hard, I bet he's spanish and skips breakfast.

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Good but needs more pubes

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step up

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Haha fucking state of that

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Taters, taters and more taters with sausage and a few drips of salsa. Pass.

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Eating out of a wooden bowl like a 3rd world dog

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Veggie version is tasty

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Clearly an irish delicacy

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Is that fried beetroot?
If not, why not

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>veggie version
>blood sausage on plate

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looks tasty except for the beans
I'll never understand the appeal of baked beans

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They are fried tomatoes which are excellent. And honestly you need something acidic to go with all that greasy meat, rich egg yoke, and buttered toast and shit. Number one thing Americans fuck up when they try a classic full English is leaving those guys out.

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What am I looking at here?

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I'de imagine it'd be the blood sausage, cant find that shit anywhere.

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>2 sausages
>2 pieces of bacon
>2 fried eggs
>2 slices of black pudding
>Fried bread (1 slice of bread)

If it doesnt contain those items, I dont even want to do business with you.

Additional Extras
>Fried Tomato
>Tinned tomato
>White pudding
>Scrambled egg

Personally I dont like fried or tinned tomatoes, and dont think scrambled eggs should be on a full english, but I include them because Im willing to bow to those social conventions.

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>throw in a potato scone
You mean potato cakes?
And surely it needs some toast

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Nonce filter

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Why is American bread so sweet, do you guys actually prefer that stuff?

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>Bangers a mash
>On a chopping bir d
>With that little gravy

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White pudding > black pudding
Laverbread > beans

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All depends on what you buy and where you buy it. Most normies buy the cheap stuff from the bread aisle and people who actually care go to a good bakery.

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Mortadela, edam, gerkins and mustard

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thats not gravy, it's Fasole bătută ,a beans-based paste. This dip is traditionally made by mashing boiled beans and mixed with vegetable oil adding some chopped onions.
on the right is mamaliga, the veggies are purely for decoration

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>raw meat
>raw eggs

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#11 burrito from Golden Pride

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what does black pudding taste like? it looks dense as shit

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Looks delicious but this would take me like an hour to make and eat then I'd feel like shit and take a half hour long poop after.r

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Salty milk and coins

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Hnng yes.

I could have done with one this morning to smash my hangover

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Lose the bean, undercooked ham, and black shit and you'll have a good breakfast.

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>some grease left over in pan after fry up
>decide to fry some bread to soak it up
>realise there's not enough fat for a nice crispy slice
>absolutely drench it in extra oil to reach desired consistency
absolutely great feeling lads

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I tried frying some tomatoes with my breakfast this morning and it wasn't that great. I probably did it wrong, but I cut a tomato into eigths and fried them in bacon fat. They came out mushy and just tasted like a hot, mushy tomato.

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Everything. Literally EVERYTHING has corn syrup in it.

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t.the norf

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good post

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mine yesterday
1 sausage
2 fried eggs
2 toast

day before
1 sausage
1 fried egg
1/2 onion
1 thick cut bacon rasher
2 toast

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just have citrus like a normal american

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Look again. Those are canned tomatoes. Whoever made that plate fucked up big time.

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I want to run into that building with a sword that is a little too large to be practical and slay demons.

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Or this

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that mushroom is raw like

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>bacon underdone
>sausages look oven cooked and not grilled or fried
>too many beans
>two small whole canned plum tomatoes (what the fuck)
>egg whites fucked
>hash browns slightly over and too many
>black pudding looks too crispy
>no fried bread or toast
>no tea
You fucked up in every fucking way imaginable son.

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Oh and I forgot.

>no fucking mushrooms

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I'm going to say this again so you thick fucks can have it nailed even further into your idiotic heads again:

There are NO hash browns in a traditional fry-up. None. This is a recent addition courtesy of fucking convenience shit and lazy fuck larping 'caffs'. No self-respecting establishment that caters for the true connoisseur would ever include them.

That whole plate is a fucking disgrace, anyway.
> one shitty-looking egg
> two rashers
> tinned fucking tomato
> two feeble-looking, obviously no-brand Tesco or similar shit 'bangers'
> one miserable slice of dried out, tough-looking black pudding

Pure fucking pleb.

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Americans always overcook bacon. Crispy bacon doesn't even taste like fucking pork.

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There are mushrooms there. Above the eggy weggs and below the bacon.

>> No.13952548

> fucking tinned mushrooms that haven't even been fried
Not sure why you're pleased to point this out.

>> No.13952550

I offer no opinion on the quality of anything in the picture, just correcting your false claim.

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Not the person you thought you were replying to.

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Then perhaps I need to correct YOU as well.

>> No.13952561

Ooo, yes, please.

(also not the person you think you're replying to btw)

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I'm lost. And abandoning this thread to finish assembling my Ultimate Fat Flags Mega Pack torrent.

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Fat Slags*
Anyway it should be on TPB in two hours or so.

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why are you eating upside down?

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Four sausages Jeremy, FOUR? That's insane!

>> No.13952759

gtfo, eaither you eat the original dish or don't imitate.

>> No.13952765

> abandoning this thread
> another newfag felled like so much rotten wood
My work here is only just beginning.

>> No.13952766

Fucking this. Hash browns are utterly haram.

>> No.13952771

>he fell for it
Why would I abandon my own thread?

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the hotel probably got that breakfast from the Macdonald's downstairst, their McCafè offer the same things. Hope they didn't gauge you because they should have given you a better breakfast for that hotel down in Milan.

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I'm not that guy, newfag.

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Best in thread. Except the black shit i dont like it

>> No.13952779

And I'm not THAT guy

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The fucking state of this. I literally just threw up in my mouth a little. Get to fuck.

>> No.13952783

then who was guy?

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All good except no toast ffs. Should be fried bread. The black pudding can get to fuck, too. Bonus points for the chipolatas, though - that's pretty pukka.

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ill have this instead

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Would crush everything except cake/pie. Still hungry tho

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Did you fry your eggs while running on a treadmill or something?

>> No.13952800

Burnt toaste

>> No.13952801

I like em exactly this way

>> No.13952802

Too much black pudding, and I have no idea where you got those fucking albino mushrooms from, either. Bangers look shit quality, too.

>> No.13952805

Fry up must always have tomatoes - grilled or fried. Also fried bread. This is some hipster shit in some gastropub (i.e. not a fry up by definition).

>> No.13952810

Actual oldfag detected. I knew there was at least one more on this shitheap board.

>> No.13952814

Gays should not post in fry up threads.

>> No.13952824

Which is what? Frying by violently shaking the pan?

>> No.13952825

That's too much.
>T. American.

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Today is my day off so I ground my usual oatmeal into flour and made Pancakes.They tasted way better than I thought they would. Made a poor mans iced mocha too.

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For real, I know they meme, "You season meat to make it taste different too" which has nothing to do with the imitation food thing.

But why do you guys do it? People don't try to make meat look and taste like vegetables. I eat meat but I make my vegetable sides taste just as good without bending backwards trying to make them anything but vegetables. Why not like them for what they are? I've had imitation chicken and stuff before and It's gross.

>> No.13953030

which is you can see on the picture. and sop being a cunt. looks like you know nothing about fryed eggs.

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Looks great, what's in it

>> No.13953549

>People think they have amazing taste in food
>Yet drink coffee
Every time

>> No.13953558

is that a chocolate chip cookie next to the egg?

>> No.13953566

It's blood pudding

>> No.13953584

holy shit the description on wiki makes it sound disgusting

>> No.13953588

I agree but in theory so does eating the dead meat of animal.

>> No.13953598

Those are the saddest looking tomatoes I've ever seen, not even carmelized so what's the point? It's a hot mushy fruit with poison in it.
Those triangular hashbrowns are the cheapest things ever, disgusting.

>> No.13953665

It's not a michelin meal you fucking fairy

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>People don't try to make meat look and taste like vegetables
People who gave up vegetables for ethical reasons but still miss their taste probably would
Also sausage doesn't "look like meat"; anything can be ground up, rolled up and sliced

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Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.13953715

Well you make a good point but I'd still want some conversion on my tomatoes, they are so damned good. That's just two stewed tomatoes lol.

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File: 693 KB, 622x350, 1587277086910[1].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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cheesteak pizza taco

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Enjoyed a hearty sunday quarantine breakfast of a three-egg ham and cheddar omelet with green onions and a nice big portion of frozen hash browns (light on the brown) dazzled up with some spices and sauces of choice. Also it's healthy because of the fruits on the side

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mmm gooey

>> No.13953934

I'm not being a cunt. The yolks on those eggs genuinely look as though they were shaken around whilst cooking. I'm sorry that you forgot you're on 4chan and don't know how to take a bit of fucking banter.

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that looks like about half the calories you'd need in a day if you're an athlete

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>refined sugars, simple carbs and some fat

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Ok, how I do it is I take cherry tomatoes or whole, but small tomatoes, make a small incision and put them in a skillet on medium heat. If you don't make an incision they will pop. You want very little oil in the pan. Tiny bit. Roast them up until the skin is getting wilty and gets a couple nice darker spots on it. Then take it off before it gets to soft.

It's definitely tender but the end of it but shouldn't be mushy.

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>> No.13954068

those damn jinamen!

>> No.13954072

This would only look ok if it weren't for the view and the table setting.

>> No.13954093

caffeine appetite suppressant and that pastry is calorically quite dense. I generally have a larger appetite than this but it wouldn't be the worst for a lean mealtime bite, maybe the stomach hasn't settled from the night before, maybe it is a busy day and something to occupy the metabolism while keeping on the go. or maybe I like to feel quaint and European with my pinky out as I savor my pastry and sniff my own farts. ymmv.

>> No.13954097

Just eat vegetables that are already in that shape then. Stuff some eggplants or something. Traditional sausages are made in animal caseings that put them in that shape. And there was a reason behind it beyond making them a cylinder.

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underrated post

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Lol imagine gatekeeping English food

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how can i reduce defualt inage size on an iphone. this camera takes like 5 fucking mb pics

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File: 3.89 MB, 4608x3456, 1585840466685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>how to take a bit of fucking banter
oh, really? cunt. anyway, Ed. I popped them for the picture. those are natural from my nan's farm. crusty whites and creamy & soft (yet cooked) yolks are the perfection I like. and never break the character thats what 4chan banter is about yeh cunt.

>> No.13954828

> 4chan blah blah banter blah!!
you don't even know how a gif works, you fucking tool

>> No.13954851

Omg I love it

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shut up already you absolute bellend and go get some eggs

>> No.13954903

The fuck is that on the side? Is that chutney?!

Man, you guys are seriously fucking triggering me. Also, NOT toast ffs. FRIED bread.

>> No.13954909

no u

and stop shaking them around and traumatising them

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Imagine just being a fucking Scot at all.

>> No.13955040

No protein. No gainz. You're a bitch

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File: 3.30 MB, 334x251, animal mother2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only after yeh eat the peanuts out of my shit, piligrim. my eggs as my balls, I shake em whenever I want.

>> No.13955100


That's marmalade, daft cunt

>> No.13955224

> some shitty quantity of marmalade plonked smack bang in the middle of a fucking fry up
And you said it like it was just nothing, you fucking larping shit.

>> No.13955423


In the little dish? It's butter and marmalade for the toast, spacker.


I'm from East Yorkshire

>> No.13955435

Yeah. Because it's apparently 'traditional' in 'East Yorkshire' to smack a measly fucking plop of marmalade in a dish right in the middle of a fucking fry-up.

Giggy fucking larper.

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>> No.13955465

>one egg
Do americans really?

>> No.13955473


I'm not saying it's normal, I'm saying it's marmalade.

It's obviously a brekkie from some twatty gastropub.

>> No.13955477

Honestly a "full english" or whatever is way too much fucking food and I'd be a bloated sack of shit after and wouldn't feel good. I'm sure it's delicious though

t. 300lb fat lardo not some lanklet that doesn't like to eat

>> No.13955486
File: 1.83 MB, 4000x1800, IMG_20200419_130341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Half scrambled eggs stop feta and butter dressed cinnamon raisin bagel

And my chai

>> No.13955516
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>> No.13955689

Well, thank god you said that. Yorkshireman confirmed.

I wouldn't mind it if it was actually a proper portion of marmalade, though. That's just fucking appalling. I would punch the cunt who tried to give me that measly smear of marmalade for my toast. Don't care where they put it. They'd get their head fucking kicked in giving me a tiny bit of marmalade like that.

>> No.13955777

this nigga eatin wieners for breakfast

>> No.13955787

>on cinnamon raison
weird combo
should've gone everything bagel

>> No.13955850

All we had, but yeah I'd have gone with poppy seed or the ones with a bunch of nuts and junk on it

>> No.13957174

>a literal hockey puck
Do britfags really?

>> No.13957188

Saw this picture and now I’m craving it for breakfast tomorrow. Can I substitute the baked beans for canned pinto beans?

>> No.13957261

bong here. Sure. the beans aren't really that important. they can be curried, etc.

>> No.13958266

Would eat/10.

>> No.13959449

He's right
They're tastier

>> No.13959492

Hes Australian

>> No.13959576

fun fact: michael phelps said the UK has fantastic food
fun fact 2: he said this because everything is laden with calories and grease

>> No.13959586
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top lad

>> No.13960482
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Why are you all so triggered? It's literally the same thing only with guacamole and a quorn sausage

>> No.13960524

Pig disgusting. All that oil and so bland. And those portions. I don’t want to eat 0.75 lb of hummus.

>> No.13960553
File: 58 KB, 509x339, German-blood-sausage-wins-protected-status_wrbm_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do brits slice blood sausage? im used to grilling it and eating it whole

>> No.13960661

Savage hun.

>> No.13961065

Look for an image compressing website like this: https://tinyjpg.com/

>> No.13961829

Where do cafes get those fuckhuge puddings?

>> No.13962022

For three or four people too!

>> No.13962061

If you count women and children as people, maybe

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Man. I really want to make an epic full fry up for a tall, gorgeous American with dark hair and based detonation skills. It would go a bit like this.

>> No.13962253

OMG the food look soooo yummy it make me do mah lil dance like this!!!


>> No.13962576

wish theres rice

>> No.13962734

do americans really?

>> No.13962754
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Is our bacon the same as Bong bacon because I've seen Gordon Ramsay or someone else online use something like in OP's pic before as opposed to pic related

>> No.13963082

Just take a screenshot or use snapchat and save the photo you absolute mong

>> No.13963086

Not a fan of blood sausage but I'd give them to the guy next to me and eat the rest, no wasted food and no loss.

>> No.13963106

nobody cares about your pathetic attempt at relevance, putting random things on a plate doesn't make it a "dish"

>> No.13963109


>> No.13963114
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>for a tall, gorgeous American with dark hair and based detonation skills.
So Osama bin Laden?

>> No.13963144

Needs a vegetable.

>> No.13963153

Why are all anglo breakfasts god tier?

>> No.13963254


Finally one Romanian dish that doesn't look straight out of a Filipino thread, thanks anon.

>> No.13964370

fry up, simple as

>> No.13964591
File: 3.64 MB, 3277x2458, breakfast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually post your breakfast faggots.

>> No.13964605
File: 520 KB, 3059x1954, hegg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being rude is not nice

>> No.13964611

Well it got you to post. What kind of turkey?

>> No.13964619

shitty oscar meyer lunch meat
you know, quarantine time and all

>> No.13964625

Yeah I feel you. Looks good enough to eat. Nothing wrong with cheap lunch meat except the incredible high sodium.
Are you furloughed at the moment or still working?

>> No.13964644

if you're gonna put lunch meat on an egg sandwich at least make it some sort of ham not turkey. yuck.

>> No.13964645

I doubt that guy could get so much as a yawn out of me, let alone a controlled explosion of my pussy, but good chat.

>> No.13964648

We call that streaky bacon, the one in OP's pic is what American's call Canadian bacon I think.

>> No.13964660

I did until I ran out of ham
I'd rather have a bit of turkey instead of just egg and cheese

No job, boyo. Thanks Obama

>> No.13964691

Well at least those $1200 Trump bux that Trump paid out directly out of pocket will last you a long time, right lol?
At least you're getting unemployment, yeah?

>> No.13964723

Which is weird, because in Canada we call OP's pic "back bacon", while the streaky stuff is just called bacon or "side bacon" to differentiate it. "Canadian bacon" is a uniquely American term.

>> No.13964748

There isn't a place on earth that won't let you substitute an item. Just ask for no black pudding and extra whatever you do want.

>> No.13964752

There's two (tomato & potato) right on the plate.

>> No.13964766

Nowadays, the black pudding's usually extra at most places. I think Spoons stopped serving it altogether awhile back.

>> No.13964780

Also true. There's too many man-children around who cry at the sight of it, I guess.

>> No.13964871
File: 1.85 MB, 3264x2448, 20200421_110411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just made it bros. R8.

>> No.13964876

Looks fucking delicious. Are those fried? Great job.

>> No.13964899

Potatoes aren't a vegetable. Beans are a vegetable. You were right, but you're still a retard.

>> No.13964905

epic fallout reference mug bro

>> No.13964918
File: 23 KB, 279x440, 1510674946752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

really? i thought this was dog vomit

>> No.13964920
File: 30 KB, 504x376, 3lrOdDo5jjn_gKVVP2ndEwcSnzWSfK7U5k_lLQCCsMA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Potatoes aren't a vegetable. Beans are a vegetable.

>> No.13964944

Tomatoes are fruits and potatoes are starch.

>> No.13965295

>using a botanical definition for one and a culinary definition for the other just to try to prove him wrong

>> No.13965556
File: 3.79 MB, 3063x2298, 20191005_112006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dippy eggs and soldiers are proper scrumptious.

>> No.13965605

I honestly want to try an authentic English breakfast just to see what it's like when made by someone who knows how to cook it right.

>> No.13965713

What is the black disc?

>> No.13965756

Are you 9?

>> No.13965798
File: 9 KB, 224x225, kippers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who /kippers/ here?

>> No.13965834

Right on mate but fuck hull its a right shithole same level as grimsby

>> No.13965871
File: 131 KB, 960x1280, kipper egg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me! Made this the other night for supper.

>> No.13966021

based. Kippers or so great. Delicious, healthy, they last forever, you can eat them cooked or uncooked, and they're good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I even made a knock-off French herring and Potato salad with one, shit is so good.

>> No.13966032
File: 154 KB, 960x1280, kipper wala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ooo. Kippers in potato salad. Fucking nyum. Never thought to do that, but i'm definitely trying it now. Thanks! Here's another of the egg. I was actually trying to show off for someone special so I'm pleased this worked out so well. Or else, you know, I think that would probably have been it lol.

But yeah, they're excellent any time. How do you cook yours? Jugging or simmer?

>> No.13966062
File: 112 KB, 750x563, hessle cliffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, come on. Hull is just like any city, but there's no denying it's got some of the best countryside walks around it. One of the best for true beautiful English landscapes.

>> No.13966075

Simmer, though lately I've just been lazy and frying them in some butter or ghee if I'm having them with fried eggs.

>> No.13966451
File: 178 KB, 960x1280, kipper jug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, you should try jugging. That's traditional anyway. So, just a little splash of vinegar in a jug, top up with boiling water, insert kipper, then wait 5 minutes. It'll cook it off. Related is mine from the other night. I add a little butter too just because it makes it more buttery but it's not essential. Very fast and it'll be properly warm. Literally a 10 minute supper including the egg water boil time.

>> No.13966475

Ah, yes, miles upon miles of shuttered shops. Truly the essence of modern Britain.

>> No.13966478


>> No.13966641

> shuttered shops
I don't know what kind of countryside walks you do, mate, but generally there are no fucking shops; shuttered or otherwise.

>> No.13966702

>Can I substitute the baked beans for canned pinto beans?

No, no you may not.

>> No.13966758

Yes, he can. Stop being silly. There's no strict requirement for only plain baked beans. Flavoured baked beans is a thing in the UK, you know. You can get chili, curry, bacon, cheese, whatever. All entirely acceptable with a fry-up.

>> No.13966806

>You can get chili, curry, bacon, cheese, whatever. All entirely acceptable with a fry-up.

I mean they exist sure, but it's a very niche thing and no way you would get weird flavours if you ordered a fryup at a pub or cafe.

>> No.13966842

But you could if you were making it at home (which you should be able to do if you were an actual Englishman, anyway). Which is what he's also doing.

>> No.13966899

Superior American here, I gotta try that one of these days, but we don't have those faggy cups here. I wonder if a shot glass would work. Probably right?

Do you do anything special to the toast, I mean sorry, "Burny Freddy brownie Breadie"?

>> No.13966906

How fat do you have to be to eat this kind of breakfast everyday?

>> No.13966912

toast is just buttered and sliced. you would need a large shot glass to fit an egg i would think

>> No.13966920

Nice. I'm doing it.

>> No.13966924

UK fat.

>> No.13966940

very, but i've never encountered anybody who eats this every day besides bodybuilders/strongmen

>> No.13966954

nobody gets up at 7am and makes, cooks, and eats this

>> No.13966960

False. Nobody THAT gets up at 7am cooks and eats this.

People that get up at 7am or earlier have shit to do. You can't do much for long after that breakfast.

>> No.13966969

nobody's eating a fry up before midday
it's more of a big lunch to have if you skipped actual breakfast
or maybe something people have for dinner

>> No.13966985

the full english is more of a meal framework
the "egg" component can be fried eggs, scrambled eggs, a pickled egg, heck you could even have an omelette of some nature
it's all breakfast food in the end

at the same time with sausage, you could have normal sausages, black pudding, white pudding, and every other kind of sausage thing

>> No.13966987

The toast is called 'soldiers', American. YOU must refer to them as that, or the eggy-weggy will blow up in your face by transference of Her Majesty's regal thought-waves. They should also have Marmite on them if you want to do it actually properly.

And yeah, a shot-glass should work, but really, a man who doesn't have at least one egg cup in his cupboard is not really a man in the truly civilised sense of the word. I looked it up for you (you're welcome), and you can get them on your Amazon.


Nonetheless, whatever you decide on, please do post up this entire hilarity when you do it for us to have a look at and a bit of banter over.

>> No.13967005
File: 448 KB, 759x543, 1562805415661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut the fuck up and fix your teeth, cunt.

You know what I don't need a faggy cup, I'll just hold it in my hand like every other food I eat including soup. Because I'm an adult.

>> No.13967013

There's no white pudding in an English breakfast. That's Irish. Even black pudding is regional. You won't find black pudding on an East End fry-up for one.

>> No.13967021

>Even black pudding is regional. You won't find black pudding on an East End fry-up for one.
right so you admit that it's modular

>> No.13967037

I'm not the guy you were replying to initially. I just wanted to contribute that. Nonetheless, though, I agree - there are no strict requirements in relation to the eggs. You must have bacon, bangers, tomato (grilled or fried), mushroom, and fried bread, though. Those are all absolutely imperative to qualify.

>> No.13967101

it's always funny seeing meat eaters behave worse than vegans when vegan food is posted

>> No.13967121
File: 119 KB, 1280x960, IMG_0172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13967289

It's not plural, it's most likely the same shitposter. 2 tops. Most people don't give a shit. You're not upsetting anyone with your weak diet, it's fine.

>> No.13967304

White pudding>Black pudding

>> No.13967451

shit > black or white pudding

>> No.13967513

shit > you

>> No.13967520

check this larper out

>> No.13967539

μπορεις καλυτερα ψηλε μου

>> No.13967548

okay what is this you have my attention

>> No.13967637
File: 140 KB, 1440x744, breakfast roll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>hash browns
what is this america?
>jam next to black pudding
feck off


Best in thread. Proper potato scones cooked correctly, proper meaty bacon, tidy eggs, tidy toms, huge slices of good looking black pudding, finger chipolatas are unnecessary but whatever. Guarantee this was in Scotland. And yes toast not fried bread like that mentalist keeps repeating.

>raw toms
>flipped eggs
wtf are those mushrooms
Sausage and black pudding looks good quality though.

missing half the ingredients what's there looks good though

>bacon looks disgusting
>another one of those shitty hash browns for manchildren
>anemic mushrooms
>filthy fried toast
solid egg, beans and sausages though

>marmalade in plate
>no potato scones
what's there is well made, so it's just makes the grade


based kippers

based child

And here's a breakfast roll for you clueless cunts

>> No.13967724

>scotsman shitting all over the thread

>> No.13967741

Typical, though, innit. He does it in all of them.

Fuck off. I did say something like it. I wouldn't obviously include the stupid fucking hash brown or the retarded black pudding. And yes, there would be fried bread, because that's properly English. And this is an English dish - not fucking Scottish. I'd probably flip the eggs a little, too.

What now?

>> No.13967889

>the retarded black pudding
confirmed that you don't know what you're talking about my man, sit down now.
>I'd probably flip the eggs a little, too.
is that how you fiddle your bum a little too? doesn't matter how little you do it you know, you still did it

>> No.13967895

> straight into bum fiddling talk
Yup. Scot confirmed. Probably got a German girlfriend and all.

>> No.13967918

mate, you got a german queen

>> No.13967924

And so have you, you thick twat Scot.

>> No.13967933

it's thick but it's not a twat and it's in your mum. also, not my queen m8, not a stuart.

>> No.13968438
File: 12 KB, 275x183, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

suck my absolute dick

>> No.13968722
File: 26 KB, 554x444, puke2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ketchup on eggs
>ketchp enywhere
>but ketchup.. ON FUCKING EGGS

>> No.13969005

One coffee for breakfast. That's it until 12pm.

>> No.13969451

Now that's a good looking omelette
What's the top garnish?

>> No.13969464
File: 346 KB, 2268x3237, salute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me, it's two sausage and egg mcmuffins with a hashbrown and a large coke

Sure hope the minimum wagies didn't transfer their corona to me. Godbless their service in these trying times

>> No.13969743

Um, no sweetie tomatoes are fruits, so much as I hate to admit that. Green veggies are a must for any breakfast. OP will have acid spills for two days eating that.

>> No.13971434

Apple and I think blobs of goat cheese

>> No.13971774

Wouldn't throw stones in this glass house, Mr Tater tots and wienies.

>> No.13971784
File: 384 KB, 1280x960, IMG_1610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13971804

>iPhone 5s

>> No.13971881

They're teenie tatie spuddy buddies and meatie weatie sizzly wizzlers

>> No.13971886

What the fuck is in the middle bowl. I think I know but I want to see you say it, so we can ridicule you.

>> No.13972102

oh shit, here comes the big bad food bully

>> No.13973331

It does have tomatoes
The beans

Remember that a full English is not a set dish, it's a collections of items you can have to adhere to the idea that it represents every nutritional need to get you through the day.

The only things wrong with that plate is it could use more potato and bread

>> No.13973343

Tomatoes are botanical fruits, but culinary vegetables.

>> No.13973681

It was like a broad bean paste with some toppings