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...do you ever think maybe we should just admit that all beer tastes kind of bad and everyone’s just pretending?

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No, now fuck off retard.

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Only IPAs...

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I'm 26 years old.
I drank alcohol 2-3 times at most, usually just sips.
I got drunk exactly once at a social gathering, I experienced the full "alcohol" experience
I didn't care for it. I have no interest in ever drinking every again for the rest of my life and don't see any reason why I should be shamed into thinking otherwise.

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only american beer

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IPAs are genuinely the only bad beer. i have yet to drink one that tastes good, not a single one, and I've tried dozens and dozens of them. They only have one taste profile, hops. that's it, just hops. its fucking disgusting and any other flavors that might come through like citrus is immediately drowned out by the ever present hops that just lingers and lingers. it legit makes my stomach hurt and makes me want to puke.

otherwise beers in general are fine. stouts, lager, red ale, etc. are all great and fine. Even "pisswater" stuff like Pabst is good if its cold. its just those IPAs that are so FUCKING terrible, I genuinely don't understand how anyone can enjoy them; it feels like a joke everyone is in on but doesn't admit just so they can trick others into drinking a hops mouth fucker beer

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for me, it’s rev.

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It's okay not to like stuff anon. it's only gay when you drink alcohol because of peer pressure or when you're a fucking alcoholic.

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I bet you are a 540 smoke it faggot

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Never drank and never will, anytime I tell anyone this people freak the fuck out and when I ask what im missing its always some stupid excuse.

No way im spending cash/ risking addiction etc for somthing that does not even taste any better than a normal soft drink
So its gay to drink alcohol?

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It's ok to not drink. It's bad if you start thinking you're better than everybody for not partaking in social shitfacing

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It like being vegan/fit anon, the self satisfyied smug feeling we get over the plebs makes it more fun.

I'll never preach sobriety to anyone but I can't help but chuckle to myself

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A cold beer of a decent brand is actually good, but only in the right situation. There's some snacks that go well with it, but drinking it for the sake of drinking it is definitely a big meme. There's more efficient drinks that'll get you drunk, and plenty of other drinks that taste better and don't bloat the fuck out of you.

Beer is also good for certain social situations. Extremely easy to enjoy

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>risking addiction by merely trying beer
>caring about whether 4chan thinks it's gay to drink alcohol
Exactly how much of a gutless pathetic worm are you? Holy shit

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>scared of trying new things because it might cost money
You're gonna have a depressing death bed, dude

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Beer's fine, pale ales taste great with grilled fish or bbq.
>t. Turbodweebs

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This post pops up every single day. Try have an original thought

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I dunno, the bitterness pairs pretty well with fatty foods.

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