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how we doing tonight fellas?
surviving the loneliness?
me, i'm always lonely.
what're we drinking?

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Lottery tickets are a better use of money than alcohol.

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it's a matter of being a hopeful loser vs. hopeless loser

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If you do both, they balance out and you cease being a loser.

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made a mixed drink of tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit soda. not bad. also have the new white claw variety pack roast me

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I'm sippin on vodka mixed with a diet sprite knockoff while I eat jello. Doing pretty good.

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i've got the vodka, the kahlua, but no cream so im just using regular milk. itll work.

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Alcohol gives you vinegary shits.

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based vinegary shits poster

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having some cold gin with my muscle spasms this morning

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all i have is patron xo cafe and schnapps.

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Picked up a bottle of Blackwell rum. It's a'ight.

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I got so drunk last night I tried to give myself a haircut and now look like a freak and then deleted my Twitter. Only had a few glasses of wine tonight which is good as my booze supply is almost out

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pic of haircut?

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What’s your favorite rum and why?

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Up to about 11 months no alcohol

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My shitheap of a roommate binge drinks the $20 version of that, tastes like gas fumes and he still manages to drain a bottle in 2 days.

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>i've got the vodka, the kahlua, but no cream
Almond milk is a good substitute, plus it lasts longer in the fridge than milk

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Wouldn't mind having a gin ricky cherry bout now.

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I actually passed out on my floor and pissed on my rug last night, that was new

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Is this stuff actually good or just a meme? My local store has some in stock for cheap and not sure whether to buy

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it's a meme
it's good, but not worth 60-70 bucks
now elmer t. lee, that shit is worth every penny

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So based.

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good idea, i actually have some almond milk

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Lmao based

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Rhum JM 10 yr, has an incredibly creamy quality, sweetness and oakiness are in perfect harmony, finishes nutty, spicy, and herbal

it's just fuckin gr8 all around, I typically only buy one bottle a year because it's limited production and pretty expensive

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It's not a meme but it is overpriced, and I think that's at least in part driven by people collecting all the cast horsemen. If you can get it relatively cheap, do it; resell for unopened Blanton's is pretty brisk

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I just ran out of vodka and I'm losing my buzz. The stores are closed now. It's too late for me. Godspeed anons.

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damn. my prayers are with you

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>resell for unopened Blanton's is pretty brisk
retard here, how do I resell the two unopened bottles I have?

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I drank a quarter gallon the other night I need a break

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It’s good, but too expensive for what it is.
Woodinville Reserve Straight Bourbon is better and only $40, Woodinville actually just won Bourbon of the year a few weeks back.

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i don't miss doing that. although i do miss doing 12 a night but i try to stop even short of that nowadays

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How has your physical appearance changed since you started binging? Is your problem externally apparent?

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glad to see we are back in town boys.

happy easter! Sober two years in august. Our old threads were a big part of that. cheers fellas

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I find I get pudgy on liquor, the whole moon face effect.

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do you still get cravings? I've woken up in jails cells and hospitals beds due to my lack of self control and terrible decision making while blackout drunk. I think I need to stop for a long time and fix my life before I ever take another sip, but this current timing has made me want it more than ever it's crazy.

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Have you tried replacing alcohol with other things? Allow me to sound like a faggot for a moment, but look into good quality tea and gong fu style brewing. Of course it's not the same as getting drunk but it's a stimulant with a complex taste that's actually good for you. I drink alcohol at night but all day I drink tea, usually smoked black tea or japanese green, and it's helped me cut down a lot

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Look up the Hemingway daiquiri. You'd probably be into it.

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>usually smoked black tea or japanese green,
i drink lapsang souchong inthe day and jasmien at night. Love tea.

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no, no cravings so far
but I never had it quite as bad as you

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I'm a pussy who doesn't even want stimulants in my body so I drink decaf green tea daily

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>is that guy drinking top shelf vodka? what a fag
love it

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Fuck you coffee is delicious. Aquavit is pretty good to if you like fun flavors.

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based little brother

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>masturbates with a loud vibrating machine and the door wide open while her little brother is home
>"whaaaat?! I can't believe that happened!"

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i like to imagine that he said
>"bitch you too thirsty"

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this thread is getting real wierd

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Got some sailor jerry

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when was it unbanned?

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In your boat. I've drank myself to sleep every day of quarantine since I'm unemployed now. I was too hungover this morning to go out even though I know my stash would not make it through the day. Tapered off a bottle of wine and then just chugged the last of my vermouth. Now for the long night

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kys nazi.

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Didn't drink for about two months before this virus came and took everything in my life away from me. Slowly getting back together. Man what a terrible year.

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>drinking at party bad

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alcohol has completely ruined my ability to sleep well

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Came here from /tv/, heard you guys had a nice alckie thread going on
We're all gonna live. Also, vodka+grapefruit here.

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Haha, vodka and amber ale for me my dude.

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Fuckin nice

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Yeah, man. I like to mix it up. Ran out of beers rn so I'm drinking hard lime flavor seltzer. Pretty refreshing.

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>woke up with another cut i can't explain
Why does this happen? I just go straight from my computer into bed, it's a straight line with just a bookshelf to my left, where do the cuts come from?
Also congrats and happy Easter as well, wish i was you man.

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what is wrong with you people
its Easter sunday and you guys can't even be sober for that? ya'll need to seek help

>> No.13915579

You blackout and move about, simple as.

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This isn't /pol/ numbnuts, we don't put on a facade of being cuckservatives.

>> No.13915583

what does that have to do with you drinking on easter sunday

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In my defense, i already went to church this morning, for the first time in fuck knows how long, usually go around 6pm, i woke up early, but am now struggling because i'm not used to being awake for this long without a drink.

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Hello there al/ck/, having fun are we?
Just wanted to let you know that there's a time and a place for everything and it's high school.
I would smoke weed everyday and get drunk most weekends because in high school nothing was too important, you could have fun with your friends.
Once out, I cleaned up my act a bit, quit weed but still drank once a fortnight.

Really the older you get, the more cringe drinking is. Like you should have plenty of skills, hobbies and stories to entertain you later in life without drink.
It's so embarrassing seeing "adults" who still go to clubs and get wasted in bars. Once you're 24, it becomes a real problem. Even in college it really should be kept in check.

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/alck/ isn't full religous cuckservatives that lives and dies for Israel. So Easter Sunday is just another day.

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Meditate and rehydrate my dude.

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well that is sad, and your mother would probably be upset if you told her you werent a christian

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Bruh, i took out my bottle of port wine out of the fridge already, my fucking neighbors are blasting Brazilian music from their window, it's fucking hot. No i won't read Don Quixote either.

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>mfw last time i legitimately blacked out i shit on the floor
I still haven't cleaned it up, i think it has been two months now.

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>your mother would probably be upset if you told her you werent a christian
She already knows my views on religion.

>> No.13915606

Dude, we're in the middle of a pandemic. Hygiene is crucial even with our alcohol addiction. Just clean it up, man.

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and is she proud? is she content? my mother would worry about me all the time if she were unsure of where my faith lies, or if i just flat out told her I didn't believe any of it...come to the good side anon

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/tv/ tourist here, how many of you faggots have died in this general

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Since it started i've been going outside for extended periods of time, to crowded parks, groceries stores and often used public transport, i still didn't catch it but really want to.
I also piss in my kitchen sink which is full of six month old dishes and my apartment smells like a horse barn, i have trash everywhere and cans littering the floor, the slightest movement i make creates a chain reaction of cans falling and rolling.
I do still shower every two days

>> No.13915621

How the fuck is anyone meant to know that? Do you see any tripcodes?

>> No.13915625

>and is she proud? is she content?
Got a degree, paid off car, I support myself, no debt, no major health problems. So I would say so. Christianity isn't for me, I don't want to limit my thinking.

>> No.13915632

>not just going to church because it's comfy and there is a nice community, even if you don't believe

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>Dude, we're in the middle of a pandemic

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>cans littering the floor, the slightest movement i make creates a chain reaction of cans falling and rolling
Peak alky.

>> No.13915641

>because it's comfy and there is a nice community
Haha that's what internet friends are for, dude. Plus Christians are nice people and I don't want to lead them to temptation.

>> No.13915647

>i still didn't catch it but really want to.
Go to a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, one staffed by mainlanders.

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5 months sober today. shit gets better.

either you do it for yourself and decide to live, or you stay a coward and probably should just kill yourself now instead of living your next 20 years a sniveling, self pitying bitch. i mean at least that saves those around you the trouble of dealing with your inane bullshit.

choice is yours. i chose life.

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>i don't want to lead them to temptation
Yeah, i got some of the church youth very drunk one evening (everyone was between 18 and 20, i was 23 at the time), got invited to a dinner and brought a bottle of wine, nothing unusual, there were five people, then some dude had to leave, we walked him to the tram stop and on the way back i bought a bottle of vodka, we ended up playing a dumb drinking game, basically everyone wrote on a piece of paper "if you did X, take a shot".
We didn't have shot glasses, so i was the one serving them, poured a bit more to get the girls drunk.
Result: we went to a playing ground at midnight and started doing dumb shit, came back at 3am and i had to sleep in the same bed as the dude hosting the dinner, the girls all slept on the couch.
Serves me right i guess.

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Both Based.

>> No.13915666

I'm fucking doing it, fuck, i can't stand monkeyhuezilian music.

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>i chose life
Corona-chan says ni hao, Anon!

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Nurse it, bro. Don't kill it all at once.

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I live in Europe, i have quite a bit of friends and acquaintances, even people living abroad and i asked a lot of people if they could ask their friends and acquaintances if they knew someone who was sick or died. Let's say i ask 20 people and each one of them asks 20 other people, we're already at a network of 400, the 400 ask 20 people as well, we're at 8000 people who each know 20 people, so on and so forth, you get the idea.
Literally nothing. Some people were sick and got better in two three days. If this was a pandemic, we wouldn't even be allowed outside, and yet all i have been doing is going for walks downtown.

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This is my poison of choice mixed with all kinds of Schweppes flavors, usually just regular tonic.
It's really good actually.

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Enjoy it, bro. Cheers!

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Cheers, this bottle will be dedicated to all the anons who are spending Easter alone.

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Checked and kekked. We're not alone when we have fellow Anons.

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