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will this finally give us free range tier eggs for the price of cheaper eggs?

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The reason free range eggs are better is because chickens eat bugs and shit. Hell, they'll eat mice if they catch them.

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What the fuck is it? Why is this chicken radioing back to base?

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Rejected KF2 Easter designs?

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All your base are belong to us

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What am I even looking at

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Built for BBC.

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It's unethical to make an animal live its whole life in a virtual world that it doesn't even know the difference between the two. I seriously hope you guys don't advocate for this fucked up shit

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I think its chicken vr. must be the trial run before they shove us all into the pods like the matrix

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one is a lie that can be beautiful
the other is real truth that is (probably) completely horrific
if the chicken never knows, where the harm
it will live a happier, more pleasurable existence. blissfully ignorant

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Oh fucking hell that's actually what this is. A genuine pitch for putting chickens on a VR headset of a gressy field while standing on an exercise ball to simulate free range.

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This is absurdly impractical. No way it's not a joke.

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>feeling compassion for food
my grandma use to kill chickens by grabbing their necks, and twisting them in the air like a crank

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A chicken cannot make a decision of living in a fake or real world. Nor does it know the difference. Just kinda fucked to force an animal to live its whole life in a fake world. You as a person can make that distinction and decision of living in a fake beautiful world, but an animal can't.
family of psychopaths

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>You as a person can make that distinction and decision of living in a fake beautiful world,

simulation theory strongly disagrees

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family of pussies

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I mean as far as you make the decision in this world.

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>caring about chickens of all things

it was only through brutality that you can EVEN live in a modern world where you are living in comfort enough to care about the well-being of low intelligence livestock like chickens

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>It's unethical to make an animal live its whole life in a virtual world that it doesn't even know the difference between the two.

We're all animals in the end, aren't we?

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It's only through shitting your pants that you ever learnt to take a crap in the toilet.

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yes and? Doing this to people is unethical too.
This is the same person who hates the Chinese for burning dogs and cows alive. Go back to your ideological trashcan

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>who hates the Chinese

>implying i do

i dont, I even ate dog meat before in vietnam

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We used to have 3 chickens and I'd feed those fuckers anything that I could. Egg fried rice, pringles, sausagemeat, bits of cooked chicken etc.

Best fuckin eggs I ever had.

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My chicken is augmented

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plato's allegory of the cave

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Lmao this is seriously fucked up yet hilarious, we are absolute monsters

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Its said people would do all this just to make a few more bucks. The people doing already have so much money that another millions does not change get their life at all. Its side they're rather suck joy out of the world to make a number go big rather than try and be decent humans

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Holy shit fuck the meat industry, why can't it die a slow and painful death?

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My parents chickens are assholes and keep pecking each other's fathers off. They're the first bunch I've seen that do this. They look so fucking gross. What's wrong with them, why do they do this?

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Chickens are assholes, one bit me when i was a kid

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ironic weebs are the absolute fucking worst

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It will definitely die off, we cant afford to breed animals for every new person born, people reproducing and ranting about the biological clock will indirectly contribute to the death of the meat industry because it will have to overproduce meat for the new humans

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Those guys were cunts

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>paying anything other than sales tax on some swishers or some jordans

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At this point I accept it.

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You're an urbanite, aren't you?

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Get a job

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Settle down, Chang

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Do you disagree with his comment?

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that's what they do, it's call establishing a pecking order, it's the origin of that phrase actually. it's why industrially raised chickens were debeaked, then when that was publicized and sounded cruel they had to stop. don't know why your previous chickens didn't. chickens are omnivorous dinosaurs

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>family of psychopaths
You’re on the wrong site if you were expecting empathy for some animals anon.
Twitter and reddit will probably accept with open arms

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We truly live in a society.

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>he doesn't give the animal that will die to nourish his body respect
>his grandmother was too retarded to perform cervical dislocation properly and produced shitty meat because stress hormones lower quality
>he is proud of this

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if you feed a chicken a diet of solely chicken, would he taste better or worse?

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did you mean: things you dont like?

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based grandma

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god I wish that were me

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>normal chicken in 1'x1' cage
>VR chicken in 1'x1' cage going on chicken adventures every day of his life in chicken skyrim

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If this is what it takes i'd rather go vegan :(

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>i may be a slave but at least i will never encounter suffering
>other than being a slave, of course
This is such a cucked out mentality.

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Well no, if you where in a simulated world since your birth you would have no way of discerning it was simulated

Also i would just stream hardcore porn to the chickens headset 24/7 cause why not

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just put me back in, I don't care if it isn't real steak as long as my brain tells me it is

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stress hormones only matter if it's over a prolonged period. meat tastes better if the animal was stressed when you kill it. that's how the predator prey relationship works

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It's not going anywhere, it's still in a fucking cage.
Playing some pornhub doesn't take away from the realisation it's trapped.

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3D render of some farm kek.

Homegrowmen here. I empty the mouse traps every morning and feed them to the chickens in the orchard. They go nuts chasing the chicken with the mouse in its beak.

You end up giving them a prion disease. Diet does determine general flavor of the meat and eggs, I have no clue what such a diet would taste like. I can only distinguish between corn-fed and grass-fed meat.

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whose realization?

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Tell that to the one's operating the simulation, are you sure that you are real? Are you just a human battery used to fuel a massive machine beyond this simulation? Maybe that chicken is going through the same thing we are going through.

What will you do when you are jacked out of the simulation and can't make anymore eggs?

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>realisation it's trapped
It needs a taste of freedom in order to realize it is trapped.

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Soulless gook detected

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Cyber Poultry 2077

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What's the mic for?

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The animal
You put it in a virtual world, a massive expansive field or barn or something and it can barely stand up or move in any direction.
The only answer to that would be to program it into a pen/cage in VR which defeats the point.
I wouldn't be surprised if when the animal sees a wide open world but it can't go anywhere or do anythign it's obdy would give up and convinces itself that it is serious wounded ad dying since it can't move.

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wut? the walking ball in the sketch on the left is so that it can walk in any direction. it's a omnidirectional treadmiill

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not only is that bullshit but you're also basically saying that you are a psychopath who wouldn't have a problem with causing something to suffer just for a little bit of momentary pleasure for yourself

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kek i saw this in an exhibit in a museum

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Are you retarded? This site has empathy for the animals which deserve it - Dogs, Cats, Birds

We fucking hate chinks in part because of what they do to them

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why don'tyou just raise your own chickens?

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Most based post itt. I guess the truth hurts.

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Actually, they don't usually do that for very long or very seriously. Usually it's a sign of a specific sort of overcrowding. The chickens feel like there are too many chickens for the amount of nesting space they have. Their solution is to stress some chickens out so much that they don't try to nest or mate. You can usually solve it by making a bigger fraction of their enclosure into nesting space.

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Did this when I was younger since my family raised livestock.
It gives you a new respect for where your food comes from. If you can, I recommend raising/growing your own food as it makes a person less wasteful imo.

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This is gonna cost way more then just lettin em run around being retards normally

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>cervical dislocation
cringe, wringing chicken necks in the air like that is a honored tradition, by grandparents did it too

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Isn't that how the one Facebook guy got charged with animal cruelty?

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Tell me why it's ok to make a chicken live its entire life in a tiny cramped cage while getting daily antibiotic injections when it can't choose that, but you draw the line at putting VR goggles on it

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Because most people only see animals as egg machines/meat machines, they don't want the animal they want only the product. So its pointless. Why do carnies attempt to use their meat-addicted brains to see animals as something else besides animal products? only vegans can see animals as animals

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retarded children.
you are too dumb to understand that growing your food and raising livestock builds respect.

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found the flyover state boomers

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flyover: yes
boomer: no

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Correction, found the people who are addicted to consuming eggs and meat

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This is the most retarded take I’ve seen. Why wouldn’t meat just becomes more expensive? More people wanting meat = higher demand. Less land for meat production = lower supply. Gee, I wonder what will happen. Ah, yes, they’ll just stop producing meat... vegans are retards. Meat will go back to being a richer person’s luxury as it used to be for so many hundreds of years.

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You mean people who are actually raised around agricultural centers and know how stuff gets to your whole foods? Fucking urbanite. Tney want their habanero, siracha fried chicken falafel but dont want to know anything involved in getting it. I hope you only eat fair trade organic chocolate otherwise you are directly supporting slave labor.

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look at this boomer raging for cyberpunk chicken lol

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toughen up you soy nugget
crying about chickens, what has the world come to

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t. ojiisan

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brown hands typed this post

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yep, that's a boomer

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yep, that's a wog

not that poster btw

just hate mutt coasties

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look at this australian boomer

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bro I don't care how the animal dies I am just correcting the misinformation some idiot is trying to spread

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gamer chicken