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is eating 6 eggs a day healthy?

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Eating 9 eggs is healthier

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You shouldn't eat any eggs. too much cholesterol. It's a myth that eggs don't raise blood cholesterol. Eggs will elevate cholesterol substantially while they're being digested and absorbed by the body. of you eat eggs every day, your blood cholesterol will be constantly elevated and you'll do substantial damage to your blood vessels.

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This but the other way around.

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Fuck you, I'm going to make some eggs now.

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If you want to be Gaston.

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the studies about eggs and cholesterol focus on fasting cholesterol, or blood cholesterol after fasting for a while. obviously even if you eat eggs, your cholesterol will be normal if it is measured after fasting for a day.
But blood cholesterol spikes when an egg is being digested, and this takes hours, so eating lots of eggs every day is deadly.

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Probably, but I doubt youll die anyime soon because of it. More concerned about the toxic phosphorus pharts you're subjecting the local neighborhoods to

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This but ironically

Also pls provide source for eggs raising cholesterol. It's universally accepted fact now that dietary cholesterol doesn't affect your blood cholesterol. You honestly sound like a facebook soccer mom

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Oh so those egg council creeps got to you too huh?!


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Healthier than trying to raise your children around Muslim immigrants I'll bet. They sexually assault white women and kids in truly bewildering numbers. They have hate in their hearts.

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He's going to get sick, that meat is clearly undercooked.

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Are you eating all the eggs?
Just like I told you?

It eats the eggs or else it gets the hose again.

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