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Guy has close to half a million subs so looks promising so far

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ignore this thread

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Girl here, he's a hottie.

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is this the ja/ck/ thread?

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Honestly, JackPosting is the only reason I lurk this board.

Will he get a sticky in his passing next month?

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I though /ck/ was ja/ck/ing it pretty well, but those nigs at Kiwi Farms are out ja/ck/ing us. They constantly keep tabs on him and even tracked down a supposed hs picture of him

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This. Its a crime that there isn't a Jack sticky

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how many strokes do you think Jack can take?

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no shit? post the pic.

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People actually come here for non Jack related content?

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That looks nothing like him

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why is this lad so happy

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Are there any videos where he actually does a good job?

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Yes it does

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Damn so he wasn't born fat and bald?

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He is so fucking corpulent it's sad.

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he looks like if dan scheneider wasn't so fucking fat

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Jack posting and Joey posting used to be pretty prevalent on this board up until a few years ago when the mods began deleting all mentions of them.
Funny thing is they excuse they give for deleting them is for "advertising" but posting mcdonalds threads 10 times a day doesn't constitute advertising I guess.

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He literally looks like a bowling ball
Yeah the mods are faggots. The people come here for jack threads

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Jack is the king of /ck/

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>/ck/ - faggot e-celebs and pre-made food

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only the finest foodkino

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first day?

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>making a bait thread for a topic that’s already readily discussed and meme’d
Why? You could’ve just made a fucking jack thread, why do you need to fish for those extra
>ja/ck/ is already an official /ck/ meme, lurk moar
Posts? Are they really that important to you?

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What’s his name again?

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I forget he used to have two functioning arms

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Because ja/ck/ threads get baleeted you dipshit.

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In what way are they keeping tabs on him? I do not know if bitching about a fat guy you dislike is really all that impressive.
Lemme know when they start spamming the same 15 webms for years straight.

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They got his phone number, which Jack posted in one of his pizza wars videos.

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Well did anyone call him?

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Pretty sure he has included footage of his and his wife's number three times post stroke. I wasn't sure if he knew or even cared and since comments are turned off the vids are probably still up.
I would think if you had a kiwi farms page dedicated to you that you'd care about that sort of thing but maybe boomer Jack isn't aware of the power of weens.

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I'd be shocked if Jack didn't lurk that kiwi farms thread about him

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Once again I can only stand It until he adds the peppers to the pan.

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Yeah that's a good point which makes his sloppiness even more confusing.

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Robert Paulson

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Eh. He's been over actually putting in any effort into his channel for a while now

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it's the cool whip for me
in the video with audio he even says to make sure to use real whipped cream but cool whip is literally imitation whipped cream

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What the fuck is up with that autistic quote

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The guy is a retard

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He beats his kid.


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Didn't this guy want to napalm the Palestinians

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omg lol im SO crossposting this to my favorite subreddit xD

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I love seeing 4chan posts on reddit because then I know EXACTLY which of you retards to avoid here.

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Feeling stupid now?

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Sounds like the kid deserved it.

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What the fuck is wrong with this guy

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Many things by the looks of it.

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Im watching this like "okay cream cheese with pineaples I've heard of stranger combos" then he put fucking bell peppers and Im out

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dan "hold her tighter she's a fighter" schneider

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>Jack was good looking once

aging is fucking scary.

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>eating nothing but fried food, burgers, and bbq
>never exercising
Oh yeah and aging too

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Dan "The Cheek Divider" Schneider

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Yeah, not everyone has to be that way. Take care of yourself. Otherwise you may end up like Jack or Joey.

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Tammy must be so sick of his shit

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he doens't know how to cook, he knows it, he doesn't allow for comments on his videos.

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>> No.13874003

an incompetent multiple stroke victim / human meatball

>> No.13874010

It seems he was already a complete retard but at least he used to look good.

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haaai people

>> No.13874833

OP here. Yeah I noticed he disabled comments on his recent videos. Anyone know why?

>> No.13874916

God why are Americans like this

>> No.13875028

>455,000 subscribers

Seems legit.


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They follow all of Jack's and 'Big T's' Facebook posts and zoom in on every video and notice small things like Jack's atrophying arm and a potential movie review channel that's just another get rich quick scheme.

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>chocolate sauerkraut

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Another channel? Jesus doesn't he already have like 10

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Can I get a quick rundown on this guy?

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A bad cook, 'white' trash, fundie who makes videos of himself cooking and eating shit on youtube. He has achieved meme status shilling his line of BBQ sauces, some of his food gore vids and personality. He is Ja/ck/.

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What's the funniest jack video to watch? I wanna see some real stupidity

>> No.13877023

literally the average american

>> No.13877025

'yorkshire pudding - England' is probably a good starting point

>> No.13877059

Yomama! Bogus! It's a dichotomy!

>> No.13877563

The McCormick bag and season video is peak Jack

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He's a terrible "cook" and an awful human being. He choked his son until his nose bled and bragged about it in an interview. He also supports genocide of the Palestinians.

>> No.13877632

>He choked his son until his nose bled and bragged about it in an interview
Oh wow.

>> No.13877690

Don't forget about how he went on that redneck shark tank show and ended up crying

>> No.13877699

he also kicked his son out or had him arrested for weed, can't remember exactly.

his son cut jack out of his life completely, moved to a legal state, and now runs a successful marijuana business.

>> No.13877723

Isn't his son like 18 and engaged?

>> No.13877727

why does he have so many subs? he's obviously a shitty chef even for amateur standards and i doubt half a million people are in on the memes.

>> No.13877735

he has two. prob doesn't speak of the older one since the older one won't even acknowledge jack. they clearly don't speak anymore.

think about how many simple people are out there bro.

>> No.13877749

He kicked Garett out at age 16 because he was 'getting violent', which constitutes criminal child neglect, and bitched to the people conducting the interview that his ex-step father undermined his authority by housing his abandoned son.
It is a shame the interview got memory holed since Jack is trying to suck up to church friends but spends like 50 minutes detailing himself as a brutish incompetent.

>> No.13877759

don't worry, he won't be around much longer in any case.

people like jack are toast if they catch the corona

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>mfw Jack is actually Dino Tendies

>> No.13877772

>let's see what this /ck/ meme is all about
>watch the video
>he throws some seasoned chicken with pieces of celery and carrot in oven
>no oil, no other preparation
>it's lazy but fine
>takes the chicken out
>"See the juice? Oh that's great!"
I closed the video.

>> No.13877828

His channel has been around since the early years of YouTube and that's when he got most of his subs. His videos only average like 4 or 5k views

>> No.13877853

idk i feel like thats the point desu

>> No.13877965

His church chili video takes a good look at his psyche: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrcW5rqFUn0

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Is that reviewtechUSA that fuck? also god i hate that fucking toothless face mouth so much, makes you wanna rip it!

>> No.13878078

Rich is actually less fat than Jack, if you can believe it.

>> No.13878115

So this is a desert
>cream cheese
like some weird fucked up cheesecake
>bell peppers
>tomatoes and nuts
what. is this supposed to be like some bizarre sweet spread?
>whipped cream
nope, guess not

>> No.13878139


>his stroke hand

It's almost sad

>> No.13878205

He calls it a "party cheese salad" whatever the fuck that is.

>> No.13878220

Back to YouTube comments

>> No.13878290

Aunt myrna was obviously on some hardcore drugs when she made that

>> No.13878301

so much for americans and their supposed comfort food

>> No.13878337

Please tell me it's on Youtube

>> No.13878338

you say that like some autistic kid wearing a suit and reviewing fast food doesn't have over a million subs

>> No.13878536

I think there's a mirrored version on YouTube. Might want to check kiwi farms. Those faggots would probably know where to find it

>> No.13878600

>what am i in for

>> No.13878615

The preacher at Jack’s church literally murdered a woman in cold blood. But he’s reformed now.

>> No.13878640

sounds pretty based

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There are some very rare times where his food doesn't actually look fucking awful. But the thing with Jack is he always finds a way to fuck something up. And he puts zero effort into his videos anyways

>> No.13879037

Is there a term for the sad feeling you get when you see someone dumb put effort into something and they fuck it up? Like you can see them trying to be a normal human but it just goes so wrong.

>> No.13879040

There's a video of him at KFC on his channel where he reviews restaurants that's pretty great. He loses his mind in the drive thru because he fails at reading the menu

>> No.13879056


Outed yourself bud

Nobody in the West gives a flying fuck about Palestine

Fuck on out of here

>> No.13879891

Would anyone else fuck the shit out of tammy?

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yeah they do

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