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Coffee bros, why didn't you aware me on this before? This is revolutionary. Coffee tastes sweet and enjoyable now.

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Because coffee bros enjoy the bitterness of coffee or whatever the flavour is.

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>Equal amounts instant coffee and sugar whipped together ontop of hot milk.

That's milk and instant coffee syrup, not coffee.

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That's dessert not coffee

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I do like a bitter heavy roasted coffee but a lot of the time coffee when brewed properly has a very sweet fruity taste to it without sugar or milk.

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Too bad you can't get that natural sweetness in a cold coffee since you need to brew it with hot water to bring that flavor out.

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>Brew it with hot water
>Stick it in a fridge.

Wow so hard.

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Precisely. You'll have to brew it with hot water first.

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Oh, t-there are ways to get it with a cold brew actually! You j-just need CO2 or NOS!

The high partial pressure can force it out as well <4

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wtf is that

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This guy gets it

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Facebook meme. Stop it.

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Fuck off back to junior high, brat.

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>lol I drink my coffee black, I'm so alpha, lol I'm an adult now!

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Because what you call "sweet and enjoyable" I call "cloying".

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I am the only one who does his coffee depending on how mood strikes me ?
I have regular presso machine and always mix with Expresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha...
Sometimes I even make myself instant coffee or presso because fuck why not.
Same with butter and sugar, sometimes I don't use any, sometimes a lot.
But somehow everybody has his own ritual that must be followed or "its is not real coffee"

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it's the sugar idiot

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That sounds like you have a lot of insecurities you're projecting onto others, anon. Why not have a good cup of black coffee and just enjoy the natural flavour?

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that's a really really really good cup of coffee.

t. greece

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Looks like sludge.

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>aware me on this


much fail. aware yourself on THIS
*holds up dictionary*

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could you explain wtf is going on here?

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>he doesn't into memespeak

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Please, talk me through your thought process.

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NOS is a brand r-retard, nitrous oxide is just NO2 <4

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yes anon im with you, but its eems were alone

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Because this has nothing to do with coffee

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It's a small cup of coarsely ground coffee and water. You shove it into the hot sand, and it quickly boils, you take it off and put it in againa nd again and again until the water has evaporated a bit and the coffee has brewed. It's a very rich, deep coffee that's a bit gritty but I don't mind that.

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His point was not that it was hard to do, but rather that it would destroy the flavor.

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No it doesn't. I frequently make a big french press of coffee for breakfast, have a cup, fill a a thermos and put the rest in the fridge. Come back in the evening and boom, cold coffee that tastes great.

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If you boil something like milk it boils up. There is just as much coffee in the can as later in the cup. He waits till the coffee nearly boils over and puts the top part with the bubbles in the cup. Then he puts the rest on the heated sand so make it boil again aaand repeat...

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coffee is what most people start drinking after they take the familypill...it is unequivocally based

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I don't know. I didn't make the argument, just wanted to correct the misscommunication .

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No you don't need to brew it with hot water, are you an idiot?
Google how to do cold brew coffee. It's fucking delicious, I do it all the time.

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Doesn't work for me, but then again I use pre ground beans.

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>Geomagnetic reversal is psuedoscience



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You better be using fresh ground beans natural process only

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what is it?

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alright niggers. i don't have a whisk or electric mixer. can you make it with chopsticks, brown sugar, and shitty instant coffee that's kind of grainy? that's all i've got. anyone make the ghetto version successfully?

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Instant is faster.

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Because the natural flavor is not enjoyable

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actually, if you pay attention to the filename, there's pipes under the sand

>> No.13872147

Speak for yourself.

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what's the point of a steamer if shaking milk in a bottle and warming it up does the job?

>> No.13872168

But it is.

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I know, I though his question was, how there could be so much coffee in the cup ie sand producing coffee

>> No.13872794

>25% mixture that is 5% instant coffee
>75% milk
Sure, maybe if you're a 12 year old girl.

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Sorry murricans but your coffee is literally a joke compared to the rest of the world. The best cafe culture exists in Australia and its all about textured milk and fresh espresso. Starbucks sugar abominations and black burnt bitter. Makes me sick

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cezva is goat

fuck turkiye

fuck boxanac

fuck hrvatska

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>t. roma

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a lot of americans think starbucks is a joke too, the people who mostly go there just care more about the brand name than the coffee

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I’ll take a medium McDonald’s ice coffee, no cream no sugar, thank you.

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dalgona coffee isnt American. it's pajeet coffee that recently became viral in South korea and is now reaching the rest of the world. Thank you for thinking of us but this one isn't our fault

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Fuckin yuuup
The coffee element of this faggy meme drink is 2 tbsp instant coffee lol
Just another case of the coffee flavoured milk shake.
Think it's catching fire cause it's pretty and happens to be easy.
>i did make one the other day tho..

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Fucking get a coffee Frappuccino from faggy old Starbucks. Same shit

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People on /ck/ generally aren't competent enough to get a decent extraction from coffee before the second crack.
In my case I think it's a pain in the ass and it wastes too much coffee to dial in the grind.
The only coffee that needs sugar is turk/greek because of what it does to the boil point. Every other type of coffee sugar is used to hide how terribly overextracted it is.

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it also says speed reading is pseudoscience. what?

it's documented experimentally in cognitive psychology that people who read a lot read entire words as glyphs

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Just tried it with 2tbs of coffee, sugar, and water. Tastes just great. Pic related.

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Based. It adds a thickness to the coffee that you just don't get otherwise. Tastes like a Frappuccino or something, I love it.

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it's like nigger coffee. coffee but made oppositely. lern to do things anon.

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It's actually not sand, look at the colour, it's instant coffee

>> No.13874974

I've seen this a hundred times and I still don't understand what's happening

>> No.13874992

If it’s just bitter you’re doing it wrong.

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The sand is extremely hot. They put water and coffee grounds in the little pots. The water boils quickly and bubbles up. Once it bubbles up to the top, it's poured off a little and returned to the sand. How is this hard to understand or work out from anyone who's boiled water or knows that boiled water bubbles up?

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What I was actually saying is that coffee bros like coffee how it is which is hot and black with no additives but if I had said that this thread would have erupted with autistic screeching.

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What is this method called?

>> No.13875196

I will literally murder the person who made this image.

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Turkish Coffee, unless you're Greek, in which case it's Greek Coffee.

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Alright I just tried this fucking meme. It's ok.

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It's delicious. I mix mine without sugar, it makes the coffee taste richer.

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>Turkish coffee? I'd rather call it Gre-

>> No.13875518

unless you arent a faggot and understand that its arabic

>> No.13876857

What's the difference?

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I’m an angry contrarian bitter jaded hateful woman nigger jew janny tranny and zoomer hating Texan and even I can appreciate it for being what it is. It’s easy simple cheap and tasty.

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