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Isn't British food just the best or what?

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How ge didn't realize someone fucking diarrheaed on his plate before he took the picture?

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It's literally just mince with gravy and carrots you fuck queers.

That dinner is boring as shit but retards freaking out over it are far worse. Fucking stupid niggers.

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potatoes looks a bit bland but I'd eat

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but why do they eat like its the medieval era

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If they'd of mashed the spuds and put it in a dish you'd be screaming how good the cottage pie was.

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shoulda put the taters in that meat
toast that fuckin' bread, have a dip
good eats...

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While we may have technologically advanced sadly gens do not evolve so quick they are still medieval just with modern things and applications

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If you're going to have beef with potatoes, you FRY them together in OIL with ONIONS.

If you're going to have beef in a curry, you have it with RICE to SOAK UP THE GRAVY and you put SPICES in it.

You don't fucking eat watery ground beef and potatoes as a meal. YOU DON'T.

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Minced beef like my nan used to make. Fucking delicious. Will definitely have been slow-cooked for a while and thickened up with a bit of Bisto. Potatoes are intended to be mashed on the plate then you mix with the mince and put it on the bread.

Bona fide true working class English fare. Based as fuck.

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brits love to eat disgusting slop, all the inbreeding has really added up over the years

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>thinks ground beef with gravy is normal
>thinks unseasoned boiled potatoes is normal
>thinks having buttered untoasted bread is normal
>thinks putting steak sauce on any of this is normal

there's a reason people consider your country to have the world's worst food. that's when shit like burundi exists too

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okay retards

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I'm Danish and this could easily have been a photo from my childhood. It's disturbing how familiar it all looks.
Not bad food really, I shouldn't complain. Just not very interesting food. It was only after I moved out on my own that I fully realised that food can be fun both to make and to eat instead of simply being fuel.

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The food as fuel meals probably is what keeps your Nordics so beautiful and svelte. When everything has to induce cravings like in the US you see what happens (look at Mediterraneans too for that matter, shit catches up with them)

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Wow, I thought it was lentil and sausage stew and I was wondering what everyone was talking about. LMAO you inbred islanders really eat ground beef, carrots, and instant gravy as an entree? HAHAHA OH WOW I guarantee the only spice in there is black pepper, if that.

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>when your food is half rotten so you have to spice it
if i wanted to taste spices i'd eat a bowl of them

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>Mince and tatties is being knocked by people who frequently eat meatloaf and 'hot dish'.

I never knew Scottish food was so unpopular in America.

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It really is actually. Pretty delicious stuff.

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imagine how fucking savory that shitty stew is with all that HP sauce and worchestershire

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>defending unseasoned boiled potatoes

this is rich. unlike you, peasant food eater

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The only cuisine lower than English is Italian

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>reaching this hard to excuse yourself

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British food is so good they cope by eating Indian food

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at least mash the potatoes and make a cottage pie

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>Getting this buttmad and defending unseasoned boiled fucking potatoes
Brits are beyond salvation.

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The difference is meatloaf is delicious. The garbage in OP is like the people who make tacos by just mixing ground beef and pre-packaged taco seasoning.

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Had a proper fry up yesterday morning. Was good.

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Fish n chips are pretty damn good
Sheppard's and Cottage Pie
All of that with a pint is pretty good especially on a Sunday morning.
What do I know, I'm just a goofy American.

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>sorry spice users I'm too busy enjoying the taste of this boiled potato

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id eat this and love it. would prefer it if the potatoes were mashed though.

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You’ve not even tasted it, you fucking whining little bitch yank.

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>it's not normal
that's the point of different cultures, dumbass

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That sounds fucking gross dude. Just boil some waxy potatoes and crush the last ones into the gravy with your fork to get all the juices. Don’t add extra grease just because you don’t know how to choose and cook a good tattie.

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I had that a couple of days ago except the potatoes was mixed in, and had rice on the side.

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>>thinks having buttered untoasted bread is normal
Bruh I’m pretty sure that’s normal.

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Looks alright but the taters would be better if they were mashed.

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>the exact same thread over and over again
I'm surprised nobody's posted the toast sandwich or stargazy pie yet

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No experience, I imagine. Needs to be thicker.

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I'm pretty sure that gravy is steak sauce

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nah it's obviously just mince residue

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Do Brits really?

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No, it’s not. That’s standard Scottish mince. My Scottish nan used to make it and it is fucking amazing. Very finely chopped onion, fried up with mince and then add stock and let simmer for a long time. Usually thickened a little with flour or Bisto. Mine used to add peas in towards the end, too. Served with any kind of starch - traditionally boiled potato (so you mash it in to the mince) or rice.

Everyone keeps freaking out about the sauce but it’s likely just on the table. At most, you might put it on the buttered bread, fold over and eat that while you scoop up your mince and tatties with the fork in your other hand. True Protestant eating - meant to fuel you before you head back out to work. Both the English and Scottish sides of my family eat the big meal for lunch (we still call it ‘dinner’) which is why they’re all so lean and strong. Scoff all you like but that approach to food right there is why the British will always prevail. Good, straightforward, delicious food that’s meant to fill you up and fuel you for the hard graft ahead. Based as fuck.

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You don't get it, do you? Unseaseoned boiled potatoes ISN'T normal. It's just what people who can't cook make. It's what people who can't cook make the whole world over, but because it's Bong it gets touted as genuine British cuisine instead of just a working class tard who never got taught how to cook because mum and dad were always tired.

Having said that, ground beef with gravy is part of many culture's cuisines, as is....bread and butter. Also, that's not steak sauce, it's HP or brown sauce. You would never ruin a steak with it.

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I don't even understand this post. Not only was medieval food perfectly delicious, preserving medieval ways of eating is something many countries take pride in. And, on top of that, most Bong cuisine actually comes from the industrial revolution.
In sum, get fucked new worldy.

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Anon, not being able to cook a basic stew isn't something to be proud of.

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Fuck off renaissance faire fag.

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> just a working class tard who never got taught how to cook because mum and dad were always tired.
This is just wrong. We traditionally don’t like overly fussy or spicy food. That’s why we’ve incorporated shitty Bengali ‘curries’ as some ‘cultural’ thing because we basically don’t do this kind of cooking at all. We are a Protestant people and we don’t like fuss. We like simply cooked, delicious food that fuels us for all the wars we have to do with the fucking French and all the other poofters with their fruity queersine. We don’t eat like them because we have better things to do like being awesome and doing war properly, etc. Nothing to do with our parents being ‘tired’, dumb yank.

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This is the kind of thing someone might say if their only exposure to English culture was norfern memes on /int/. I bet you think iceland is a country, too.
The simple truth is a lot of working class people cook horribly because they're tired and ignorant. They cook premade dinners because they've had a long day at work and were never taught otherwise. And worse, when their children try to actually learn to cook, they get offended because it shows them that they're failing in a certain area of parenthood. So it gets passed down.
As for middle class Bongs, well, when British cuisine became unfashionable they adopted French and Italian cuisine immediately. And other nations' cuisines nowadays, too.
We don't have renaissance fairs in our country.

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>Fish and chips
>Pork pies
>Sausage rolls
>Cornish pasties
>Full English breakfast
>Sunday roast

Yeah we're pretty decent.

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The last three are okay to great but the first three are fucking abhorrent. Also if you're listing the Meme Dishes you should include spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, vindaloo and tikka masala.

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what the fuck is a nan

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It's what you call your mum if you're working class (blue collar).

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fuck, meant granny. Don't know what it says about me that I mixed them up.

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> being this wrong
Just stop. The only person engaging in ‘norfern’ memes is you. It’s like you’re, laughably, trying to ‘argue’ that northern people are incapable of reading a cook book and every one of them is knackered from a day down the mines or something. Get to fuck with your stereotypes. I can tell you as a fact - and my people are from both Northumberland and Scotland and as fucking working class as it gets - that we do not like overly fussy, overly fucked around with food. Even my (now middle class) mother will put a clove of garlic into her take on ‘bologonese’ sauce and then fish it out later before serving. It’s got fuck all to do with ‘ignorance’ (and only a total tosscock who wasn’t some southern try-hard larper or a fucking foreigner would say otherwise). We eat like this because we are an inherently reserved people, and food is meant to nourish and comfort us and prepare us for a very fucking long and hard day’s graft. That’s it.

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Drop the dumb "reserved protestant nation" meme. It was ridiculous in the 19th century and it's even more ridiculous for you to claim it now. Food is meant to be tasty, and everybody knows it's meant to be tasty. You're right that a lot of our most famous dishes are also meant to load a manual labourer up with tonnes of calories, but it's also meant to be tasty. And much of it IS tasty, too. You're a spacker if you think meat pie with liquor tastes bad. I'm gonna utterly destroy the rest of your argument by pointing out that Asian takeaways are a working-class staple.
You're really butthurt about my stereotypes, but you're doing the exact same thing. You've got this weird impression of the entirety of the UK from your border family. But, anon, we're not like that, not even a little bit.

Here's the simple fact: English cuisine used to be delicious, filled with all sorts of herbs and spices and traditional ingredients, and then the double-whammy of the war and the shift to French cuisine fuckin killed it. Read Nose to Tail Eating. It's hipster as fuck but hipsters are the only fuckers willing to look at this stuff.

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>the reason our food is shit is because we're repressed
lmao this is new anglo delusion

>> No.13844737

> larping as an Englishman
Whatever you say, idiot.

>> No.13844744

I'm not the nigger spouting /int/ memes like it's the actual truth.

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At least mash them or make roasties or something. Jesus Christ

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that dish would have been exceedingly rare to find in most kitchens. by far the most popular meat was pork and beef wasn't very common. cows were mainly kept for milking. not only that, but most places in europe observed lent, and in some places lent was like half of the year, which meant no meat whatsoever. also, potatoes didn't exist in medieval europe as they hadn't discovered south america yet. another inaccuracy is the use of HP sauce which i would argue is derivative of the original form of ketchup, which was originally a fermented fish-based sauce and wasn't around in the medieval era. so basically nothing about this meal was very medieval at all aside from the fact that it's stew-like and has bread with butter, which would have been very common

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It's just disaplyed badly. You could have the exact same meal made by a pro chef and it'd look appetizing to anyone. Unless you don't like meat, gravy and potatoes, which is found in most European cuisine

The only sin here is that disgusting bread

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what kind of weird bait is that?

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Nah, this is terribly cooked. I've had this meal a million times and it tastes and looks delicious, but this meal looks identical to the school dinner version of this sort of stew. i.e. the worst version.

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You normally do that as you go. You mix it in and mash it yourself. Unless you're me when I was young and made my mum always mash my mince and totties for me.

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It's just a deconstructed shepherds pie with bread and butter on the side. HP sauce is not steak sauce either. That's a good low budget meal right there.

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for context, victorians thought ill people would become even more ill if they had anything but bland food

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"stew" is so fucking disgusting

>> No.13846268

the only thing actually wrong with that is its served on a plate. It clearly belongs in a bowl

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>If you're going to have beef with potatoes, you FRY them
Beef stewed with potatoes tastes great. Roast beef with roast potatoes tastes great. Insisting they get fried together is a weird code to have.
Curry goes best with naan IMO.
As the other person said, calling stews watery just shows you don't know how to make a stew. You should make a roux with flour to keep the stew thick. Stews aren't some exclusively British thing btw, they're an integral part of French cuisine. Casseroles were a French invention.

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I think with "medieval" he meant that people in the middle ages could only afford shitty slob. And for some reason britbongs are doing that today, you retard

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Name five perfectly delicious medieval dishes

>> No.13846462

Your food is shit. That isn't a fucking justification.

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>all that shit
>not a speck of seasoning
Add pepper you fucking subhumans at the very fucking least

>> No.13846757

>buttered untoasted bread
I guarantee that's not butter.

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Actual Anglo here, this guy gets it - based.

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>le "new = good" meme

>> No.13847527

>Will definitely have been slow-cooked for a while
i don't know of any english nan who 'slow cooks' savoury mince. slow cooking is not something the english know how to do.

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Based retarded autist

>> No.13847540

Fuck off, Sconazi. You’ll never get your ‘independence’ so suck my superior English cock.

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Looks kind of tasty and like something someone who isn't a professional/hobby cook would make for themselves at home. I don't see why we are supposed to be mad some randoms aren't gourmet chefs, must be a lolcow poster.

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This. Brits can't afford real butter.

>> No.13848459

Can you buy blood sausage or black pudding in the US? I've always wanted to try it but I never see it at the store.

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all of that is normal in my country

>> No.13848516

unseasoned boiled potatoes are fucking fucking great

>> No.13848518

I've bought morcilla several times so it's not like blood sausage is banned or anything.

>> No.13848554

It's pretty much the same concept as rice and curry. A sauce and a starch.

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>Be me
>Scot-Irish Colonial bloodline since 1620s leaving Ulster
>Having a visiting professor from Northern England sit in a class until Coronavirus break
>Look like we are related and has a very similar facial features to my mom/aunts.
>400 years later still can't bang a Brit woman for legitimate fear of cousin fucking.

>> No.13848636

>muh heritage
literally nobody cares

>> No.13848644


Got that (You)

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Is that a fucking toast sandwich

>> No.13849456

>unseasoned boiled potatoes
It's amazing how you can tell they didn't add any salt to the water by just looking at a picture of the potatoes.

>> No.13849500

Why couldnt you mash or fry up or season or do literally anything with those potatoes my dude? Also could have toasted the bread.

>> No.13849522

The food itself is probably fine, but this is why presentation actually matters. You can't have something as runny as that on a plate, it looks sloppy and sad. Chili, curry, and stew aren't served on plates. Put that same dish in a bowl and no one would complain.

Of course the potatoes still look bad but whatever. Northern Europeans insist on continually serving boring boiled potatoes and it's pointless to try to talk them out of it at this point.

>> No.13849570

I dont get it, though. If you're going to serve boiled potatoes you could take an extra 5 minutes of time to add milk and butter and salt, and mash them. Especially if you're serving them with stew, thick mashed potatoes are a godtier bed to serve beef stew on

>> No.13849651

Mashed potatoes aren’t always better.

Waxy boiled potatoes are god tier

>> No.13849662

Actual Anglo here, no, shut the fuck up, nobody should be proud of using bisto.

>> No.13849665

Anon, what in the seven hells do you think a stew is

>> No.13849668

Not something the English are particularly good at

>> No.13849676

Why? Our stews don't even really differ from stews in other north/western European nations

>> No.13849726

They just tend to boil stuff and not cook things for a long time. My Nan would take about 20 minutes to make some mince

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the only strong point you have here is the steak sauce

this same deal with slightly different / better presentation would be almost instagram worthy,
>mash the potatoes
>toast the bread
>increase the plating quality
>make the lighting / camera angle less depressing
>garnish with salt, pepper, a little oil, a little green herb
>don't include carpet in the background of the photo
>probably a bit less butter
>like I said earlier, no fucking steak sauce visible in the photo, that's just going to make people feel poorly for you

the meal itself is not awful

>> No.13849885

That’s not the point, stupid idiot. Mince and tatties made by nans always has some kind of thickening agent added at the end so you get lots of gravy flavour. Literally everyone’s nan uses Bisto. And Bisto is fucking based anyway. Baked potato and a nice little jug of rich beef flavoured gravy is a food of the gods. Naturally, a little north London poofter like you wouldn’t get this.

>> No.13849904

bu... bu... A1 and Heinz steak sauce are American.

>> No.13849906

If those potatoes were seasoned this would actually be pretty good. It's just stew with potatoes, not really anything hideous or depressing aside from the blandness.

>> No.13849911

You faggot Americans really can’t get it into your heads that this dish isn’t about ‘presentation’ and ‘plating’ and ‘posting it on Instagram’ or ‘making it more tasty’. NONE of that is relevant here. This is a dish that usually comes with a starch as separate. Nobody wants to go to the expense and fuss of adding butter and what have you and chives or whatever the hell it is you do with your mashed potato. You are supposed to mash the potato up on the plate with the fork and then combine that in mouthfuls with the beef mince (and it’s not a ‘stew’, by the way although it is stewed). This is basic working class fare (very typical in border country and Scotland). It’s not supposed to be all fussy. It’s supposed to be filling, tasty but not overly complex in taste, and, more than anything, quick to eat so you can go back to work. This is why you’ll often see this dish served as standard in builders caffs up north. They don’t want a whole lot of fucking drama on the plate - they just want to fill up and get out of there. My nan always cooked this for ‘dinner’ (what you call ‘lunch’) for my dad and uncle who were both labourers on building sites when they were younger. Fill you up, warms you, gives you energy for the rest of the day. It’s not supposed to be some big faffy fucking ‘dish’.

>> No.13849917

Fuck you guys I think this looks good

>> No.13849925

A stew takes about two hours, anon. Your nan fuckin sucks.
Yeah, it's called flour. Maybe your nan used bisto because your nan fuckin sucked but our grannies didn't.
My granny grew up in a literal slum btw. I will happily admit I'm a home counties middle class patrician, but that's only because she was a gold digger.

>> No.13849930

It's not steak sauce you brainlet

>> No.13849935

Silence, schizo working class borderlet anon.

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looks like literal shit

>> No.13849942

My nan > your nan and her shitty, flavourless flower. No wonder she needed to work that poon to get ahead; clearly couldn’t cook for shit.

What else, faggot?

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>Potatoes must be fried to go with beef
>Every stew must be served with rice
>You can't just eat potatoes and stew

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By the way, Amerifats, this is how traditional English and Scottish working classes used to eat and why they stayed so lean and healthy:

7am - breakfast. Usually porridge, but occasionally a boiled egg with toast. Toast on the side too. Marmalade and butter, or maybe Marmite. Tea.

11am - elevenses. Tea and some kind of sliced cake or biscuits. My nan used to make fruit cake so we would have a slice of this with some butter spread on it.

1pm or about - dinner. We don’t call it lunch. ‘Lunch’ is something posh people did. They ‘lunched’. Usually something like mince and tatties, or pie and chips, or stew and rice or tatties or whatever. Almost all of it comes with some kind of veg (hence the expression ‘meat and two veg’). On sundays, you have a ‘roast dinner’ which again is some kind of meat with potatoes (both roasted and mashed if you’re from the north east), veg, gravy and maybe Yorkshires to soak up any extra gravy. Tea.

4pm - high tea. Tea. Usually cake or biscuits but usually more. Posh people have scones and cream and jam. We used to just have buttered scones, usually toasted, or my nan’s drop scones (which is like a mini pancake).

6pm/7pm - tea. This is what you all call ‘dinner’. Usually something small but if you didn’t have dinner earlier then you’d have similar at this meal. Tea.

9pm - supper. This is a very small meal before bed. You usually have this if you had a large dinner (lunch) and a small tea. Usually something like a sandwich and a cup of tea. Or soup and maybe a sandwich. Usually very small. In my family, this is when we would get out the cheese board. Few slices of cheese on some digestives and a cup of tea.

And this ^ is how we used to eat traditionally and why we could not only build empires as we were fuelled throughout the day, but also why we looked like mean, keen, loving machine gods. The more you know, Amerifats.

>> No.13850026

sure whatever, we don't have that here (JewSA) so I just assumed. I'd say there's nothing wrong with the meal at all assuming that sauce actually contributes to it, I'd have to try it for myself though. I would also have thrown some seasoning on those potatoes myself at the bare minimum but that's a matter of preference anyway

that's my point you overly defensive sperg, I hope you had fun writing all that

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She used actual stock too, because she had to work her cooking skills to get ahead. I'm genuinely impressed she was so fucking good at cooking given her upbringing.
Don't listen to him, he has the mental disability known as borderletism. He's also just wrong, though. Brits don't all have his own personal aversion to fussiness and complicated flavours, as the explosion in horrendous dinner party dishes in the 60s should tell anyone.

>> No.13850060

God fucking damn it you brainlet
Fuck it, just for this I'm cooking a tarragon and cider chicken stew and it's gonna look gr8 and I'm gonna post as I cook on /ck/ and I'm gonna show you all what real English cooking looks like
It's super cheap and easy too, great if you're a student like me

>> No.13850073

Actually, I'll make fish milk & butter (or the superior scottish version, cullen skink) too, just to show Americans a genuinely great dish they've probably never heard of. Fish poached in milk is delicious, even though I admit it sounds like a match made in hell.

>> No.13850103

>doesn't like fish and chips, pork pies or sausage rolls

kys friend

>> No.13850108

> tarragon and cider chicken
This might be cooked by an Englishman (and you’re larping as one anyway), but this is not traditional English food. Try and be less thick and learn the distinction between what’s actually being discussed and you sperging out claiming some random recipe is the same thing.

>> No.13850117

>an entree

No, no-one eats it a a starter, why would you think that?

>> No.13850118

It's a traditional part of English cuisine even if you've never heard of it, anon.

>> No.13850120

I’m not talking just about my Nan, most English nans aren’t big on low and slow, just isn’t a thing we’re good at. Boiling everything for half an hour or roasting everything for two hours, now that we’re good at

>> No.13850121

> Scottish
Of course. No wonder it’s so obvious you haven’t a fucking clue what you’re on about. There are also plenty of British dishes that look and taste great. Still not the point of the thread. Cullen skink is shit easy to make, too, so nothing special at all.

>> No.13850125

But it's not true, simmering things for two hours or roasting things for two hours are basically all we're fuckin trained to do. I don't know anyone who boils stews for half an hour.
I'm English and the fact it's easy as shit to make is something that makes it so good, as you can see I said myself.

>> No.13850126

No, it’s not. Maybe it’s traditional in your family but I’ve never heard of it. And ‘traditional’ doesn’t include your fucking shires gastropub food, either.

>> No.13850128

Anon we've already established your family doesn't know anything about traditional English food.

>> No.13850138

Your trolling game is weak, man. You constantly screeching “that’s not trad!” when literally anyone actually English can confirm it is is not the sign of someone handling themselves well. Seethe more.

>> No.13850147

Brittany is not England you bellend

>> No.13850152

> tarragon and cider chicken
Never heard of this as an English dish.

>> No.13850153

We’re not trained to make stew in England. We’re trained to make shepherds pie and spag bol.

>> No.13850159

All those potatoes AND bread? Way too many carbs. Ditch the bread and serve the savoury mince over the potatoes in a bowl.

>> No.13850173

>two types of carbs = twice the carbs
I’m so fucking tired of this retarded argument. There’s nothing wrong with having a variety of the same basic food group on your plate.

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File: 83 KB, 1280x720, Princess Principal - 09 - Large 05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bread sandwich

I feel sorry for you.

>> No.13850505

Is there such thing as pork milk?

>> No.13850667

Yeah but it’s fucking hard work to get much out of them

>> No.13850673

>anime poster
I don't think about you at all.

>> No.13850769
File: 3.29 MB, 350x232, didnt_read.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13850850

u talk like a fag lol

>> No.13851098

The gravy looks like shit but I'm sure it tastes fine. I'd put it over rice. Those potatoes are a sin though.

>> No.13851282

>mashing your potato
Do not have children.

>> No.13851490

>all these people saying bread sandwich

NO, it's 3 slices of buttered bread and you take one when you want it. If it was a sandwich, the top wouldn't be buttered you lot of nonces

>> No.13851515

>he doesn’t butter the outside of his sandwiches
So self-respecting Englishman would fail to teach his child how to make a slippy slidey bread insidey, stop pretending you’re from here.

>> No.13851532

The potatoes are meant to be like that, haven't you motherfuckers ever heard of boiled potatoes? Sure I'd put some butter on them, but they were intended to be like that, it isn't a mistake.

>> No.13851557

Needs salt and pepper, but I'd eat it.

>> No.13851565

what is taters?

>> No.13851566

I didn't say it wasn't intentional I said it was wrong.

>> No.13851575
File: 3.50 MB, 272x450, 343987u34.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>biscuits, butter, cake, and taters all day

>> No.13851595 [DELETED] 

Not him but it’s actually a pretty smart distribution of calories that would also keep your metabolism fired up constantly. Clever way to eat.

>> No.13851600

Its not wrong. My Mum prefers boiled spuds to mash potato.

>> No.13851609

so the normans killed both the english language and cuisine lol get rekt

>> No.13851625

Not him but it’s actually a pretty smart distribution of calories that would also keep your metabolism fired up constantly. Clever way to eat.

>> No.13851639
File: 32 KB, 512x288, turkey_leg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big ol turkey leg

>> No.13851847

It is in fact wrong. IDK what your mom's preference in potato consistency has to do with anything. Are you under the impression that my issue with the potatoes is that they're solid?

>> No.13851862

>At most, you might put it on the buttered bread, fold over and eat that
What the actual fuck?

>> No.13851878

A) It's not clever, that's literally how almost everybody in the world eats (Meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack)
B) It's nothing but butter and carbs, which is why they're all fat as fuck now that they aren't all doing farmwork

>> No.13851921

>>when your food is half rotten so you have to spice it
There are still retards who believe this meme?

>> No.13851931
File: 142 KB, 245x245, asuk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks fine, nothing wrong with simple food

>implying any of you can even cook ground beef

>> No.13851938

I'm beautiful and svelte though (maybe bc I lived in a nordic country for a couple of years?)

>> No.13851957

Boiled potato has a difference texture and consistency from mash or any other and a taste for which is preferred throughout England, so yes, it does matter.

>> No.13852174

Honestly at this point I feel like you're falseflagging to support the bland Brit food meme.

>> No.13852207

Honestly, boiled potatoes is different from mash or toasties. Its softer than roast potatoes and more healthy since toasties are roasted in fat, and have a different texture than mash and are less fattening since mash has a lot of butter.

>> No.13852217

boiled floury potatoes suck.

decent waxy boiled potatoes are tasty as fuck. shame nowhere actually serves boiled potatoes other than like school canteens or ikea.

>> No.13852227


>> No.13852254

Does lend itself to the stereotype that you guys just boil literally everything and call it good.

>> No.13852308

This. Am English and can confirm. We like a boiled potato with some butter and salt and pepper maybe. You can see this even in things like pie and mash. The potato is literally just mashed up spuds with salt and pepper at most. Not even sure they add butter. In my family, we boil them up, skin on, and then eat them whole in the plate and add butter, salt, pepper and a splash of vinegar then mash them up as we go along. Fucking delicious ‘poor food’ we used to call it.

>> No.13852311

havent had mince on toast in years. that one needs more mixed veg for me. or you can put in chilli or curry if you need a bigger kick.

>> No.13852365

>boiled potatoes is different from mash or toasties.
Cool, not at all relevant to the point that I'm trying to make which is that the particular boiled potatoes in the OP look bland as fuck.

>> No.13852396

burundi has food infinitely better than the uk

>> No.13852418

They're not even good potatoes, like Yukon golds or redskins or fingerlings. For a people that worship the potato, you could learn to grow or import some.

>> No.13852431


>idiot can't put his fork into a potato and mince at the same time

>> No.13852743
File: 220 KB, 1000x750, jelliedoxtaint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13852766

This is literally what I was served in prison.

>> No.13852809

def doesn't look the best but i'm sure that all tastes yummy

>> No.13852926

Like the inbreeding on the East Coast of America that happened after they infiltrated the US?

>> No.13852946

Fuck off,
Butter started in the UK, Americans invented plastic chemical butter, aka Margarine.

>> No.13852967

Every claim in your post is wrong.

>> No.13852978

France invented margarine retard. Americans invented crisco, a substitute for lard, not butter.

>> No.13852982

that actually looks really good and hearty. the bread is unnecessary though. maybe a small salad or some picked vegetables on the side instead.

>> No.13853030

I second this, nothing is more cringe than muh heritage talk nothing but larping born out of insecurity and lack of personality.

>> No.13853058

Fuck off Amerifat.
Have you never heard of Delia Smith, you faggot.

>> No.13853059

Way too many carbs, said the homo.
Get a fucking life you office worker.

>> No.13853063

You spell like a faggot too.

>> No.13853066

OK Weeaboo scum.

>> No.13853073

Fuck off white-bread Amerifat.
All American bread is shit anyway, baked by Jews.

>> No.13853077

And therefore, you are wrong, homosexual.

>> No.13853083

Are you some sort of a shut-in faggot that knows nothing of the outside world?
You are so sad it hurts.

>> No.13853088

>Posts anime
>Expects her post to be taken seriously

>> No.13853098

Americans have to have their potatoes mashed because their teeth are fucked and can't chew solid food, mainly because of the sugary diet they eat.

>> No.13853414

Coming from /tg/ and /mu/, it's nice to see anime get shafted and ostracized on a board for once. It might just be one poster but it's great to see there's at least some threads on one board where weebs can't pretend like they own all of 4chan just for a fourth of its boards catering to their degenerative desires.

>> No.13853424
File: 107 KB, 640x640, 1585352079916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you can't appreciate a countries culture perhaps you don't belong there.

Go be racist back in your own country with your amazing spices. White people are waking up to the absolute hatred minorities have for us.

>> No.13853438
File: 34 KB, 480x360, 1582665908183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13853490

Thanks for the coronavirus outbreaks, globalist.

>> No.13853577

those braids are 100% fake haHA

>> No.13853583 [DELETED] 

This, the arrogance of nonwhites who leech off the society our forefathers fought and died for, its fucking sickening. We have given them everything and they demand more. Whites are waking up.

>> No.13853587

I mean the least you could do is mash the potatoes and serve the gravy over them. I'll admit I've had my share of lazy dinners that were just a pound of ground beef with a packet of mccormick brown gravy over instant mashed potatoes.

>> No.13853727

It’s not the least you could do if you like boiled potatoes. People keep posting that potatoes are somehow inherently elevated by being mashed or roasted or fried. Nah. You keep saying add butter to them. But if that’s to make them moist/rich, you already have the sauce right there for that

>> No.13854163

I prefer OPs dish to yours

>> No.13854165

i think this looks good to be honest

>> No.13854169
File: 772 KB, 640x1136, SameAbandonedIridescentshark.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13854170
File: 240 KB, 1080x1920, 90418297_249698279524820_9182538303013525280_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13854172

have sex ulsterincel

>> No.13854183

It doesn't look bad.

>> No.13854213

did you know one of the traditional sauces in english cuisine is chili vinegar it's vinegar with chilis in it i thought that was interesting

>> No.13854220

/mu/ is easily the most insufferable board on 4chan. Full of utter normalfaggots who dare to think they're not normalfaggots. /tv/'s similar but everyone's so fucking new there that they haven't developed a complex about it yet.

>> No.13854487
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, wild turkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Turkey’s are native to the Americas, so medieval people wouldn’t have had them.

>> No.13854501

this fag drinks tea

>> No.13854541

Why do cameras always fuck up the perspective on things her hand is larger than her forearm.

>> No.13854553
File: 282 KB, 800x600, angryyank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>NOOOOOOOOOOOO british food is DISGUSTING *slurps cheez whizz*, it has no FLAVOR and its BLAAANDDDD *gulps doughnut* *guzzles mountain dew*

>> No.13854621

You retards have always just been cannon fodder for Jewish bankers who took over the bank of England after the battle of Waterloo. Your empire was at your expense. The food you eat and the way you eat it is utterly contradictory to human health. That's maybe why Brits look so sickly and weak. Youre eating watery mince with salt processed seasoning and hardcore carbs with the nutrition left in the water you boiled them in. Read a book you fucking piece of shit. Fuck the UK.

>> No.13854700

There's nothing wrong with plain, simple food.

>> No.13854726

3 days and 200 posts later and that was the best you could manage?

>> No.13854763

>why isn't it pretensiously made

>> No.13854778
File: 110 KB, 620x387, aunt-bessies_3524312b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone tried her Yorkies?

>> No.13854786

>beef stew(?)
>buttered bread
>boiled(?) potatoes?
Presentation is fucking horrendous but it probably tastes pretty good.

>> No.13855109

>thinks having buttered untoasted bread is normal
Bread and butter is quite literally a metaphor for commonplace in the wetsern world. You don't even deserve a (You).

>> No.13855133
File: 51 KB, 696x602, 1570047475047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>t. James D'Maggio Garcia Gonzalez

>> No.13855165

Just because your mum is a shit cook who doesn't like a lot of flavours doesn't mean everyone in the UK is like that.
My northern irish dad learnt how to make flavourful curries, pies, bakes, desserts, from his working class northern irish mother.
The other guy's right. If the working class don't like a lot of fuss and flavour then why did curry become so popular in working class areas where indians moved to?

>> No.13855304

no, bread and butter is an idiom that means income or something necessary to live because bread and butter is a staple food

>> No.13855306

Absolutely Disgusting. Have more passion with the food you eat you fucking mentally retarded chimps.

>> No.13855330

do white ppl really not coat their cheap frozen dinners in Louisiana hot sauce, lemon pepper, and tony chachere salt?

white ppl really ain't got no culture y'all no flava

>> No.13855424

I sure recognised some of those words.
t. Bong

>> No.13855445

My mum made a gr8 stew a couple of hours ago, I'll take a pic for you guys so you can see what a similar dish looks like when it's not made by a school dinner lady who hates the students.
I get him. There was a post of some (deliberately) horrendous looking American food a day ago and the thread was full of people justifying it because it's the kind of stuff anons grew up on. It shows that a lot of this really is just memeing on the British for the sake of memeing on them.
Which, tbf, I'm sure quarter of the world is quite happy with.

>> No.13855474

That's the original meaning, but it's been adapted over the last few centuries to also include things that are commonplace to someone.

>> No.13855507

Yeah, they’re great. A little too light but good enough with any roast if you don’t have time.

>> No.13855728

lmao at the idea non whites move to white countries for the culture and not exclusively for the gibs.

>> No.13855757

> northern irish mother
Catholics don't know anything about English food.

>> No.13855889

>northern irish
Outed as the LARPer you are.

>> No.13855900

Wrong side of the border but your point's true.

>> No.13855901

Plenty of taig shit north of the border, son.

>> No.13855913

if you think thats grim you should see what the scandies eat


>> No.13855916

Sectarian violence has been an ongoing problem since northern ireland became a thing, because the catholic south hates the protestant north, on top of other issues.

>> No.13855935
File: 233 KB, 720x777, 1571864268433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hello Amerimutt

>> No.13855940
File: 470 KB, 1536x2048, my mum's stew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's my mum's beef stew with suet dumplings /ck/, say something nice about it
It was a lot thicker than it looks. Tbqh most of the stew's hiding underneath the dumplings. Unfortunately it was all eaten before I thought to take a pic of it in a bowl or something and I have the Big Mental Deficiency.
...Maybe I'll convince her to make another stew so I can take better pics.

>> No.13855967

Oh you don't say, son. Shit, I had no idea.

>> No.13855972

Dumplings look good. What's in the stew? What's her dumpling recipe? Gimme plox.

>> No.13855977

I love soup that has dumplings, bt have only paired it with chicken before. Beef and dumpling looks fucking good though.

>> No.13855986

T. mutt

>> No.13855992

Well you seemed to be under the impression that because some catholics live in northern ireland, then it must be a catholic country, or at least the average person from there us catholic.
I'm part irish so please stop proving the thick irish stereotype to be true.

>> No.13856000

Nah, stupid. What I'm telling you is if your fucking mother is a taig, no matter where she fucking lives, she doesn't know about English food.

Got it now?

>> No.13856028
File: 270 KB, 942x724, fry-up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When did you realize /ck/ was full of nonces?

>> No.13856030

My mother who i've not even mentioned up until this point is a catholic?
Boy am i stupid for not working that out!
Listen kid, i know you might get a bit jumped up being online and you can say anything you want without getting put in your place like the beta you are, but please try and keep your arguments coherent, just so it isn't as easy to pick them apart.

>> No.13856037

So you finally got it. That took a while due to your inferior fucking papist genes but glad we got there in the end. You're welcome.

>> No.13856050


>> No.13856093

I'll ask her, I bet it'll cheer her up to know someone wanted to know. She's been feeling pretty down lately but I know she's proud of her dumplings
Beef is gr8 but I admit chicken w/ dumplings is THE combination so far as my tastebuds are concerned. There's just something about them. I'm convinced there's some /sci/ shenanigans going down with the chemicals between the two.
I love a full breakfast as much as the next sane human but we've gotta start acknowledging we've got other dishes too.

>> No.13856115

> She's been feeling pretty down lately
Well, you can tell her from me that her dumplings look leet-tier and I definitely want that recipe. Sorry to hear she's been feeling down. Give her a hug from me (and I want that recipe, please).

>> No.13856184

>muh protestant bible was produced by papists
>papists bad
Hmmm, is this the brain on hereticism? Yes, yes it is.

>> No.13856202

I wouldn't bother replying. The boy seems a bit slow.

>> No.13856444

> implying sectarianism in NI is because of religion
Fucking lol. Go back to /lit/ and post more burbling stupidity at your fellow retards, christcuck.

>> No.13856466

Sectarianism is the difference between different religious sects though.

>> No.13856521

Which is why I specifically said “NI sectarianism”, stupid.

>> No.13856598

>> implying sectarianism in NI is because of religion
All sectarianism is because of religion

>> No.13856622

You realise that calling people stupid whilst making a retarded point doesn't make you right?

>> No.13856638

No wonder british peoples' faces cave in. They literally eat mush like babies.

>> No.13856639

Not in Northern Ireland (or Scotland) it isn’t, chucklefuck. No doctrinal issues at all. Read some history.

>> No.13856649
File: 425 KB, 902x854, BN3sZ1u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no haha

>> No.13856747

What doctrine are you on about just out of curiosity?
You seem to act like an entire nation is retarded just because you are.
We're both autistic for responding to this lol

>> No.13856768

Buddy, stop derailing the thread. Go ask this question on /pol/ or wherever. Not him btw but just cut it out.

>> No.13856884

>Not him btw but just cut it out.

>> No.13856912

Have you not heard of this thing called seasoning?

>> No.13857005

Salt, pepper, herbs, mustard, brown sauce, paprika, cajun spices. Those are about the only seasonings you'll find in a Bong cupboard.

>> No.13857011

Oh, and fivespice and curry powder.

>> No.13857026
File: 30 KB, 450x450, meatybits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like the stuff I feed the neighborhood cat.

>> No.13857059

>british food is shit
I see this same thread every time I come here

>> No.13857070

We have at least two up right now. I don't get it.

>> No.13857847

there is no color on that chicken. no thanks

>> No.13858036

>no cumin
Those potatoes in OP look absolutely bare and unseasoned.

>> No.13858047

Success breeds jealousy.

>> No.13858448

>British poster
>randomly seethes about the French without being prompted at all
absolutely o b s s e s e d

>> No.13858475

>It’s not supposed to be all fussy. It’s supposed to be filling, tasty but not overly complex in taste, and, more than anything, quick to eat so you can go back to work.
In short literal prolefeed slop. Good to know the UK is ahead of schedule on normalising corpse starch as an alternative to proper food.

>> No.13858480

>the British are so frail of body and mind they literally can't handle any kind of spice in their food lest their whole day is ruined by a too flashy meal

>> No.13858490

Why are Angloids unable to talk like adults?

>> No.13858505

>defending the french for any reason ever

you need to go back

>> No.13858523

Hey that's soph right?

>> No.13858527
File: 38 KB, 508x676, do_english_really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

English food is top tucker.

>> No.13858539

Probably tastes good, I'd eat it

>> No.13858546

Get dat outta here lil boi

>> No.13858551

did you boil your chicken? fuckin nasty

>> No.13858571


>> No.13858585
File: 35 KB, 296x256, 9FEC76F1-C485-4AE9-B71E-710283047667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The French are just worthless poofter cunts, however. Can’t wait until next year. Straight back to going to war with them again, and everyone back in time for tea. Thus it ever was and always will be. Based Brittania.

>> No.13858678

has anyone ever told you that you talk like a fag

>> No.13858733

The insecurity in this post my god

>> No.13858742
File: 52 KB, 492x487, 0B6AD966-207D-45CE-A296-664D2B78FF47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suck my giant dick, you froggie cunt.

>> No.13858746

> rent free!

>> No.13858754

He wasn’t saying that, you fucking retard. There ARE catholics in NI. And no, they are not only not british (and should fuck off south) they definable know fuck all about English food. Pure fucking vermin.

>> No.13858814

is this chili?

>> No.13859040

plz daddy no

>> No.13859220

Oh yeah, cumin. I forgot because I despise cumin.
Yeah, OP chose that pic because it looks astonishingly bad. You should expect this by now.
This has never been funny.

>> No.13859244

>He wasn’t saying that
Embarrassing mate.

>There ARE catholics in NI
There are Catholics in every country more or less, does that mean you should assume everyone is? Should i assume everyone's a retard because they exist in most countries as well, or should i limit it to yourself?

>they definable know fuck all about English food
Please quote where anyone from NI said they knew about english food

I was just being ironic when i called you an uppity bitch who only argues online because he's afraid to do so in real life, but lol you actually seem really upset at the moment

>> No.13859252


>> No.13859340
File: 1.27 MB, 1024x1024, 1584733917537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top nosh son

>> No.13859476
File: 3.29 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Swap the tomato for more black pudding and I'd put that away before you could blink

>> No.13860002

Here ya go
Season a bunch of cubed beef lamb with salt n pepper. Dust 'em with flour. Brown them for a few minutes, then mix in chopped onions, carrots, peas, potatoes, and parsnips. Add celery if you're a patrician. Cook together for five mins.
Add a pint and a half of beef stock (English pints btw), a tablespoon of tomato puree and dried herbs. Bring to the boil, simmer for a couple of minutes, then bake in the oven at 160c for 2 hours with the lid on.
Dumplings: put 4oz sieved self-raising flour, 2oz beef suet, salt, 1/2tsp baking powder, and 5-6 tbsp cold water into a bowl. Mix them with a blunt knife, Gently press them into 6-8 balls, put them on top of the hot stew, put the lid back on and cook for a further 20 mins.

>> No.13860122

Why is that bread not toasted?

>> No.13860136


>> No.13860260

I love british food

>> No.13860384

o no

>> No.13860393
File: 73 KB, 634x422, corona cure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13860885
File: 64 KB, 479x335, flaskesteg-med-sprod-svar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats not good anon. where you born in jutland?
copenhagen has some pretty decent restaurants, but supermarkets in Denmark are generally fucking lame

>> No.13861028
File: 134 KB, 600x800, 1582463869775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being this autistic about it
inject some testosterone into your veins

>> No.13861285
File: 3.49 MB, 2445x3834, CCFC0177-2977-4F40-82D0-1A025D3CABA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking excellent, man, thank you. Capped and saved for the dumplings but her stew method looks great, too. Please give your based SadMum a hug from me and this OC of my goofball dog I would like her to have as a thank you. I hope it makes her smile.

>> No.13861288


>> No.13861291

Try thick water. It will sit in your throat and belly longer.

>> No.13861292

It’s a deconstructed beef stew you plebeians

>> No.13861486

Quiet fatty

>> No.13861505
File: 470 KB, 407x624, ard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you taken the Lard pill?

It's easy to swallow and tastes like an actual pig.

>> No.13861559

I do not. Also I just got home from work can I get a quick run down on what the fuck is happening?

>> No.13861562

How fucking retarded are you? Like on a scale of potato to baked potato how cooked are you?

>> No.13861566

epic! upvoted!

edit: wow gold too?!?!

>> No.13861567

Whatever. Oh FUCK it’s April first! Team PB UNITE. FUCK PEEP

>> No.13861568 [DELETED] 

lobster is an over rated sea cockaroach. you're not missing out on anything black man

>> No.13861569

That is the sort of breakfast you eat before you conquer half the globe.

>> No.13861627

Wtf, man? That looks horrendous wtf damn it.

>> No.13861675

Is that hamburger gravy, buttered bread and raw potatoes? Mmmmm

>> No.13861684

Raw chicken and steamed garbage? Vomit

>> No.13862909

Acquire taste buds.