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Dear hot sauce neckbeards: can we call a truce for a minute so I can get a recommendation? I'm trying to limit my frequent trips to random obscure stores to buy fanciful and obscure ingredients and eating bulk prepper food is getting extremely fucking tiresome.

What's a good hot sauce other than the usual boring cholula/tabasco/tapatio? Looking for moderate heat, I'm not a pansy ass wh*teoid but I want to be able to go back to eating and enjoying subtlety when this is all over in about a year.

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What the hell do you even need hot sauce for? It's a retarded condiment. Just make food and eat it. As long as you don't suck at cooking it will be good without your faggy hot sauce. You don't need tiny bottles with cartoons on it while you make a soy face over how "epic" they are.

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>let me get my hot sauce collection catalog

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Texas Pete, get some sriracha too for asian shit, you're good to go

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Sriracha is all you need in life.

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When you were partying I studied The Sauce.
When you were having premarital sex I mastered The Scoville Scale.
While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity I cultivated heat tolerance.
And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for help?

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Gringo Bandito
Dirty Dicks
Secret Aardvark

Don't @ me.

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Because taking the 7 train to Patel's for my favorite random chutneys or taking the 1 train to H mart to squabble over Gochujang or just walking to Whole Foods right now requires murdering 1000 people's grandma a month from now? Sorry you don't have any morals shithead.
Oh wow I totally forgot sriracha even existed, lol. Yeah I'm gonna take a pass on the T*xas Pete, I don't eat things with T*xas in the name.
I'm sorry for all the things I said about you.
To: 13836865

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>not making your own hot sauce from home grown chillies
UH gaye

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For me, it's Fire Sauce from Taco Bell.

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Cholula just came out with a "Sweet Habanero" Pretty good, tastes heavily of pineapple with habanero in the back. It's a little sharp on the citrus in my opinion but over all would recommend

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>Gringo Bandito
Been seeing this recommended more and more. Either Holland is shilling his sauce on this site or I need to order a bottle online and try it out.

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El yucatexo xxx

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Fucking kys and never come back you piece of shit kid fucker.

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>I'm not a pansy ass wh*teoid

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This stuff is great on Mexican and Asian food as well as the usual stuff you put hot sauce on. (like my gay asshole)

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>making hot sauce at all
super fucking gay

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This is all I want

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Fuck you, dick. You told me liking hot sauce made me a sissy.

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Yeah but you are a sissy.

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I like various hot sauces and there is literally nothing you can do to stop me

>enjoy your microbrew homo juice, faggots

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>I like various hot sauces and there is literally nothing you can do to stop me

It’s okay to be a faggot, just keep it to yourself.

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>being this mad about someone else's opinion


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>he's STILL responding

Literally cope

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Update: I ordered this. As far as I can tell it's imported which, as everyone knows, means it's better.
Why u mad tho?

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>Sriracha is all you need in life.

It's fine with certain foods, but it's not a hot sauce and it sucks with most things that are enhanced by an actual hot sauce.

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It's the bulk cooking killing you. Lack of textures.
Consider just pan-toasting some breadcrumbs in a little garlic & oil, herbs and spices on top of anything. It's like adding the crumb topping to a baked casserole.

Super Chili Crisp adds heat, umami and crunch too.

French's makes fried pickles and fried jalapenos as well as fried onion toppers. Find a bag of onions, brown and jar up some deeply fried onons, tobacco onions,..indians called that "birista" and it's spiced onions, but it's to add crunch. Or to your onions, add bacon, peppers, brown sugar, make your own jar of bacon-onion relish, which you can do big batch in a crock pot. You can be making your own pickles (mexican pickled red onion, or pickled white vinegar, carrot, jalapeno, onion) to top or serve on the side. They last sometimes longer than a bag of lemons.

Add the zest and juice of a lime to a cheap mostly drained jar of mt olive jalapeno slices, one fresh sliced red fresno chili or ripe jalapeno, and 1/4 cup sugar. Shake. Refrigerate and enjoy your sweet-hot lime jalapenos on top of everything. I put them on deviled eggs.

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Its a hot sauce doofus.
Chili and vinegar doofus. Doofus.

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A 5/10 white girl with a ponytail who doesn’t like hot sauce too cliche even for me.

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I like how your solution to corona cooking is to have 16 obscure varietals of heirloom onions just randomly lying around

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Sriracha and El Yucateco xxxtra hot sauce, you can get them at any supermarket

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post feet

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this is what i always recommend people who aren't trying to hurt themselves. its fairly mild but its perfect for things like eggs and not super overwhelming. make sure to get the family reserve, they sell it on amazon.

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Sriracha is disgusting and so are the faggots that consume it

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This shit tastes better than any hot sauce

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Crybaby Craig's is pretty fuckin decent imo

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My mexican coworkers all go with Valentinos

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I like Valentino’s but only the black label spicy version

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It's Valentina, and it's gross

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Nah it’s great

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We're talking about hot sauce not ketchup for people who pretend to be sophisticated.

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If your doing it every bite

Valetina extra hot

If your doing a few dabs on a meal

El Yaccuta xxxtra hot.

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Nah it’s great

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Sweet n spicy. Use it to make spicy mayo for sandwiches

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Use that REI dividend nigga, get your top-tier hot sauce F O R F R E E

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Here. You literally don't need anything else

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This guy gets it

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green yucateca for mexican stuff
sriracha for asian stuff
sambal for recipes, also is great mixed with greek yogurt as a condiment
crystal/franks for everything else depending on if I want a vinegar taste

crushed dry red pepper for pasta
cayenne for most other times you want to add heat
red pepper relish for sandwiches

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For me it's aardvark sauce. A little intense, but decadently sweet and tangy

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I would buy this by the gallon if I could.

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El yucateco or melindas, those are both pretty good.

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That's bullshit and you know it, that's chad level crap.

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What kind of california focus group morons come up with this shit?

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For me it's the Mad Dog Plutonium 357

>> No.13844064

I'm fond of the nando's perri perri sauce

>> No.13844077

lmao what the duck is a hot sauce collection

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Rename that to california bullshit useless chad crap. What kind of a moron comes up with a name like that? Is done from california focus groups?

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Just the pathetic california focus group name of that makes me sick to my stomach.

>> No.13844118

Do you pathetic california types wear sketchers or vans around like the homosexuals that you are?

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>Fire sauce
Even diablo sauce is faggot baby shit. Why not actually have some balls and make that shit hot? It's fucking called diablo I expect that shit to burn both my tongue and asshole.

>> No.13844186

your tongue and anus are probanly covered in huge scabs and callouses from deepthroating and bottoming cocks

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Hot sauce tastes good tho. You want make food spicy and taste more like the hot sauce, you put the hot sauce in the food. It's like a sauce but hot.

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This one is really good, it's too bad that I can only get it from mail order, no places around me have it in stock.
It's hot but its really good, its not super hot, it has flavor.

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t. californian false flagging because he's tired of getting bullied

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Tapatio, anything else is for queers

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have taste then have sex

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>buy a bunch of any chile, jalapeño, habanero, serrano, any
>blister under the broiler till scorched in some parts
meanwhile make quick brine of 1 cup each water vinegar, 1tbs salt, garlic, hint of sugar, any other spices and bring to boil
>take chiles out, put in container and pour hot brine over them
>clean up everything and let it sit for like 20 min
>remove peppers from brine, put in blender with garlic and a bit of the brine, blend to desired consistency adding brine or vinegar or water
best hot sauce you'll eat and its cheap and takes less than an hour

>> No.13845452

>buy a bunch of random produce
If I could do that I wouldn't need hot sauce would I

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literally any one variety of pepper is all you need, next time you make a life sustaining trip to the store just get some

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>hot sauce collection
Please tell me you guys didn't get so triggered by blacks that you unironically have one of these

>> No.13845532

yeah, I can take a subway ride to the store that has more than just bell peppers and jalapenos, or I can just order hot sauce on amazon, which is what I did

>> No.13845535

>I'm not a pansy ass wh*teoid
I was going to give you a suggestion which hasn't been mentioned and is better than everything ITT until you brought up your anti-white hate. Fuck you, asshole.

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>being able to tolerate complex flavors is literally white genocide

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You're pretty pathetic aren't you? You know that non whites only use hot sauce to cover up their rotten meat, we whites use it for flavor. You just can't deal with it can you?

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>flying goose brand 'cha
My nigga

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Ones ive tired so fat that I loved:
If you like the taste of ginger: Queen majesty scotch bonnett
For something different: Dirty dicks, every flavor. Could drink that shit
For a traditional flavor hotsauce: Marie sharps. Fiery hot is my favorite, followed by belizean heat. Other flavors are fine as well.
Tried secret aardvark. its more like a hot barbecue sauce. Its good but its not as good as people say.
If you want something overkill very hot but still decent flavor: tropical pepper co ghost pepper naga jolika is a solid choice. Very much a slap in the face kind of heat

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American style hot sauces have too much vinegar. Use Sriracha or just put extra spice in whatever you're cooking.

>> No.13846084

You aren't lying, price/heat ratio here is very favorable

>> No.13846605

>doesn't eat things with texas in the name
I want you out of my country by tomorrow

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>using hot sauce is morally correct

>> No.13847720

do it with just jalapeños will still be dope

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good news, bros.

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franks you fucking retard

>> No.13849116

Why did I have to scroll down this far to see this

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Jalapenos a shit

>> No.13849544

You're not white. Stop LARPing.

>> No.13849550

I don't have to larp, I dont need to use stupid terms like "larp" and I'm not a negro so don't have to make excuses like you do.

>> No.13849552

What kind of moron are you that you need to you use a stupid meme term like "larp?"

>> No.13849553

Explain yourself idiot, what the fuck is "larp?"

>> No.13849558

If you can't explain what your stupid term is then you come across as a completely retarded idiot.

>> No.13849573

The absolute state of /ck/

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Live Action Role Play, when the fat nerds from /tg/ run around the woods in elf costumes bonking eachother with foam swords.

Somehow the teenagers in /int/ have appropriated the term to mean "pretending to be somebody your not on the internet", which is the exact opposite of Live Action.

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green el yucateco and pic related are good ones and versatile

>> No.13850917

wats the difference between that and 'cha?

>> No.13850942

Its chunky, has more garlic and is less sweet

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Do we need this thread every week?

>> No.13850961

You can find it in the ethnic aisle of any supermarket anon.

>> No.13850964

mah nigga... yellowbird ftw

pick up the ghost pepper special edition before it’s gone

>> No.13851141

>pick up the ghost pepper special edition before it’s gone


>> No.13851231

I used to do that with Asheron's Call since I was a kid, we just didn't call it LARP.

>> No.13851233

Sounds good

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>pick up the ghost pepper special edition before it’s gone

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>mfw dry rub master race

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prik nam som chad checking in

>> No.13854138

>everything I don't like comes from /int/
Hi /trv/

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Oh my god anon. I forgot how good that sauce is
It's not very hot at all, but holy shit it's so fucking premium. Do they make bottles of the shit?

>> No.13855114

this just in, they make bottles of it

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File: 86 KB, 1280x1280, dirty-dicks-caribbean-dreams__49827.1540140744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like dicks

>> No.13855161

good fucking lord you faggots cannot even honestly ask for a simple recommendation without putting up your 100 shields of memery
does this really never get old?

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Make your own. Joshua Weissman, as big of a faggot as he is, has a solid video on making your own fermented hot sauce. I made it with jalapeños and poblanos because I really like this shit. Or buy this shit. Low side of medium heat and fucking delicious.

>> No.13857106

>Do they make bottles of the shit?
They do. I bought it. Shit's cash.

>> No.13857161

>It's not very hot at all, but holy shit it's so fucking premium.
This I understand.
>I expect that shit to burn both my tongue and asshole.
This I don't. It's food, not a survival test.

>> No.13857177

I usually just do 10g of tapatio or some shit to eggs or some dish of rice and chicken. Tapatio is good enough.

>> No.13857199

This. I fucking hate taco bell. It's like the whitest, industrialized gay ass cuck taco joint ever conceived.

>> No.13857353

I always have a bottle of tapatio and Marie sharps grapefruit habanero.

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>> No.13857428

When I had a girlfriend she ate my entire hot sauce collection and broke up with me when they were all gone so your image is factually incorrect

>> No.13857446

I don't think this counts. It's more like a mexican miracle whip than hot sauce.

>> No.13858207

I actually like their original - it's great on fried eggs. Just thought I'd let you know what kind of person I am.

>> No.13858218

>ctrl+f grace
>0 results found

Grace's Scotch bonnet sauce. It's a little on the sweet and thick side, but pretty versatile despite it - just gives a standard scotch bonnet punch for about the price it would take to make it yourself.

>> No.13858249

This and Tabasco

>> No.13858564

My boi

>> No.13858711

dang, how is that shit opinion treatin ya?

>> No.13858722

why not just pour vinegar all over your food? it's the same shit.

>> No.13858743

ignorant faggot, tapatio has no vinegar. maybe you were thinking of cholula?

>> No.13858748


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This is the correct answer.
Melindas is the greatest, but it's hard to find sometimes.

>> No.13858795

Look for manzano pepper sauce. Some of the Central/South American shops have it around here (US South), I started growing my own to make it after my first bottle, but even the off-the-shelf stuff is amazing. It has a uniquely bright and fruity flavor for a fairly hot pepper.

>> No.13859313

newfag pls leave

>> No.13860732

it's just angry drunk luthier guy

>> No.13860740

I made some manzanao habanero hot sauce when I saw them at a Northgate (grocery store chain in LA that's in Mexican areas) and it was interesting. Used mango, cinnamon, honey, and some other shit I had in hand and fermented for 2 weeks in a jar with water and some salt then pureed it.

>> No.13860743 [DELETED] 

It's still a shit beer tho

>> No.13860744

Sirracha sauce is overrated

>> No.13861344

this tastes like onion powder and soybean oil. It's randomnly good on specific things for two bites, and shit otherwise.

>> No.13862649

Who cares about this russian and his eggs?

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File: 817 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4276.HEIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13862656

Get out of here, tuga scum.

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File: 981 KB, 2250x3000, IMG_4281.HEIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rice and Beans

>> No.13862665 [DELETED] 
File: 852 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_4280.HEIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pork and beans are good Anon

>> No.13862666

This, except normal sriracha. And

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