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/ck/ humor

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you need to get out more

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Where did the chicken get the money to buy the eggs?

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Is a chook not entitled to the sweat of her brow?

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Actually chuckled at this, does this make me a boomer?

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yeah loser, sorry

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Is some wagie fuck comments on my grocery shopping like that I'll get his pimply ass fired.

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Isn't that character canonically straight and only crossdresses to make the girl he's with feel less uncomfortable about taking on a masculine job?

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If the chicken has money, then why is it relying on the humans to house and feed it? Wouldn't it be better off supporting itself? I can't imagine it has any love for a family that views it as dispoable. Also can the chicken talk? How does it understand English? Where does it keep the eggs before it plants them in the nest? How does it keep them from spoiling? Those 12 eggs are going to be sitting out for 12 days or so and I can't imagine they'd still be good after that long. If I were the chicken, I would buy a half dozen at a time to keep them from spoiling. That's less cost effective though, so maybe I wouldn't.

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Add a few more slices of meat and grill this, it wouldn't be that bad.

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i dont get this one

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Normally I love his work, but this one makes no sense to me.

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It's an indictment of the industrial carnist industry, that the life of a thinking, feeling being as cheaper than the cost of a dozen eggs, while also commenting on the implication that in a capitalist world, we're all only as good as our last envelope. if you laughed, you're a sociopath.

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>cursed images

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Well, you can't say this guy doesn't enjoy his work

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>please don't be cheese
>please don't be cheese
>please don't be cheese
>please don't be cheese
>please don't be cheese

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Took me a while, but that's genius.

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Why is he wasting half the cheese? Why pour the whole thing out if it's all going to slide off the side? He's just good at playing it off when he fucks up isn't he?

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>I'll get his pimply ass fired.
Sure you will. Nobody takes your fat ass seriously in real life just like they don't take you seriously online.

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I hate corporations like you wouldn't believe.

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Look in the background

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I hate the people who enable it

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Pls tell, I don't understand

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someone plz eplzain cow tools

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>not understanding that the point of the picture is to say that all anime is gay
Seriously, anime is fucking gay

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the joke was supposed to be that cows can't use tools and so their tools would look silly and crude
naturally it was a stupid joke and nobody got it and now he is eternally having to explain it

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haha because cows are bad at making tools!!

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Not just they would look silly and crude, but that they wouldn't look like tools at all. But he fucked up by making the thing on the right kinda look like a handsaw.

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dog bles murrika

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Whaddaya mean booze ain't food?

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should have known the crab apologists would be out in full force. crabs do breathe air and are a direct contributor to global warming based on the co2 that they produce. they regularly cut underwater cables because they are so stupid, mistaking them for prey. this has caused a sharp spike in the price of teflon, a material that is used. crabs are fucking retarded and should be erradicated as a species. luckily, steps have been put in place by french guiana, in a 2014 study presented to the UN

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get a grib

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lmao ferris was a literal sex slave, not a single drop of masculinity on her.

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this post has been brought to you by crab lives matter

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based saltbae poster

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Salt is old news

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Too much meat too much cheese egg is perfect bun looks good too

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No it really isn't

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You know when this video was first posted it was when there were very few maymay ads

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>Vegan Mayo

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So it is or at least used to be a big thing everyone "knew" that tool use was what separated humans from all other animals. This was pretty much accepted fact at the time.

The joke is that other animals can't use tools not because they aren't intelligent enough to go about conceptualizing a tool, building it and using it, but because they're just super shitty at building tools.

So making the thing on the right look like a saw isn't a mistake, it's still part of the joke.

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My local grocery store started metering the customers. There was a line outside, and an attendant only letting a few people in at a time when other people left. I can only assume it's because of retards like you, and nothing to do with the actual virus.

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uma... sopa de bat-o

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Chinks are disgusting

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Don't they toss faggots off roofs where he's from?

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I thougght the point oof being vegan was not eating animal products.

Why do vegans go around and make fake meat?

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Yeah, that is concerning to me as well. But the rest of the recipe actually seems pretty good. I just wouldn't call them "crab" cakes.

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The Eternal

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God bless you anon

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Fucking spoilsport.

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Why do they always have to draw attention to how vegan it is? Can't they call them Crispy Fried Palm Cakes or something?

Also, what the fuck does vegan "mayo" taste like and why does it look like foamy water with no fat content?

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It tastes pretty much the same. The egg doesn't add much flavor to mayo.

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I've seen a lot of salt bae shit but this is the first one that made me genuinely irritated

what even is that? is it supposed to be appetizing?

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No lol, Turks are legendary fags

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What does the Hampton Creek flavor taste like?

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tfw not slick enough to bribe the bouncer for entry to the most happening grocery stores on Saturday night

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No one remember's homosexual rapists with small cocks

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No you won't lol

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.... is this Jack?

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If that's an okay piece of ham, that shit is delicious broiled.

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ET soup

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I love a good piece of cheese, but people overuse shitty cheese in their cooking. A slop of melted commodity cheese on every fucking sandwich is gross.

>> No.13812063


anything low carb and gluten free?

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>lmao ferris was a literal sex slave, not a single drop of masculinity on her.

>Actual history was that he was basically locked in his family's dungeon because of the cat ears until the lady he serves rescued him and cast down his family

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>humor thread
>0 funny posts

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That's the joke

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>canned artichokes and garbanzo beans
>canned heart of palm
why even bother. I get the artichokes and garbanzo but canned heart of palms are fucking FLAVORLESS. how is it supposed to be anything like a crab cake? call it a louisiana falafel at that point.

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>Frying in oil
into the trash it goes

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I don't think so. Both his arms work

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>Why do they always have to draw attention to how vegan it is? Can't they call them Crispy Fried Palm Cakes or something?
Because their purpose is mainly to try to convince people that vegan garbage is "just as good."

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Holy shit /ck/ + /vp/ needs to be a thing NOW

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Fry up spicy italian sausage, remove and set aside. Add a splash of olive oil to the sausage fat, then add diced onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms with some salt and stir fry until onions are translucent and mushrooms have taken on some color. Add diced garlic, cook 30-45 seconds. Add cooked sausage, dump in a jar of Rao's marinara (with a little water or stock to wash out the jar), and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir in some fresh herbs at the end, top with parmesan and more herbs.

>jarred sauce
I literally don't give a shit, Rao's is better than just about any more time-consuming sauce recipe on the internet. Save the hate for Ragu or Prego or some shit.

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when you call it a Louisiana falafel it sounds pretty good

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Huh. I didn't even know there was a Pokemon board.

>> No.13812194


wheres the irl remake of this? its hilarious

>> No.13812201

I just visited. It reminded me of how much you really need to lurk before participating in a board. I've played Pokemon must of my childhood and had no clue what half the threads were about.

>> No.13812208

>38 years old

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Do N*****s really?

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remember the episode that shat on british cuisine where the guy ate a sandwich with octopus legs in it, spit it out, and said "ew yuck! there's CHEESE in my sandwich!"

>> No.13812250

This image is literally, materially evil

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based reply

>> No.13812377

>now 1 funny post
>good job ruining it

>> No.13812395

>louisiana falafel
I would order this not knowing anything about it

>> No.13812443

>Cheese pizza time
this isn't 2004 anon
and this ain't a sink thread

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>chambered pistol
>pointed at the cameraman
>pointed directly at the cop's hand/fingers

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Oof that's a feel

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Idk something still eludes me about this one. It's almost like I NEED Larson to have meant something more

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That video seemed too normal for him.

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Why is he wasting like 95% of the salt?

>> No.13812738

From the thumbnail that looked like she was eating from a toilet bowl.

>> No.13812742

wtf is heart of palm.

>> No.13812751

>cops fingers

>> No.13812764

So the camera shake was added in post?

>> No.13812789

It's a terrible place, mostly just porn and arguments

>> No.13812795

Crab apologists, I swear.

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File: 2.97 MB, 960x540, You don't have to tell me what happened, but you do have to eat this. as I hand her a bowl of eggs.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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why the chickpea water?

>> No.13812850

its viscous, vegans use it as an egg white substitute

>> No.13812856

What's the metal appliance

>> No.13812859

>a material that is used

>> No.13812862

Selling eggs.

>> No.13812864

It's just a handheld food processor.

>> No.13812866


get rid of that nasty ass looking "vegan mayo" and id definitely give these a shot

>> No.13812878

>sell free range organic eggs
>buy caged eggs
>pocket the profit
no one will ever know

>> No.13812880

Yeah vegan mayo is ass. It's such a simple pairing, oil and eggs. take one out and it's completely different. not like I've tried every vegan mayo but man that stuff ain't the same

>> No.13812919

hahaha how do i subscribe to this fellow

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Insanely based

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This whole book is damn funny. Especially the section with commentary on comics nobody got. The one with Mr Pembrose the eyeball with anger issues on the shrink's couch had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. It's so insanely stupid and unfunny it becomes legitimate comic genius

>> No.13813008

>calling others retarded
based retard poster

>> No.13813017

Idk, it looked like that retards general setup, and the way he idiotically twists a fork into the tough skin at the end instead of just cutting the fucker like a normal person makes me think it must be none other than ja/ck/. Might just be before the stroke. Definitely looks overcooked, too.

>> No.13813018

As opposed to illegitimate?

>> No.13813020

I want some spicy chicken mcdo.

>> No.13813058

>he's never witnessed illegitimate comic genius

>> No.13813085

Last time I made a food joke thread I was banned for three days, fuck jannies

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