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Best "flyover" food tradition right here

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Spotted cow is just good, not great.

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it's terrible, tastes like wax

t. wisconsinite

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>32% adult obesity rate
fat fucks

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>moved to WI 2 years ago

People here are so obsessed with their heritage its insane, despite them all being fat white trash

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Moon man is where the flavor is.

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Why does wisconsin make non-white mutted leftists who live in insanely overpriced shitholes full of homeless and non-whites seeth so much?

case in point


Wisconsin is one of the only good states in America

t. German

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Sounds based

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>tfw mutt
>tfw live in Wisconsin

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Second best. But we'll let you keep the title if you keep the FIBs from wandering too far north.
t. Yooper

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>tfw tryhard Sconnies will never be patrician Minnesotans.

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zero superbowls
somali capital of the usa

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>tfw supper clubs are going to get hit hard by all these bans
Fuck I hope none of them close down permanently because of this shit, getting a prime rib with baked or garlic mashed potatoes and a Manhattan is the comfiest feeling ever.

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Terrible opinion. It's a good farmhouse.

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Zero world series
No hockey team

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>irrelevant copesports
>his teams are all owned by random rich jews and not the Volk of his land

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Did you frame that worthless piece of paper?

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