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What would you order from here?

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nothing, wrestling is for 10 yr old autistic retards

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let people have their fun anon

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Well take a Macho man nachos for the table please. I think I gonna go with a sting burger, medium thanks. And what the hell I'll take a 22oz bud heavy its wrestling right.

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Also just to let you know there is a gift shop to enjoy after your meal.

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Great I'll grab a souvenir menu so I dont need to 5 finger discount

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The beer and Nachos will be up shortly sir

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Thanks ah this beer is delicious.
And these nachos well well...
They're the cream of the crop

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Glad you like it it another refill on that beer brother

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>not posting the original

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The Goldburger looks like a reasonable sandwich.
It's two 1/2 lb patties instead of just one and it's only a dollar more. I'll have one with an ice cold Pepsi.

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Probably the Body Builder

Low fat and filling, take some home for later

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For me, it's the Wooooo!.

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This constitutes as "fun" to you, does it anon?
maybe you would be more comfortable at pic related

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>With Ranch
Its blue cheese with wings or go fuck your mother

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You're going to need to place an order if you want to continue hanging out in the Nitro Grill, bro.

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You know what's not fun? Mass replyers.

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what're you talking about, this is my house...and while we're on the subject, Id like you to step away from my child

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Does security need to be called?

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Where do you think we get our ribs?

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no, none of this is fun
I am having such a detriment of fun I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from kidney failure

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At least donate em to a good pub aye

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ohoho, touche fat bastard you scamp, go ahead take him
I can always have another

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>tfw i unironically like every restaurant's weird generic "meat in cajun cream sauce with fettuccine" thing
It's a personal problem.

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no, during this whole corona crisis, the only thing I am hoarding is my organs, and you can't have em'

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Is that real?

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Chokeslam cheese fries and a diamond dallas burg plz

My dad took me to a WWF event when I was 12. It was fun--you're basically encouraged to curse out wrestlers and throw stuff at them. Not sure if you can still do that since I haven't watched wrestling in like 15 years.

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My dad worked security at boston garden in 80s. He said for WWF back then people would bring in bags of nickels to huck at the wrestlers. I think he had to tackle a dude at one of those events for some shit.

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Get a grip, nigga.

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dont work yourself into a shoot

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oh yeah

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I will take your broken rib black eye, medium rare, with the bone jarring soup of the day and a top rope margarita my good man

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Should've renamed it the Sid's Crossface Cheesesteak

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A can of whoop-ass!

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It's a restaurant.

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sting burger with no tomato

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>no tomato

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raw tomato slices do not belong on sandwiches

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Preach it, brother.

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What about a BLT?

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>nature boys soups and salads

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