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How can anyone not be vegan after watching this?

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i ate nothing but mcdonald's for a week and lost 1kg

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he's a liar and a fraud

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And a Groper of men

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> How can anyone not be vegan after watching this?


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Because passive aggressive sarcasm is homosexual. Fat Head destroyed this faggolo. Also fuck chickens.

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> In December 2017, deep in the early weeks of the #MeToo movement, documentarian Morgan Spurlock revealed in a confessional post that a woman he slept with in college “believed she was raped” and that he realized he was “part of the problem.” Within days, Spurlock had resigned from his Warrior Poets production company

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> But the dream of releasing a documentary that was as impactful as the 2004 original faded away when three months after that successful “Super Size Me 2” world premiere, and at the height of the #MeToo Movement, Spurlock sent out a tweet that read “I am Part of the Problem,” along with a link to a letter via TwitLonger, in which he confessed to numerous acts of sexual misconduct in his past. According to his letter, a woman once accused him of rape in college, he detailed a workplace sexual harassment claim he settled, and admitted he’d been unfaithful to past wives and girlfriends.
Nigger google morgan spurlock metoo

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Considering carnists just get off on the taste of murder, I don't think anything can change those psychopaths.

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>Fundamentally changing your lifestyle choices over a documentary
Go back to Facebook™

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Do you really think a board full of fat fucks that would die without the convenience of fast food give a fuck?

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Super size me was a fictional drama. He completely lied about the number of calories he ate, effects he had from overeating, etc. He never would release his food log because he's a fraud and a hack.

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>alcoholic fuck up his liver with vodka since he was 16 years old

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>newfag can't be assed to use the catalog
YEP. Definitely need TWO of these threads going.

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Why, when we have you? ;3

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The "documentary" wasn't about being vegan, it was about the fake advertising bullshit the food industry throws at us.

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The funny thing is that all sexually active males have had at least one questionable encounter that could be categorised as rape. Us incels should be treated as gods in this new world.

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Yeah, well, you aren't.

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>paying others to tear up plants by the root when their taste is "just right for the consumers" so you can stuff it in your cavity filled mouth
I hope I'll never have to abandon my animals, otherwise I feel I would almost be as heartless as a vegan.

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Easily. Super Size Me 2 has not revealed much new information to me about how chickens are raised. What it has exposed to me has been the treatment of the chicken farmers by the industry, which is pretty abhorrent. I would be more inclined to demand my representatives enact some sort of labor law that gives better treatment to farmers than I would to stop eating meat.

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True capitalist nations have no labor laws nor representative bodies. Capitalism is about making the intelligent rich and the worthless shitty poor people useful. Back in your slave gang, wagie.

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Well considering we have both labor laws and representative bodies, I guess we are not a true capitalist nation and your statement is irrelevant.

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By having principles and not being a neo-marxist.

How so? Can you please tell me your definition of murder? Can you justify your assertion on the motivations of somebody you won't respect? Could you seethe more?

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Because becoming sterile sucks


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murder has to be premeditated, so if you decide you want a chicken sandwich and then see that plan to fruition, you just murdered something. if you accidentally end up with a chicken sandwich then you committed homicide. if someone gives you their chicken sandwich and you didn't ask for it that's involuntary manslaughter. if you drive someone to the store and they buy a chicken sandwich you just became an accessory to murder.

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>chicken sandwich
Made me laugh

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I support chicken suffrage

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All those legal terms apply to humans, not animals. The offensive part should not be that they die so that we may live, but in that they suffer excessively and needlessly so in the process.

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Chickens are the niggers of meat.

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My hippie mom made me watch the original when i was a kid and I'm pretty sure it helped cement my wg fetish

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another epic bait thread haha funny

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So if I plan to go to work, then I go to work, this is me committing murder by your definition? And if I plan to say home but accidentally end up at work, then that's manslaughter?

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I went vegan and got no diseases, my carnivore diet family is literally dying and their liver and kidney are in pain constantly.

They still believe they're carnivores unironically even though their doctors confirmed everything

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> got no diseases

doubt, people i knew even with vegetarian alike diets showed very bad symptons

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Hi roastie

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Sick comeback to a day-old post, faggot.

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Not him but you do type like a female.

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Excuse me for using a little fucking punctuation. Some of us were raised properly.

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It's fake news,
this I know,
'cause Tim Pool told me so.

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I made a thread on this like a week or so ago and it got like 10 replies then died

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should we feel bad that this ended up defining his life? Or good for him that he did achieve at least something before he died?

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I feel so bad for this rich married filmmaker because redditors who don't watch his movies say he's a fraud.

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Beyond the vegantard OP and the SOYboy-posting idiots falling for this bait, the documentary was actually pretty good.
The first Super Size Me was a product of it's time, before people really understood or cared about just how bad fast food was for them.
This second one is all about how much the industry has stayed exactly the same, but all the ways it tries to lie to you to pretend it's healthy eating. With meaningless buzzwords like "free range" and "organic."
But it's also calling out the consumer for being dumb hypocritical tards who don't give a shit

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He made another one? Where's the download link

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What did he achieve?

Eating McDonalds 3 meals a day for 30 days is incredibly bad for you, especially if you supersize your order when prompted. Wow. I'm blown away.

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It's free on youtoob

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It's a "no-shit" idea nowadays, but back in the day it was a bigger deal due to how much the megacorporations fought against all propaganda against it. Like I said in my other post, it's a product of it's time. It had to be done, just to show people the truth to their face without the wishy washy "welllll maybe it's not that bad" corporate answers they get sold.
The new one is good too, in a different way. Everything he says and showcases is correct and true about the industry.

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Because naturally OP is a vegan shill.

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>Us Incels

You're on your own there.....

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We'r'e coming for you tasty soy. Keep munching your plants

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Absolute bollocks, if you understood what the fuck you were on about, rather than your Bernie communist tripe, you'd know that MOST capitalist nations, do have actual labour laws.
Things like unions, make worker rights sound worse than they actually are, they are bullies for people that have taken the leap into business and employ people.
As an employer, I view unions like someone that I want to have around, but don't ever want to have anything to do with them.

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Typical Vegan/Animal Welfarers Wank.

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People didn't stop eating fast food after the firs movie came out, why would this be different?

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because buying farm-raised animal products isn't difficult retard. humans are omnivores

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he ate more than that tho

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The rapes don't matter, it's that he didn't disclose he was a raging alcoholic during the Mcdonalds affair, and he was eating with no consideration of calories. Some professor ate mcdonalds with calories in mind, up to about 1800, and he lost 1 pound and his vitals were fine. Another ate twinkies and was fine.

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Actually, lack of punctuation is usually considered to be more feminine than a presence of punctuation.

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Because most of us are men. Men are controlled by logic rather than emotion

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Spurcuck BTFO

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I'm not talking about punctuation, just your corny, passive-agressive typing which is common in redditors and women.

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based tankie comrade

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No it wasn't, retard. People always knew fast food is bad for you. They've known since the 80s or 90s at least. God you're dumb.

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Vegetarian diets are shit.
Proper plant based vegan diets r the bomb.

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>all sexually active males have had at least one questionable encounter that could be categorised as rape

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Because I didn't grow a pussy on my stomach like James Woods in Videodrome.

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What does any of this have to do with his documentation on fast food you, cracker

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Yeah those chicken sandwiches look disgusting, like KFC tier shit. Would make ANYONE sick

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Who gives a fuck about what some lying, fraud, cokehead, alcoholic retard thinks about anything desu

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No one, not a single living soul, has been able to recreate his results in a controlled environment. He is either a genetic curiosity, or a fucking liar.

>"The students managed to gain between 5-15% extra weight over the month. They felt "tired and bloated", especially during the first week, but there seemed to be no signs of the mood swings towards the end that the rather despondent Spurlock reported."

This was on a daily intake of 6'000 kcal. Spurlock claimed he was on a 5'000 kcal diet.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2006/sep/07/healthandwellbeing.health

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>another vegan thread

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People don't realize he was just bringing awareness not to the food itself, but to the way the food is advertised and played down.
It really did get the ball rolling tho in some regards, even if it was proven to be mostly fabricated to make big fast food, especially McDonalds an unhealthy choice to eat all the time.

I remember around the time that movie sort of fizzled out a wave of documentaries about healthy eating and stuff came out including fat head.

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Saw the original, can't believe how americans defend fast food

Look at the average mutt, they recreate it daily

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thats always been his big issue with fast food and its industry really. Even the chicken restaurant he started was all about the BS they use in advertising to control people and not reaaally the food itself.

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Over several years, yes. But in a month? That's simply not happening.

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Come on now mate, can you truly justify making shit up in order to "bring awareness to the issue?
Can i make a story about how most Americans who go abroad rape people, amking fake state sand citing fake studies, in order to "bringing awareness to sex trafficking"?
it's bullshit.

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This just reminded me I haven't had Popeye's in a while, gonna go swing by there. Or Raising Cane's. Hmmm, not sure which to pick now.

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People do it all the time.

An entire generation was 'red scared' into thinking actual communists were going to overthrow America, that Elvis was brain washed by black people because of the way he danced. Go to /pol/ and people there actually think Jewish people are the reason for everything, and white people are subjected to MK ultra bullshit.
It's mainly propaganda, and disinformation.

The difference is tho, Super Size me did have some merit to it, he wasn't wrong that offering 'super sized' meals was an unhealthy choice, that people on welfare go to fast food because it's cheaper, and if you over indulge it can lead to shitty circumstances, McDonalds did have some pretty aggressive advertising tactics, mainly at children.

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How can anyone watch this?

>> No.13758732

This video isn't showing the actual calories of each piece of food from an official source so how do we know this guy ain't lying as well huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhughurgehurewhuit4ewhuitewhuitewhuIHATENIGGERShahuesfhuiehuiewhuiewuiewjui fuck.

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Once again men win.

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This. You can safely get all calories and healthy macros from a McDonald's menu. Just don't fucking eat the same garbage there every day and buy salads and you'll be fine.

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>order salad at mcdicks
No one on earth has ever done that you know.

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Not true.

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>An entire generation was 'red scared' into thinking actual communists were going to overthrow America
They (the USSR) infiltrated the government you troglodyte, this isn't even getting into the bullshit they pulled in regards to Hollywood, let alone the ideological capture of the University.

> Go to /pol/ and people there actually think Jewish people are the reason for everything
Zionists actually, the whole reason America's in the ME for example is because Israel tried (and succeeded in tying their foreign policy goals to "American Interests".
Add in shit like their utter dominance of institutions (more than 60% of 'liberal' journalists being Jewish for example, with a lesser (I think it was 40?) amount for conservative outlets), and I can understand why they would reach that conclusion (FYI I don't think it's a massive conspiracy to 'dilute the Aryan strain', or whatever).

>and white people are subjected to MK ultra bullshit.
Everyone is exposed to propaganda anon, the question is where do we draw the line between what is normal and acceptable, and what is merely deluded ramblings.

>It's mainly propaganda, and disinformation.

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>>order salad at mcdicks
>No one on earth has ever done that you know.
They had a McShaker that was actually pretty popular with business people or those driving, distributed the dressing nicely down the bottom. They cancelled it of course.

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Homicide = "any unlawful killing of another HUMAN BEING"

Homicide subtypes: "Murder" & "Manslaughter"

Murder = "premeditated (of differing degrees) killing of another HUMAN BEING in full malice and intent to do harm"

Manslaughter = "the accidental (also to degrees such as voluntary and involuntary) and non-intentional killing of another HUMAN BEING"

Chickens aren't human, no matter how much your cult wants them to have the same rights as us.

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I have no problem eating animals. I do have a problem with treating them unnecessarily poorly when we should respect them as our food source and have the higher cognitive ability to recognize this and rectify it but don't. Vegans equating eating meat to killing a person are retarded, but I do agree that many factory farms do not treat our sustenance well.

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I'm a pescafellatian after this movie. I only suck off fish.

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>They (the USSR) infiltrated the government you troglodyte, this isn't even getting into the bullshit they pulled in regards to Hollywood, let alone the ideological capture of the University.

Anyone with half a brain knows this, take your tin foil hat off and realize Mcarthyism, and red scare was just that, a means of scaring an entire population into thinking a 'boogey man' was out to get them. In reality, it wasn't like that. The US government was more of a threat to it's own citizens then the USSR ever was, just look at the Cuban missile crisis, an over blown shit show that could have easily been avoided.

>Zionists actually, the whole reason America's in the ME for example is because Israel tried (and succeeded in tying their foreign policy goals to "American Interests".
Add in shit like their utter dominance of institutions (more than 60% of 'liberal' journalists being Jewish for example, with a lesser (I think it was 40?) amount for conservative outlets), and I can understand why they would reach that conclusion (FYI I don't think it's a massive conspiracy to 'dilute the Aryan strain', or whatever).


More tin foil hat shit. Israel is a puppet state for the American establishment, this is nothing new in the theater of dominance and war, the British did it many times throughout their history.

>Everyone is exposed to propaganda anon, the question is where do we draw the line between what is normal and acceptable, and what is merely deluded ramblings.

In today's world it seems there is no 'line' the internet allows for even the more racist and hateful people to congregate and act as a collective. I think the line must been drawn when people are educated enough to spot the bullshit and critically think from there. Which is exactly what people did with Supersize me.

>> No.13759252

Ok, Schlomo.

>> No.13759275

>In reality, it wasn't like that.
>Foreign backed Communists are infiltrating the Govt.
>'lmao they wer worried over nothing'
You are criminally retarded.

>just look at the Cuban missile crisis, an over blown shit show that could have easily been avoided.
Sure, the Soviets could've instantly pulled out their missiles once they were discovered, but rather than take the L, they held on.

mmmm crayons

>More tin foil hat shit.
What the fuck do you think AIPAC is?

>In today's world it seems there is no 'line' the internet allows for even the more racist and hateful people to congregate and act as a collective.
Good, people need to stop being afraid and need to challenge the prevailing dogma.

>I think the line must been drawn when people are educated enough to spot the bullshit and critically think from there.
As do I, you're clearly lacking.

>> No.13759346

>What the fuck do you think AIPAC is?
every nation tied to america has a group like this wtf are you suggesting?

>> No.13759356

Are you called an anti-Britannian if you don't support ABPAC?

>> No.13759372

What proof is there of Soviet communists infiltrating the American government or American universities?

>> No.13759376

The non-paranoid schizophrenic answer is that Morgan Spurlock is a lying faggot

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>How can anyone not be vegan

Most people don't want to join a death cult that's why. If you nutjob leftists want to kill yourselves, please proceed though....

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Klaus Fuchs, bro. Right back in the day. Joseph McCarthy can eat a giant cock, but there were a few real agents that smuggled out the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union and jump started the Cold War.

>> No.13759403

>American universities?
You don't find at all strange that Marxism has utterly overtaken the intelligentsia?
That the Soviets were funneling money into 'youth groups' that directly targeted them?
Am I asking leading questions?

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Vegans commit murder by proxie every time they eat a vegetable or a slice of bread. Wash the blood off your hands hypocrite before you worry about us.


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This is the only Spurlock documentary worth watching

>> No.13759429

Every fucking nation did that to each other back then. It wasn't just soviets. More evidence that the American generation of the time was basically brainwashed into thinking it was a clear cut 'cold war' between the US and the USSR.

The US and the USSR created a lot of proxy conflicts. Communism has never, and will never be a threat to "America" and "freedom", because it's a fucking fantasy, a made up society that was blown way out of proportion.

There is only one real Marxism, but from it we have seen dozens of Marxism-isms-isms... go figure.

>> No.13759436

>Every fucking nation did that to each other back then.
So we've gone from 'where's the proof' to 'everybody was doing'.

>> No.13759438

>tfw got that dirty bulk going with Quarter Pounders and nuggies
>lifts have never been better
>DOMS have never been less noticeable
this aint /fit/, but brehs im gonna make it

>> No.13759463

>So we've gone from 'where's the proof' to 'everybody was doing'.

No. You're just thinking the soviets were the only ones trying to undermine ONLY America, and were the only ones to do this.

What do think the whole fucking point of the Berlin wall was about?

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That's exactly what you did anon, you went from:
>What proof is there of Soviet communists infiltrating...American universities?
>Every fucking nation did that to each other back then.
And now you're continuing to back pedal.
Thank you for demonstrating how you people operate in such a concise manner.

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Gonna admit, that wasn't me.

But there really isn't any solid evidence there is, but it's quite clear there was attempts. I think the term 'spys' come into play.

The US did more harm to themselves by not educating their civilians on what actual Marxism and communism was then to just let the population weed out the ridiculous nature of it all.

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>Gonna admit, that wasn't me.
That's correct, all of these posts were by me after all.

>> No.13759554

>Excuse me for using a little fucking punctuation. Some of us were raised properly.

Your just proving him right that your some dumb roastie. Likely already have several tattoo and a stretched out cunt. Why do you used the sexist term incel? Don't you know you will be the same once you become a single mom? Then no one will want to fuck you.

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brainwashing doesn't work on me

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Fat Head is fucking great.
Everyone needs to watch it.

>> No.13760438

It made me want mcdonalds

>> No.13760759

What are you talking about? That movie is about how the new Jamie Oliver style fad of artisan crap is just junk food disguised as health food.

>> No.13760896

No, I don't find it strange by virtue of it not being real. Academics being in favor of civil rights or gay rights isn't a soviet marxist plot. Feel free to provide evidence on the contrary though.

>> No.13760897

He's not the one who asked for proof, that was me. And you posted none, just doubled down on your bullshit.

>> No.13760904

documentaries are meant to reveal things about society

>> No.13760929

>But there really isn't any solid evidence there is
Of course not, otherwise he would have posted it already.

>> No.13761278 [DELETED] 

No amount of evidence would convince ((((you)))) obviously. I don't see how you even have the time to defend Marxism here, now, considering you are spending so many hours campaigning and trolling for ((((comrade Bernie)))) whom even scares the shit out of sane Democrats*.

*if such a thing even exists.

>> No.13761283

Kek, is this shit satire?

>> No.13761293

What did "Supersize me" reveal? That many Americans are shameless gluttons? And that they are also consumers of lowest common denominator fraudulent pop culture "documentaries" like Supersize me, cowspiracy, and "Gamechangers?"

Also is Shylock, excuse me: ((((Spurlock))))) Jewish?

>> No.13761296 [DELETED] 
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I ask the same about everything from ((((your side.))))

>> No.13761347

>get asked for evidence
>start ranting about jews, communist Democrats and vegans like a schizophrenic
Please continue to amuse us.

>> No.13762013

i feel lots of empathy, i simply understand that animals wouldn't give a shit about me.

>> No.13762020

veganism is liberal bullshit, true leftists advocate for lab grown meat.

>> No.13762353

What does meat have to do with politics?

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>lab grown meat

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File: 106 KB, 635x525, gmPbL.jpg (vegan).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 40 KB, 656x656, smeby6wejxj41.jpg (I am not a burger).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Honestly this should just be posted once every vegan thread to /thread the bitch and archive it right then

>> No.13762538

gib the link bros, can't find it in my local torrent tracker

>> No.13762631

gib link bros!

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>lots of products are made with animal products so you can't be vegan
that's the anti-vegan equivalent of claiming you have to marry someone and be with them forever just because you had kids with them even if that partner beats you and wants to keep your kids as sex slaves.

Yeah buddy calm down you're being over the top so I made a metaphor as over the top as you

>> No.13764422

Why? It's an outright lie. There are vegan versions of every one of those things that can't be avoided altogether, except perhaps for pet food.

>> No.13764427

Wild Earth for vegan dog food

Also link my post if a anti-vegan is getting uppity, make a metaphor for a different lifestyle and adapt it to that. "If you get pregnant by someone you must get married to them or your pregnancy is invalid" then they'll see how creepy their argument is

>> No.13764441

Tel that to all the field mice murdered by threshers and animals displaced from the formerly open, free, and wild land your kind has raped so you can have year round produce.

If you're not eating corpses that died of natural causes and locally sourced wild edibles you are just as bad as those you disavow.

>> No.13764451

Liberals start researching their documentaries expecting all their preconceptions to be confirmed, and when reality starts getting in the way of their ideas they start falsifying information because nothing can sway them from the conviction that their feelthink must be true regardless of what the facts demonstrate.

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>he was just bringing awareness

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Because fuck not eating whatever I want

>> No.13764483

Capitalism is an economic system, not a governing system.

>> No.13764545

>there was no Cold War
>the Soviet Union was a made up society
>real Marxisim has never been tried
Is this the tankie version of "The holocaust never happened but it should have?"

>> No.13764547

I posted this in your last shitty shill thread, but I'll do it again here.

First of all, he was (and is apparently) an alcoholic at the time of the first movie which he has flat out admitted to, which meant a lot of his health issues he blamed on McDonalds probably had more to do with his drinking. His liver issues, mood swings, and weight gain all point to his alcohol use. Furthermore, a group of scientist in Sweden tested a 6,000 calorie diet of fast food and the first and second batch of test subjects yielded none of the results. Spurlock also never released any of his data logs, meaning there's no credible data suggesting he in fact followed his own rules and actually went about doing things the way he claimed he did. He also didn't eat a normal diet if he ate what he claimed. He claimed to consume 6,000 calories a day, something that would make ANYONE become a disgusting shit even if they were eating 6,000 calories in lean protein and broccoli. If you eat 6,000 cals with no physical activity, you're going to gain weight, but this guy was doing it with soda, fries, burgers and ice cream. What does that prove? That if you eat like you're trying to die, you might die? It's just bad science. Also, no one in their right mind thinks fast food is healthy or an appropriate diet choice, but Spurlock loves to shit all over poor people for trying to feed their families in any way they know how.

But really, how did you fall for this? A not-scientist makes a not-scientific documentary about being a fat shit and trying to die via fastfood just to vilify people with no other choice or hell, even people who want to eat a big mac?





>> No.13764552

Furthermore, why the fuck would I believe a lying fake scientist making another movie about a subject he clearly knows nothing about?

Also, veganism is a sham and you should do your research on how many fossil fuels we burn transporting goods all over the planet. Also, aprox. 0% of the 100 greatest polluters on the planet have anything to do with the food industry, but they sure as fuck have everything to do with big oil and coal. But vegans don't give a shit about that if it means they get fresh tomatoes year round.


>> No.13764559

Ok rabbi

>> No.13764577

i hope they paid you well anon cause this is pretty low

>> No.13764581

That's a point brought up in Fat Head: nobody in the food industry forces you to eat excessively. You could NOT supersize your meal, and you can stop eating once you feel sated.
By forcing himself to eat more than necessary, Spurlock introduces a factor that is independent of the thing he tries to criticize. It's like going to a restaurant, sitting on the floor instead of on the existing chair and going "but the owners made the floor available and I had to stretch too far to reach my food and now I pulled a muscle!"

>> No.13764584

because i like meat you fuckhead cunt

>> No.13764634

>killing plants isn't murder

>> No.13764653

>the guardian
>la times
yea just keep listening to papa bezos, he certainly has your best in mind.

>> No.13764659

You could, but if you think you would the CEOs in charge of fast food restaurants know a lot more about you than you do.

>> No.13765694


>> No.13765717

I don' t eat fast food?

>> No.13765720

Do you also cry when a lion kills an antilope?

>> No.13765736

Nah mate don't you know that eating an animal alive while it slowly dies painfully is the moral way to go about things?
WE have to stat eating animal alive to better simulate the natural environment, preferably in form of their family to get that truly natural and good essence in the meal.

>> No.13766438

Whatever happened however many years ago is independent of the validity and substance of his documentation.

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