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>Why yes, I do have a vast assortment of hot sauces at home and participate in public food challenges. How the heck could you tell?

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>classic faggot.jpg
Excruciatingly based.

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>will you spend your time striving to gain knowledge and improve yourself?
>nah. just faggot hot sauce memes

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I met too many of this dude and his female equivalent in Boston. What's worse, half of them were MIT graduates. City is a hellscape.

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kind of the pot calling the kettle black, unless you’re admittedly so stupid that /ck/ could actually teach you something.

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>>will you spend your time striving to gain knowledge and improve yourself?
>nah. just faggot hot sauce memes

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This was funnier the first 6 million times I saw it

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/ck/ taught me how to meme

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There are sometimes helpful and constructive posts. Unless you spend your time lurking faggot.jpg threads. Some people here actually cook and do good stuff.

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Imagine living your life crying cause others like to eat different hot sauces lol

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Fuck you. No one in Boston likes those retarded queers. Can’t wait till one of those Electric Uniwheel riders gets doored into a bus

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>Imagine living your life crying cause others like to eat different hot sauces lol

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Imagine living your life crying because people call you out for being a member of an entire species of particularly annoying faggots who insist on taking up physical and social space everywhere they go with their ludicrous cuck antics and inability to interact critically or reasonably with the world around them who loudly and publicly themselves all over the shoes of anyone who presents them with the slightest resistance or adversity.

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i do this

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The city is fucking wallpapered with them. It's Yuppie cuck trash on the one hand and brain dead white trash on the other. Place should be bulldozed.

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That's a long drawn out way of saying stop liking what I don't like.

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why am i always personally attacked on this fucking website? I can’t do anything anymore..

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Hot sauce won't judge you. Hot sauce doesn't try to hurt your feelings.

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yeah but hot sauce is fucking gay

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I’ve been eating hot sauce since childhood and have never watched anything heavier than Bailey Jay type she makes. You’re wrong again

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anon, i...

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I get by with two hot sauces but if you don't have at least five mustards you're a faggot

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Now mustardfagging I can get behind.

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It hurts the asshole too much for gays to like it

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Fuckin based. This will never ever get old, nothing describes those people better than that simple timeless image.

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fags love mouth and asshole torture

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No we fucking don't, we want the pleasure of ass play and prostate massaging, and none of that is happening with hot sauces

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lol gay

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>he doesn't know

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>public food challenges
These don't get enough shit for being cringey as fuck.

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Not him, but traps can't be anywhere near 100% gay. It's not a cope, but a consideration of the opposite, FTMs. Vag doesn't matter, jerking off to Buck Angel is fucking gay.

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Seeing this fucking face/post whenever I come to this board always cracks me the fuck up. I look forward to seeing it now.

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Could it really be six million?

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is that jason blaha?

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It’s that YouTube man who makes the weird vegan “meat” and “cheese”

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>the logo is literally two soyboys making the hotsauce face

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speak for yourself, sweaty. ; )

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What are some fruity/sweet hot sauces

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nigger cum

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What’s the name of that youtuber that looks just like this dude?

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but this place is like a meme void

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>why yes i do hav a benis :DDDD

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but do you have a sheboon wife? because if you don't, well, you're not allowed here. nope.

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Marie Sharp's habanero sauce is good

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>Why yes, I do watch Babish and Ragusea, how can you tell?

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i'm super fucking gay btw if that matters

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How do I stop having this look?

I'm so mad I went bald.

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